UPDATE: July 15, 2002
QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I am from Holland and did not fully understand some of Lee’s teachings. If, in fact everything is in the NOW—the past, present and the future—is it even possible-maybe in another dimension (if that is the right word) to change the past? Maybe not even for ourselves (at this time of life), but for example, for the Earth?

ANSWER: Dear one, you ask the “question of questions!” The short answer is YES...for both you and the earth. For over a year now we have been teaching this non-linear, interdimensional information. It is not possible for you to fully understand, since you only think you understand how time and reality work. You feel the past is the past, and the future is unknown. You don’t understand that they are all together as one, and variable…all of them.

Suddenly your scientists are asking the question: “If a Human is not there to observe something, would it take place?” This is the kind of question that used to be an esoteric party subject...not a real question. But the reality of physics is creeping up on the finest thinkers you have on your planet, and the questions becomes real and important.

Could your Human reality be a variable, affecting everything you see and do? Could your time be variable, affected by what you see and do? The answer has always been yes. The understanding of this is almost impossible as you walk in a linear 4D world.

Consider the circle of reality. You walk the circle. The past is where you walked, but the future is also where you walked before (the circle). Although the future before you is not known, the potentials of what you will do is on your track because you walked it before and your energy is still there, modulating and influencing what “might be.” In addition, if you stop and decide to walk the other way (which is very possible in NOW TIME), the potentials modify where you just walked (a seeming reverse of what we just said). There are dichotomies and conundrums presented when you look at this in linear time. In NOW time, however, there is simply another reality to be experienced.

Know this: What you do today, and the decisions that you have made in recent past, has already shaped the future of the earth. In order to do that, the past also changed. Not within in the history books, but in the energy of what was seemingly presented and done. What did it mean to you, and what does it lead to? In one reality, it was leading to the Armageddon. In your current reality, it is leading to solution! Now tell me… what changed? The answer? Both present, past, and future. Consider this, the next time you tell yourself that “the past is the past.”

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Does A Course in Miracles synchronize with the teachings of Kryon? Or is it old energy teaching? Does it serve a purpose?

ANSWER: We have indicated to you that as you move to a new reality, some of the oldest textbooks need to be rewritten. The subject matter and teachings of those books fits an old paradigm that is no longer here. Not all teachings match this scenario, however. For instance, if an old text told of a history of things leading up to an old prophesy that is no longer valid, it’s time to reevaluate that old book. However, some of the teachings you have had for a very long time deal with the empowerment of the Human Being and provide teachings regarding your ability to control your cellular structure through consciousness.

Rather than being old, out-of-date teaching, the one you speak of, along with many others which approach this same subject in different ways, are not only valid, but now start to be more relevant than ever. Here is the only caution: Use wisdom and discernment when viewing the cultural aspects around these old and profound teachings. There may be some elements that need revision simply due to your change in culture. For instance, if a teaching tells you to ride your horse to a place where you can enhance yourself through a new calibration with cosmic energy, what will you do? Will you try to find a horse within the cosmopolitan society you live within in order to follow the exact instructions, or will you understand the context in which the writings were given, and instead use your current transportation to get to the place of understanding quicker?

Do you understand? The core teachings may very current, but don’t get hung up in the details that may have been given to you through well-intentioned Humans in your past cultural protocols. Update the details and use these wonderful tools!
— Kryon

QUESTION: I am a native woman who wants to know that your thoughts are about native traditional healing that happens in sweat lodges which are conducted by a healer. What do we do to get the general population to understand that we are truly helping the people?

ANSWER: We have stated many times that your indigenous had “earth wisdom.” This meant they were connected to the planet in ways that are very profound, but ways that have been lost in modern times. Therefore we applaud the energy of those who would wish to share and rediscover this.

As in many things, the speed at which this information is accepted by a general population will be determined by how isolated the Grandfathers and elders wish to keep their old societies. There is still fear and resentment of the conquering cultures…that they would also destroy and bury the last of the protocols and ceremonies if given a chance. Therefore the new ones, not from the tribe, are not always welcome into the circle. There must come a time when the indigenous open their knowledge without fear, understanding that there are many on the planet who are ready to accept it and steward it with integrity.

Let the wisdom of the elders pass hope to the youngsters of pure lineage… that there are also wise youngsters coming up in the new culture that will understand and embrace the old ways with honor. Yes, they may change them a bit to up-date them for a new time, but they will keep the core knowledge and give credit to those who loved Humanity enough to finally share what their ancestors knew.
— Kryon

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I am in Amsterdam. Can you comment on this mater of free will and other planets? I am curious to understand.

ANSWER: Dear ones, as much as I have told you and continue to tell you about your earth’s uniqueness, you many still never truly understand. The universe teems with life. You are just one of many worlds with intelligence and culture and life force. However, your planet was designed to be a place where something profound must be decided. This puzzle is so prevalent that when you are not here, it’s what you call “the big question.” Hiding on the other side of the veil are the answers to why you are here, and what this is all about, yet your duality will not let you see this. This is so that the fairness of what you are doing will never be compromised. This “big question” is known by all of you at the cellular level, and when you pass over each time, the first question you ask is “how is it now?”

This scenario demands that Earth be unique in energy and populated by Humans that all are the same [see Kryon book 8 for more on this… that Humanity is counter-evolutionary in that there is only one kind of Human]. In addition, what you call “the soul” must be from one divine family which you call God… and it is.

Efforts to disrupt this scenario by outsiders is not allowed, yet many try. In addition, you are hidden well in your own galaxy. Some day you may actually discover other intelligent worlds. When you do, you will also find that the majority must have two suns to have developed life the way it comes to be. Your development was pushed and pulled in altering ways to accomplish the needed evolutionary set-up, and by design, you only have one sun [see Kryon Book 9 for a discussion of earth’s physical and spiritual evolution]. This means that few will ever look for you in this small solar system at the edge of a galaxy that is very average in its placement.

Your planet is totally unique. Although many in the universe have “choice,” yours is the only planet with free choice to evolve spiritually to a place where it actually broaches the divine… free choice to bring an entire world of beings into ascension status, or destruction. No other world has this latitude, or this contract, or the purpose of this earth. Yours is the only one that has free choice on how hight or low to vibrate!
So the description “Only planet of Free choice” means far more than what you think. Someday you will understand that Earth is unique… the only place where God resides inside the biology called the Human Being.