UPDATE: November 1, 2002
Question: Dear Kryon: Well, what next? It is definitely becoming a lot more fun than it used to be! Is the next part about simply moving toward the manifestation urges of the heart (as always)? Or should I be looking still deeper?

Answer: There are those around you who would question the fun. Obviously you are learning to celebrate the change! Blessed is the Human who opens their minds and hearts to enable a dimension shift. Look deeper. You are going to need to.

Question: Dear Kryon: I had some energy work done a few years ago. I was told that I had a double heart chakra Is this possible if so why? Thank you . Love Antionette

Answer: What if I told you that there were at least twelve layers for every chakra - one on top of the other? This is the same for the meridians of the body. Those who deal in the classic energy healing arts will be the first to tell you that their work is changing. They are discovering layers upon the layers, and giving them significance and learning how they interact. So yes, a double heart chakra? It was the se-ers wisdom that simply verbalized something that has always been there. Welcome to stepping out of the 4th dimension!

Dear Kryon: I love you so much! I study medicine and would like to know if you have additional information about how to use magnetism for my patients.

Answer: Look to very small magnetic fields that are produced active, not passive. This means no static magnets. Look for what we will call "designer magnetics." These will be elegant magnetic fields, always involving more than one field intersecting another, creating what we will call "inductance nulls." Lurking within these nulls is the secret of "communicating to the cells."

So it's going to take experimentation, intuition, and especially the introduction of what nobody is thinking about yet.... tools that measure what here-to-fore has been out of the scope of measurement. Can you see interdimensional attributes in 4D? Yes. You already understand what gravity and magnetism can do. What about advanced magnetism? There is much yet to develop, and you are on the edge of discovery.

Hint: Don't separate physics from biology or from chemistry. In the end you will need to have them all together for the miracle cures you are seeking.

Question: Dear Can you please give me your opinion on the Urantia Book?

Answer: Dear intuitive Human Being, you will never hear from me a judgment of these things. Spirit does not have opinions, only honor for those who seek hidden truths. However, you will hear me give metaphors around things for your self-examination. The Urantia book is supposed to be a "history of all that was." You might say it indicates "the way things worked." In countless channellings we have asked you this: If you have a hundred books about the care and feeding of a sleeping Human, and suddenly that Human awakens and leaves the room, what will you do with the books? They may be accurate, but for what reality?

Our teaching is this: in another paradigm, the manuals were valid and sacred and correct. In a new paradigm, even history changes! We have discussed the odd properties before, of changing the past through a shift in dimensionality... begging the question of what "reality" truly is. Now even your best physicists are starting to ask the same questions.

So we say this. Render the most profound ancient writings to the times and attributes that existed when they were written. Reserve space for you to change reality, and to write new manuals in the paradigm you are in now. Then you will fully understand that all the books were appropriate for their times.

Hint: Everything changes when your reality changes. Past... present... future. So where are the books that you may follow now? Perhaps they are within you, ready to come out as profound lessons for humanity?

Question: Dear Kryon: I have a LightWorker friend who received the Kryon information before Lee Carroll published his books. When I questioned her about the fact that my eyes have trouble focusing (although I continually ask for divine health), she simply stated that it's because there is so much light coming out of the eyes they have trouble with this dimension - (rather than concentrating on seeing on this plane, she wears glasses to keep her reading in focus.)

To me this begs the question - I am here for the duration, the long haul and I have known that all my life; however, to me it is logical that to operate in this dimension all of my body needs to function here regardless of my vibrational level. So... is this phenomenon happening to others or is there some inner dramas that I'm unaware of and need to explore and work on? Somehow I just can't believe that this being that is me, needs a mechanical device to correct eyesight. Any suggestions?

Question: Dear Kryon: I recently had an episode of vertigo. I am 84 years old and have been in very good health most of my life. Since my encounter with vertigo I have heard of many more elderly women with this problem. Medication has helped but I still have moments when I have what I can only describe as an oceanic feeling, sort of like floating. Does this have anything to do with the physical Human Being changing from a carbon based being to a crystalline one?

Answer: Dear ones, it's far more basic than any of what you have indicated. Don't try to compartmentalize one aspect or another. When a Human Being is experiencing even the slightest interdimensional shift, many things change. False feelings of anxiety, dizziness, focus problems, sometimes ringing of the ears and even occasional "light shows" all are alterations of the basic senses. When you are experiencing an entire color spectrum of change, you can't say you are moving from one color to another. Instead, you are developing a whole new pallet.

This is moving from 4D to beyond, and it affects all the biology greatly. For awhile you might use mechanical devices to help, even chemical rebalancing or natural substances. But eventually you are being asked to transmute the dimensional shift and stand on your own with none of these things present. You indicated that you are living in "this dimension." Exactly what do you feel "this dimension" is? You were born in 4, and are moving beyond. Therefore your "normal" is changing. Is it possible to balance yourself to compensate? Yes! Is it possible for your cellular structure to be "talked to?" Yes... we have been saying this for years. Now you know why we gave you these lessons. Now you may begin to understand the importance of becoming more integrated with your biology!

Question: Dear Kryon: I am an orthodox Jew. I read The Kryon books , saying that the old scriptures must be rewritten has they are of an old paradigm. What about all the rituals that the Jewish people practice , are they lost in time?

Question: Dear Kryon. I am an Israeli-Jewish who see my self as a light worker, and try to fuse between the new-age believes and Judaism (I'm not a religious Jewish). I have two questions: First, You talked about changes in belief-systems, and about old books that are no longer relevant. Do you mean that the bible (the "Torah") is really no longer relevant? It is a major contradiction to the essence of Judaism... Second, you also talked about the need for different belief-systems on this planet, and the different roles that every nation plays. Does it mean that if I was born Jewish - that the best and most affective spiritual way for me is the Jewish way?

Answer: These are wonderful questions and they deserve in-depth answers.

First, let us define what we mean. There are many kinds of books, and some are metaphoric... lessons of the past written on the souls and attitudes of men. Some are wonderful spiritual books which exist, and which are very old, indeed. They speak of the way things are, and give advice as to the way things should and will be.

How can you tell the difference between the ones to embrace and not embrace? Here is the key: Any spiritual text that tells you that Humans have no choice, and that predestination will rule are now obsolete. If the future is said to be unchangeable and set, it is a book set in a very old reality. There once was a time when the track was set, but no longer. Any books that paint a picture of Human enslavement and conspiracy should be examined very carefully for relevancy in this age! Do they ring true? Some of those books actually say that Kryon is part of a massive plot to blind humanity with the light of love. Does this sound realistic or does it sound like the last gasp of those who are trying to force an old prophesy of doom on all of you? These will call Kryon a liar, and ask you to instead submit to a philosophy of eventual darkness, fighting an unseen enemy... a battle with no hope and much fear. Ask the question, "which one has an agenda?" The invitation is open to look at this.

Now, take what we will call "the ancient texts of celebration." These are more like the ones you speak of. Do they set up a relationship between God and humanity which is honoring? Do they provide a guidance for an honoring life of honesty and integrity? Do they teach love? Do they teach harmony with all that is around you? Do they teach unification or separation? Do they provide ceremony? If that is the case, you are indeed in a place of appropriateness. Embrace the spiritual culture that teaches that you have choice, and that you can worship it in any way you wish. Embrace the old ways if you wish, that provide long respected ceremony. Spirit loves ceremony! It's a time of communication between Humans and God.

For the advanced thinker, we give you this: Cull out the old from the new and provide intelligent spiritual logic to what is before you. If a wonderful spiritual book gives you instructions for communication with God, but speaks of tents and horses, do you understand that these words are not part of the sacredness? They are only markers of the times. Flow with the cultural changes of the times and convert the instructions to fit your current situations, both technically and realistically. Remember this: Spirit honors intent. You don't have to provide specific ritual to please God. You don't have to turn around three times and find a camel! Just honor yourself and God by whatever ceremony you wish, wherever you are. There will be love and communication for you. We are next to you, not in a vacuum!

So, discern the books for what they are. Are they restrictive in nature, placing humanity in an old paradigm of restrictive discipline and ritual, or are they expansive in nature, praising the relationship and inviting change? That is the key. There is a difference between giving instructions on how to love and harmonize, and giving instructions on how to enslave and control. Unfortunately, many of these exist together, since the texts all have been altered over the years. So to answer you directly, some of the original texts that you have are some of the most expansive you will ever see on the face of the planet! You will know when you read them. Can an ancient text invite you to become interdimensional? Yes! Go back and look.

On the second part of the question, remember this: If you were born Jewish, you are different than everyone else on earth. This is old information from Kryon, but it is about spiritual lineage and even about the revolving circle of lifetimes of which you all participate. So for you, I would say this: Look to your lineage first for answers. They are all there. It may be the most comfortable thing for you. But in your search remember that what you will eventually find is tolerance and love... even for the worst enemies of the day. And know this, that even when those enemies go back to study their texts from their prophets, they will discover the same thing.

Honored is the Human who understands that the most ancient and relevant book of life is the one they carry around with them in the Higher-Self... the one at the core of each Human, and the one which now invites you to open its pages.

Question: Dear Kryon: I live in Spain. I am sorry if I will ask you a question you might have already answered, but the translations of your books are very slow and I might not have gathered all information you have already given. I am quite concerned about abandoned animals. It seems that many people buy animals for their children and as soon as they grow, they set them out somewhere. Recently I had the occasion to see a small kitten in the middle of the street. I did not immediately react, since I could have stopped and taken it, without getting out of the car. So, I went on and at the first occasion I could turn, I went back to see if I could take the kitten, but it was to late, somebody had already killed it. This happened some month ago, but I still feel very sorry for that kitten. I just would like to know, what kind of entity are these animals and how does this fit in our world. Are these entities which choose this kind of life, like we do choose our kind of Human life? I see so many abandoned animals and every time I see one, my heart aches... I would like to know more about them.

Answer: Dear one, indeed the answer has been given, but let us give it again so you all understand. Animals are here on earth for three (3) reasons.

(1) The balance of biological life. . . the circle of energy that is needed for you to exist in what you call "nature."

(2) To be harvested. Yes, it's true. Many exist for your sustenance, and this is appropriate. It is a harmony between Human and animal, and always has. Remember the buffalo that willingly came into the indigenous tribes to be sacrificed when called? These are stories that you should examine again. The inappropriateness of today's culture is how these precious creatures are treated. Did you know that if there was an honoring ceremony at their death, they would nourish you better? Did you know that there is ceremony that could benefit all of humanity in this way. Perhaps it's time you saw it.

(3) To be loved and to love. For many cultures, animals serve as surrogate children, loved and taken care of. It gives Humans a chance to show compassion when they need it, and to have unconditional love when they need it. This is extremely important to many, and provides balance and centering for many.

Do animals know all this? At a basic level, they do. Not in the way you "know," but in a cellular awareness they understand that they are here in service to planet earth. If you honor them in all three instances, then balance will be the result. Your feelings about their treatment is important. Temper your reactions with the spiritual logic of their appropriateness and their service to humanity. Honor them in all three cases.

Question: Dear Kryon: You said in your latest book (#9) that we would need " a seven dimensional player" to affect healing of ourselves by way of musical sounds. There are several modalities available now combining color and sound (color frequencies turned into musical tones) that are said to be effective in healing. Are these helpful to us, or must we wait until we have a seven-dimensional musician? (Human joke) What advice can you give us on this subject?

Answer: The information about a "seven dimensional player" might seem to be a cosmic joke, or even a metaphor. In actuality it is a real comment. There will come a day when you may "listen in" to the other dimensions and hear the choir (not really a metaphor). It has to do with interdimensional physics. . . what we will eventually call "the new physics." In the coming years there is the potential of the recognition of the "missing energy" around you, and the implications of what is really happening. When that door is opened, there will be brilliant development of instruments to reveal it. This, you might say is the beginning of the "interdimensional machinery" that will be able to sense the previously eye-rolling unseen universe that has always been part of the engine of life around you .

Question: Dear Kryon: I would appreciate a perspective on the following: There seems to be two opposed schools of thought with respect to pesticides and their use. One group categorically states that they are very dangerous and that they are responsible for causing cancers etc... (there's a very long list!!) The other group naturally claims that they are perfectly safe with today's technological advances etc.

Answer: The chemicals you are using today are dangerous to your health. The more they are used, the more it will be seen over time. We have indicated before that there are far better natural scientific solutions to protecting your crops. Use biology to balance biology. It is non-toxic and simply an alteration of what already exists.

Question: Dear Kryon, Thank you for the information on people looking at the clock at 11:11, 12:12 or 4:44. Over the past several months, I have been nudged to look at the clock at 2:22. I have been seeking an answer on the meaning of 2:22 and have come up empty. I now thank the "soup" for it's presence when this happens but was wondering if there is more I need to know about 2:22? [This refers to Kryon's comment that seeing patterns of numbers over and over are your guides simply winking at you. Kryon has also referred to the number of guides surrounding you as "guide soup."

Answer: There is always a significance to the numbers you repeatedly see. The 11:11 is a reference to humanity's permission window to change. The 12:12 is when humanity received the passing torch of spiritual energy. The 4:44 is a 12 in disguise, and it's about grounding. . . the number of the building blocks of the universe. 2:22 is a disguised 6, again, along with the 3, and 4, it is part of the scenario of 12. In addition, for you, it is a congratulation of your "harmony" energy! The 22 also represents the master builder... but you knew that, didn't you?

Question: What is Kryon's explanation for all these young girls being kidnapped and killed as of late?

Answer: It is intuitive of you to ask this. Many would assume that because there are simply more people being placed on earth, that the odds of having unbalanced Humans present themselves is larger. This is actually true, but the real reason is what we have told you before: There is the beginning of a battle of light and dark. . . of old vs. new. It will represent itself often in outrageous behavior, crimes against the innocent, suicide, and abuse to animals. It is a way of saying that the fence-sitting is over. Those who have these tendencies will find them following them. . . giving their power to their inner thoughts. It is also so with the LightWorker – creating spiritual light for the planet which only the masters have been able to do before. So, what you are seeing is proof that the pendulum has begun to swing and solidify the dark and the light within the Human soul. Do not fear this, for you are in control! Light transforms and transcends the darkness. Stand in the light!

Question: Dear Kryon: Can you tell me anything that you know about the Meta Matrix Technology developed by Sandra Michael. Supposedly it uses scalar wave technology and provides healing and I wanted to see what Kryon has to say about this. I know he has said there are some negative aspects of Scalar technology being developed by government and I wanted to see if any of this is connected.

Answer: As in all basic physics, the more you know how things are balanced, the more you also know how to unbalance them. We have said before, that the biggest issues you face may be the use of hi science. All of it will have two sides – solution and destruction. You soon may be able to easily destroy the whole eco system if you wish. This will be one of Humanities greatest tests. It is also one of the reasons you are right now consumed with facing the differences in consciousness, and even asking large portions of humanity where they stand. Did you ever consider that this fits right into what we told you would take place back in 1989?

Therefore we say this. Yes, scalar wave technology is dangerous. It also holds profound promise of healing and solution. Again we say, use it wisely and gently. But we never said, "Don't use it."

Hint: You are on the edge of discovering what tune the orchestra is playing via the "Cosmic Lattice."

Question: Dear Kryon, I have been reading a little bit about the consciousness web from the Thomas messages from James Twyman. He said this web has been completed and it is a very crucial time for all of mankind to decide what path they are going to choose moving forward. He also speaks and has many writing from souls he calls the "psychic" children and I have even heard them called the "purple" children. I can only assume that these are indeed the indigo children that you have spoken about so many times. These "psychic children" are sending the same message over and over across the globe.

You said the grid would be finished by the end of this year (2002), This consciousness web is said to mark the opportunity but also a warning. Twyman says that now that the "web" is activated, it requires, or even forces, a response. The completion of this web means that from now on our choices will be clear and clear signs of our group conscious ,

My question is: Is the consciousness web the same as the magnetic grid that you have come here to adjust? Is it the cosmic lattice? Things are happening very quickly and I'm really trying to keep up!!!

Answer: Yes. All that you have said about this channelling is echoed in the former teachings. Look at the answers above this one. It speaks of having to decide. . . getting of the fence, and also choosing energies. The "web" is the grid and The Cosmic Lattice. They cannot be separated any more than you can separate the chemistry of the air you breathe. You breathe several basic elements. Which one is really "doing the work"? The answer? It's so intertwined that you just call it "air." It's time to look at spiritual change the same way. Stop compartmentalizing what is what, and get on with seeing the whole.

Question: Dear Kryon: I have read that if we manage to vibrate at a higher level, this will affect millions of beings throughout the cosmos, the same for our counterparts on earth and mother earth herself . Is this due to the fact that of us being a part of God or Spirit ? We are also part of everyone else in the cosmos and the earth itself .. I understand that our energy is connected , but are we all part of one another?

Answer: Is isn't about you being part of the family (Spirit). It's about free unbiased choice of those who don't know they are part of God. Yes, you are all interconnected, and there are more involved than all the grains of sand on the planet. These grains form a "beach" that is one. . . a beach that is seen as one beach. You are a jar of sand on that infinite beach which has elected to go through a profound test of energy, one where there is no judgment about what you do, but rather only honor that you showed up to participate. It's difficult!

Where will the unbiased balance of dark and light go to when angles, who don't know they are angels, are placed into a neutral playing field where there is unlimited choice of energy? Where will the balance go? Perhaps you might now get a small interdimensional glimpse of why we honor you so much? Of why we are waiting for a day to sing your name to all? You have changed the earth, and in line with all that is at stake, you are changing the Universe for all of us. It's difficult to explain something that must remain hidden, but at the core, you know exactly what this is all about.

Question: Dear Kryon, I have read several accounts of people who had "died" and then returned to their bodies. In some of the accounts, they describe a very dismal place for those who committed suicide. Usually, they say that those who committed suicide are "stuck" there. Are these accounts true, or is this colored by the person's personal belief? What about those who don't commit suicide because they are depressed and can't continue on, but who "die in their cause", such as the terrorists who blew up the Twin towers or the suicide bombers in Israel? Or those who chose to take their lives because they have cancer and the pain becomes too much for them?

Answer: Dear one, as we have mentioned before, the energy of suicide is a test for those who remain, not for the one who committed the act. Indeed, the Human Being has very strong survival instincts to keep him from doing this, but for those who do, there is no stigma of dishonor or punishment. They are not stuck, either. Most of the time this was a potential contract all along, and it prods those around them to make decisions that they would never have had to do otherwise.

Remember, this is a test for all of you. When it's over, don't be shocked to return to this side of the veil and find that there is no punishment or reward… only a family who is appreciative of your journey, and of the energy it took to love the earth and the Universe so much, that you went through it.

(from Lee) Kryon has explained near death experiences. You can read it at: [http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelphilly.html] Also, Kryon has mentioned death many times, and about how it relates to us. Check out the master index to find out what Kryon books these things are mentioned in: [http://www.kryon.com/direct.html]

Question: Dear Kryon: What advice would you give to people around the world during this pivotal year?

Answer: Dear Human Beings, stop fearing these changes, and start developing the solutions! Your longing to "keep things the way they were" is like trying to put the brakes on a train which is endeavoring to escape a tidal wave. Let the train go. Let the speed increase, and stoke the engine of change. You will celebrate it all some day.

Question: Dear Kryon: I've just read the question about what happens as our earth body dies, and I'd like to add another issue: What happens during some diseases as Alzheimer disease, what happens to our spiritual body during the loss of memory, or when our earth body works as a vegetable?

Answer: This very year we have addressed the fact that you are actually "multiple entities." All of you! When what you call normal Human consciousness leaves the body through disease or injury, this "spark of divinity" you call the personality, is transferred to what you call The Higher-Self. No energy is every destroyed. Instead, it just moves somewhere else. Therefore that life that is in limbo is there for YOUR lesson, not theirs. They have elected this path (believe it or not), and now are here holding space for you and others in a less than aware state. But for them? They are already over here. . . celebrating and loving you for your service to them!

Question: Dear Kryon: What do you think about some leaders who judge other people because they believe their "truth" is the only "Truth"?

Answer: We've said it before. . .give to these their own doctrines and let them live by them if they wish. You are responsible only for yourselves and what you independently believe, not them. What does your Higher-Self tell YOU? Do you really feel God is sequestered to one group? Is the creative force that lives in you, and which created the entire universe looking down on humanity waiting for it to step on a crack or bow to a certain direction? Do you really think your spirituality is dependant on some list that Humans have created for you?

The God that lives in you is universal and is contained in every Human Being to the same degree equally. It is the Human who compartmentalizes Spirit and forces the love of God into boxes of protocol for control. Be wise and give unto the priests their own space to find their own paths. Then turn on your own light and find your own!

Question: Dear Kryon, I am reading book 7, chapter 3. I just finished the story of "The Golden Tray." I have been confused about this subject for many years and am still confused. It seems there is an imaginary line between what we do and what we let be done. Another way of putting it is, "What do we have faith in and let Spirit take care of the details, and What do we take responsibility for and go forward with our pure intent?" When do we use our power and when do we let Spirit help us?

Answer: Is this beginning to sound like a theme from all of the above answers? The answer is both! Why don't you allow yourself to become the force you are praying to? Why not have faith that YOU are a piece of divinity so that you may participate in the solutions?

As long as you separate yourself from God, you will sit on the floor and ask for help over and over. When you stand and turn on your "God light," the power you have will be the power of God.

Question: Dear Kryon, lease provide a bit more information regarding the ever-popular topic of abundance. You have mentioned living in the "now." I assume those 401ks and retirement plans are unnecessary? Society often requires advance planning for a number events such as schooling and travel. Do we go ahead and book that cruise or sign up for classes months in the future even though the money isn't in the bank "now"? I'm a little curious about the compatibility of society's need for organization, reservations and advance planning when we should only consider the "now."

Answer: Go ahead and plan. You have to, since you are living in a society and a culture that demands it. Then sit in the "now." What will happen is that the plans become only a direction to begin, letting you change your plans at any time you wish. The problem with being so linear minded is that you would ask this at all! You assume that you must do one or the other. Plan or not plan. How about planning to walk in a certain direction until the "now" offers you another plan?

Walk the path. Make your advance plans which are appropriate in your culture. When you see a fork ahead, go ahead and decide in advance which way you will turn if it makes you feel better. But in this process, always let the 4D plan take a back seat to the real one which is guided by your co-creative energies. Don't be so glued to what you planned that you can't change it. Don't be so fond of what you planned that somehow to change it seems like a violation of your own choice and wisdom. It's just the opposite. Planning is now like "pointing yourself" in the direction of a target. . . no more than that. Let your power then redefine the target, and re-point you in the correct direction. Think of it like this: An arrow is never going to hit the target unless it's in flight. If you sit around and wait for God to shoot the arrow, nothing is going to happen. Instead, do your best to shoot the arrow in the direction you think is correct, then ride with it, gliding the distance and making steering corrections as you go. Feel the wind in your hair as you decide to change direction, and never worry that you will miss! This is the advanced Human who does this, knowing that to be interdimensional is to include the first 4D's in the process, not eliminate them.

Question: Dear Kryon, I keep struggling with that huge part in me that doesn't believe that you exist. How do I cross that barrier? How can I start to really act in harmony with my whole self? I feel stuck and it only scares me to read about the urge to get off the fence.

Answer: Dear one, you never have to believe I exist. That is not my teaching. What the lesson is really about, is to believe that you exist! Are you really a part of God? Can you really change matter around you? Is what we tell you correct about the relationship you have with the Universe?

These are the profound questions of humanity, not the existence of Kryon. So, go within and begin to ask yourself about yourself. What does the "core" tell you? It's about conquering the duality. . . you named it: that part of you which wishes you to doubt that you can harmonize with yourself.

Blessed is the Human who understands that when they begin the journey of self-discovery, that the very essence of the questions of God will be answered. It's a profound study, and one that only may be begun with pure intent.

"God, please tell me what it is I need to know." This is the most respected of all the questions of life