From her earliest years, Peggy Phoenix Dubro had a deep desire to "remember God." As a young woman she had a profound series of experiences resulting in the spontaneous opening of all her chakras. This opening produced an awareness of unconditional love, and the realization of the connectedness of all things in the universe.

Her desire to know even more, and to live daily life in the consciousness of this state, led to a fifteen-year journey that resulted in another profound opening, this time an inimitable experience giving rise to the discovery of the Universal Calibration Lattice¨ (UCL). At first, Peggy's focus was on her own personal spiritual evolution. In working directly with the electromagnetic nature of the UCL, she realized the possibility existed to develop a way of assisting others in their evolutionary process. In her home town, word soon spread about the results of Peggy's sessions.

After working regularly with clients for several years, and stimulated by their requests to know more about what she was doing, Peggy developed a training program to teach others the theory and method of how to do the sessions, and thus the EMF Balancing Technique¨ was born. When these newly trained practitioners began to perform the sessions, their results were also remarkable. Several years later, based on the continuing positive nature of the results, Peggy developed another program, this time a teachers program. Peggy was now passing on the ability to others to teach the work!

Peggy Phoenix Dubro is now offering from her latest work, personal "Reflections" sessions. She is the creator of the internationally recognized EMF Balancing Technique and worldwide Kryon team member for 18 years.

These 30 minute and one-hour sessions offer a unique personal quantum energy assessment and energy alignments to assist you to manifest the changes you chose as a multidimensional being. Kryon is encouraging us to think and act quantum in the new energy and this session will assist you todeepen your ability to do that! Designed to expand the intelligence of yourheart. Spend time with Peggy and let her reflect the quantum magnificence of you! CLICK HERE for more info.

Peggy Dubro
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"Peggy Phoenix Dubro and her husband Stephen have been given a tremendous gift. As members of the Kryon International Seminar team, they present life empowering trainings all around the world. These trainings are an initiation into a new awareness of your own electromagnetic nature. You receive information about your energy anatomy that will permanently establish a powerful connection to the Cosmic Lattice (Universal Energy Source), and you will be able to use this new energy immediately."

Lee Carroll