February 15, 2002
QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you have mentioned briefly in some of your writings, that the cooler part of
the continents are more beneficial to us. Could you please elaborate as to why and what part they
play on the raising of our consciousness?

Thank you. Yours in Light,
— Christie

ANSWER: Many have now understood this, and what a surprise it must be to realize that it has nothing
to do with temperature!

Our remarks twelve years ago refer completely and totally to the magnetics of the grid system on the planet. Moving toward the poles creates an energy that is more conducive to manifestation. The densest consciousness on the planet is at the equator. Some of your most “enlightened” cities are toward the top and bottom of the earth’s land masses. Some of the most profound problems are at the equator.
No Human has yet to make a complete study of this, or ask, “why.” It’s about balance, not fairness, and everyone who is born in these areas actively chose to be there.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a son that was just diagnosed with diabetes. I want to honor his spirit’s decision to have this disease in this lifetime, but at the same time I so desperately want him to be well. He is only four years old and the thought of him having to take shots for the rest of his life and to be controlled by this disease is difficult for me. If not taken care of properly, this could cause blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, and even amputations.

I want him healthy and well so very badly, yet I feel incredibly impotent. My question is this: how should I approach my child having this disease? Should I just accept it or try to help him heal himself? I am just lost with the reasoning behind this and to what purpose this disease has in his life

Thank you for your time,

ANSWER: In some ways you have answered your own question. You fully understand the principle going on: The child has elected to bring this into your collective lives. You also know that you are powerless to change his biology… that he alone can change what he decided to bring to his life. Yet as the loving parent, you would do anything to help. You are therefore frustrated with the perception that you have to watch and be helpless.

Dear one, nothing could be further from reality. Remember that your son’s spiritual decision to allow this disease in his life is for BOTH of you. So begin to change it: First, you must relax with what IS. You already understand the principle of your task, so take it! Send him light every day. Live in a way that shows this boy that Humans can change themselves! Be a wise example to him, and live in joy! Speak to him often of how the Human Being is able to change their own biology, and that some day he can do it too if he wants. Instill in him the seeds of empowerment… the wise words of the parent who honors and loves him dearly. Don’t show him fear or worry or anything but encouragement.

Then, dear Bryan, when you least expect it… or even perhaps when you are gone… this child will remember the joy of his father, and your wise words. Perhaps he will look around and ask the divine questions, “Can I really change my DNA?” That will begin the healing process that can and will eliminate this biological imbalance from his cellular structure. There is precedent for this! It is possible, and many are doing it.

By taking care of yourself and your own consciousness, you will have shown a light to him that he may strive for later. This is the miracle of an enlightened life. The light you show today never goes away. It is contained in an eternal storehouse, and is available to your children for their entire lives.
Start storing the light!

Dear Kryon, you have mentioned that some disorientation can be expected with raising one’s vibration level. In the past year, managing my life has become increasingly challenging with work – entrepreneurship – investments - marriage and a one-year-old child.

Daily I co-create becoming aware of being in my contract, harmonious living and abundance.
How can I tell if “I’m loosing it?” Are my feelings of disorientation (sometimes anger and confusion)
a result of energy work or of stress?

— Regards,

ANSWER: Your question is actually a very good one. We have indicated that until the grid is finished, and even after that to some degree, spiritual growth can be disorienting. However there are big differences between stress related challenges and spiritual ones.

Anger is not a result of a spiritual disorientation. Neither are big health issues. Spiritual growth challenges are almost always ones of goal confusion, not knowing what is next, problems with decisions... sometimes energy levels, but not sickness. As you move from one plateau to the next, sometimes there are times when things are not clear. These items always end up balancing themselves, but in the past years they have become far more acute. The ones who have been raising their vibration for these years know exactly what I mean!

Anger and sickness are signs of stress. In your specific case, you already know the answer. Spend more time with something creative, like ways to relax! Yes, you are too busy at the moment. Again my dear friend…. You knew that, didn’t you?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I was wondering what you might have to say about diseases/syndromes such as narcolepsy and fibromyalgia? Would you say these sorts of diseases are part of the new Human (being that the brains of narcoleptics are lacking the chemical that keeps us grounded to the planet)? ...or could it have more to do with past life contracts/issues, etc.?
—Thank you.

ANSWER: You have just mentioned two attributes of Human biology which are part of personal “setups” of birth. They also just happen to be part of a large set of attributes that are easily changeable within the new energy. So, No, they are not part of the new Human at all, but rather an artifact of the old one! You can get rid of both.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, ever since I gave intent to accept the Implant almost one year ago, I have lost many people in my life for reasons I cannot understand. No one has died, but every friend that I have been unconditionally kind and loving to, has turned away from me. They have used my kind favors and turned them around to judge me. I have no energy left! I need a break.

I have given intent for new, more enlightened friends, but so far I find myself very alone. I thank Spirit every day that my fiance is still here with me and my family too. I have become afraid to be my normal giving and loving self with those who are left in my life. I don’t want to lose anyone else. What am I doing wrong?


ANSWER: You are doing nothing wrong at all. Remember when we told everyone over twelve years ago that the Implant was potent? Remember also that a few years later we defined it for you as: Permission to implant an ascended energy within your consciousness? When you have this kind of energy within you, the old will retreat away from you. Almost like the shedding of an old skin, the things which do not belong with your new energy go away slowly… sometimes in seemingly unusual ways.

So rather than being alarmed at the retreat, celebrate it! Then don’t fret about what you might have done or not done to deserve it. The fact is that you gave permission for others to “see” your cellular change. It is then up to them to stay or go no matter how much you think you did for them. What is hiding is that there is a “new family” of friends that is waiting to meet you. They will recognize your energy too, and will love you for it!However, you must celebrate all the old changes and actively look for the new ones. Without this, you will just stay in one place and wallow in what you think is something negative.

Understand what you have asked for, and then the changes won’t look so unusual. In fact, the very gift you wanted is waiting for you. Your true family knows who you are, and they will stay. Don’t fear being loving to everyone… this will separate the old from new.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, on the Kryon website there are links to other lightworkers and there is a link to Gary Smith with the Sacred Merkabah Techniques. This is connected to Melchizidek energy, etc.

Are Gary Smith, Melchizidek and the Sacred Merkabah Techniques for real or are they a sham? I have been reading their materials and feel interested in learning the techniques and furthering my spiritual growth... if indeed that is what really happens through the techniques they subscribe to.

— Thank you with much Love,

ANSWER: Sandra, there is tremendous and profound power within the study of all sacred geometry. Within the study of sacred Merkabah you will find this geometry. It has the power to enhance your cellular structure, and even begin to awaken your DNA.

Now, as for the big question, the answer has always been the same. You are now fully empowered to discern for yourself who is teaching the core information and who is not. Touch upon the various energies represented. Does it feel loving? Does it feel empowering or the opposite? Use your internal spiritual intuition. Give intent to “see” who has what, and then do the study. There is absolutely no entity on the planet, no guru or spiritual teacher that can give you this kind of validation… of who is, and who is not, real. There has never been a better time to try out your power than now.