Barbara and Rob Harris have not been strangers to the Kryon work. Most are not aware that the original Kryon Quarterly Magazine was actually Barbara's idea. The magazine was eventually developed and published, and Barbara was involved in the design for the first few issues. Later she handed it off to Geoff Hoppe of Colorado, who fully produced and designed all the issues up through the last one, issue 12.

Things often come full circle, and Barb again instituted a magazine idea, but this time one that would be totally electronic (on the Internet) and dynamic (no monthly issues). Instead, it would be a constantly changing publication with a way for visitors to "pop in" and take a look at what was new as often as
they wished.

She and her husband, Rob, using their well established ADSET graphics business, placed their resources behind creating one of the finest New Age E-publications on the web.

Rob Harris has been the graphics designer for the Kryon work for many years - designing display advertising, promotional pieces, and flyers every month. In addition, he and Barbara have helped design the Kryon cassette covers and Jan Tober meditation and music album covers. Even the Kryon book covers have also come right out of the ADSET shop!

In 1995 Rob was part of the small entourage that got to go to New York and observe the first United Nations Kryon channelling. You can see the strong connection that both Rob and Barbara have to the Kryon work.

ADSET is a computer intensive, highly technical graphics design firm, owned and operated in Southern California since 1982 by Barbara and Rob. As established business owners in the field of Graphic Arts, they have encountered many of the obstacles which business managers experience. In the early 1990's, after a series of challenging events, they began the journey of awareness with Spirit. Within the year they began to integrate their Spiritual wisdom with traditional industry concepts, creating a new and unique way of conducting business.

With the help of many dedicated teachers and health care professionals, Barbara and Rob have discovered that combining their layout, design, and technical skill with Spirit, facilitated a balance with the physical, personal, and business part of their lives. Achieving this combination brought another level of excellence to their work.

Believing in a zealous commitment to detail, combined with high energy enthusiasm, ADSET creates new and innovative ideas by using the latest in computer technology, providing a wide range of services. This includes design, copywriting, photography and digital manipulation. Barbara also works as a personal and business growth consultant.

With Rob and the staff at ADSET, they arrange seminars and promotional material for individuals and businesses interested in creating a new and uniquely empowering experience for themselves.

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