UPDATE: August 15, 2002
QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have experienced very negative paranormal activity. I know you said that “ghosts” exist in a different dimension than ours. But I need to understand them more. I don’t believe in evil. I think it’s only an absence of love, but why does the power of darkness seem so strong?

Also… if aliens are interested in us for our “power,” are evil spirits interested for the same reason?

ANSWER: Again, you ask for knowledge that requires you to think completely out of your concept of universal reality. Can you do it? Here is the test. When you step to the other side of the veil, there is no linear time. All is happening at once and does not have the structure you expect or that is logical to your 4D mind. When you come upon a “haunting,” you are actually experiencing the energy of one event in another dimension that seems to be playing in a circle in yours. What you perceive as something that happens over and over is something that only happened once. Is it real? Yes. However your perception of what is happening is very difference from the reality of those who participated in the event.

Sometimes the question is asked, “Are these former Humans stuck in a sort of limbo, repeating things over and over?” This is actually a very funny question! It is you who have the limitation. You are forever stuck with a mono-reality within an incredibly rich spectrum of time. You live in black and white time, while all around you is a spectacular colored rainbow of existence. Therefore when you peek with black and white eyes into a beautiful color hue, you only see a small piece of what is really there, and you can’t figure it out.

If indeed you run into an entity that seems to be doing something over and over, for them it is only one time. This is how NOW time looks to a linear observer. It is happening in an instant of univeral time, but to you they look “stuck.” It might promt you to ask the real question: Who is the “stuck” one?

The “haunting” is often a situation that left a residue of energy that is interdimensional. You feel it and see it and it is frightening. Sometimes it appears to have purpose. Sometimes it even appears to have a consciousness. Again, this is due to your observation! As you have consciousness, you alter the reality of the event! I told you this would be difficult to grasp. In other words, the act of you viewing the event changes what happened in your eyes. We are now back to the first question in this series, are we not, where the definition of reality has to do with those who are there to see it.

There is no such thing as an “evil sprit.” The greatest evil power of your planet can be found in the minds and intentions of the Humans who walk upon it. They can manifest darkness just like you can manifest light. This is a discussion we have had before [See Kryon Book Nine for more about this]. Therefore you continue to create your own reality.. evil and angelic.

After all… you are the only planet of free choice!
— Kryon

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, would you please tell me if Indigo Children and Star Children are the same? Can someone born in the 1960’s be an Indigo?

ANSWER: Dear Human, don’t get bogged within your linearity in these things. You wish to compartmentalize everything, and thereby feel more comfortable in your understanding. Know this: All children being born on the planet have strong potential to be of the Indigo consciousness. Within that group there are many parts and attributes. What you have called a “Star Child” is a type of Indigo. The same goes for the “Crystal Children.”

Years ago we identified a new breed of Human that was slowly being introduced to earth. Now they are so plentiful that many are beginning to notice and categorize them. Our admonition is NOT to, but we know that sometimes make you feel better to do so. Another name for these “Star Children” are the Interdimensional or even the Interplanetary, if you wish.

As far as the potential of those born before or during the 1960’s: The answer is yes, but with a qualification. The “pure” Indigo Children have really only been arriving slowly for the past 25 or 30 years, but there are many who have what we call an “Indigo overlay.” This is Human who fits the generalizations, but without some of the absolutes that are buried in what you call the DNA that really qualify this new Human experience.
— Kryon

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I read the first three books in the Turkish language before year 2000. It didn’t take long to decide and request the clearance of my karma. But then my life got deeper and deeper into everyday life and I feel that my karma is loaded and loaded more. This load is getting heavy! Did it get worse? Was the original cleared? I still feel I have a special mission in this life.

ANSWER: Dear one, you indeed have a special mission. For you, and for so many others who may feel this way, listen: Do not confuse karma with life difficulty. Karma is an imprint that helps direct lesson and life passion. When you clear it, you give yourselves permission to change. Change often means a rebuilding of the very foundations of your life, and this is reconstruction. Did you really think this would be easy? We told you many times that the work is now beginning, and you are really doing the “work.” Now do you understand why we gave such importance to this decision you made?

You are not “loading” yourself with anything. Instead, you are clearing and completing, and it will potentially be finished within 2003. This means that what you are doing is not a futile up-stream swim against a current called “life.” Instead, it is a steady rebuild of something called YOU.

Blessings to the Human Being who understands this, and approaches this important work time with understanding and peace. This is indeed why you are loved so deeply…for all you are enduring and working through. It is helping the very fabric of the planet!
— Kryon

QUESTION: Since I am an esperantist for more than 20 years, I’d like to know if the idea of a neutral international language will prosper along the 21st century.

ANSWER:The potential is no, and there are many reasons why. First, earth already has an official international language, but it isn’t neutral. It will probably prevail, however, as the language of commerce and travel for some time.

There is no reason to de-culturalize earth. The various cultures represented are rich in history and language. As your computing tools become better, the language barrier will diminish. With pocket devices that translate as they “listen,” almost every language will be able to be translated. Earth travelers will benefit greatly from this, receiving a win-win scenario—the ability to hear and enjoy an original language, while also having it translated into their own in real time. Then they can decide if they wish to learn it for themselves. Many will object to this technology, feeling it will keep one culture from personally learning the language of another. However, the real effect will be in making it comfortable for many more to travel and see “the rest of you,” thereby understanding what “the family” really means.
— Kryon