Greetings to all my Lightworker friends!

Perhaps you are new to my site or my work? It has always been my goal and intention that visitors to my website feel free to explore without concern that their information is being taken. We wish to provide the integrity of privacy for spiritual matters, and part of this philosophy is to provide a site that does not covertly take any electronic method of tracking you. The only way we will know who you are is if you actually register for our list, attend an event, or purchase something from our store.


As the original Kryon channel, I have been channelling now for more than 30 years. I have a very good idea of the balance of this profound information, and how to make certain there is integrity in all that I do. Here are the ideas I work with, and explanations for some things you may see.

Everything that KRYON says in channel, anywhere on earth, is given away for FREE on my website. This is available HERE on my audio pages. No matter where I am, on-line, with battery operated gear, in the rain, on a mountaintop, or in an auditorium setting, I record what Kryon says and place it on my website. Once a month, I transcribe one of these channellings, where Kryon will often further enhance the message. I then make it available to read and print out... again for FREE. I do not believe the information from Spirit is proprietary. It's for everyone.

I make my living with my talent as a teacher, putting together the information that Kryon has given, writing books, doing live meetings, profound Kryon Tours, online events, special videos, and membership programs, such as the Kryon “Circle of Twelve” Healing Wednesday. In doing all this, I'm constantly aware of the economy and the impact it has on the personal finances of those who will pay for these products. Although we are not a non-profit (never ask for donations on our site), I have always felt that my teachings and events should be compassionately priced.

Live Meetings: Our live meetings in the USA and Canada will often feature a guest keynote speaker. My teaching of the latest Kryon material is offered in a variety ways, from stories about what it’s like to be a Human living in the "new normal" to explanations of the metaphors that Kryon provides.

We have kept the price low for these domestic one-day meetings... on purpose. After years of doing this, they are still a very reasonable price for the whole day. Occasionally live meetings are also given in other countries and the program offered will be specifically developed for that culture. There is channelling in all of them... recorded and given away on the site.

Profound Kryon Tours: The Kryon Tours are beginning to be seen as some of the most profound metaphysical adventures available today. Our retreats, excursions, and Shamanic Journeys are offered all around the world in exotic places and sacred sites including, Monument Valley, Easter Island, South America, Hawaii, and Egypt to name just a few. These we price accordingly to what it costs us to create these adventures, sometimes quite a bit. All the channellings given in these events get posted for free.

Online Events and Special Videos: Our online events are fairly new, and I go to professional studios to record them. Many online events feature keynote speakers. Some have channelling, some don’t. However, all of them offer valuable teaching and practical tools designed to enhance your life.

We have a growing collection of Special Videos, many of which are offered for FREE. Again, these are all recorded in a professional studio. Part of this collection includes lectures on specific topics, interviews with guest speakers, and Q&A videos with me answering questions about life and personal spirituality in these trying times. My "rule of thumb" is to keep these online events and special videos at a generally affordable price, based on length.

Membership Programs: In June 2020 Kryon gave me a new assignment during a live channel. Kryon told me that I was to create a profound healing scenario on a weekly basis, and that 25% of this series of programs was to be offered FREE. The result is the Kryon “Circle of Twelve” Healing Wednesday Program. Every Wednesday we gather “live” online where you will always hear a channel from Kryon, be introduced to a guest medical professional or renowned healer, and experience Kryon’s powerful, yet deeply personal Circle of Twelve Meditation. This program is offered at a very affordable price, and the first Wednesday of every month is always offered for FREE. This allows those who are financially challenged to experience it. Members all receive access to the replays of all the Healing Wednesday meetings that has been presented, regardless of when they join.

So, what's from Kryon, and what's from me? No matter what I teach, it's based on the information from KRYON. My perspective on it as a Human is from me, and that is based on my personal feelings, intuitions, and my "humanism." This is the partnership that Spirit wants for all of us in the new energy.

My goal is to (1) Make the message practical; (2) Make the message have Spiritual Logic, and (3) Give compassionate instructions from a Human perspective, so that it is useful for all.

Thanks for being on this site, and thank you for all you do to support me and the Kryon work!

Lee Carrol

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