UPDATE: October 1, 2002
Question: Dear Kryon: You speak of many possible changes and opportunities such as DNA modifications, chords in our cells, utilizing The Cosmic Lattice, The Third Language and more. What is needed to access or utilize the potentials? Will they accrue to us with just our intent or are their specific things that must be done to avail ourselves of these things?

Answer: Your question shows what we call "The linearity puzzle,” one that you are now trying to sort out. Almost all of you wish to have a manual in order to move towards anything that has to do with this new energy, yet we are telling you that the book is inside. It's a complex one, but one that has your name on it. The key is within your intent to move there, and your resolve that this is something which you can actually do. An artist knows this best. The visualization is not a final painting with one color, but a full color image where the colors are mixed together over and over, slowly, one at a time, bringing the whole to fruition. The artist says, "I want to paint this picture." Then his creative intuition leads him forward, color by color, one at a time, until the painting is complete. What if he asked for a book to teach him how to paint each picture he envisioned? Can you see the complexity here?

In the old energy, there might have been an art book where everyone was taught carefully how to paint a house. Then, depending on how well you learned the book, you ALL could paint a house. Now, however, each painting is different - interdimensional...and very specific. But the process is still one color at a time.

The truth is that once you commit intellectually and emotionally to this move, the next step will become clear, and the next and the next. Why don't we give an ABC list? It's because there can't be one generic list for interdimensional spiritual growth. We have given all manner of lists in the past: The 7 ways to do this or that—the 9 ways to do this or that, but when it comes to The Third Language, there is only one step, and that's the big one: Start!

So if you really need a list to get through that font door of starting, it would go like this: (1) Sit quietly and ponder what all this means. Does the desire to know more resound in your cells? Then proceed. (2) Commit. Out loud, tell those around you who are not visible in your dimension, and your own cells, that you are committed to move forward with new intent in your life. (3) Let go of all preconceptions of what this means. Is there baggage connected? Are there things you are holding back? Try to consider your body a place of complete safety as you give this permission to your own life force. (4) Imagine what you are asking is, now being manifested, and then thank Spirit for beginning a process that you cannot conceive of, but that you are part of. (5) Claim that the process has begun and then begin to ask the question, “Dear Spirit, tell me what it is which I must know first.” (6) Then let your own life show you what this means. There will be circumstances which will give you the answers to your question, and then you begin an involved process of self-growth, self-examination, rejuvenation, and even transformation. It grows at your own pace and honors the speed at which you wish to move.

This process is the beginning of “writing your book of life,” –a manual for you that you have always been able to write. Why is it so specific? It's because it tells how to change the contract you came in with, the life-line that was preprogrammed into your DNA, and very specific individual traits that you will begin to work with, and change. It reveals and expands your hidden storehouse of gifts and tools, and slowly lets you awaken at your own speed. Believe me, dear one, there is no book on earth, and no amount of steps, rules, or procedures that will ever begin to be written that will address these personal steps. You are passing into a very empowering place...one where the messages from Spirit are given not on stone tablets, but on the individual Human heart. The spectacular part of this is that when you start to compare the books which you are writing in your new cellular structure with others, you will find similarities that validate the existence of Spirit, and the love of God.

Question: Dear Kryon: What is the meaning or significance of your name, Kryon?

Answer: Dear one: This is difficult to explain. It's a sound within your energy, and it has messages in it. The sound is similar within all Human hearing, so it has meaning to the cellular structure of all. It's not really my name, either, but only the one which is applicable to your 4D. We have also indicated that it has a family connected to it, who also have similarities within the sound.

The meaning? It's a name of an earth support group who is about physics, yet also has a hidden sound/meaning that is connected to the actual purpose of the group. It's a love group. So within the name there is communication of what it does, but with some 4D dichotomies.

Dear Kryon, from what I read and understand, you mentioned that we are not able to fully contain Spirit yet. Spirit is on the other side of the veil, and our three master guides are the bridge from our sacred biology to Spirit.

What I cannot understand is this concept of separation from Spirit. Even Jesus Christ said that I and my father are one. He also said that Know ye not that ye are Gods? (John). He also said that the Kingdom of God is within you. It was also mentioned in the bible that "know ye not that the body is the temple of God and that God dwelleth within you?"

At which point do we designate that divinity "begins here and ends there" or divinity "ends here and starts there?" Isn't all this separatist thinking? Isn't Spirit supposed to be indivisible? WHOLE and COMPLETE?

I would appreciate if you could shed some light on the above questions as my intuition is not able to accept that Spirit is separated from me and is on the other side of the veil and that I need and intermediary such as my 3 Master guides to connect me to Spirit. I love my three Master guides but can't I connect to Spirit myself?

Answer: Dear one, let me first begin with the validation of everything you have quoted: Indeed, you and your family ARE one. Indeed, all of God is within you, and yes, your body is the whole and complete temple for the divinity you carry.

You ask why we separate it? We don't. The very instructions of Jesus were to inform you of your duality, and to move toward the marriage of body and soul. You arrive here with the separation in place, and your life’s work is to discover it and eliminate it. If this were not so, there would be no duality, and if that were not so, you would all float away, just like Elijah did.

The very question you asked shows that you still do not understand the quest. Here are the basics: You are placed here as pieces of God, who don’t even know it. At the center core of yourselves is all that is described (above)...a divinity which is awesome. Your invitation from Kryon and the masters of earth are to begin to peel that onion of duality and discover the core of the divine...discover the connection! This will bring integration and a higher vibration. It's all about free choice, and it's the reason for this test. All the entities around you, including the ones assigned to you, are here to help facilitate you finding this connection. And in the facilitation, they will teach you to indeed, do it yourself, just as you have perceived is the promise.

If you were connected to the divine in the way you think you are, then we would never be having this discussion. You would be with me, instead. For a full connection is to NOT be a Human.

Question: Dear Lee: There is a discovery by the Japanese over 50 years ago. It is called alkaline water. It is labeled as the Fountain of Youth. Acidity and Alkalinity play a very important role in our lives. The body produces a lot of acidic waste after processing the food and these residues must be expelled from the body. Otherwise, the body begins to store it somewhere as fat, cholesterol, etc. There is a product on the market called AlkaLife, a concentrate for alkaline water that is helping many people to recover the natural alkaline condition of the body therefore solving many health challenges. So my question i this. Is it convenient for the body to take this alkaline water made from AlkaLife, a concentrate made of Potassium and Sodium, in a very special formula? It is recommended 2 drops in a glass of water (8 to 10 oz.) 5 to 6 times a day. Thank you so much for your guidance and answer to this subject.

Answer: Although this is not a question to Kryon, I will answer it. I have heard of this water, and would love to experiment with it. The balance of acidity and alkalinity in the Human body is thought to be well understood, but I have always thought it was the key to so much more. So this water should be brought forward and made more visible. It would then fit into the prophecy which Kryon has put forward many times about the future being filled with wonderful new water cures.

Question: Dear Kryon: AIDS is on the increase worldwide. Could you comment on that? Why are so many people participating in that disease?

Answer: You will find the answer in Kryon book one, given to you in 1989. We indicated that up to 1% of the planet may have to leave to accomplish a balance. This was back then, but now we also have indicated that although that plan is obviously in place (with permission of those participating), you have even changed this reality and now can
void it.

Therefore we still encourage you to meet in groups and give visualization and light to middle Africa and for the solution of this disease. Don't tell Spirit what to do about it, but instead visualize the families of this great continent as health and happy. See them reading books about how the disease was conquered.

Question: Dear Kryon: In Book one you mentioned that the aura of a person of graduate status with the three masters guides is glowing white, white transparent or neutral. I was born in 1957. I gave intention for the neutral implant in March 02.
I can feel the presence of my three master guides. When I had my aura taken recently, the colours are not glowing white, neutral or white transparent. The colours are lavender, orche, green, blue, turquoise, gold, yellow, red and ultra violet. Could you please explain the difference in my colour and that of Graduate status?

Answer: Yes. We never told you to use a camera. Use a Human. Then also understand that not only have the guide scenarios changed since 89, but also the colours! As indicated many times before, you are all in a state of spiritual growth and flux. Things cannot remain the same if you are really changing reality can they? By the way. Congratulations on the green.