UPDATE: January 1, 2003
Question: Kryon, why do you so often talk about things in "metaphoric" terms, or by way of a "parable?" When you do this, you even say that there are layers of meaning, and "stories within stories." Why don't you just give us the straight story? Are you hiding something? For example, I just read the September 21, 2002 channelling you gave on "Co-creation Explained - Singing in the Choir." I am an intelligent and intuitive person, and the information was, for me, as clear as mud. There must be a reason you don't give the information clearly and directly, without metaphors or parables that require us to guess at what you really mean. What's the reason?

Answer: Let me begin by asking you this: Why is so much scripture the same way? All through history, God spoke to men through stories and parables. So when you ask that of the Kryon, you must also take in the whole question about all channelling and most scriptural writings.

Next, the thought that we might be hiding something is very funny. We are instead trying to reveal to you the secrets of life within a structure of your duality. The "straight story" would be incomprehensible! Rather than giving you something that is guaranteed to fall on the floor of your logic and intellect, instead we give you a rich texture of story telling within your own understanding and dimensionality. This allows those who decide to reach out beyond their understanding to "connect" using their own divinity. This is a very old concept and has been explained many times. We even gave you a channelling called "Explaining the Unexplainable."

"Singing in the Choir" is a concept given to you which is out of your time and space. It is much like the Parable of the Prodigal Son, which was given in one spiritual dispensation, only to be understood in another. Even your profits of only 400 years ago used metaphors and puzzles to try and give you future concepts so that when the future arrived, you would be able to use them. Nostradamus spoke in numbered riddles!

What does "Singing in the Choir" mean? It means that there is a reality that goes far beyond what you see or that you can even begin to understand. It is multi-layered and responds to energies which you have not begun to study or that you feel do not even exist. It is the "way of God." But it's also a reality which is YOU, only partially seen because of your duality (divine-men). If you begin to connect to your Higher-Self, who is a hidden YOU, but who knows everything, then you can use the unexplainable. The "Choir" speaks simply about a concept that is unexplainable…one that says everything is connected to everything, and responds to harmony of vibration. You cannot create alone. You must have the concept of trying to "fit in" with everything else and "find your harmonious note" to create a better life. You must discern the melody!

Meanwhile, if you understand the concept without the incomprehensible particulars, you can visualize yourselves within something that has not been revealed yet. You can be part of something that his years away from actual spiritual discovery… even using it intuitively.

So what would you really have us tell you when we channel? We try to place our information into the Human experience so that you can understand the concepts. However, If we gave you the "straight story," as you indicated we should, it would be like explaining the workings of the internal combustion engine to an anteater… in words, language and concepts that are not even known yet… not even able to be conceived. Clear enough?

Being intelligent and intuitive is relative to your own Human experience in your own reality and spiritual development. Throughout recorded time, history was filled with intuitive, intelligent Humans who were moving from level to level of understanding. If we gave an electronic scientific calculator to an intelligent and intuitive Human in past history who hadn't discovered math yet, what would they do with it? If we gave the formula for real interdimensional physics to intuitive, smart Humans 600 years ago, what would they do with them? What would a society without the knowledge of electricity do with a transistor or a light bulb? Most likely they all would throw these things in the mud! This has to do with spiritual and consciousness evolution. These things come in layers of discovery over time. You love to believe that you are fully aware enough to understand anything. You love to believe that you are at the top of the knowledge chain. That simply isn't the case. You gave yourself these restrictions, to make this a test. Remember?

Therefore, our task is to give you stories on a level that you can understand, honoring the fact that you may have enough spiritual faith in the unknown to apply them even today. The parables are your "vehicle" of travel to places you cannot understand. You can use the metaphors to start the engine and go, just like the person who uses a vehicle without knowing how it works. Their reality is that when they move this way or that, something will happen, taking them places. Without any understanding of the physics of the inner workings of the complex vehicle, they go from place to place in comfort and speed.

But some don't want to do this. They instead wish to have the full schematic of the engine before they go anywhere. Therefore what is your "mud" is another person's spiritual revelation and life change. Something that helps to change the vibration of the planet itself.

Question: Dear Kryon, thank you for your teachings and for touching my heart. Being aware that doubting is an issue for me, I can't help having this question in my mind for some time and I long to receive your comment on this. So let's co-create an answer to my seemingly silly but true question: Am I allowing or am I being lazy? Thank you for your attention and care. - Amsterdam

Answer: Dear one, neither. You are co-creating doubt! Who said that co-creation was always in one direction? Many co-create darkness and negativity, and even depression. It's knowing how powerful you are that is the key.

So… answer this first: Do you believe that you can co-create anything at all? There is actual comedy in this, in that each day you co-create your reality… dark or light. Some of you enhance it daily, telling your cellular structure that you are "never going to make it," and actually giving it directions and a time of demise!

Do you believe that what you think and do can cause reactions in matter and your own cellular structure? If not, then that is your reality, and you have created it very well. If you do believe you can change matter, then you also understand that what you do and say can be designed to start changing your reality. Thousands have done it, so this is not a mystery.

Being lazy is also an issue too! (That's why you asked it) Just like exercise. If you just sit there and do nothing, will "nothing" be the result? The answer is unfortunately, no. Instead the energy of whatever is your reality will reinforce itself and continue. A body in trouble will continue its troubled ways and build upon that scenario until death. A mind without direction will go to the most common level of consciousness, often one that is shaped not by your intent, but by those around you and their influential energy.

Blessed is the Human who asks: "Can I really change things?" That is the Human who is most apt to try to do it! Here are some helpful hints:

1. Start each day with an affirmation out loud so that your own ears hear it, and so it goes right into your cellular structure. Here is suggested one: "I am a piece of creation. I have created my current reality, and will create all of what I experience in the future. Therefore all that is before is my doing. Today I choose to raise my awareness. Today I choose to slow down the aging clock in my cells, and create divinity in my daily workings. Today I instruct my cellular structure to vibrate to my intent and directions. I create a peaceful balance in all things, everywhere I walk."

2. Never beat yourself up! Everything you say is "heard" by your cells! Even at your lowest ebb, don't do it. Instead, say: "I thank Spirit for giving me the ability to know that all this is temporary. I am peaceful in my power." Then wait for the pendulum of depression or sickness to correct itself. It will.

3. Even if you doubt that you are making a difference, do it! Your duality is built to be biased in these things. Let the results support you. Your intellect will kick into high gear when it sees things changing in your life. Just like exercise… when you start to see the results, you won't doubt it any more!

Question: Dear Kryon, are you always in a state of "LOVE"? I mean do you always have an overview, a compassionate deep love for all that is, for us, for yourself? All the time?

Answer: Yes! And the cosmic joke is that so do you! It's hiding in your duality, and it is the basic nature of all of you. This may seem hard to believe as you view the various ones around you, especially those who seem to have only hardness and who don't seem to feel any compassion. The reality is that this is what they created. Every Human has free choice.

Question: Dear Kryon, I recently bought a BEFE [bio-electric field enhancement] unit called Q - The Experience. My eyelid was over-stretched during eye surgery, which caused a constant muscle pull in my eye area. The Q treatments have corrected this year long problem! Then I read in Kryon, Book 1, pg.19-20 to stay away from anything that interferes with the electro-magnetic field. Now I am confused and do not know if these treatments are a good thing or not, even though the machine has already helped me solve a previously unsolvable health problem!! Please comment!

Answer: What you have done is excellent! You have combined the power of your intent with a device designed to enhance your visualizations. Remember, we teach balancing through understanding the Cosmic Lattice. We teach that the magnetic field of the planet is a comfort zone for your biology.

So the admonition was to stay out of stray magnetic fields that might interfere with the normal processes of your life, or the ones you are using to help you. Magnetics can be healing or damaging, depending on the circumstances. We just want you to be aware of the circumstances!

Question: Dear Kryon, this may be frivolous, but could perhaps be interesting. I was wondering if there was a reason why the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films have had the enormous response that they have had? Thank You.

Answer: So you noticed this? Nothing is coincidental that is taking place now, not even the frivolous. These stories have to do profoundly with dark and light. They set a stage for profound choice, and define the light and dark very distinctly. They represent a desire at this time for all Humanity to "get off the fence" of complexity, and draw the line in the sand as to what is correct for Humans to exist together. It represents the desire of all Humanity to find that place where the enemy is clearly defined.

It also represents and acknowledges at a vary subtle level, unseen energies. It opens a box that has formerly been kept under the bed. Can Humans have unseen power? Is there such a thing as dark power.. even created by others on earth? What has in the past been relegated to mythology or evil spirits, is suddenly at the forefront as part of parables and allegories for your entertainment. It is also something that is seen in the parables as common. Those in the stories are simply "working" these energies instead of running from them and calling them "the devil." Did you notice? In the stories, even the mystical has a good side. Indeed!

Many feel that this entirely new popularity of these stories is dangerous…a mark that the earth is falling from God. Others see it just the opposite… that it's about time to get these things out of the dark box of ignorance and see them for what they are. Then, when all is exposed, even in allegory, the discerning Human might understand that all is appropriate when it comes to spiritual growth and understanding. When the light is turned on, even the dark objects are seen. There are no more mysterious things hiding under the bed.

Use your own discernment when viewing these things, but understand they represent a canvas of Human experience, some which is myth and some which is not. What is real and what is not is the question, and the answers may surprise you.

It truly is your desire to battle the unseen powers in this age, and to have a glorious Human victory… something we have always told you was your potential. It's a battle between the old and the new. As so it begins.

Question: Dear Kryon, there is one question, which no one has been able to answer for me. It is a question that has perplexed and troubled me for a very long time. It would be most appreciated if you could give me an answer that I could understand.

Why is it that we are here at all? I don't understand the purpose of the Human challenge? Why is it necessary? Why wear the veil of forgetfulness while in Human form? Why is any of this happening at all?

Answer: Dear one, this question has been asked many times, and answered many times over the past years. You ask for the meaning of life! However, it's one of the most asked, and one of the most honored. We will never tire of giving you this answer
Think a moment. If indeed you are eternal, and pieces of God, and came here willingly, then there is something hiding is there not? After all, why would you? Why the free choice? Why the suffering of humanity and all the strife. All this must add up to something remarkable, and hidden, in a spiritual overview.

Let me ask you this: Is there anything you can imagine that God/Spirit cannot accomplish? Initially you might say, "no." God can do anything. The answer is actually this: God is biased! God is biased in love. Therefore when there is a situation in the Universe that needs to be decided without this bias…within an unbiased and neutral playing field out of God-consciousness, there is a method. In this case, it's called Earth.

Have you ever heard the expression, "The Only Planet of Free Choice"? Did you wonder what it meant? Does it mean all other planets with life can't choose? Of course not. It means that this is the only one (at the moment) who can choose their vibratory level. They are the only ones with the power and the ability to (1) Recognize their own spiritual source, and (2) Use it to change the reality of Earth. At the moment, Earth is the only planet populated with divine creatures.

We have given you much information about this in the past. Go find it. It explains why ET's come and go, but don't do much else (like land and show themselves, for example). It explains why ET's wish to mate with you (they can biologically, but not spiritually). They are trying to "clone" your Higher-Self! (The can't) They sense your incredible power, and you can't! (Cosmic humor surrounding your duality). It explains why you only have one sun (most life-planets have binary sun systems. The odds are far greater for life to develop when there are two suns, and more planet potentials within the "life zone." You have only one, and it makes you far less obvious and locatable to any other life.

Call it a test, if you wish, but it isn't a test about you. It is a test only of energy and vibration. Therefore if you must name it, say you are in an "experience" not a test. That's more accurate. You are the voluntary testers, experiencing earth, but it hides completely from you as you come and go, and come and go. This is also the core meaning of "created equal." It means that all of you are divine creatures, whose spiritual abilities are the same. It's what you do with them that changes your reality and that of the planet.

Here is something else to consider: Why, after a lifetime of trial, suffering, and sorrow, would a Human Being ever come back? Yet you do! Can you explain that? I can. When you are not here, you see the bigger picture. When you are not here you can hardly wait to return to do more… to continue the experience and help with this test of energy.

Answer me this: Why did you come back this lifetime? With Armageddon looming and most earth prophesy telling you that it was going to be the "end," why did you pick this particular time to come back? You think it was an accident (or worse… some kind of punishment)? NO! Some of you actually waited to select this exact time. Why? Do you think you selected this time to come back and die horribly? The answer is no. Instead, you could hardly wait to come back and change it all! On the other side, you understand that there is no set future. The things that are "written" by your best prophets are only potentials of what might happen based on the energy of the moment.

Therefore you must understand that there is a "grand secret" … know to all, yet hiding at the conscious level. It's about a new Universe, and the starting energy of it. It's about Earth providing an unbiased answer to a grand universal question. Where will the energy settle? When the final measurement is taken, what will be the result?

Now it gets good: The final measurement was to be now. All your prophets told you so. All called your time the "end times." However you changed things, and moved off the old prophesies track. Now you have created something that was unexpected, out of the groove of any prophesy ever given. Prove it to yourself! Go find prophesy that describes your current situation. You can't. Did the prophesies of the ages happen? No they didn't. This is why the grid was changed, and why you now sit in a place that has the test extended.

What happens on earth will eventually affect life in a whole new universe. What you are doing right now is known to all on the other side of what you call the "veil." This has been the reason for all the teaching, and why so many right now have the same message…an uplifting one that challenges you to keep going and find solutions to the formerly unsolvable… and to actually discover your divinity.

This is also why we speak of your "big bang." It wasn't. It was a universal dimensional shift, everything created seemingly out of nothing, all at once. But there is a rich and vast spiritual history about how it happened, and what the starting energy was. You were here for that too, but then… that's another story.

The "bias" of God is love. As you draw into a higher vibration, this very biased cheering section is becoming audible to your very cells.

This is why we love you so.

Question: Dear Kryon, I just read on the Internet about information Kryon talked about November 2001 in New England. Kryon gave a precise dated timeline of Atlantis, then added that indisputable evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas. This is not what I read in Book 9. You said artifacts. I did not know what group of people you were talking about but I thought it would be a lot more controversial since you did not elaborate. Can you elaborate?

Also: I live on the water, a lake that connects to the intra-coastal region. I've seen the birds flying in circles, the entire circumference of the lake for a long time between 2 and 3 in the morning. Unusual?

Answer: Do not make Human assumptions about the past. First, know that "Atlantis" is not just a city (although many think it is). It's a race. It's a philosophy, and it's a consciousness. Here are the simple facts. Combine these into anything you wish to call it, but don't limit it to the mythology you now call Atlantis.

There is evidence on earth of races over 10,000 years old. It exists as artifacts on this planet. Some of the ones which are closest to the surface are in Arkansas. Simple. This information doesn't target a location, since the earth changed since the original civilization was there. Instead it gives evidence…empirical evidence, that your current history is incomplete, and that you really don't have understanding of when Humanity began. Landmasses were connected, religions and races existed that you don't give credibility to, and science was developed far beyond what you might expect.

World navigation was understood, and even the concept of your solar system was known. The artifacts that may be exposed will show this. Some have been found and are currently being sequestered. If this continues, nothing will come of these revelations. The sequestering is due to fear, and nothing else.

Controversial? Very. Others will find these artifacts and present them to the world, only to be laughed at due to the tremendous bias of what you have been taught. Even with proof, they will turn the other way. Expect this, but understand that eventually, when enough people see the truth, it will prevail. It always does. Then the textbooks will start being re-written.

About the birds? They are confused. Their migration scenarios follow old grid patterns which no longer exist. Make a sanctuary for them, or they will not survive. They simply don't know which direction to fly.

Question: Dear Kryon: I love you, but I have a problem with your name. If one speaks out loud your name it sounds the same as "cry-on." Ever since this occurred to me I was wondering how an entity like you (all that is Kryon) can work under a name that bears such a sad prophesy in the vibrations of its name. Would you please help me there?

Answer: Dear one, again assumption is your king. Did you assume that Kryon was only for those in English? It is a name which is a tone-name, and which carries an energy, not a meaning. *

Even in English, however, did you ever think that Crying could mean those who weep in joy? Give it another test and see that sadness is not involved. Instead, the tears are the ones we all shed in joy for what you are doing.

* [Kryon is currently in 15 languages worldwide.]

Question: Dear Kryon and Lee: I was just at the New Hampshire channeling (November 2002). Thank you so much for sharing Kryon with so many! I must ask this: Many times reading your books, I weep from a place so deep inside.

I felt very comfortable in New Hampshire, sitting on the floor in the back. yet as soon as the channeling section began, I sat with tears streaming down my face- (covering my face so nobody would see) as I have many time while reading. Kryon, why do I confuse love with sadness?

Answer: As in the question above, it is a common Human experience to feel this emotion during a close encounter with Spirit. How shall I begin to describe this? How can I separate the so many energies from so many words?

In English, there is one word for Love. In some languages, there are up to seven. There is the love of Human to Human in a love relationship… in a brother-sister relationship… in a Mother-daughter relationship. It goes on and on, and each is different. Yet you have one word.

What about the relationship of Human to Higher-self? That is one of the most profound of all. It combines the love of a mother for her child with a compassionate energy of reunion. Yes, there is remembrance, and in that there is joy for what your cells know is on the other side. There is also tremendous appropriateness for what is actually happening in the room where you sit and listen and read. It's like an overview of everything…where the hosts of heaven literally sit with you and hold your hand. Sadness. No. But it feels that way since it brings tears so easily.

Go to where mothers are birthing their children and watch the tears stream down their faces the first time they hold their infants. Watch as they cannot control their emotions and they weep and weep as they look into the faces of their own lineage. Then ask: sadness? No. It's JOY.

Question: Dear Kryon: I was just curious as to the Temple of Rejuvenation in today’s world. Does it exist?

Answer: Dear one, the answer may surprise you. YES! But it's not a building and never will be, again. The Temple of Rejuvenation, as described in our past texts is the blueprint for the Human's ability to change their DNA with the new abilities granted by a new grid system and a new spiritual reality on Earth.

All that was presented as mechanical in those past texts are now intuitive and possible individually through each Human being. Healing and life extension are the subject, and personal control over both are the new gifts of Spirit.

There is some cosmic humor in this. We seldom speak of it, but in the process of creating these things within your interdimensional DNA, you will actually be rewinding the tape of Human history, providing for a life-span and health pattern that was originally designed into you, but which was, over many years, changed to provide your duality with a sharper meaning.

There is much honor is what is happening right now on your planet. The veil is being lifted slightly, allowing greater insight into what "life" really means, and also providing permission for a wisdom that will reach right down into the masses.

Question: Dear Kryon, you have told us that the grid is about to stabilize and it will last through March of 2003. You have also told us that it would be wise not to start anything new for a while unless we want an uphill climb. Does that mean that we should try to avoid any major changes in our life right now? I have this feeling that a big change is pressing upon me, waiting for me to take the next step.

Answer: Dear one, it's absolutely one hundred percent Human nature to be impatient, and also to feel urgency when there really is none. When you get information about what your potentials are, or about "taking the next step," why not immediately also go into a "now" consciousness and "see" the time line? Instead most Humans think that it means right NOW. Then they move toward energies which are simply potentials for the future. To make it worse, they don't get results (since it's not time yet), and say to themselves, "Well, I tried that and it didn't work. So now I know I was mistaken." How sad!

Remember, sometimes reality has to catch up to co-creation! In other words, what you "feel" is urgent, is not. There is time. Relax, and YES… it would be better to allow another three months.

For those in the category of "tried it and failed," review this grand potential and start getting in step with the timing of it all. Don't throw away anything that you tried, where it didn't seem to coordinate as you felt it should. This is all part of the new Human insight and consciousness… to know when as well as what.

[Answer channelled in January 2003]

Question: Dear Kryon, how much in life is just plain and simply habit? Habit meaning doing things away from awareness or away from the knowledge of the "free-will project? Any good tips for quick transformation? Thanks

Answer: What a grand question! The answer is this: Unless you actively seek to know more about this, your life will follow this "habit" until the end.

It goes like this: You are born with an imprint that many call contract. It's so strong that even Lightworkers feel that it's something that is honored so strongly that they should follow it completely. They are on their knees asking for help to fulfill it, never realizing that the entire work of a Lightworker is to alter it!

This is therefore only a beginning contract, if you will. It's what you select to arrive. You selected your parents, your race, your country, and even your biological attributes and predispositions. Your past karma is all part if it, and what you call your "past life experience" is also there. It's complex, but you often feel it at the cellular level. It's what makes Humans drive toward a passion to be artists, musicians, mothers and fathers, or even criminals. It's a powerful force.

And… it's only a habit.

If you do nothing, it will fulfill itself to the degree you pursue it. You have free choice to move around it in any way you wish, but many don't understand that you have always had free choice to also cancel it!

There are many walking around today who have changed their names. Why? When they cancelled this beginning energy… a groove that did not suit them (the habit), they felt as though they had a new life! Many have had profound changes of passion due to this. They studied all their lives to be one thing, and now they are another. They have given themselves permission to take control of the interdimensional "rudder" of their own ship!

Change your DNA. Rewrite the past. Eliminate the biological predispositions of your Human family. All of this is not only possible, but is what we are teaching you to do.

Question: Dear Kryon, in the channeling entitled "Co-creation Explained," you said that we are in duality and always will be. I am confused about the always will be part. If we attain ascension status, won't we be out of duality?

Answer: Dear one, do not confuse what you think of as "ascension." Full ascension would be leaving earth and returning home. What you have is permission for an ascending vibration, taking you to the ability to create the next life while staying in the same body. This is still in duality, but a lighter one, with greater awareness.
Go back and read the story of Michael Thomas in the Kryon parable book, The Journey Home. This is the real story of ascension as we teach it to you today.

Question: Dear Kryon, at a convention in San Francisco last weekend, Konrad Steffen of Colorado Univ. claims satellite photos of the North Pole and the huge glacier in Greenland, indicate that twice as much ice melted this past summer than in 1992. He couldn't say to what extent natural climate changes were responsible vs. Human influence. Will the melting trend continue to escalate? Any comments?

Answer: Yes. You are seeing geology speed up. In 1989 we brought you information about the potential of earth changes, specifically about weather. Now you are actually witnessing this event.

ALL of it is in response to Human consciousness, but you see it as products of physical weather patterns, global warming, etc. Indeed, it seems that way, but can you tell me why the warming? It isn't what you think. The oceans are warming and that is caused by the earth's vibration increasing. Eventually you will see this when you discover all the new vents. It's very earth related, and not atmosphere related.

Remember, your consciousness started all this. Your consciousness can also stabilize it. When it does, the scientists will have still another puzzle: Why did it stop?

Question: Dear Kryon, I have never written to a spiritual publication or been in contact with a spiritual organization in my life, yet this is my second query in as many weeks. My question is this: even though I know much guidance will be needed by many people in the decade to come and the work is still not finished, when the grid is finished, will we be able to "leave our posts" and be with people like ourselves to create "cells" (LOL) of harmony, happiness and calmness (following synchronicity of course! That's the cakewalk part compared to other parts of it)?

Here's to hoping…

Answer: Never been in contact with a spiritual organization, you say? Then why is it you have the insight as thought you had? It is cellular information, and your question answers something not yet channelled.

The answer? YES.