Jan Tober's Bubble Bowl Booklet

This book contains the simple explanation and instructions for building a revolutionary tool for abundance! Using the principles of Feng Shui, the Bubble Bowl contains many of the "cures" that are described in that ancient science for the movement of chi energy. It works! 

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Excerpt from the Bubble Bowl book:

In these new exciting times, as we graciously are learning to remember who we are, more refined areas of healing are reemerging. Healing with color and sound (big stuff in Atlantian and Egyptian times), are now incredibly effective as our bodies are also becoming more refined and lighter in frequency. 

The ancient are of Feng Shui (the Chinese art of placement), is another healing form that is working now in this energy... even more than it did in the past. Or shall we say it was working, but people were not as sensitive to feeling the energy shifts? Everything is energy! Everything is composed of constantly changing energy. We are immersed in an ocean of energy and, guess what? Your home is an evolving, creating being, full of (you guessed it) ENERGY! Wouldn't it be wonderful to help your home become a sacred space? A space that helps promote abundance, relaxation, creativity, prosperity in all forms and becomes a respite from the outside world. A place that energized you in all areas of your life. That's quite a tall order! 

My experience is that with the help of these simple little bubble bowls, you and your home can quickly and easily be brought into balance. There are also house and land clearing techniques that I would suggest on a regular basis, such as using sage and Epsom salts. But the bubble bowl helps energy that can become stagnant in the corner of your home to continue circulating. This allows one who is not particularly versed in Feng Shui, to instantly experience a positive difference in their environment. 


"After taking several hours of Feng Shui classes, and trying many cures - the one having the most important, and immediate impact was turning on my first fountain. There was an energetic change inside myself, and my home and finances, from that day forward. I now have five - three inside, and two in my garden. One of the most strategic placements is near the front door, and I find that placement, both outside and inside, to be very powerful as well as producing the wonderful sound of falling water. The increased chi is very energizing. I feel this is one of the most important steps I have taken to increase abundance." 

Carol Linda Vogt 
Astro Visual Consultant 


"When our business of fourteen years suddenly came to a halt last year, we filled our downtime by building fountains. As we played like kids designing "bubble bowls," we watched our business and overall life style move from a stagnant, blocked place into a flowing motion of abundance. Today we have five fountains throughout our home and office. We've given several as gifts, and have watched our friends and relatives benefit from the powerful flow of water energy. They are a beautiful addition to our environment, and I am grateful for their loving support." 

Barbara and Rob Harris 
AdSet Art Services