UPDATE: 4th Quarter 2003

QUESTION: Dearest Kryon, on October 28, 2003, there was a huge coronal mass ejection from the sun pointed straight to the earth, as well as a smaller one on Thursday, October 30. I also understand that there were several significant flares before then. When I originally heard this, I immediately felt that something important was happening and that a tremendous gift was being given to all of us on Earth. Such joy, happiness, and gratitude went through me. Can you please tell us more about this phenomenon and its effects on both the earth and us, spiritually and physically?

ANSWER: Dear one, congratulations. You have immediately summed up the situation. There are many who would generate fear over something so profound and spectacular from your own sun. Instead, you correctly assumed that there was actually more happening. Let me give you a hint at what's taking place. According to your own scientists, the last time you had solar activity like this was in your year 1987. Do you remember what took place then? It was the Harmonic Convergence, or what you now call the 11:11. Your current situation has you experiencing the alignment of what is now called the Harmonic Concordance.* The sun's activity is once again at a peak (an 11-year radiance cycle), and is delivering energy to you. This is not a coincidence, and it's not an accident that it again coordinates with a strong spiritual event.

We've spoken before about the magnetics of your solar system. Your sun is the center, and it radiates information to the planets. In your case, this directly affects your magnetic grid, and your grid is what saturates your existence, including the instruction sets to your DNA. This is how the planet's energy is postured and changed, as Human consciousness on the planet steers it.

If things stay the same in the scenario you've set up, expect something else of this nature in 2008.

*Editor's note: More has been given in live channellings about the Harmonic Concordance. As of this writing, it might not be transcribed and on the Internet yet, but watch for it. [http://www.kryon.com/k_25.html]

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my son asked me tonight, "Which are there more of, grains of sand on the earth or stars in the heavens?" What a question! My son is opening up! What is the answer? There's no number in counting for either, or so my intuition tells me. Am I correct? If anyone can answer this, you can.

ANSWER: There's always a qualified numeric value to everything, even the number of entities that comprise what you call God. The answer, however, is how you qualify it. How many grains where? On earth? In your solar system? Everywhere? Which dimension?

Let's assume that your sun qualifies it as "on Earth." The answer is that there are more stars in the heavens of your seeable universe than there are sands on Earth. Even more startling, perhaps, is this: There are more pieces of God even than stars, yet the "family" knows them all. You are one, and God would not be God without you.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in your books and Q&As, I have not yet come across information about ancient Egypt or the pyramids. There have been some recent claims that the famed Hall of Records has been found beneath the Sphinx. Is there anything appropriate you can tell us at this time about ancient Egypt, the pyramids, or the Hall of Records?

ANSWER: Don't confuse the "Hall of Records" with the Cave of Creation, where the Akashic records are kept. Although physical, it will never be found, and it's nowhere near Egypt.

The Sphinx is not anything more than what it seems. What is under it may be discovered, but it will only be important to Egyptologists. The pyramids may also interest you, especially the relationships of mathematics and solar alignment, but most of this is a result of superstition, cultural religions of the time, and the preoccupation with worship of the solar system. Add to that something that's very mystical and some important missing pieces of your history, and this puzzle begs to be discovered. However, there are very competent Humans who are in the process of revealing some of this. Our teachings, instead, focus on a very different kind of Human on the planet at this time... you. That is why our information spends very little time in your ancient past.

Some of the things we've told you regarding your history have even brought about divisions within your own belief system! Some have even discredited Kryon, weighing what they were told about the past with what I have revealed. My information wasn't the same; therefore, the old information "won." That's how "hooked" many of you are with respect to what you think happened. You "hang your spiritual hats" on what some have told you happened, taking you out of the paradigm of the "now," and also keeping you from experiencing new information about what it might have really been. This propensity on the part of many of you to anchor yourself to something you felt happened is why we don't often give you information about what really took place. Instead, we wish you to look around you now, and experience what is happening today. We encourage you to drop the old fears.

Let the proof of what we're telling you now anchor your belief. See if what we've said in the past ten years makes sense to the Earth energy of the last ten years. Use intellect, logic, and intuition together to make this decision, not what someone told you from a past discussion. You're in a totally new paradigm of existence. None of your prophets told you anything about what's happening now, did you notice? Therefore, isn't it possible that even your spiritual reality changed? Are some of you so stuck with an old reality that any other information must be a "trick"? Think about it. Some of you would be shocked to know what your history really is. When you eventually find out, what will you do—deny all evidence as it churns up out of the earth?

What happened in your ancient past is no longer the issue. We'll leave that for others. The only thing that is important at the moment is the work you have as a Lightworker now.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my two sisters and I are triplets. We've been told that we are one soul in three bodies. I was under the belief that each body houses a separate soul. I think my ego is upset that I'm not an "individual" if this is true. Can you enlighten me on this?

ANSWER: The most difficult thing to explain to a Human is the concept of how something singular in appearance can be many things in reality. You appear to be one soul because you have one body. When angels are drawn in your books and paintings, even though they are multidimensional beings, you give them skin and wings and call them one name!

So you continue to believe in "one body, one soul." The reality is that every Human alive is multidimensional and is in many places at one time. Even as you sit there reading this, parts and pieces of you are in other places doing other things. Is that, then, one soul in many places, or many souls? The answer is both. Your single-digit dimensionality limits your concept of how this is, since everything before your reality is singular.

So the very premise of your question can't be answered, since nobody on the face of the earth has one soul. A better question would be, "Do your sisters share a singular purpose with you?" The answer, as your intuition told you, is no. They may have the same astrological aspects, but each Human is a separate piece of God, multidimensional and therefore not singular. Each is a different piece of God, on Earth in lesson to be independent.

The confusing part in all of this is what you do share with your sisters. You all share a common thread of divinity that might actually look like "one soul" to a reader (in 4D). This thread is your karmic bond, and why you all came in together the way you did. This has to do with potentials, past energies, and your current expression of lesson. But it's not the "same soul."

Again, we liken this to a bowl of soup. It is singular in appearance, yet fluid inside. You can't ask how many soups there are in the bowl. It's different for all, but each bowl is singular. The soup is the divinity. Don't ever let the container fool you. It may be the same size and color, but the soup in each is diverse and tastes different. It's composed of many parts that make up what it is. It might be nourishing or poisonous. Only the soup can decide what vibration it will be.

Celebrate this with me! Isn't it a wonderful situation that you have? The connection to your sisters is unique to humanity. Only twins and other multiple-birth Humans have it. This is why you will always be "connected" as long as you live. When one of you leaves, finally, watch what happens: You will still be connected! Multidimensional things are like that.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a question regarding the EMF Balancing Technique and The Reconnection energy. Are they the same thing?

ANSWER: No. They are two profoundly different approaches to the discussion and development of procedures around one thing... the power of the Human Being.

Both disciplines are new to the planet (in the last ten years). Both are discussions that actually start out by asking you to "feel" the energy within you. Both are divinely inspired, and both are stewarded each by one Human Being who was born to do just that. And... both facilitations can work together if you wish them to.

Humans are diverse. Your brains are designed to be different from one another. One's approach to excitement in life is often the other's boredom! You know this, for you see it every day. This is why there are many religions on the planet. Did you ever think about that? If God is God, and you are actually pieces of God, then why are there so many different ideas of what to do about it all?

Therefore, you'll continue to see many roads to the realization of the same thing. Some will travel one, some will travel the other. Some will even wish to travel them all! So weigh which process is meaningful to you and study it. Then when you're finished, see if you wish to study the other as well. They do not conflict with respect to what they teach... that the Human Being is capable of divine power within, and can create in ways that an old energy thought was impossible. The basic premise of both is that you're a master on the planet.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I was interested to read in the Q&As about the Quantum Resonance System. Searching the Internet, I found the technology mentioned. I also found a site that uses Quantum Resonance Prayer that I understand to be "distance balancing." [Helping someone at a distance] I am intrigued to know how my energetic resonance can be measured and balanced. I can relate to a physical piece of equipment, but this other system would have to use "thought" in some way. Is this correct, and would it have as much value as the mechanical method?

ANSWER: Yes, it would. Again, your intuition serves you well. The Quantum Resonance System is simply one name given to a process that's tapping in to the fact that "everything is connected to everything." This is the beginning of interdimensional science. Another one that actually uses a mechanical device is Radionics.

Editor's note: See: [http://radionicsinstitute.com/equipment.html]

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, where can we find a cure for hair loss/baldness for both men and women?

ANSWER: The true answer is within stem-cell research. It's actually here now, but won't be with you for a while until there are more available resources to work on it. Disease first, then cosmetics.

As we've told you before, the body has plenty of stem cells in ordinary places. They're not something only found in the chemistry of birth. This profound research can also lead to regrowth of nerve tissue, and also even the regeneration of limbs that have been lost. You think this is folly? Read these words in a generation.

Editor's note: The irony here is that if science would concentrate on cosmetics first, the result would probably fund the disease research completely!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in your channeling in Redding, California, you told us that holding pills in one's hand can be an effective way to "heal." Question: Will that eliminate harmful side effects? Is it safe to hold Prozac? Can I hold a painkiller without negative after-effects?

ANSWER: We've been speaking about this for years. The Human Being has the ability to link to "cellular intelligence" in order to hold medications and benefit from the results. This is perhaps one of the strangest of all the Kryon teachings. However, it also forms the foundation for kinesiology, and in some ways, even homeopathy. In both those cases, cellular intelligence, beyond your own understanding, is activated to bring about changes in your chemistry or give you answers or messages that only it has.

We've told you that you might experiment with this by holding in your hand the medication you've been using. Just as in kinesiology, the body "knows" what you're holding. Call this strange if you wish, but even your own science is beginning to validate the process of meditating to change body chemistry. This gives validity to consciousness over matter, or in the case of what your science has seen, "the ability to significantly alter your own cellular structure through consciousness alone."*

Your body knows what your intent is, and also what substance you're holding. It is therefore possible to imbue the properties of the intent of using the substance into your cells. You're not actually using the substance, so there are no side effects of a drug, for instance. The body is reading what you wish the drug to do, and it is "seeing" the properties of the drug.

Be wise here. This is out of the experience of your normal reality, isn't it? Then if you wish to try this, go very slowly if the substance is important to your health. This will work on a case-by-case basis within the consciousness of each Human and the path they're on. But it will work with aspirin or insulin - substances with two very different purposes.

There have been those who have heard these words and have reduced their insulin levels substantially over time. They still need to actually inject some of it still, but only a fraction of what it used to be. This is the same principle as homeopathy, where one part in a million of a "cure" can be "seen" by the body. What the body is doing is reacting to your intent, the substance, and the consciousness around it.

*Editor's note: If you wish to try this, do it slowly and with ceremony. If you find that it's not working, then stop. Don't do it "cold turkey." Use common sense here, and experiment. But be aware that many have found it to work. Just think... a bottle of aspirin or antacids will last for years!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a new grandson. He's going for his first vaccination in the next few weeks. If we're beginning to transmute toxins with reconnections to our endocrine system through our DNA, then what happens to our babies, who by law have to be vaccinated? What are your thoughts on this subject?

ANSWER: First, know that vaccinations are a God-given science that humanity earned. They're a tried and proven homeopathic method that have been with you for years. You were probably vaccinated yourself, and it worked.

We have three answers: (1) God is not in a vacuum. Even the vaccinated Human Being who's older can modify and rework their DNA. So there's no time limit, and there are no rules that say "Once vaccinated, you're ruined." (2) The Human who is of the age of awareness can say, even as they are vaccinated, "Let nothing inappropriate enter my chemistry." This is a conscious instruction given to your "intelligent cellular structure" (the same one responsible for kinesiology and homeopathic results). This will result in your cells only using what they need and casting away everything else. (3) Finally, about babies: There has been a push by your science lately to vaccinate against many things at the same time. You'd be advised to seek out a doctor who will only vaccinate your child for only the basic diseases that have been known in the last 40 years. Eliminate the vaccinations for the new ones. This leaves you with approximately seven or eight - the very ones that have been used for years. What your science is not appreciating yet is the results of combining all the vaccination substances together. There's a problem that will show itself in time. Stick with the basic ones.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: My children were born when I was 41 and 43 (they are 15 and 17, now). Because of my age, amniocentesis tests were done. Both reports came back as okay. However, the doctor said that the technician reported that the cells had slightly ragged edges, like something had chewed on them. The children are healthy, loving, and self-confident. Are the "ragged edges" signs of the new DNA? Or are we just lucky the kids don't have physical problems from the ragged edges?

ANSWER: Yes, it has to do with your age, giving birth, and no, it won't be a problem. The cells look ragged, but the DNA is good. As you begin to know more about the Human genome, you'll understand how complex this is. Consider it cosmetic. The ragged parts aren't used anymore.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I understand the reality of creating our own reality, but what if one doesn't know what one wants to create? What if one reaches a state where one has harmony with whatever is happening in one's life, no matter what? Why create something when you have peace with whatever is happening?

ANSWER: You are one of those who wishes to know if a tree makes a noise when it falls in the woods where nobody can hear it. Don't over-intellectualize your purpose in life. The answer: Your co-creation should be, "Dear God, tell me what it is I need to know and create. Let me have peace in my life no matter what that is, and let me celebrate what is before me and know that it is divine."

QUESTION: Greetings, Kryon. I just finished your book The Journey Home (Book Five) and would like to know what Michael's training is about in the House of Biology regarding diet and exercise. What made him so healthy and strong?

ANSWER: Diet and exercise.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have multiple sclerosis (MS), and I've been a Lightworker for 18 years. I have given my intent and had EMF, but still nothing other than a little symptom relief has occurred. Can you help me know what will heal me completely? I've always believed that we're creative beings who can create our healing. I seem to be lost when working on myself. I've been thinking the words "I am healed" and "I love myself," as I've taught others to say. I need your help. I'm lost, and we've spoken directly, but I need your words now, please.

I have a 23-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy. I've read, and have come to believe, that there are no accidents, and that we choose our basic circumstances before arriving here. My daughter doesn't buy that. She says she would never have chosen to be unable to walk. Who's right?

ANSWER #1: Both of you are correct. She chose her condition, but she also chose to come to Earth at a time when it could be changed. It's no accident that she's here with this condition, and no accident that she's here now, when such new possibilities are before her.

Encourage her to change her biology. Energies are being developed on this planet that will marry with her intent. Each path is different, but no creature of God was sent here to suffer. They were instead sent here to discover what they could do.

Dear one, there are some things that have been given to you in this lifetime that are so much a part of you that only a compete life shift will change them. It's eventually up to you to learn far more about yourself than if you can just heal. Have you cleared the past? Have you told God that no matter what happens, you're fine with it? Have you really taken care of your spirituality? It's time to work on the whole Human.

You're frustrated that you're only getting what you call "symptom relief," yet for you, the fact that you got some relief at all is a sign that your cells responded and you can go further. Your cellular structure isn't stuck in the MS mode! But now it's time to turn from the physical and take care of the other parts of you that aren't working fully. This message is given in love.

*Editor's note: Take a look at this book! (The Thunder Within: A True Story about the Healing of Dystonia, by John J. Heney: ISBN 1-894263-56-1 – [http://www.gsph.com/])

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my 18-year-old daughter is taking a theology class, a requirement at her university. She's upset and very confused. Her thoughts are totally opposite from the entire class (she attends a Catholic university that she chose herself). She doesn't believe in organized religion. She believes in angels and says that "God" is anything you want Him/Her to be. She has created chaos in her class and is confused because of this. She had never considered herself to be an atheist, because she feels she "believes" and has her own views. She's very uncomfortable and has turned to me to help her understand. I'm not sure I can, or should. This is a journey, I think, which is hers. I'm very proud of her decisiveness and openness about this topic, and her maturity in her class discussions. (This course contains mostly upperclassmen, and she has turned them all "against" her.) Please guide me in guiding her.

ANSWER: Ask her this: Is she confused when others like a food that she does not? Does it upset her that there are books that others love and she does not? The answer is no. Tell her that her wisdom is to "know what she knows" and to also honor the others. She never has to prove anything, since they can't either. She never has to change their minds, since all humanity is honored for their pursuit of divinity. Tell her to relax in the knowledge that she knows as much as any Human on the planet about God. Then tell her to smile and listen to her classmates. Honor their quest, and perhaps they will honor hers. Let the divinity of what she believes show through in her attitude. Even if her classmates shun her, let her stand tall in the love of God.

Some prefer to place God in a box. This is more comfortable for their understanding and their worship. It's only preference, and nothing is absolute. God sees and honors them, too. But she's well ahead of the old 4D approach to spirituality. She sees the big picture and knows that the box where God dwells is her.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, it seems to me that from time immemorial, the soil in Jerusalem has been covered with the blood of the thousands who die there. One of the channellings confirmed that the New Jerusalem is, in fact, the physical Jerusalem. If this is the case, I'm curious as to why, over all the centuries, has so much blood been spilled on this land/ground/soil? Why does Jerusalem seem to exact payment in blood - even sometimes from travelers who pass through and are killed? This seems to be a most peculiar thing - it's as if this ground/soil demands human blood for its existence. Why?

ANSWER: Your question is truly a profound one. It's against all odds that this would occur, right? It's counterintuitive to the way things work in a divine place, isn't it? This alone should "flag" that there's something here that's different. The reason? Jerusalem is at the heart of the largest religions on the planet (Islam included). It's the center of the "one God" revelation. It's also where the trouble would begin that would end civilization and bring about the tribulation and the end of Earth.

Such a place is filled with the blood of all, even the blood of what you called the Christ. It's all part of a portal that's so strong that it creates human passion, and therefore leads to death (the choice of humanity is what to do with its passion... free choice). God didn't create the blood. Humans did.

The "New Jerusalem" will be such a contrast to the old one that historians will say, "How could a place with such a violent history be the portal of peace on Earth?" This is the potential in Jerusalem. It exists as a "portal to the way Earth will evolve." So far, it has been death and more death. The potential is that it can become the model of "peace and more peace." Can this really occur? Yes. It will take time, but the energy being delivered to the planet from now to the year 2008 will make a difference. Watch the players change. Watch what the children will do.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, wherever I go on the Internet or in books, magazines, or TV, Africa is seen as the darkest continent - almost unsalvageable. Now I live in Africa (Cape Town, South Africa, to be precise), and from where I stand, I see Africa as the world's future! We have ideas in Africa that are way ahead of the thinking in the rest of the world - we're an example to the rest of the world - an example for those who deal with racism, consensus, discussion, and consideration. Sure, we have a very high crime rate, and sure we have AIDS, but why should this mean that we can't turn it around? Why are you keeping to the "safe" regions? Please clarify this for me... and please forgive any aggression that may come through - it's not intended, it's just a question that I'm passionate about.

ANSWER: Please forgive the peaceful answer. You're right. Africa will eventually lead the way in a new paradigm for the planet. There's something remarkable in the works, and the next generation will see it. It has to do with large corporations on the planet finding out that "health is profitable." We've spoken of this before. There's something that's going to happen that will take advantage of the very consciousness you've described, which is in South Africa.

As to your last question, I assume that you're referring to my partner Lee Carroll coming to Africa? He's been told not to. There are South Africans who will carry this message. Many already are. In certain parts of the earth, it's far better to hear spiritual truth from those who know of the culture and who have lived there all their lives, rather than an American who has simply traveled there. I am Kryon, and I am in South Africa, too.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what is the position with people who have had organ transplants and have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives? I have read that to achieve ascension status, the cells must not be poisoned by drugs. Does this mean that a transplantee cannot ascend in this life, nor do they have to trust that the body won't reject the donor organ if they stop the drugs? I would very much appreciate your answer to this question.

ANSWER: Let's engage in some plain talk, and speak directly to those who have had organ transplants (including those relating to the heart) and are existing on drugs. Organ rejection is a chemical attribute of your biology. It has nothing to do with your spirituality. The drugs that are keeping you alive are blessed and God-given. They're not poisons to your system. They are, rather, to be honored and celebrated as the very science that's helping to keep you alive, and one that was divinely inspired.

Ascension status is given to any Human on the planet who will give intent and start on the path. God isn't somewhere behind a curtain! Your divine spiritual family knows exactly what's going on in your body and won't penalize you because you're keeping yourself alive! It's time to use spiritual common sense in these things. See God at your side, knowing all things, and celebrating your life. Then make whatever spiritual decision you wish, knowing that all is perfect within your pure intent.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, is there anything specific located at the second focal point (besides the sun) that makes the Earth (and all the other planets) move elliptically instead of in a plain, round circle around our single sun?

ANSWER: No, but there used to be, and the pattern was set. You were originally a dual sun system. Dual sun systems are ripe for the development of life as you see it. Contrary to those who would wish to frighten you, this lost sun will never return.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, please enlighten us as to the role of the two great teachers - that is, Buddha and Christ. If one were to literally study each of these two masters' lives and work, it would appear that they're not preaching the same truth. Yet, if there is one God, there should be one truth. What is the truth regarding these conflicting teachings? One appears to teach that the end of desires is the gate to immortality or nibbana; the other teaches that by accepting the finished work of redemption on the cross, we have made peace with God and our eternality is assured.

ANSWER: Your question is asked in the posturing of what you've been told today. If you were to understand what both really were about, you wouldn't even ask the question. Today's "history" is one that has been manipulated by the leaders of these two organized religions.

The idea of accepting the redemption of what took place on the cross doesn't even relate to the real purpose of the master of love, who was the Christ. That entire scenario was created later from a false assumption, and did well for those who would control the population with religion (which history will show they did). The Buddha (Siddhartha) also has not had his full true passion revealed. The teachings of both were sequestered early on, and revamped to suit the needs of those who would be in control of the teachings.

The above information may sadden you, but be aware that you can "tap" in to both of these great masters anytime you wish. And when you do, you'll discover that the truth is the same. The ultimate liberation for all beings is within you. You're eternally assured of peace with God because you are a piece of God. Even the master Christ told you that you could be exactly like him... a son of God. How do you justify that information against what eventually became the doctrine? Are you at all concerned that there was no Rapture when it was "scheduled"? Did you know that Christ taught about your past incarnations? Where is that in scripture? Why is it missing?

Things aren't always as they seem, and you must now "look past" what men have given you or taken away. Look past what they manipulated and removed from the teachings of both, and instead, now it's time to pull from the truth within. When you do, you'll peacefully justify all the teachings of the great masters, given from culture to culture, that taught unity for all and exposed the grandness of the Human Being.

Do not let this shake your faith, for the Love of God is still supreme in all these things, and if you seek, you'll discover the true messages, and then you'll love these masters all the more.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a "fixation" on weaving. I know that the ancients often depicted the Earth Goddess (or Mother) holding a spindle (for spinning yarn) and a shuttle (for weaving). I feel such a strong connection with the earth and the spiritual when I'm at my looms. I'd like to know if Kryon has a feel for the spiritual importance of weaving.

ANSWER: Dear one, there's no spiritual importance in weaving. What you are feeling is the comfort of what used to be our solace in another incarnation. This "feeds" you and makes you remember the emotions that were special during the many lifetimes where that is what you did, and that is what meant the most to you.

There are many things like this in humanity today. It "rides" in with the interdimensional layers of your DNA, and you find yourself reacting to seemingly nonlogical activities or passions that you can't explain. This is especially true with lovers of animals, especially horses.

QUESTION: How do we know whether we're Lemurian? Is it important?

ANSWER: No, it really isn't important that you acknowledge what you think is your past. The spiritual reality is that if you were Lemurian, it's your present that you should be looking at.

The most important thing about you is who you are now. If, in the distant past, you were actually Lemurian, it's not a "past" attribute anymore. The energy of the planet is opening to Lemurian energy, and the spiritual seeds that were planted back then are now being watered. This means that the "Lemurian" in you is beginning to blossom. It isn't a "past" attribute at all. It's here now.

Don't concentrate or ponder on these things. They're not important for your study. You have enough to do as you handle the "heavy lifting" that all Lemurians are feeling at this time.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a question about my health. About 15 years ago I was treated for hypothyroidism, and the treatment at the time was to destroy the gland with radioactive iodide. I have been chained to synthetic hormone replacement ever since, and have experienced difficulties because of it. I want to grow a new thyroid and have been working on my health and talking to my cellular structure. Is it possible for this to happen?

ANSWER: Yes, but don't limit your spiritual vision to regrowing an organ. This will be common some day, both through science and through consciousness, but you don't have to wait. Instead, start working with "substance intent." The idea is to let your body produce the hormone, even without a new thyroid!

Editor's note: [see Substance intent in the index] [http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/archives/Q-A%20archives/archiveindex.html]

QUESTION: Dear Lee/Kryon, it is with love that the Kryon books have landed in my lap at this time of my spiritual learning. I haven't been able to put them down. The love that I feel when I read is overwhelming. I have a question: In Book Six; you talk about disengaging from your children. As a mother of two boys aged 17 and 19, I worry about them all the time. Will they get jobs, will they be happy in their lives, and so on. Can you please explain to me what you mean by disengaging from them? With love from a family member.

ANSWER: This admonition is about taking care of you. Every caring parent alive will love and be concerned with their children's lives as long as they live. But many parents live their own lives by what happens to their children. So the instruction is to balance yourself. Be loving and helpful, but don't let what happens to them become your entire focus. If it does, then you'll take responsibility for another's free choice. You'll ignore yourself and your own spirituality and give up your power.

The best thing you can do for grown children is to love them and send them light all the days of their life. Be there for them, but don't live their lives for them.

QUESTION: Hi Kryon, it's Pablo from Australia. My friend Rachel and I believe that it's our job to save the world. We feel like we have a big role to play, but we can't seem to find the exact action to take... as in, should we inform, protest, fight injustice, etc.? Or just chill? I feel that just chilling and fixing the self is the way to go, but at the same time I feel we should be doing something more, Any advice?

ANSWER: Dear one, you're exactly right. There are two steps toward doing what you've set out to do, and also a very powerful frustration. Take care of yourself. We've taught this for a very long time. "Why," some ask, "would this help anything?" We answer in this fashion: If you were going to win a race in a race car, would you spend any time preparing the car, or would you just hop in and drive? The answer, of course, is that there is far more preparation time with the car, than time in the race. Wise Humans know this principle. The more you're ready to do what you came to do, the more effective is your performance. Therefore, prepare yourself. Vibrate higher, Become wise, and spend time on your spiritual being.

When you're ready, begin to develop your light and start the work. The work is a concentration of consciousness, or sending light to dark places. Don't send your ideas or thoughts... just the light. The metaphor is that you're illuminating dark places so that others may have free choice and see or discover hidden ideas that may contain solutions for some of the biggest problems on Earth. It's not an evangelistic light; it's a loving light of wisdom. It honors the free choice of all humanity, but it creates a more balanced place where everything available may be seen and evaluated.

In politics, it creates solutions that haven't been seen before. In disease-ridden places, it creates peace and hope. In scientific places, it creates ideas and inventions that were "hidden" in the past. Where there is strife, there can be peace, and where there is hatred, there can be understanding.

The frustration? You can't see the results of what your light does for a very long time. There is no instant response, since you're so used to seeing in normal reality. Since results are the desire of every Human Being who takes action, it will be frustrating not to see them right away. It will cause you to even wonder if anything is working at all.

There's no greater thing you can do for the planet than to hold the energy of hope for your future, and project a divine light to dark places.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, are you aware of NESARA? Is this a real law, or a metaphor to help increase consciousness?

Dear Kryon, I've been reading a lot these days about NESARA, and I was hoping that you would have more information on this.

Who are the "wingmakers"? What is their role in the ascension process? Do they work with your group?

ANSWER: This is a time on Earth where there will be many new systems, laws, and organizations that will intend to reflect the new consciousness that's being built. As you look at them, you must discern for yourself if it's right for you. Here are some guidelines:

(1) What is the greatest intent or goal of the system? Does it promote the individual or a group?

(2) Is it political or affiliated with a bias? If so, it's a mixture of the old and new and isn't appropriate.

(3) Does it ask for your membership? This is an old energy method. The family of God has a built-in membership that's spiritual, understood, and forever.

(4) Is there an underlying monetary or marketing structure? Examine this. Lightworkers must earn a living, too, but does it go further than this and involve your investing? Stay away from any organization that asks you to follow another Human Being, dead or alive.

Ask yourself... do you really need an organization in your life to accomplish your lightwork?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my question is this: Since we can "channel" other beings of Light from the highest realm, does that mean we can also "channel" God, the Creator? If we are "God" as you say, are we therefore channelling ourselves? Our own golden angels within? It would seem as if we were indeed talking to ourselves. But how can the answers that we "receive" be unbiased? Does that make sense?

ANSWER: All of this makes sense when you realize what you're attempting. First, the answer: Yes. The best channelling on the planet is when you get divine answers from the closest God-source around - your Higher-Self. Many are channelling their own Higher-Selves and are finding very profound information there. After all, as you mention, it is God.

The question about being biased is indeed the challenge. It's what we've been teaching all along. It is with the new tool set in the new energy that allows you to build a bridge between the duality and the divine. It's a bridge that allows you to step out of the duality and into the wisdom of God, and it's all within you. It's the basis for the "neutral Implant" that we brought to you years ago... the implantation of your intent to eliminate the bias of duality!

So you are indeed invited to find the divine within, and channel yourself. In the process, it may seem like you've found a wonderful angel who is outside yourself, even with another name. That's the perception when you step out of a dimension that features singularity, bias, and linear thinking. Instead, the entity is you, and it's ready to give you answers for you.

Blessed are the Humans who find wisdom for themselves by channelling themselves!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I'm from Brazil and have read some of your books, I have questions regarding the neutral implant. If we come here with karma that has to be lived through to be cleared, when we neutralize this karma (as I understand it, it is not changed but neutralized), what will happen after we leave? Do we still have to clear this karma?

Another question is that if we neutralize the karma, what will happen to the people who had karma to clear with us? For example, I have a son and a daughter who definitely have karma to be passed through and cleared with me. We surely agreed, or made a contract, before they came to live through the karma. If I neutralize mine, what will happen to theirs?

ANSWER: Dear one, again you have elected to intellectualize something very simple and basic. When someone says "I love you," do you then launch an inquiry?

Listen: The neutral implant is "permission to neutralize the past." It's a tool of Spirit given to you to use if you wish. It completely changes the parts and pieces of your interdimensional DNA that were scheduled to perform an old energy task of solving (working through) karma. When it's asked for, a process begins that is profound and different for each individual. Some feel it and some don't. The karma is cleared at the moment you ask to personally change. Others who had karma with you are also changed. This may not seem "right" to you, but we've taught you now for the last decade that you are a "group." Nothing you do for yourself is singular. It changes the energy around you. We've told you that if you regularly play tennis with a partner and one day the partner doesn't show up anymore, after a number of broken appointments, you'll stop showing up at the tennis court, too!

Karma is complex, but it indeed works in the way we say. If you clear yours, the one who had karma with you is also affected. It's all part of a grand system that says that if you help yourself, you also help the planet. When you leave and come back, it's still gone. There is no "rule" that you must relive anything. Once you change your spiritual DNA, these attributes belong to your soul and are part of the Akashic record.

Remember this: There is no predestination, only predisposition. You only have potentials when you come into this Earth experience. These predispositions are generated by what you've done and what you've learned. They lay there begging to be changed! Start getting used to the idea that you're a dynamically programmed angel, living in an appropriate but false belief that you're not in control. Your test is to learn that anytime you wish, you may change your life. The neutral implant is one of the first tools (of many) that we told you about that directly affects the spiritual parts of you DNA.

When this was first presented, many of your established metaphysical leaders balked at it, even calling it evil. Their bias was that you were predestined to "serve your karma." But you are not. Karma is a starting energy, and that's all. Does it make sense to you that God would make you come down to Earth with no choice in your own lives? You would be a slave to the past. Think about it.

You're in charge of everything - your health, your love relationships, your peace, your own life span, and yes... even the energy of your own past. If you wish to buy into anything else, you will never bridge the distance from the place you're now in (4D), to the interdimensional energy that's now being given to you.

You're an enabled and powerful Human Being, a part of God and a part of the grand plan of the Universe.

QUESTION: Kryon, are the visitors that we've been told are coming, who will "look just like you," our Higher Selves?

ANSWER: In our past published discussions about ETs in general, we told you, "Don't be surprised if someday the ETs who visit you get out of their crafts and look just like you!" This is a reference to the Pleadians, who are part of your seed biology. There is no "scheduled" arrival for them, but the potential exists that you indeed may meet them. When you do, there will be questions to answer about why they look so much like you. Hopefully, you'll celebrate the answer they give.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I love music more than anything we humans have created on the planet of free choice. It connects me with myself, with others, and especially with Home. I love it, for it is a form of art that moves in time, unseen, but very much felt. Beyond this planet, on your side of the veil, is there music? I certainly would like to keep listening to music far beyond this life.

ANSWER: Yes, dear one, there is music on my side of the veil. How could you ever doubt this? It is a divine aspect of God! On my side, you're always part of the choir, and the "music" is awesome. The reason so many of your relate a spiritual-type experience to music is due to this. Even those who do not believe in God are moved by music. It is a staple of the universe, and is interdimensional in nature. Tones and vibrations create energy!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in 2002 I followed my inspiration and moved to Thailand with intent to create a community (of light). In August 2002, a change in direction (of energy) meant that the community did not manifest. Now I have no job, little money, no partner, no friends, no fun, and no home to call "my own." My confidence is low, and my tools for manifestation do not appear to work.

ANSWER: All attempts to create communities of this type will fail in the new energy. Your attempt is honored and is seen as pure, but now you might begin to understand.

If you create a community of like-minded individuals, you sequester their light from the rest of the earth. The light is needed to be where the darkness is, not placed in a box so it can attract and live with other light.

Instead, create a community within yourself that is huge and bright, filled with the power of many lighthouses. You will have your "community" as those of like mind bond together within an individual system to help Earth. Meet together, plan together, then go and live apart as synchronicity determines.

You are loved, and there is no problem with what you've done. But now it's time to turn your efforts inward. When you do so, many of the things you've longed for will slowly begin to co-create themselves.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've felt like a dark cloud has been over me all my life. No matter what I do, or how much I try to co-create a change in my life, it seems like if I'm running in circles, like I can't get out of it. I want to change tracks in my reality, but apparently there's something I'm doing wrong. Could you please tell me the correct thing to do?

Dear Kryon, I am a Lightworker, and my primary ideal is freedom for others and myself. I claim my power of manifestation every day, but nothing seems to work in my life. What am I doing wrong, dear friend?

ANSWER: It's time to stop trying and just "do." Many of you have been born on this planet with a high energy, but within the earth's low vibration. Nothing works in this scenario. Many of you are in this situation so that when the new energy begins to show itself, you will recognize it and breathe a sigh of relief. You will see it as "yours," and begin to work with it. If, however, you feel that there is no hope, then you'll never manifest within the very energy you've been waiting for.

You can't create a peaceful Human Being in the body of one who's convinced that they're useless. So start by creating an attitude of one who is not. Openly declare yourself free of this lifetime curse. No matter what's happening around you or what you feel isn't happening, begin to create your new reality by announcing to Spirit and the energy of Earth that you have "arrived" and are now complete.

This might seem comical to you, as the old reality around you seems to be stuck. But this is the seed-planning that will allow you to begin to slowly move. The giant ship that has been in the mud for years will have a hard time freeing itself, no matter how large the engines become. But once freed, watch it go!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've always been able to feel people's emotions and relate to them on an emotional level. Last year I began to see different energies and entities, but slowly all of that has gone away. I know I've grown tremendously as a person - spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Can you help me figure out why these gifts have faded?

ANSWER: Yes! You're experiencing what many Lightworkers already know about. Your "gifts" were linked to the metaphor of an older radio station. When that station was renewed, it changed its frequency of broadcast to a new and higher frequency. Those who continue to "tune" to the old station will find very little there. Those who seek the new station and the new frequency will find renewed and increased power!

So begin to search for the new station. How? Begin by trying new spiritual avenues. Change your meditation techniques. Throw away procedure. Begin asking Spirit for guidance to find the new energy. You're not in the dark here. As you begin this process, there will be a response. There's always response to those who ask, "Dear God, tell me what it is I should know."

Look for answers in ways you didn't expect. Toss away your biases of what you "think" will be God's answer, or what you "think" should be seen as the answer in your reality. Let the energy flow to you in ways you never thought they would!

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what effects has science fiction played in the part of consciousness raising? I read a Kryon book that said that 50 years ago, a group of people began to raise the consciousness of the planet... sounds like science fiction to me.

ANSWER: We've told you many times that today's weirdness is tomorrow's reality. In this, you should know that much science fiction is channelled! But you knew that, didn't you?

QUESTION: What happens to a person who is old but wants to change? Is the old person still inside? Or does he/she just move on to a new plateau? I've made so many mistakes in my lifetime, but also achieved much satisfaction. I would like to keep the good things I've done or achieved, but I also want to cleanse my past indiscretions and become a person who feels wanted and worthwhile. If I change, what happens to the good parts that I wish to keep?

Dear Kryon, what's the significance when after more and more effort to find a job, I've found nothing? I've made the focus in my heart to be helpful in this world, and I want to change my life for my children, but sometimes I question myself. Do I have a place in this world?

Dearest Kryon, I'm having difficulty with my recent past (which is directly related to self- worth) spilling over into my present so much that I feel like I'm caught in a tornado, unable to see where I am or where to go from here. I'm so confused that I feel I can't move forward. In fact, you once said that not everyone who chose ascension would succeed, and indeed, I feel like I'm failing.

ANSWER: There are many, if not most of you, who are burdened by a basic theme. You were born in an energy on this planet that wasn't balanced in the "self-worth" department. Add to that that your religious leaders told you that you were worthless! This is a mountain to climb, and it affects most of you greatly. I've addressed this in a step-by-step manner, and offer you this message that you might climb out of the hole of depressed self-worth. It's time, and I think you know it. Please see the very recent message that I have offered.

Editor's note: See Kryon's recent self-worth message in its entirety [http://www.kryon.com/k_chaneldelmar03.html]

QUESTION: The mystical teachings have urged us to renounce craving for material (and spiritual!) things because craving will never allow the mind to rest and the real self to shine through. Now you teach us to co-create whatever we want. Won't that fan up the fire of the ever-thirsting mind and take us further away from the center within? If someone co-created a lovely big car out of greed, he would only have his greed gratified and enhanced further. How would he profit spiritually from this act? And anyway, how does abundance relate to happiness? In my opinion, it is how much we want that makes us happy or unhappy.

ANSWER: These are your own thoughts that have interpreted "co-create what you want" to include a big car or the lust or craving for material things. These were never the teachings of Kryon. The ascended consciousness of the masters (what we teach is the Lightworker) co-create spiritual balance. They constantly co-create the love of God within their lives. The goals of co-creation have been listed many times, and they never included material things. They were peace, health, wisdom, happiness, long life, and a sustenance of needed items within a specific culture to exist comfortably. The power of co-creation is something granted to those on a spiritual path who have the wisdom to know what they're asking for. It's not an invitation to collect cars.

If you need to work to feed your children, then a job is within the spiritual purity of co-creation. That is not a craving. If you're having trouble within a family or within a relationship, it's not greed that co-creates peace and harmony there. It's time to use common sense. God doesn't wish you to be poor or in trouble, for that doesn't meet your magnificence as a creature of God on the planet, and it doesn't suit the work you're here to do. To always be hungry or homeless, and in "survival mode," helps nobody anywhere. This is not what any master ever wanted for you.

The definition of abundance has been given as "sustenance." You can even read how this worked with the history of the Israelites in the desert. They were fed every day for years by God. If you looked at the storehouse where this came from, you might consider each of them to be abundant beyond reason! You all are, since we see you in the "now." So abundance is the storehouse of God, which is your family. It was never meant to crave and co-create material things. Begin to read the Kryon messages with discernment and spiritual wisdom. It will suit you better... and also those around you.

QUESTION: Please explain the process of accumulating negative karma. Does an action considered negative by society create dark karma by itself, or is it our attitude that counts? If I were to cheat, lie, or even commit a crime in a detached state of mind (in perfect equanimity, so to speak) or with some noble end in mind, would I still create negative karma?

ANSWER: There's no such thing as negative karma. Again, Humans wish to polarize everything and place it into a box. This box is then carried from place to place as a singular and linear process. It isn't.

The definition of karma: Karma is the energy of incompletion. It begs to be solved, and drives a Human being to behave a certain way, live in a certain place, and meet other specific Humans for resolution. It was created and worked in an older Earth energy as a way to move the energy of the planet vibrationally one way or the other as humanity worked the karma with total free choice.

If you clear your karma, you are releasing an old energy and moving on to one where you are free to help the planet with your light. This is your free choice, and it is driven by your intent. Those with the "attitude" of pure spiritual intent will indeed move into that new attribute of being a Human with no past-life karma. Part of this process is the understanding that becoming interdimensional means blending the past, present and future (potential) into a new reality called "the now." This "now" leaves no room for "past karmic instruction sets" within the DNA.

If you were to clear your karma, then go on to do what you deem as inappropriate things, then you place upon yourself (free choice) attributes that you'll be forced to deal with immediately, in this life. Creating new karma, the kind that's passed from lifetime to lifetime, is no longer done. Again, these kind of questions are the result of those who wish to analyze God. To try to analyze God within a single-digit reality is folly. Can you analyze love? Can you set rules for angelic thought?

It's time to grasp all of this as "the way things work." Many use the machines of Earth to get from one place to the other without a full and complete understanding and disclosure of every working part in the mechanism. It they had to have that, no one would ever get anywhere! They would forever be bogged down in study, and many would never understand. Yet there are always those who feel that everything must make 4D sense to move on. If they can't understand it, they're afraid of it. This fear will keep them in one place all their lives.

It's time for you to fully grasp the principle that the mechanics of God are beautiful, mystical, and constantly with you. You're never alone, and you never have to wonder if this or that is "known" of "God. All is known, and the system is loving and wise. Now... use this system to move to another place.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, is it possible to revisit someone's earlier years while dreaming? Thank you.

ANSWER: Not only earlier years, but earlier lives. Certain kinds of dreams are a window to your soul on Earth. Dreams are interdimensional and cannot be related to when waking. That is what makes them so wonderful.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, who is Lucifer, and what was the purpose of the Luciferian rebellion?

ANSWER: We know this will disappoint many and enrage many more, but there is no such thing as the devil, and there never was a real Lucifer. These were all metaphoric stories to help you understand yourselves. The darkest energy on the planet comes from the Human Being as a result of free choice. Even the added metaphoric story of Adam and Eve should have given you that information. Free choice meant that a Human could chose darkness even in the garden of light. It's what "duality" is capable of.

For those who don't believe this and would rather think that there are those who are after your soul, you still have free choice to think as you wish. But it will also keep you from seeing your magnificence within the love of God, as you base your reality in fear of dark entities.

We have given you a full discussion of dark and light several times.

Editor's note: Please see Kryon's most recent discussion of dark and light: [http://www.kryon.com/k_chaneldelmar03.html]

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you've presented much information about DNA and the changes we're going through. What role does mitochondrial DNA play in the Human, our development, and in our past and future? What does it really do? Why is it there? This DNA has been traced back to our origins in West Africa by science to about 250,000 years. It seems that we're all related to a virtual Adam and Eve. Is this a marker of our heritage as humans?

ANSWER: It is the mitochondrial DNA that has the star-seeds in it. And remember, it only came from Eve (in your example). Its energy is feminine. This is where you will find the attributes of the Pleadians. This is the actuality of your real biological heritage. It's also not an uncommon thing within the universe for one life form to help another. In your case, it was needed for you to develop.

If you think this is folly and science fiction, then ask your anthropologists why it was that in early humanoid development, there were many kinds of Humans on the planet. Like all other life forms on Earth, many kinds were being formulated. You can see the results of this diversification all around you... many kinds of every animal. In the case of the Human, however, only one developed.

What a coincidence! [Kryon humor]

Editor's note: See Scientific American - January 2000, an article asking this very question. "Once our species had at least 15 cousins. Only we remain. Why?" [http://www.sciam.com/issue.cfm?issueDate=Jan-00] You might have to buy the magazine, since this lead article doesn't seem to be shown

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, exactly what is the light, the space, the time, the magnetism, and the gravitation? What are the various attributes of the light?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what is unique about the part of the light spectrum that humans are designed to see? In what parts of the light spectrum can interdimensional energy, beings, and parts of the other side of the veil be observed/measured? Do humans have the ability to naturally view other parts of the light spectrum, and how can that skill be developed?

ANSWER: Answer: Dear ones, it is not our intent to be evasive with these answers. Within all of the questions are the secrets to interdimensional space and time, and the source of life itself. We will deliver only what is appropriate as it is needed, and also what has already been "thought of" by other Humans on the planet. This is the planet of free choice, and this is also so in the development of science.

Editor's note: Kryon has given much information on this topic already! Take a look at these channellings, all of which are very science intensive... mostly physics.
... and also the channelling in New Jersey, in October 2003, when it's posted on the Website.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, the theory of relativity is based on three postulates: (1) constancy of the speed of light, (2) the principle of relativity, and (3) relativity of time. What should one think of these postulates?

ANSWER: (1) The speed of light is variable from time-frame to time-frame. It is not a constant of the universe. (2) All is indeed relative, however, and so the theory holds, but the rules are unique to each reality. (3) Time will be relative to whatever the speed of light is within the construct of the reality it represents. That's why you can look out into the universe and observe "impossible physics." One should celebrate these postulates, for they are the beginning of the explanation of how nothing stands alone. If one thing changes, it changes the whole realty. This is also how it is with each Human on the planet.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in Book Seven, page 348, you state that you previously gave us information about a formula for the distance of the electron haze elements from the nucleus. Would you please review this formula? Does taping the Lattice to create a "tiny vent" automatically create a second vent?

ANSWER: (From Lee) It may seem odd to you to have the reference from Book Seven, referring to the past, presented in Book Eight! But this is the way of Kryon when we speak of things linear! He often tells of something he "did," and I know full well it's coming later. I just laugh. Try page 150 of Passing the Marker. It's really not a formula as we think of it, as much as a discussion of a formula and the revelation of APD. Evidently the ratio of attributes between mass, magnetics, and gravity changes with size. This is direct information that the space between the nucleus and the electron haze is variable. There was no information about creating a second tiny vent, but I think that's a very logical assumption given what Kryon told us about the way the macro version worked in the Cosmic Lattice discussions.

QUESTION: There's so much wonderful spiritual energy/information available. How do we get it (the channellings) out there (to the public) without offending the nonbelievers? I understand that we don't want to intrude where we're not wanted, so how do we reach/teach those inquiring minds?

ANSWER: You may feel that the information is sequestered, but it's not. Any Human who's in a situation of searching can find the truth. There's a spiritual mechanism for this, even in the most remote village on the planet. One of the promises of God is that those who seek will find the truth. Sometimes this will be without books, tapes, meetings, or the Internet. Don't be concerned that they might not find the channellings of Kryon. Their own channellings will be just as good. Also, don't be concerned about offending others. Only the ones who seek the information will be affected. The others will be honored within their silence.

QUESTION: Since we're eternal, have we done this in other universes? Will we do it again? Will this be our goal always? Are there others, elsewhere, who have other tasks? And what is the purpose of all of this? Why do we do this at all? Why don't we simply just "be" what we naturally are for all of eternity?

ANSWER: Yes. You're very good at this. The purpose? Creating new universes. The way it works? We've told you before that it's a very grand thing you do, and you do it with passion and you do it always. It's difficult to describe to you what you've done in the past, when there is no past. Everything fits into a "now" puzzle that you're constantly creating over the eons of what you call time.

Blessed are the Humans who admit that there's something more than their own reality, and trust that it is within.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I'm a Reiki master, and I've got a question about this energy and other older energies - for example, the Celtic rune. Are these energies changing in these days? Are they replaced by EMF? When I use Reiki as a living holy energy (in German, "Schöpferkraft" ),isn't it all the same, then?

ANSWER: We have channelled this information many times: Many of the older modalities are just now coming into their own as major players of healing on the planet. Reiki is one. How can you tell if the process is of the old energy or new? It's easy! Does it still work? Is it being enhanced within your practice of it? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it's very viable and should be continued. If it simply isn't working anymore, then it no longer fits with the energy that you've created on the planet.

EMF is a new and beautiful tool. It doesn't replace anything, however, but rather gives you still another powerful new tool in the tool cabinet of the Lightworker.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, just this fall I discovered the Kryon series of books and have been reading them avidly ever since. I read that sleeping patterns can be altered in the new energy. As a teenager, I had trouble with insomnia, which cleared up as I matured physically. Now at 48, it seems to be back. I seem to be noticing a subtle vibration, a tenseness in my body, that prevents me from relaxing, even though my eyes and mind are tired enough to sleep. I'm worried that I can only relax with a glass of wine, even after I've taken a prescription sleeping pill. This has been going on for several months now, and I've been blaming hormonal changes.

ANSWER: Dear one, you and many like you are facing the exact same thing. It's tough to sleep when the bedroom is being renovated! Here is the answer: Don't be angry when you can't sleep. You think you need a certain amount to exist? The answer is yes, but Spirit can give you the equivalent of it without your ever having it! It's only energy, you know.

So try this: (1) At a sleepless moment, thank God for this, that you're being vibrated so much that you can't sleep - that the energy of DNA change is so great that sleep cannot be accomplished. (2) Ask Spirit to give you the needed energy as though you had slept. If you need seven hours of sleep, then make a deal with God. You get the equivalent of seven hours of sleep (from Spirit) even though you didn't sleep (in 4D), and you'll promise to just lie there and smile and not get angry or frustrated as they work on you!

Take the rest. Don't get up and do cleaning, or errands either. Don't read or otherwise occupy yourself. Rest and celebrate. Then watch this process reveal itself. The next day you will have more energy than you expected. Repeat this often until it no longer bothers you that you're not seeming to sleep in the way you used to. Just about the time you get used to the whole scenario? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ