(May 15, 2001)

Q: Kryon, some have said we have two guides, some say three. There has also been information lately that they left, and there are none! What's the deal?


A: This has been the subject of this entire last year's channellings [year2000]. The energy, which you call the guides, is now starting to be revealed out of your own 4-D reality. It has been channelled to you that you can no longer number them, for they are infinite, yet one. You can't pretend to put skin on them and give them names or wings either. They are like an "energy soup." This has always been the case, but the Human is now changing and able to make this distinction and actually use it for better communication (see below).

In addition, it has been revealed to you that a profound part of what you call the guide energy is YOU! You are part of your own guide energy.
Now & how would you then answer the above question using this new knowledge? How many? Did they leave? Are they staying? The answer cannot be "yes" or "no" to any of these, since you now have new wisdom that changes the questions.

When your perception of something dim, clears up, you cannot then ask intelligent questions using the attributes of the old perception. It's a completely new scenario for you with a clearer sight. We told you before: When the sleeping Human wakes up and leaves the room, questions on the "care and feeding of the sleeping Human" no longer apply.

The guide energy hasn't changed & you did. So the questions no longer make sense. Like a child who gains wisdom with age, the childish questions are left behind. They no longer apply. Instead they are replaced by wisdom, and a longing to know more about the newly discovered world.

Q: Kryon, when in this new energy are we going to be able to communicate better with our guides?


A: The question should be, "When are you going to be able to listen better?" The reality is that you are becoming far more interdimensional than ever before. This allows a steady stream of communication, which has always been there, to now be "heard." We have spoken many times in 2000 about this, indicating that you must be willing to change the paradigm of your past ideas of what this communication is like. You continue to use a 4-D ideas when meditating, and nothing much is changing for you.

Sit before Spirit and ask to be able to tune into the "third language." Then don't set aside any time for "listening or asking." Instead call on Spirit and celebrate your life all hours of the day. Be prepared to "hear" ideas, thoughts, and loving energies all through the day & when you least expect it. Be aware that this new "third language" is one that presents itself through the guide energy in moments of your everyday life where the energy is ripe for it and not especially during what you might call "Spiritual moments."

Let me ask you this: If you needed a road map on a trip, what would you rather have? (1) A map explained to you in a private session before the trip, where you had to remember everything and apply it as you went? Or
(2) A dynamic road map that spoke to you exactly when you needed to know where you were going? This is the difference between the old and new energy!


Q: Kryon, how can we know this "guide stuff"is real? We can't see them...so where's the proof?


A: As a famous astronomer wrote: "Does your father love you? The answer,Yes, very much. Then prove it." Sometimes the proof of the intangible is in the actions and energy around you, and not visible in the 4-D that you walk around in. This is the case with awesome Love. When you fall in love with another Human, you feel you can "cut the energy" with a knife! It's wonderful and thick with reality. But you can't "see" it. Real, but not seen. Because of this, the energy which we call the "guide soup" is beginning to "knock on your door," to announce that they are real, but unseen like love. Here is your 4-D proof: How many of you are seeing the 11:11, the 12:12, and the 4:44 on clocks and signs? How many of you are drawn to look at a digital display device at the exact moment of these numbers appearing? What a coincidence, don't you think? How many times does it have to happen before you understand that it's on purpose? !!

Dear Ones, the next time it happens to you, celebrate! This is a "guide hello." It's your own guide energy saying, "We're here!" The next time it happens, I encourage you to actually say out loud, "I love you too." Then, dear angel, you will begin a wonderful two-way interdimensional dialogue that you never expected. A 100% meditative communication with your eyes wide open, as you walk around every waking hour of your life. Would we have it any other way?