UPDATE: September 15, 2002
QUESTION: I am very curious about the hint you gave regarding the asteroid Chiron. I know the history of this “wounded healer” only by what I have read about its influence in magiastrological applications and it has always been very accurate in this aspect (which is magnetism and relationships). Can you elaborate?

ANSWER: Much like astrological magnetic relationships strongly affect your spiritual attributes on the planet [thus the magnetic grid shifting], we have indicated to you that a potential for a future energy posturing may also be found in the movements of observable motion in your solar system.

Chiron has a meaning, a mythology, and a track that is known. You say you know the history? Then you know the potential. Take a look at where it is right now and where it is heading. What are the astrological signatures of the planets it is meeting?

What you will discover is discovery. What you may see in the relationships is enablement and even completion. It isn’t a hint. This is a book to be read by those who know the words.
— Kryon

QUESTION: Could you please explain in detail what happens as your earth body dies? My mother just died and I really hope to learn what she is going through right now.

ANSWER: Dear one, bless you for your question, for your compassion, and for your caring about your beloved mother.

First, we cannot answer in detail this process. The reason? It’s beyond comprehension! The simple explanation is one you may have heard before. First, there is a profound reunion with an energy we will call “the higher part of you.” This meeting is grand and filled with joy. Next there is a journey to a place where “essence” is re-melded, and records are shifted. Then a return to the family, which is simply not a concept explainable within your 4D.

What is she going through? I’ll give you a big hint. She is standing next to you! She is far larger in essence and part of her will be part of you for the rest of your life. One of the most profound things that all of you should understand and realize is that your family never leaves completely.

This is extremely hard to explain to a linear creature! How is it that your “mother” can be part of you for the rest of your life, yet also be in line to reincarnate to another time or life? These are the seeming mysteries of interdimensionality that you cannot grasp any more than if I told you that YOU were still helping others from a “past life,” and that you regularly “feel” them too.

So… bless her and greet her all at the same time. She lives within you for your entire time left. Celebrate her Human life, and also celebrate the fact that she is eternal, just like you.
— Kryon

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, will there be a shift of the earth on its axis? I was hoping we had alleviated the need for this type of drastic shift. Now I’m not so sure.

ANSWER: Be informed, just we indicated in 1989, there will be no earth axis shift. This wouldn’t simply be a drastic event, it would terminate most of Humanity. This is not an event that would enhance your lives or give you a place to create a peaceful planet!

There is no alignment with the past, either, that is potentially going to turn the planet over.
Instead, you are headed for an eventual magnetic neutral point, and a potential north-south polarity swap. Although this will be dramatic for life on the planet, it isn’t a termination event. It’s also not something that is in your potential lifetime, but you are closer to it than you think.

Biology navigates for survival, and it depends on magnetics for this. Mammals on land and in the ocean, birds, amphibians, and even insects all depend on earth magnetics for their direction sensing abilities. So visualize these shifts as being slow, and the generations of animals on earth will adjust just as they have before.
— Kryon

QUESTION: With all the turmoil that is going on in the catholic church right now, along with other religions in the past, where do you see organized religion’s place in the coming years?

ANSWER: Remember this: the turmoil you speak of was foretold in our writings over two year ago:

“Belief systems all over your planet will tear apart with change. Oh, they will remain, but there can be no more fence-sitting in regard to the old ways that no longer work. Those who talk about the love of God but who do not practice it are on a fence, are they not? … The world is beginning to hold them accountable for what they teach.” (Kryon Book 8 – Passing the Marker – 2000 – page 225)

So what you are seeing is right on target. These systems are not on their way out, rather they are in the process of rebuilding the trust of those who follow them. There will always be a need for organized religion. What is happening, however, is that organized religion must (and will) change to meet a more spiritual and discerning Humanity.

Bless this organization, that it will prosper and continue to serve and help humanity the way it was set up to do. See it with a new integrity. The new leader... one who you will know shortly... will have an interesting job, and he will not be able to sit on a fence any longer.
— Kryon