UPDATE: June 15, 2002

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Which direction do we place our head when sleeping? One channel suggests that it helps to place our heads pointing to North. But there’s no elucidation as to its applicable globally or if it’s only relevant to the northern hemisphere. I definitely did feel different when I slept with head toward North when I was in India. Now I am in Tanzania, which is in the southern hemisphere but quite close to Equator. Do I now keep my head pointing North or South when sleeping? Or is it that it simply doesn’t matter which way it’s directed?

ANSWER: Your question is a good one, since it shows that there may be a misunderstanding about this. Sleeping with your body positioned a certain direction, and also certain body exercises (including spinning) are for temporary balance only. They are not considered as instructions for a lifetime.

About the north and south? Yes, try to point your head to the pole that is closest to you for a few nights. When on the equator, it will not matter. What does this say to you about the equator? There is much hidden here about some of the consciousness setups on the planet, and where the most unbalance and unrest is. Those on the equator will have the hardest time creating and keeping balance.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: About the Merkabah: Is the breathing technique the only way to connect to my Merkabah, or can I accomplish the same through other methods? If so, kindly enlighten me about those method(s). Also, is smoking, apart form being a “health hazard, also detrimental to spiritual progress?

ANSWER: There are many Merkabah enhancing techniques and the breathing is one very good one. That one is about oxygen, and the effect of intent combined with living oxygenation. Another is the attunement to the lattice, which is also scientific [which has been discussed at length]. Still another is the alignment of cellular memory, which is just being learned, and hard to itemize the way you might wish it to be. Many more ways are coming, and as the grid shifts to accommodate your new abilities, they will be revealed.

Your habit of smoking in itself is not detrimental to spiritual progress. However, anything you willingly do to shorten your life-span sends a message to all the cells in your body, as well as your spiritual helpers, that you don’t expect to live a full life. That tells your cells that you are not here to take the best advantage of the gifts you are given.

This is the same for those who overeat, or who willingly give their physical bodies a challenge in other areas with any other unhealthy substance abuse. For some time now we have told you that you are able to dismiss the most severe habits without the trauma that is normally associated with it. It’s up to you, as it always has been. Let the teachers see this…that they should be an example to the others of what can be accomplished.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have a question that seems somewhat silly to me, but I am curious. I have been reading in chapter seven of book six about life colors. I am very interested in healing with color, sound and touch. How much are we affected by the colors we choose to wear or have around us? For example, if I wear a color that does not harmonize with my skin or eye tone, or I dye my hair red if it’s supposed to be brown, do I create disharmony and imbalance? I don’t believe this is connected with life colors or is it? At any rate, I’d still like to know how important it is for us to wear or have harmonizing colors around us.

ANSWER: Dear one, the use of colors and the attribute of life colors, are all related to healing and the work of your intent. You cannot harm your body energy by wearing mismatching colors or cosmetically changing the colors of hair against its normal state. You also won’t unbalance yourself if you do this. You might create a reaction from others, however! (Kryon joke)

Understand that the color information is given to enhance the energy around you. Therefore it’s a grand tool. By wearing specific intuitive colors that suit you for the day, you can enhance your balance for that day. It always changes, since you always change, and it “shakes hands” with the astrological setup that belongs to you. Therefore you may benefit one day from wearing a color that is in harmony with your life color, and also the astrological aspects. Sometimes it is quite profound and it can help balance you on a day which might be difficult. Other times it just “feels good.” Use your intuition as you select your colors.

This is not a complex subject. It’s easy to learn and much has been written about it by others. The study of color for balance is one of your greatest gifts.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I had asked you a question about a very dear friend of mine being in a southern prison for 20 years... Who is innocent of the crime that he has been incarcerated for. He is very much a human being of great light. Is there anything he can do to be free of this experience... To change it? A visualization... Or a certain type of energy work that he can do for himself so he can freed?
Thank you!

ANSWER: Those who suffer the injustice of other Humans have profound contracts to be here…to be in places that they can change. It is their life-lesson. To be free? It cannot happen until they are free from the mental anguish and the feeling of being the victim. Once they free their consciousness from all of it, so that they are truly fine with the thought that this is their job on earth, then the other 4D things around their situation may begin to be cleared if that is their intent.

We recommend trying some of the new energy techniques that are coming into their own at the moment, one being the EMF balancing Technique. The idea is that as goes your peace, goes your life. If you can truly be at peace with your contract, then you can see the bigger picture. That allows wisdom to decide if you are “needed” where you are, or if it is best to move on.

Look at this! It’s a total empowering situation that puts the Human in control of their own reality. This is what we teach.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Hello! My wife and I recently vacationed in Sedona, Arizona and while there we discovered the Kryon books. I am very interested and purchased several books at once. I am curious to know if Kryon has ever commented on the channeled entity called “Seth” who spoke through Jane Roberts, who published many books. I have many Seth books and so far, I do not see any contradiction between Seth and Kryon. They seem to reinforce one another. Thank you.

ANSWER: How astute you are dear one! For we are definitely connected! Yes. Look for the love information to ring true to you, and the feeling of family. The energy of who you call Seth is also of the family of Archangel Michael...just like Kryon.

Dear Kryon: The first question is one that I am sure every quack asks, but I will ask it any way. In 1990, in our spirit group, I channelled an entity who called himself Kryon. At the time I had never heard of him. I saw myself looking through what I interpreted as a “screen door.” I had not heard of the grid at that time. I channeled information briefly, then as one member of the group sought personal information, the energy was quite clear that all questions must be of a universal nature. That was in south west Alabama. I have never channeled that entity again. I have received from other channels, but not Kryon. What was that channeling? What was the significance of it?

Indeed you have validated your own experience! You never heard of my energy, yet you named it correctly. You also did not know of the grid, yet you “saw” it. Was it real? Yes. Was it Kryon, Yes.

Anyone can occasionally “pull in” the energy of Kryon, and we encourage it. This is what happened to you. We love it when this occurs, and we honor the time that is ours with you. We cherish the times when it happens, and again tell you that it is given as validation that you are family! Celebrate with us whenever it happens.

You are dearly loved. There is nothing that says that the Kryon entity or any other, will be permanent in your energy, so don’t think anything about it if you move on to other things. The only permanent Kryon channels are the 9 I have indicated in my past writings. Here is a fact I have never shared, and one which will help you to validate the Kryon energy from others who say they are Kryon channels. If you find a Human who claims to be a world-Kryon channel (one of the 9), and you wish to know if he/she is valid, that Human will be channelling only Kryon. If other entities occasionally are present, they will be part of a Kryon message.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: How does evolution fit into our present human condition?

ANSWER: There has been life on your planet for a very long time, and several types of human life as well. Some types even developed and became extinct. Other types evolved almost to what you see today.

You should know that the human being on this planet right now is absolutely unique. Never in the history of the planet has a human developed with the consciousness attributes that you carry at this moment. With time, there will be slight physical changes as well, with some enlarged detoxification organs, adding to the uniqueness of your time. Now truly is the demarcation point of a whole new human being!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Why do we, as humans, have difficulty loving ourselves? Isn’t loving our total Self one of the most important tools for Ascension?

ANSWER: Yes! Love of self and establishment of self-worth is something that humans have to work at. It is all part of the hurdle that you face of finding the “God” within.” The most amazing thing about this question is how it relates the last one from an unrelated source. With the slow infiltration of the Indigo children, you have an entirely new attribute being given to human consciousness. The children have arrived with tremendous self-worth. Some even call them “head strong,” not understanding exactly what the real attributes of this personality is. This is human type will have far less trouble loving themselves than you have. Celebrate what you have done! Celebrate what you are becoming!