April 15, 2002

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you have given us a few intriguing messages about astrology, and we would like to know more! If energy is shifting away from the inner (personal) planets, in particular the influence of their retrogrades, for those who are spiritually evolving into the “Now” Age — then where is this energy going? Will there be a corresponding increase in the power of transits involving the outer (collective and transpersonal) planets?

I recently had an example of this in my own chart. It was difficult to “contain” a powerful Neptunian transit, and now I have to deal with some very unpleasant consequences! How can we handle these changes better?

Thanks for your continuing support and all the best,

ANSWER: Your intuition serves you well. All my work has told of moving from sheep to shepherd…
a metaphor meaning that the new energy is about individual empowerment. The result of massive individual empowerment is not chaos, but rather a collective wisdom.

Therefore the magnetics and gravitational forces which actually create the astrological patterns at birth are being biased toward collectivity. Take a look at what we told you 12 years ago was the energy of the new grid: It was about Jupiter, and the energy of Jupiter in this new millennium. Since you understand the science of astrology, closely study what the meaning of the travel of Jupiter actually means during this time and the next few years.

To handle it better? Decide that the transits no longer are part of your lesson. Too simple? Try the intent of your new Human power. Change your DNA! Don’t you understand that the source of the astrological influence is in your cells?

And… by the way… don’t forget to study the meaning of the asteroid Chiron in the process. This “wounded healer” is about to change the pattern for all of you! [obscure Kryon hint]

QUESTION: Kryon states that the prophecies of war have been averted. But why is it that current events are presently being correlated to bible prophecy as we speak? (leading up to the anti-christ and world war 3 ect) Is bible prophecy something that can be changed by the will of man?

ANSWER: We stated that Armeggedon was averted, and it was. The main prophesies given in your scripture paint a picture which is now impossible to fulfill, both in the timeline given and with the players that were indicated. Those who tell you that there is still correlation wish you to continue to react and remain in fear. The fall of the Soviet Union in the late 80's, and the positioning of China both have
voided the main scenario. The clock also ran-out long ago for the prophesies to happen when they
were foretold.

There will always be those who will try to correlate the metaphors of scripture to their own needs. You have the option to tremble in fear yet again for whatever duration you wish, or move forward in action to create a peaceful earth. Those who shut their doors and await an awful end will someday emerge and realize that they wasted years in worry when they could have been joyful and productive.

Visualize solutions. Visualize the planet moving into wisdom. There is so much here to do!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Is the earth hollow and do beings that are evolved
live there?

— Jean

ANSWER: As you think of the planet, it is not hollow. Your reality shows well-known characteristics that have been mapped geologically for decades. Your spacecraft have added information, and it is all valid. The planet is solid.

What is confusing it that when you get beyond 4D, everything in physics changes including what you call “your reality.” In an interdimensional way, the earth contains a “singular” life force, entities that help you and the planet, and even places where YOU come and go on the way through the veil! So… I ask you, is it hollow? You might say it is if you are speaking in an interdimensional way. Think of this: Where do you think I “am?” I am part of the support group of the planet. Therefore I am “in” the earth.

There has been information given where people can “see” the coming and going of entities into and out of the earth. In addition, there has been information that at some time in the future, they will actually come forth from the inside of the earth. ALL of this is out of 4D. It always was, but that does not change the “reality” of it. Indeed there is much coming and going, and indeed there will come a time when the support group comes forth. But these are things that all fit into what I have already told you about the changing energy of the Earth.

One of the most difficult things in these changing times for you is to know the difference between your old 4D reality and the new realities of the interdimensional aspects of YOU. Your science has now admitted the interdimensionality of matter, and it no longer means that you are suffering from a brain disorder when you claim to “see” some things out of 4D. There are many who “see” the coming and going at a level that is very convincing to them that the Earth must be hollow. They are only claiming interdimensional sight. Therefore celebrate the fact that the earth is what it needs to be in every dimension to bring about support to your lives.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Many of the science aspects of your books go over my head and I find myself just skipping those sections. Is there a more simple way of understand those concepts?

ANSWER: Dear one, you never have to read or understand any of the science. There are those, however, who would never believe the spiritual things that we speak of without the validation of the 4D physical science revelations that are their reality. This is the reason for the science within the channelling… to allow them a better choice. For you, however, relax and enjoy the love of God in your life! There is no reason to go any further with the science.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have just recently become aware of your communications and have gained much peace of mind as a result of reading them. I became aware of the earth changes that are due on the planet and much fear and anxiety followed. I live in Biloxi Mississippi with my US Air Force husband and 3-year-old son. I am not as afraid anymore and have given permission to operate at a higher vibration. However, I do not know whether I should be putting th wheels in motion to get my husband out of the military so we can move away from the water to avoid floods or tidal waves. Perhaps I should be stay here and try to assist the earth in this particular area?

My instinct at this time is to move away from the water but this is partly due to fear of my family dying. I have done much reading of late and I wish to sincerely thank you for the peace I have in my soul. I want so much to be on earth with my husband and son after 2012 and experience life together for many more years to come. As I write this I feel somewhat contradictoryhaving gained so much peace via your communications, yet still fearful of the Earth changes that I realize must occur

ANSWER: Dear one: Let me give you something to think about: The light worker is called a worker because what they do is to anchor energy. They do it sometimes in places where there could be potential danger. My partner [speaking of Lee] not only lives near the water, but also on an active earthquake fault. This is his sweet spot, and where he anchors the energy. There are others around him who are doing the exact same thing! [speaking of Depak Chopra, Louise Hay, and many other light workers living in Southern California on the fault].

These of whom I speak could live anywhere they pleased, but have instead chosen the parts of the country that will someday move due to the changes. It is because they are there, that the earth will move LESS when it moves, but they are not in fear.

Celebrate where you are! When the time is correct, move away because of synchronistic circumstances, and never from fear. You are in the right place, holding energy and sending light where it is most needed. We encourage all light workers to look around them and celebrate where they are…even the ones who are in areas that might seem dangerous due to the potential of earth changes.

Finally, know this: That the earth changes we spoke of twelve years ago are in progress. Seen any weather changes lately? Volcanoes active? Warming of the oceans? Magnetic changes of your grids? These things will indeed change your environment, but none of them are “scheduled” disasters. Indeed the result of some of the changes will displace many, but there will be ample warnings and there will be LightWorkers in places where they are needed most.

Honor the process. Do not live in fear of what Spirit is doing. Celebrate your family, and know that you are in your sweet spot.

Dear Kryon: It is a fact that most of the world today is focusing in the aftermath of the 9/11 events. Nonetheless, South America is living one of its darkest hours and we seem to be fielding it all by ourselves. Violence, corruption, drug trafficking, political confusion, and economic distress have been accelerating their dreadful impact at a rhythm never seen before.

Where do we stand in the "old vs. new" reality shift (within the new post 9-11 world we live in) and, how can we make use of the heightened spiritual awareness showing in our North American LightWorker family? Finally, awareness is taking its hold firmly in countries such as the USA; how spiritually aware are we down south? Are there enough LightWorkers?

ANSWER: Dear one, let us take your questions separately. Your area of the earth is a denser one.
Fair or not from the Human perspective, the equatorial places of earth face a deeper duality and more difficult challenges. What you call the “veil,” is thicker. This can be validated by mapping where the
most awareness is taking place. It is above and below the magnetic neural mid point [equator] The nations which are in the most turmoil… and where there is most disease, are generally the ones nearest this midpoint.

So when you ask how you stand in the “old vs. new” reality shift, we tell you that you have willingly agreed to be in one of the hard parts… but you knew that, didn’t you? Indeed all that you have said is correct.
Part of the grid shift on this planet, as well as the arrival of master energy [referring to the information that the Earth’s masters avatar energy has returned to the earth], is all shaping up to give you new tools, as though you were NOT in this void area. Very few have asked this question, and yet the reality of the shift is very real in regards specifically to YOU!

There will shortly be a great deal of awakening… and with it will also come the fear and the doubting. As you might expect, any time there is a challenge to existing spiritual history, you can look for those who will be against it. Again, there may even be spiritual rage against the change.

There are enough LightWorkers… more than you think. There are also many who will awaken and ask themselves “is there more?” This question will prompt them to self-examination and will create a wonderful pool of those who will begin to help your area. Be patient and hold the light you have. Celebrate your culture, for it is rich in its lineage, and is a very spiritually-minded one. Don’t be surprised if some of the biggest doubters become the ones that awaken with the most intensity!

There is time, but you will not see these changes potentially until 2004.