Newport Beach, California ~ December 2, 2001 ~
Don't they look great? Smile! Lee, looking foolish again, takes the picture of the crowd at his own seminar!
It's Christmas time, but what is the upside-down Christmas tree doing in the back of the room?
6:30am - Setting up. Not a creature was stirring... except the folks from Awakenings, the Kryon Online-magazine, all the vendors, and Robert Coxon. Is he smiling? Yep.. It's 9:30am Montreal time. He's fine. The others? zzzzzzzzzzz
(above) Paula Randol Smith, the HAARP project documentary-maker featured in Kryon Book 6, chats it up with Lee. Her most recent project? Two beautiful children!

(left) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys again presents his latest science. Does he look like he just got off a plane from Hawaii? He did!

(above) Food! Sometimes it's ambitious of a seminar host to try to feed over 200 people. This time a Christmas lunch was available right next to the meeting room. The survey said it was excellent food! Thank you Joe Moriarty, and the Radisson Hotel!

(right) The Lobby
of the Radisson was beautifully decorated for Christmas. No snow in Southern California, so we had to do with Dolphins. Dolphins?
Who is this woman?
The EMF Family!
Peggy Phoenix Dubro with her husband, Steve, and her two daughters. Hey, which one is mom?
(above) Rob Harris of the Kryon on-line magazine, partner in the team of Barbara and Rob. Take a good look. He's almost never seen! He's always working with Barb to create graphics for the Kryon website, flyers, and ads. There is one other picture of him on this page. Can you find it? Where is Barb? She's taking the photo.
(above) Laser Garden Products:
Maria and Lou show the latest in laser activated skin care products. It's new to the Kryon group. Want to more more? Click here.
(above) The Awakening Kryon hosting group.
(left to right) - Sunny
(please don't ever mention anything about her nose), Kathy, Glory, Joe, and Morgan.
(right) ZZZZZZZZ
Joe Moriarty,
owner of Awakening Books, and host of the seminar, takes a deserved nap after all the hard work.
Do you smile when you sleep? He does!
(left) Don't even ask...