UPDATE: May 15, 2002

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have been given a water filter that uses magnets in the filtration process as an attachment to the plumbing pipe. The filtering system claims to generate Pi water also known as living water. Should I use this type of filtration sparingly due to the magnets utilized? Also, what about magnetic mattresses and chairs?

ANSWER: Let me again speak of these things. The use of magnets to alter substances and to create cellular stimulation are in a beginning phase on your planet. You are just starting to realize that they change and influence matter and biology around you.

There are several things that you should be aware of. Without full knowledge of what you are doing, you might accidentally be altering or “signaling” your body to do things you didn’t expect. The makers of these devices, including the arrays you rest on and sit on, are in good integrity. But their integrity does not automatically give them full knowledge of the details of magnetic influence on cellular structure.

At this infancy of your development, you are aware only of the stimulating attributes of the magnetics. You don’t actually know what is happening, or the layers of DNA that are affected. You DO know that they seem to stimulate and seemingly help some situations. You are also aware that a person can actually feel them working.

To stimulate your cellular structure for hours and hours with small passive magnets is an extremely coarse way of giving your cells information. Some day you will discover just how elegant the cell needs to see these forces…fine-tuned to awaken them into very specific activities. Magnetic cell balancing and attunement is a refined process that needs to see active “designer fields,” not an avalanche of random magnetic polarities. You are throwing the entire lower spectrum at them in a crude method. It would be like discovering herbs for the first time and taking them all at once in large doses with the idea that one of them might help you.

We suggest that you honor your body’s internal balancing system. If you feel intuitively that the system you have chosen is helping you, then use it only 50% of the time. Magnetics is powerful! To willingly sit in a generic magnetic field as a “normal” situation is foolish. Use the system to stimulate your body into normal balancing behavior. Spend half your time with it, then let the body recover or balance, according to what it wishes. Then, just in case you are accidentally giving your cells less than positive signals, they have time to correct and balance. In case you are sending it healing signals, then the body can complete and enhance that.

For those who say, “It’s helping… I can feel it.” I say this. You can get the same reaction with a stimulating drug. What you don’t understand yet is that magnetics is even more potent than chemistry.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I’ve recently read that Planet X will be returning to our Solar System in approximately 14 months, and will cause terrible events to our planet… a pole shift, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions.; It will put the earth into darkness for decades, and 90% loss of human life due to starvation and all the other catastrophes. This planet is supposed to come around every 3600 years, the last time being during the time of the exodus out of Egypt. Many ancient cultures left accounts of this huge red planet causing devastating loss of life as it returns. I am asking you, Kryon, to please tell us if this is going to happen.

ANSWER: Dear ones, again we give you the short answer. NO.

Does this sound like the “new earth” to you? Does this sound like a new path of reality that we spoke of? Does this sound like grand hope for the planet? Do you really think the Kryon messages of the last decade would have left something like this out? This is the old energy fear-based information that we spoke of almost twelve years ago from soothsayers and fear mongers that wish to create disturbances in the light, and feed on the results. We have told you this: Beware of those who would rob you of your hope. For they diminish your light by planting seeds of fear within you. These same forces will tell you that Kryon is evil as well.

Remember some of the recent past prophesies? What about the grand alignment of planets pulling the earth out of orbit? Remember the comet and the trailing pieces? It was to disgorge evil forces as it went by. Remember prophesies about the “three days of darkness” as your earth passed into the astronomical attribute called the Photon Belt? Remember Armageddon? How quickly many of you forget the things that “didn’t happen” as you willingly grab onto other fears about new things that won’t happen either. Do you really think that decades of astronomical observations from thousands of sources would somehow have all kept this a secret from you?

It’s time to put the pieces together and see the reality that you have changed the paradigm of earth, including the old prophesies of destruction, doom, and horror. Go inside and ask your higher self. It will hug you and give you the same answer as I have.
Concentrate on the problems at hand that you CAN see. This is where the light is needed. Don’t cast your energy to the fear of the things you can’t see, giving away your power. You are needed, lightworker... to use your light for the existing clearing of the current situations.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: The Grid is almost ready and should be activated at the end of 2002. What would be the effects of this grid on us? Will we feel different? ps: thank you for all the amazing work you’re doing!

ANSWER: Over the years we have only set the stage for what is the potential of earth. We told you that the magnetic grid is the engine of cellular communication. We have told you that the grid is also responsible for helping to posture the veil…your duality.

When it is finished, the teaching begins. What did it affect and how can you now use the new gifts and tools that have been put into place? What are the new attributes? Will you feel different?

You should be feeling it now! Many have complained that what they got used to spiritually, now moves away from them. This is what will stop, as the grids settle down and bring stability to your spiritual process. Soon, you will be more comfortable with the new feelings.

These are the real teachings of Kryon. In 2003 we will begin describing what the new grid attributes are.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am a hypnotherapist who desires to call forth the highest and best within each client. I have studied what my teachers have taught but I’m left ‘wanting.’ I feel as though I’m being called from within to do my work quite differently than all the books and classes about hypnotherapy have stated. No matter the reason a client comes into my office, I find myself desiring only to discuss what they’ve ‘forgotten,’ that they are already whole and loved. I find myself not wanting to discuss the issue that brought them to my office at all. I want to call up from within them, their truth. If we truly honored ourselves and others, wouldn’t our problems disappear? We would simply choose not to overeat, abuse drugs/alcohol, be depressed, etc

ANSWER: Dear healer, everything you have said is correct. Over and over we have stated that the core information… the miracles… the physics… and the even ascension information is stored in every cell. Part of what we are doing with the magnetic grid is to make it more available as the veil lifts slightly in this new energy.

But look at your question. It’s not about the Humans who come to you, but rather it’s about you! It’s about your frustration to go through layers of a system that is not fine tuned, in order to help those who come to you to “see” this reality.

The answer? Ask for help to create a system using your gifts and tools to open a window of remembrance for those who sit in front of you. Slowly lead them into self-discovery…that they have the answers and the storehouse to find them.

What you need is what we are asking every enlightened Human Being on the planet to create. Patience.

You are dearly loved.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am a mother of a son diagnosed with autism, now 7. I have worked with energy for what seems to be all my life. In the past 5 years, I have been getting concepts that I do not really understand. Your channeling has been helping. However, perhaps any of you who read this (I trust it will be read by whomever Spirit intends) may have encountered this as well.

Here goes - My son’s magnetic system does not feel the same as ours. Is there a possibility that his DNA may have different magnetic structures than non-autistics? I can almost see this in my mind as strands running through some sort of chrysalis-type prism. Okay - I know that sounds nuts. I also feel this same thing around dolphins. He is particularly drawn to the calls of Humpback whale recordings. Is it possible that the cetacean connection to autism is in the magnetics? His communication (still nonverbal) has been progressing in leaps and bounds over the past year. Are the magnetic grid alignments becoming more compatible to autistic’s systems?

ANSWER: Dear one, for you and the others who work with these children, I honor you!
We told you earlier that they are mostly savants. These children are indeed born with DNA differences of the kind that are magnetically enhanced from your own. The difference is that they are more geared to an interdimensional existence rather than the 4D existence that you live in. So, Yes, this is a magnetic cellular attribute. Some are even calling them “rainbow children.” Your intuition is correct. Here is more.

(1) They wish to communicate and live out of linearity. They don’t understand things in-a-row or in line. They will do far better with overall concepts that steer them to a pseudo-linear action… so that they can live in your world. If it were possible, they would love to communicate without “in-a-row” linear verbal speech. They would rather do it all it once using a “thought group.” Their frustration is that everything around them is boxing in their expansiveness, and they have to stop and make sense of it.

Can you even imagine what it would be like to be born in a world where you had 3D, and everyone else had 2D? Let’s say there was no depth… only height and width. You wanted to “reach inside” things, and you could see how…only to have an invisible wall stop your hand each time you tried, or stop your mind each time you tried. You couldn’t even walk around! Others around you would call you retarded, as they watched the funny kid who couldn’t navigate in a simple 2D world. You would spend most of your time looking at things, trying to decipher if what you were seeing was true or not for the reality you were in.

(2) They tend to live partially in a reality that Humans don’t see or understand. Where are they mentally, you sometimes ask, as they stare off into space. The truth? They are actually seeing and participating in interdimensional attributes of life… or trying to. They also can “see” the other life on earth…the life that you don’t even acknowledge yet. More on this some other time.

(3) They are attuned to the energy of the dolphins and whales, but more specifically the dolphin. There has actually been research on this from your scientists, so it is not as odd as it sounds. There is communication at a distance between autistic children and these sea mammals. If they ever actually establish a one-on-one relation to a single animal, it lasts a lifetime.

(4) Yes… the grid system of the planet is going to make them more comfortable, and you less comfortable. We have been channelling in the last year about becoming interdimensional. Perhaps it’s time Humans moved a bit in their direction, instead of teaching them how to exist in yours?