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Janny's Angel
(by Jan Tober)

This fine artwork is acrylic on heavy-duty watercolor paper, suitable for "floating framing." It is also beautifully hand-embellished and signed by Jan. It is from Jan's inner child - (who else?) "JANNY!" It is playful, energetic, and wise all at the same time, bringing a feeling of love and childlike surrender to the viewer. A champion of the inner child work, Jan has created this work to help bring out the creative divine child in all of us, especially appropriate for the Feng Shui wealth corner of your home of office. "Janny's Angel" is a 16 X 15 limited edition print, each hand-enhanced by Jan. Only a few left! 

You may obtain Janny products by calling (800) 352-6657, the exclusive Kryon order line.
Credit cards accepted.
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$75.00 + S&H 

The "Janny Angel" image is also available in a greeting card format, three to a package. These cards have also been hand enhanced by Jan, and packaged with love. The perfect gift for you or a friend. 

$7.50 per pack + S&H