Vancouver, BC, Canada
Two Day Seminar
Saturday and Sunday, February 18-19, 2012
Two (2) Channellings that turned into (1) Channelling

32 megabytes for Mini channelling - FILE IS NAMED: "Vancouver 2012-Sun.mp3"
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From Lee: Well, when Kryon is especially vibrant, often the recording equipment doesn't cooperate. It's on stage, right next to Lee, and the proximity sometimes is the issue (he also drains batteries). The same happened in Boulder the month before. Therefore the channelling of Saturday evening in Vancouver was powerful... and... NO RECORDING. So we obtained a recording from an attendee, but it is not the kind of quality that provides for this page (lots of background noise). But it still it can be carefully transcribed. I asked Kryon what to do. This channelling will be repeated. But when? That's not obvious. So we will go ahead and transcribe this channelling ASAP and place it on our channelling page for you to read and print out for free. Sorry about that, Vancouver attendees! But at least we will have a written record.

Also... a reference about a six-day old infant is given in the Sunday channelling. This was an amazing synchronicity that allowed this child, who had a double stroke two days after birth, to come into our meeting and have a mass healing from the over 140 attendees. The parents did now know us, and they were not even metaphysical. But an attendee who knew the situation asked if we would be willing. YES! It was very moving.

Saturday - "The Six Questions"
Sunday - "Protection"
32 megabytes
22 minutes
Stereo - MP3

"Vancouver 2012-Sun.mp3"
(see above)
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