March 15, 2002

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what is the connection between Reiki and other ancient healing practices with the Electromagnetic Grid? Do both of these sources access us to the same Universal Healing Energy?

ANSWER: The grid of the earth, and all the changes that have taken place within it have enhanced the Human’s ability to use the tools of healing. Whatever the method… healing touch, Reiki, EMF Balancing, or the many modalities which have no name… are ALL going to be enhanced by the Human’s ability to understand them more.

Realize this: All these are energy techniques. ALL of them touch the grid or what we call the Lattice at some level. Although they may look different to you, and although some tell you that they are unrelated,
you must know that they all touch the “core” of your reality… your spiritual connection with what you have called God.

Therefore they are all interconnected in some way. Some of the systems are more developed than others. Some approach tapping into the energy from different sides, and some are just now being developed. Therefore the old will eventually be seen as core pieces of the puzzle instead of competing systems. The wiser of you will understand that you are looking at the identical energies of God in different forms, some simply waiting to be married to the others. We continue to encourage all of you to get out of your 4D paradigm… the old ways that told you to place things in different boxes and to give them different names. Earth has done this with God. How has it served you? The answer? It hasn’t.

The love of God is universal and is the core issue. It cannot be split apart and divided. Celebrate the systems and look for those that take healing to a new interdimensional level. Look for those that “tune in” to a new paradigm of Human calibration.

Dear Kryon, I learned of Kryon in 1995 and obtained Book One, Two and Three. I began reading them on November 1 at 11:00 a.m. in the morning. I had just gone through a major relationship break up a couple of years prior and lost my most favorite job of all time due to a layoff. It is now six years later and I have done what I felt I needed to co-create after having given intent for two things: a decent income and a loving mate in my life. My income is just barely enough to get by on and the loving mate situation continues to show up as a fake each time a new one appears in my life. Please help me, what can I do?
—Jean E.

ANSWER: Each Human path is different and each has his own timing for co-creation, but you are giving the proper energy. We have given information on what’s happening on the planet in general for many of you: The grid is being completed this year (2002). With its completion comes a more stable way of communicating with Spirit, and also a clarity that was not there before.

Celebrate your life each day and visualize being satisfied. Don’t give Spirit an agenda that you think
is what you need. Let the magnificence of your higher-self co-create something even better! You are
dearly loved.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I first read your Kryon book series on 15th November 2001 and was extremely surprised. I want to learn an important thing from you and I know that you can help me.

I’m from Turkey (from the bridge of Asia and Europe). I have been experiencing incredible synchronous things since my childhood. Chance events haven’t been leaving me since then. My name means “leader” in English. I was born in 1981. You know that 16 February 1981 is Aquarius. Now I am 20-years-old. Everybody says to me that “you are always different.” Some nights I wake up without reason and write about spirituality and scientific works and there are lots of things that I experience.

For years I’ve been searching about New Age, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Lemurians, angels, science, UFOs, and paranormal things. I want to learn if I’m an Indigo Child or not. Please explain this for me. Today may a 20-year-old person be an Indigo Child?

Thanks for all your helps.
—With my love, Nder Aytekin - Turkey

ANSWER: Dear Leader! Yes, you are an Indigo Child. You have all the attributes accept one: There is still some unfinished Karma with you. Otherwise, you have an almost pure Indigo consciousness. Many older Indigos are on the planet and the indigo color has been arriving for almost 50 years. Many of the forerunners of this energy had great difficulty fitting into society. Now society is having to fit them!

You therefore were not one of the first, but still a forerunner of this new energy for the planet. There is much in your area that can promote awakening, and it’s no accident that you are in Turkey.

Use your intuition as to what you might do in your area. Continue to shine the light you have to those who would see you as “different.” Indeed you are! You are beginning to ask the questions that so many are asking today: “Is there more? - Do I have control over my life? Can I change my DNA?” Bless you for your wonderful question!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, A friend and I are meditating on the recent shark attacks and feel that it has to do with the planetary changes. We just can’t understand why they have become aggressive. What is the message the sharks are bringing? Why is this happening?
—Thank you,

ANSWER: Indeed there are changes with the environment and also with biology regarding the 12-year grid change. I will first give you what was happening in general: What you are seeing are mammals, amphibians, insects, and even fish that are in areas that are new to them. Every life-form that migrates is effected by magnetics. All life forms that follows certain feeding scenarios and are “following the food” have the potential to be affected. This is due to the changing of the magnetic ley lines of the earth as we have stated before.

The areas where you can see in the ocean most clearly are within those migration patterns closest to the land. Where the ocean interfaces with the land, there are challenges for all these creatures for at least one of their generations. Whales will beach themselves by following old magnetics headings that now “drive” them into peninsula’s and other land areas that were marginally on the edge of their old paths. Birds, amphibians, and insects will be seen to do odd things for awhile.

So these shark fish may be in greater numbers in these coastal areas than in the past, but the increased aggressive behavior was actually something else: There was a tremendous “release” of energy due to the Sept. 11 event. Much like the energy of earthquakes and other earth movement, much of the environment “feels it” coming. We have spoken about how the Sept. 11 event was not a surprise to the earth. [See Lee’s article “Did Kryon give us hints”] So, some of the new actions of these fish were due to an actual energy buildup of coming events... of which you now understand.

If you are paying attention, therefore, you might ask, “Does this mean that Human consciousness issues affect the actual earth?” Yes they do! Finally you may begin to see how global consciousness is tied into the environment, and even to basic physics and reality. They are not separate, and never were. The indigenous knew it, and now the “modern” world is beginning to wonder.

Blessed is the Human Being who understands that what they think, do, and intend, actually drives the reality of the dirt of the planet!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what would our situation be like now if Al Gore had won the election?

ANSWER: A seemingly cute question has a profound answer - and not one all of you will totally understand. Over twelve years ago you set in motion a potential for the planet. Call it “one reality track” of many, if you wish. There is no predestination, but your new “reality track” clearly showed the potential of creating your current leadership. Why do you think the race was so close? Why do you think it went the way it did? This was no accident, and what you had planned to do over a decade ago took place in a most unusual way. This should have made many of you sit up and take notice. “What just happened?” you might have asked. But most of you saw it as an interesting political event rather than a manifestation of something you were predisposed for.

Al Gore was not the energy you had planned for, and against all political efforts of an older energy track, he did not gain office. So there is no “what if” answer for such a question. You might ask yourself in life, “If I had turned left instead of right, what would have happened?” The answer is all about physics, and is difficult to explain. Reality... the one you create... follows the Human Being. There is no “reality” when you are not there. Therefore there is no alternate reality on any other track you have abandoned. Therefore there is no future or past on a track that is not traveled. It just sits there, unused. Al Gore was not on your track, and that “other track” of reality therefore has no manifestation, no co-creation, no Human intent. These are the things that drive your reality, on the track you are on.

I know this all sounds bizarre, but wait and watch it happen again - not necessarily within your political system [USA], but the one in the Middle East. Against all odds, something is brewing there. You shall see.
Given in love!