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Gary Liljegren
╩was somewhat reluctantly led to the Kryon books by his wife Jan in the summer of 1996. Both he and Jan were involved with metaphysics about 20 years earlier and had walked away from that organized group because some of the information did not seem to be going in the right direction. Time passed. Jan found the Kryon books that summer in 1996, and after a bit of gentle nudging, Gary started reading Kryon Book One. After about the third page, he was saying, "Jan, listen to this..........."


Gary passed the FCC exam to be a licensed radio amateur at the age of 13. This started a lifetime love of technical subjects which included the building of transmitting and receiving equipment, as well as a lifetime love of geography and cultures as he talked with other licensed "hams" from more than two hundred countries world-wide. The enjoyment of both aspects of the hobby which now includes communications with many that continues to this day.

Gary has a degree from Iowa State University in psychology with minors in computer science and mathematics. At Iowa State, he worked with various departments in applying the abilities of the computer to solve their data collection and processing needs. This was at a time when there were very few "off the shelf" computer programs. What was needed was written by hand using low-level assembly language programs. Programs and data were entered into punch cards which were read into the computer. The more advanced computers used tape drives to speed up the processing and retain the data after it arrived in punch card format. Compared to today's computers, this early equipment is hard to imagine. Now that early technology is found only in the Smithsonian Museum, along with Gary's photo.... (only kidding about the photo).

A very valuable four year segment of life experience passed while Gary was wearing the blue uniform of the US Air Force. He was a computer programmer and systems analyst stationed in Washington, D.C. during that time. He had the opportunity to work with some USAF financial programming projects and during the last half of the tour, programmed applications in the data sampling of Air Force personnel.

Gary has been in the insurance and securities field for years as an agent and securities broker. He attended a Kryon Seminar in Atlanta in the fall of 1997 where Lee/Kryon spoke of finding your passion and doing it. Gary took that to heart, re-evaluated his career in the financial industry as 1) assisting clients improve their financial future in a number of ways, and 2) assisting newcomers with the education and training end of the insurance field. Today, in addition to functioning as an agent, he owns a company that is an on-line insurance preparation provider for people who wish to become licensed as life or health insurance agents in all 50 states.

The early Air Force experience in programming was handy many years later when the Internet came of age. Gary was an early user of E-mail and an Internet junkie as more and more people gravitated to the Internet. The transition from the programming languages of years earlier to the HTML code used to make web sites was an easy one. Gary started creating websites for himself and others. When the Kryon books became an important addition to his life, Gary created and programmed the╩╩website as a volunteer in early 1997 and the early stages of the commercial area of╩╩which includes the seminar schedule, information about the Kryon Writings, and a variety of other items, and free audio and videos.

Soon after came up on the Internet, Gary started sending out "Marshmallow Messages" (MMs) daily. These are messages of positive thought that are sent by E-mail only to the Kryon family worldwide. It is necessary to request them on the website; people are not registered without their knowledge, and the E-mail addresses are only used for the MMs and updates on coming Kryon activities. The MMs are reminders that we are loved. They are not very lengthy, but are quotes from Kryon from the past 30 years.  Although it seems like a few months ago, it was actually March of 1997 when the first 12 names in the USA and Canada were entered into the system and those people began receiving the MMs. These are sent out weekly.  Those first 12 message recipients have become well over 160,000 of the Kryon family in more than 100 countries.

Gary and Jan have enjoyed and appreciated their opportunity to be a part of the Kryon work. In September of 1996, Gary learned that people were able to volunteer and have an event in their own home called an At-Home-With-Kryon. He asked to be included so that he and Jan could do one. In the spring of 1997, they had two At-Home-With-Kryon events at their small apartment in Gainesville, Florida. The people who attended were scrunched in so closely that they had no choice but to become friends. Later, Jan and Gary scheduled more At-Home and Journey Home seminars in Gainesville, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlanta.  Larger events came later.  In total, they have been hosts for 23 events thus far.  The greatest benefit in taking the time from busy schedules and hosting a Kryon event is to be able to hear Lee/Kryon and Monica again. The second greatest benefit is the opportunity to meet with and become friends with the wonderful people of "light-thinking" who attend the events. Caring and sharing with the Kryon family has truly been a life changing delight.

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