Paris, France "Journey Home Retreat"
~ June 16 & 17, 2001~

The Eiffel tower at night. Each night at 7pm, thousands of strobe lights
(not shown) are engaged for 10 minutes, a holdover from the millennium
show that the world saw on January 1, 2000.
A view you don't often see: the tower as seen straight up from the 2nd observation deck.
Note the strobe lights. PS: We know that the name of the tower is not spelled correctly
on the photo..,.. just testing you.
The plaza of the Louvre, in Paris... the definitive art museum of earth. Don't let
this photo fool you. The archways in the distance are 20 feet high. The small colored specks in the distance are all people...almost a thousand of them, waiting to get in! You have to be there to get the perspective. The large glass pyramid in
the middle of the square is the entrance to the museum, leading to the shops, and the huge underground city that services this spectacular world class archive of art.
Lee returned 6 weeks after the large May Kryon seminar for a small
'Journey Home' workshop with 200 people. Here, in a church hall in
mid-Paris, they wait for the day to begin.

With notebooks ready, these French citizens (and some from other
countries too!), get ready for an intensive study, along with Q&A
sessions for two straight days. Each day represented over 8 hours of
lecture and channelling.

The 'voice of Kryon in France, Alain Rene has been the interpreter
for Lee and Jan for the past four years. Besides being a wonderful
interpreter, he is a world-class lightworker and publisher of new age
material in France.
The "front door" of the palace of the last kings of France, and perhaps the most spectacular gardens and grounds on earth; Versailles represents a small country of mansions, chateaus, lakes, fountains, gardens, palaces, and literally half a million (or more) custom planted trees. Here is just one small area, the main plaza of the first palace. It also represented such profound decadence that it was responsible in part for the French revolutions, which eventually brought the beginning of democracy in France. Benjamin Franklin walked this very courtyard when he came and asked for help from France with our own American Revolution!