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How do I explain this one?

During the Kryon Dream Cruise to Alaska, Robert Coxon felt compelled to bring his umbrella on the tour of the beautiful tropical gardens in one of the ports of call. It was raining fairly hard, so he was right... or was he?

Unfortunately the umbrella was a bit too small for the golf cart that 6 of us road on for the tour, so Robert held it outside the cart, still open. Around one especially steep turn, he lowered it just enough for the back right wheel of the cart to

After stopping and retreaving it, Robert posed for me.

I like this photo the best of them all...

Lee Carroll -
Kryon Dream Cruise to Alaska - 9/00

When the guards with the machine guns weren't looking, Robert decided for a quick dip in the Dead Sea. Yep, that's in ISRAEL! The dead sea is so salty that nothing lives in it, and you can't sink! Robert didn't live in it very long, and he didn't sink, either!
The Kryon tour to Israel - 10/2000