UPDATE: February 15, 2003
Question: Dear Kryon: The Two Towers, the second film in Peter Jackson's adaptation of JRR Tolkein's trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, has just opened to critical acclaim and box office success.

Given the obvious appeal of this tale of the classic war between good and evil and the continuing success of the novels it is based upon, can you help explain why this particular story has struck so many readers and viewers so very, very deeply?

Answer: Dear one, there is nothing sinister here, nor is this story a veiled description of a hidden earth history. Instead however, you see an interesting timing. Why now? These stories are over a half a century old! Besides the adventure that they represent, what has driven the timing of the conversion to this medium?

It is the fact that the struggle you find yourself within right now is the one we told you was coming in back in 1989. We told you then that a battle between the old and the new energy was at hand. We told you that it would involve the whole earth, and we told you the attributes. We said that civilization was at stake, and that sides would have to be taken and many would have to get off the fence.

The trilogy you speak of has many metaphors representing this, and many people are drawn to it because at the cellular level it indeed represents the kind of battle you begin for the planet. The battle seems simplistic in the adventure, does it not? And your current situation seems complex? In reality your situation is about releasing your earth of old energy thinking and performance… and it's not near as complex as you think. The politics of men have created the complexity. But the question of what you are fighting is very real and very simple. What energy will the planet allow to remain? Is there a new consciousness that has changed what is acceptable for governments, large organizations and big religion? Is integrity increasing? The answer is yes. Go look at your news.

So your theatre mimics your reality, and you are drawn to the outcome.

Question: Dear Kryon, please give me some more information on the interdimensional life in the air. How does it affect us? How does it affect our breathing? Is breathing itself an interdimensional act?

Answer: Dear ones, there is much here that you do not yet understand. We have spoken many times about the interdimensional life in both air and water. Its also in the dirt of the earth. This is not something new, nor is it unusual. It's something that represents the way things work.

This life is part of nature, and is a support attribute for many processes. However, one of the largest attributes is that it responds to Human consciousness. It does not have choice or intelligence as you might call it, but rather it is as natural as your forests and seas, all which help balance the planet and respond to influences.

Does it affect your breathing? Let me ask this instead. Does your breathing affect it? The answer is yes in both cases. Breathing is your life-line is it not? Did you ever wonder if you could change the air you breath? Can you make it cleaner? Can you take "cleansing breaths"? Can you take in air that might be healing? Here is a brand new teaching, and one which we will be involved in greatly as time goes on.

The interdimensional life in water and air (in particular) is ready to "listen" to what a powerful force on earth is about to say. That powerful force is focused Human thought. Those reading this who don't believe it, or think this is funny have only to wait. Even your own science will eventually discover the "shadows" of this life, and wonder what it is. When that happens, remember that you saw it here.

Question: Dearest Kryon, I love you very much. The best thing that has ever happened in my life was the truth you brought forth from Spirit. It completely changed my life. My question is with regard to Ascension. Please tell me what is it I should know with regard to ascension at this time in my life. My greatest desire in the world is to ascend, but to stay in this planet to help my fellow brothers and sisters.

Secondly, I desire very much to connect with an Ascended Master to study from them to carry out the Divine Plan here on Earth. Recently, I have been intuitively guided to meditate on the Ascended Master Koot Humi. I would like your guidance on this.

Answer: There will be great teaching regarding ascension by the Kryon. This will begin by the end of February, and will be published.

You may gain wisdom from any past ascended master you wish, but the one that has the best answers for you is the one with your face. It's about time to understand that there is no master who has ever lived on earth that can give you more information that the source you carry inside. All the ascended masters carried the same truth, and it's available through the process you call ascension. It's personal, and needs only you with the Higher-you.

Question: Dear Kryon: Can we expect the "dark forces" - negativity to simply disappear quietly into the night? Is it not true that only something "cataclysmic" can change the paradigm? Why else would things change unless they had to?

Answer: The only dark forces on this planet are the ones created by Human beings and their old energy ways. Read our many messages that we have given regarding what you call the dark side. As far a "disappearing into the night," who told you that? This is going to take energy and time.

Your current challenge on this planet is completely about this energy, and the battle around it. This was information we have been giving for over a decade. It is a profound battle that is beginning, and it will take many warriors of the light to solve it. As for something "cataclysmic" happening…it did. This is the very message of Kryon, that you have changed the very fabric of reality on earth.

Question: Dear Kryon, I am confused about what an "aspect" of the self is. When you speak of our dark side fighting for its survival, can an "aspect" be a physical person as well as an interdimensional part of us?

Answer: In the context of our message to you about your duality, the "aspect" is 100% you. It's true that there are complements of what you have created that challenge you, but our message that you speak of [The channelling: "What's happening" at http://www.kryon.com/k-channelnewhamp02.html] was all about what is happening within your own cellular structure.

Question: Dear Kryon, with the recent news of the cloned human baby, I am curious as to your views on "Human cloning.” Is this meant to be; does it matter how the human physical body is created, or is man overstepping ethical and spiritual boundaries.

Answer: We have given many messages about this. It is the Human who sets the spiritual parameters of science, not God. Do you understand that yesterday's spiritual taboos are today's normality? So where did that leave God? Did God change, or did the Human?

The truth is this. Nature clones a Human over a thousand times a day [identical twins], so the process is normal biology. You are not creating life when you clone scientifically. You are simply manipulating what is there to emulate what nature does daily. There is no spiritual taboo here, but rather there is a very high integrity question. This is all about children, and the reasons for creating them in a designed fashion. Is there integrity in this, or is it convenience? Where do you draw the line?

Does the husband who lost his wife, clone a female child to bring her back? This is NOT fantasy, and may actually happen. Can you imagine the relationship between them? Do the parents who lost a child, try to replace him? Do they think that God will also honor the full karmic imprint of a cloned child compared to the one they lost? The answer is no.

Humans will be cloned, and there will come a time when the line blurs between cloning and simply manipulating the genealogy of those ready to be born. In all those cases, there are spiritual consequences, but not judgment. The consequences are ones which simply are the results of your free choice. The karmic attributes of a clone will be just as individualistic as any other Human. They will have the karma of "a clone." For anyone to think otherwise makes us wonder if they think we [Spirit] are in the closet regarding these things?

Spirit knows exactly what is happening. Your free choice regarding the manipulation of the seeds of life is respected since it is free choice. But there is nothing your science will ever be able to do that will alter the spiritual imprint of the portions of DNA which are interdimensional.

There are many on the other side of the veil right now, ready to come in as clones if that is what you are going to produce. They will be just as much of an individual "angel" as any of you. All you will be doing it to predispose their biological make up… a very small portion of the whole of who you are.

Question: Dear Kryon, I went where Spirit sent me. I have changed a lot in the past years and I know I have grown fast spiritually (maybe too fast). My husband and children are gone, my career is gone, and my best friend (on your side of the veil) is gone too. I have dropped the vows and lost the vision of heaven on earth I was carrying in me since birth. I don’t want to die (escape) anymore, and I have lost interest in having a companion. I’m somewhat peaceful, and the Third Language is here. Cocreation still works, I’m abundant (according to your definition). I feel different physically, and many things started to settle down in 2002 so I don’t feel the “spiritual heaviness” anymore.

I’m wondering if the light in my lighthouse is shutting down (if so, why do the gifts work better than before?) I feel as if I am an empty and unmotivated shell that would have been peeled of its many layers. I no longer feel love and compassion as I used to. I just want to take care of myself. It all seems backward to me but it feels normal and right at the same time. What is going on?

Answer: You should re-read your question some time when you are not tired. Almost everything you asked for has happened. Even the seemingly negative aspects of your life have had purpose in their removal with your permission. Even the gifts still work! The challenge you face at the moment is that you are between the attributes of ascension, and don't know where they are going. This year we will present some of these attributes in a series of channellings called "Through the eyes of ascension."

Meanwhile, how is it that you can be in training for master-hood and not recognize it? The answer is almost completely that you judge everything by an old -D reality. There you are with so much in place, watching it all happen, and in the middle of the process you think it's finished? Does the traveler who is crossing the Atlantic, stop the ship in the middle of the ocean and wail that they are lost and can't see land? Or do they understand that they are navigating toward something and are in mid-voyage?
You are honored in what you have been through. Now let the rest happen.

Question: Dear Kryon, I have just purchased a new home and found out that there are electric power lines at the back of the property. It's nearly an acre, so the lines are not directly over my house, but still about 50 yards away on my property. Should I be concerned about the electro-magnetics and their effect on my family?

Answer: Each problem of this sort is unique. What power do they carry, and how often? Are they high or low energy power lines? If they can move a compass from your back door, then they are inappropriate for your life. The distance, however, is the key here. The ones you have will be fine. They are far enough away.
Now… about that transformer that is close to the house…

Question: Dear Kryon, within me are the answers and the knowledge that goes beyond my comprehension, my trust and love for myself, humanity and all that exists within the boundaries of my conscience/unconscious knowledge makes me a person without limitations for making all the changes necessary. My known force is powerful as within all of us.

With all my knowledge and self-awareness, why are the questions so hard to find? And why is that so important for me?

Answer: Dear one, congratulations on full understanding. Even your question about the questions is very telling of the place you are within.

Here is a metaphor: Let us say a sightless person was endeavoring to paint some artwork with the help of those who have sight. When it came to the sky or the trees in his landscape, would he even know how to ask "what color should these be?" The answer is no. He has never seen color. So there he sits with the brush in his hand, and does not even know what to ask.

Blessed is the Human who understands that the best question for every Human on the planet is, "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I should know." Stop the questions for awhile and listen for instructions.

Question: Dear Kryon, I am much concerned about the excessive weight that I have acquired during the last three years. I perceive that the magnetic grids being in place have the potential to shift this weight as I will no longer have to "hold" so much energy within this physical vessel. Any comments or encouragement about this weighty subject? Is there any way to release this 40+ pounds of excess weight?

Answer: Dear one, you are correct in everything you are saying. It is indeed time to correct this imbalance, but one which was given to you in your setup. Start by talking to your cells about the weight. Then visualize yourself with the body you desire and deserve. These things will actually begin to change your metabolism, and will alter the genetic properties within your DNA that control appetite and hunger. The kinds of foods you desire will change also. Honor the process, and the changes that will occur.

Celebrate yourself, and give this process at least one year. It will be worth the delay, and will be a healthy way to discard the excess.

Question: Dear Kryon, are all the 144,000 alive now, and what is their duty?

Answer: Yes they are. They have been here for quite some time. They are NOT all together, and they encompass the earth. Their duty is to help with The Crystalline Grid of the planet. They are re-writing the past. There are also more than 144,000! This number is a metaphor.

Question: Dear Kryon, Australia at the moment is in crisis from extreme heat and bush fires, fire sometimes signifying a "rebirth." Is this what is happening in Australia to its land and people as the magnetic grid settles? Do we need to give more love and peace to each other? How can I help more? Thank you Kryon and Lee for the love and joy in my heart through your word and teachings.

Answer: Indeed your continent is undergoing a cleansing. It's not about the grid specifically, but about the energy you have asked for. When you see these kinds of situations which are unique and severe, there is always purpose around them. It's about pruning the land and clearing the energy.
The thing you can do is to hold the energy that there will be as little loss as possible. Also erase any fear that you have, and anchor the land with love! Although yours is a land with very little history of humanity, it is for this exact reason that it is being prepared for something special.
Australia will eventually have a major role in the planet's spiritual growth. I think you knew that.

Question: Dear Kryon/Lee, I am amazed at all the information and love I receive from your books. Thank you so much for delivering such a message of hope for this planet. My first question has to do with finances. I believe in keeping my word and integrity, but have recently lost my job and have found it increasingly difficult to continue my payments and will need to consider filing chapter 7.

Without going into all the details of how I got here (do not want to go into being a victim) I am feeling very guilty by not paying everyone back. I sought the advice of a lawyer and was told they have more than made their money on me and not to feel bad it sometimes happen to all kinds of people.

Answer: Dear one, do not 'beat yourself up' on this issue. Sometimes it is needed to completely close the books on one part of your life to open to the other. If there are some feelings regarding certain of those who you owe, then as time goes on, offer to pay back outside the legal parameters. This is an integrity issue of your own choice.

Question: Dear Kryon/Lee, how come Lee/Kryon has never appeared on the Art Bell program? His message would be one of light and truth to his huge audience. Could help shift the critical mass on the planet in a positive way. Many lightworkers use this vehicle for getting out the message for world peace.

Answer: From Lee: Thank you for this question. Art does not like channellers, so that lets me out. Also, he thrives on the dramatic, sensational, and often doom and gloom subjects. He has had Mark Hazelwood, the author of "Blindsided" (Planet X information about how we'll all be toast by May 2003) on his show at least three times. But a message of hope and peace, no matter how much validation, just doesn't seem to satisfy the advertisers or the those who want the drama.

I'm sorry too. It would seem that if the United Nations would ask me (three times), that Art might also.