UPDATE: April 28, 2003
Question: Dear Kryon: In the November 2002 New Hampshire channelling, the first thing that caught my attention was the sentence, "Each of you is eternal, and not all life in the Universe is." Exactly what did you mean when you said "not all life in the Universe is"? I was under the impression that everything in the Universe contained life, as God is Life and all was/is created from God. Please explain.

Answer: As we've said before, there's life in the Universe that does not comprise "pieces of God," as you do. There's a tremendous amount of life in the Universe that's only in support of the divine pieces. Your concept of life is limited to 4D. There's also life in water, air, and the rocks of the planet (see the life question below). It isn't eternal like you are, nor does it have angelic properties. It is interdimensional, alive, and in support of your work on the planet.

Question: Dear Kryon: I've gotten pretty good at living completely in the NOW, knowing that all things arrive exactly when needed. My question is this: Although all my moment-to-moment needs are always taken care of, the debts that I acquired in the old energy still remain. I have just enough money to live in the moment, but not enough to pay my old bills. What are we supposed to do with old credit card, medical, and other miscellaneous bills? They're certainly "old energy" and in the new energy, there doesn't seem to be a place for them. However, I would dearly like to pay my obligations and release them. How does this fit in? I thank you in advance for your answer.

Answer: Your desire to pay off these debts shows the integrity in your quest. A "sufficiency" is what is promised, and if you include a small portion of your needs to work against your debt, that's what will then be included in your "moment-by-moment" needs. However, why not expand this co-creation to include the possibility of miracles to pay off these amounts? Look for synchronistic events that may appear - plans or ideas that were not there before - to allow these debts to be reduced substantially instead of having to drag them around with you for years. Your intent is the key, and your faith is the manifestation. Spirit sees all your situations as solved and temporary. How do you see them? As impossible and forever? Start celebrating the reduction of these debts. Give what you can slowly, but "see" them being dissolved through means that you cannot plan yourself, but which will come to you through synchronicity.

Question: Dear Kryon: I've heard that the original transcribers of the first five books of the Bible were instructed to write it exactly as it was given them, with absolutely no margin for deviation. I've also heard that the reason for this involves a code, recently discovered through the use of computers, that, when decoded, contains the entirety of human history within it. That is one of those things that make you go "Wow! God is amazing!" But... and here is the problem for me... those first five books of the Bible speak of exactly the kind of God I have no desire to believe in: hardening Pharaoh's heart, turning Lot's wife into a pillar of salt, etc., etc. So... is the code legitimate? If so, why all the gruesome stories of a very un-Godlike God? Thanks for your help with this, and much love and gratitude to you for your work with mankind.

Answer: God is amazing... even without a code. If you wish to place credence in this synchronicity, however, then remember this: The God of the Old Testament is the same one as today. The bias you see was given in the dispensation of Law, and was a reaction to Human consciousness. As humanity changed, so did the teachings and the teaching energy. This gave the appearance that God changed, but this perspective is actually reversed. Humans changed, giving a new bias and slant to the ever-more-enlightened messages. As parents might treat a very young, difficult child with unflinching and consistent discipline, they also would treat a young, enlightened adult far differently - with choices and responsibility offerings. Who changed? The parents or the child? As the dispensation of Law gave way to Love, and now to Responsibility, God seems to have changed even again! But it is again the Human Being who drives this.

But it doesn't make God any more amazing than right now. Human Beings on your planet are being asked to take their divine power at this unique time in Earth history. Put down the old texts and begin to live the new ones that are poised in your writing hand. Write the new and amazing code yourself. There's wonder in the old items of history, but the instructions for your "now" must come from the new energy information sources... the ones at the core level of your new consciousness.

Question: Dear Kryon: I was wondering about the way I feel about whales and dolphins. I've had a feeling that I have to go to them sometime, but I don't know how or what I'm to do when I get there. Please help.

Question: Dear Kryon: I'm a Turkish/Islam woman of 57. I live in Ankara and work for the European Commission's project in Turkey. I've read almost all of the Kryon books twice, and I'm planning to read them once more. My question is about the whales. Why do they commit mass suicide? What is the reason for this very sad event? Is it a kind of protest against Human Beings?

Answer: Dear ones, we've channelled many times about the whales of this planet. In review, they're the living portions of an actual grid-system! They contain the "history of Earth" within their beings, and they're sacred for that reason. They coordinate and cooperate with the crystalline grid of your planet, which is currently being rewritten (see Kryon channelling on the Website: "What's Next?" December 8, 2002). Doesn't it strike you odd that these mammals are the only ones protected against hunting by more than 90 percent of the countries of Earth... even the places without oceans? Do you think that this is an accident or a coincidence? No. It's cellular information for all humanity to protect the whales and keep them safe. Dolphins are their cousins and support group, and they play a role in the whales' development. This is why you're so attracted to them.

Whales do not commit mass suicide. They have no consciousness to allow for this, and it has never happened. Instead, you see whales often beaching themselves and then being saved by Humans, only to re-beach themselves and die. This takes place mostly on the coastlines of your continents, and often on those areas of topography that "stick out," such as a peninsula or isthmus. Your Cape Cod is a good example in America, and is also a place where this has recently happened (up to 47 whales on a beach).

The reason is that whales, dolphins, amphibians, birds, and even insects all navigate to their breeding ground or migration areas each year via the magnetic grid of the planet! Each group follows the ley lines of magnetic influence, almost as if they had a built-in compass. In fact, they actually do!

The magnetic grid of this planet has changed so much, so quickly, as we told you it would in 1989, that there hasn't been time for the pods of whales to adjust with time to these changes. Instead, many simply follow the old magnetic lines of migration, only to find themselves on a beach instead of the open ocean, as the old magnetic direction used to take them. They're confused, and they simply line up and try again, just as they have for years. These things are temporary, and as tragic as you might see them, it's all part of "pruning" the system, and the calves will go around in the future, establishing new instinctive information for the new whales regarding the grid changes. This information has even now been validated this year (2003) by your scientists.

Question: Dear Kryon: I'm confused by the whole issue of aliens and other intelligent life out there in the universe. Tobias seems to say that our experiences and contacts with aliens are really encounters with aspects of ourselves, but you're saying that aliens and other intelligent life forms are out there, although we are the only biological forms with free choice. Can you help to clarify this?

Question: Dear Kryon, is there an extraterrestrial presence in the world today? If so, what do they want? Are they succeeding? Do they pose a threat?

Answer: Dear ones, this answer is the same one we've given many times over the years. It has never changed. We even discussed this years ago at the place you call the United Nations. Yes, the Universe is teaming with life. Yes, you will even find microbial life within other planets and moons of your own solar system. This will beg the question about the creation of life, and how common it must be everywhere.

And, yes... there are definitely extraterrestrials on the planet Earth. The ones who visit are no threat to you or to God or to the system you have set up for yourselves. They're curious about you, since they see the divine in you - something that you don't! They have almost no power unless you give it to them. As we've said before, they've been here for more than 60 years, yet they have yet to show themselves conclusively. This means that they hide for a reason... they know that we're powerful, and that our consciousness could accidentally destroy them. These who are here now are not important in the final scheme of things on the planet. So if they appear to you, simply tell them to go away, and watch them retreat! Someday, however, you'll meet the ones who will be meaningful to you. Don't be surprised when they look just like you.

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Question: Dear Kryon: Thank you for your wonderful books and your love. You say that Earth is the only planet with divine creatures. What do you mean by this? Are there other planets that are populated with evolving creatures like us, who also have to keep reincarnating?

Answer: Dear one, Earth is the only planet in this divine scenario in the Universe. That doesn't mean that there weren't others before. Every time there's a test like your Earth, the attributes are the same. Here is new information... the existence of your current Universe was postured in energy by a test much like the one you're going through for still another Universe to be created.

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Question: cont'd.: I don't mean to seem trivial, but will our genetic makeup continue to influence our future physical characteristics? Am I destined to live with it for eternity, or will I be able to redesign my body after 2012 rather than continuing to rejuvenate my current body cells? I have a great immune system and am very healthy and relatively fit, but I'm ready for a change or perhaps an enhancement in appearance to reflect how I feel inside.

Answer: What a wonderful question. The Human body will continue to look the same. The difference, however, will be what you call "Human nature." That is what will be able to change. It is a Human staple, an attribute that many feel is responsible for war, greed, and a revolving door of sorrow on this planet. Slowly, however, this will be rewritten. In addition, the immune system will slowly give way to a system that harmonizes and mutates rather than fights. This is a cellular evolutionary shift that has the potential to take place over the next two or three Human generations. The year 2012 is a marker of energy. Whatever the energy is at that point will help set a stage for the next shift.

Question: Dear Kryon: Other channellers have said that we should pay attention to our dreams and that we shouldn't use our dream books any longer, as the old symbols are no longer relevant. They've also stated that our dreams represent a release of old energies. So how do we analyze dreams now? Can you explain how we go about understanding the relevance of our dreams?

Question: Dear Kryon: For many years I've been remembering many of my (sleeping) dreams, and also have been trying to interpret what they mean and what they can tell me about myself. I had some thoughts today, and was wondering if you could comment on them, and also about lucid dreaming. Here are my thoughts:

Are my dreams my imagination, and also my reality? I guess, in a way, the continual shifting in dream scenery could be likened to the fact that our true realities are layered, and multidimensional and can change in an instant. Furthermore, who's to say that our dreamscapes aren't alternate realities, on different planes/dimensions, which are brought about by choices we've made, or didn't make, in our "past"? Maybe they're playing out in our subconscious, to poke and prod us to learn in this reality what we may have learned, or are trying to learn, in our other realities?

Answer: First, let's give you, as best we can, the reasons for dreams, and the process involved. It's not what you necessarily indicated. This Human dream function is extremely complex. Even after our explanation, you may not fully understand.

Biological: From a biological aspect, dreams are actually a memory release and rewrite. They are a form of mental clearing that the body must perform in order to actually reorganize the brain during the sleep state. It moves things around and prioritizes the places where memory is stored. In the process, you often get flashes of what it's doing. So this is the clinical truth, not yet seen or accepted by science. Soon, however, as you're able to map the energies of the brain in real time, this will be shown. Remember where you read it first!

Psychological: The memories that are moved from place to place are often done in a priority that's driven by your fears, loves, passions, and even your addictions. This is a hierarchy that remains very telling in analysis, and hasn't changed much through the centuries of Human existence. The nonlinear attributes... seeing people in places they never were, or couldn't be within a real 4D time line, are common, since the brain is moving these things in a nonlinear way. Think of it this way: You're carrying a box of photos of all your life experiences. Suddenly you drop the box, and the photos go everywhere. As you pick them up, they're not in any order. The past and present are all mixed up. As you hold the photos in your hand, your Aunt Sally is next to a home that she never saw, visiting your children whom she's never met. In addition, you pick up certain photos first that have more energy for you than the others, since they're going to be filed in a specific place that needs to be more available to the brain for remembrance. So the brain actually prioritizes the memories in an order that's telling. This is where psychological analysis has been so valuable in the past.

Spiritual: With the coming of the new energy, Lightworker and ascension status has changed all the potentials, and a brand new piece of the dream puzzle emerges. Your newfound awareness is suddenly part of this memory rearrangement. In addition, if you're working at it (being a Lightworker), the dream process has changed its purpose. It's now actually a rewrite of the past within your DNA (in addition to the biological sorting of neuron storage, as seen above)! This is very difficult to describe. Think of it this way: Return to the photos on the floor. Now, as you pick up each photo, you get to rewrite the emotions and energies around them with a new, enlightened mind. The father that abused you is now the "partner in karma," and an entity who did a good job of stirring your life up. The brother who committed suicide and shamed the family is now the one who gave you a gift... a kick in the pants to find out more about spiritual things. The partner who loves you, who may be lying next to you, is becoming more precious with your new divine eyes. So you're not just rearranging the memories. The brain is rewriting them. This is a powerful new attribute that shows a new enablement for Humans, and is primal to the teachings of Kryon and the other channellers of the New Age. Now, the photos you pick up first are the ones that you're rewriting and are thereby changing your very time line in this place called Earth.

The biological and psychological aspects cooperate fully with your enlightened state. They're subservient to the divine plan in your body, and have rearranged the priorities to help you fulfill a change in your DNA.

How to interpret the dreams? Well, those other channellers were correct - if you're working on your enlightenment. For the old interpretations discount the new spiritual aspects of the process. Now you may look at the interpretations completely in a spiritual light. Did you dream of Aunt Sally? Why? Perhaps you're rewriting how you felt about her and bringing her into a new light? Perhaps she's visiting you in an interdimensional way to help you process and rewrite her history within the scope of your life? This is very, very common. Parents return; those you lost during your 4D time line show up. You see, it's very complex, but it has indeed changed. Look for far more nonlinear things in the dream state.

Finally, a hint: If some of you have dreams that repeat and repeat a process or a song or an action seemingly all night (although dreams are actually happening in just a few seconds), it doesn't mean anything. Don't try to read into it. Instead, it's a smokescreen to let the brain and the divinity unify. The brain creates a feedback loop that runs while it does things that are beautiful, out of sight, and filled with new abilities for your consciousness.

Question: Dear Kryon: In your "What's happening" channel (on the Kryon Website), you say that each and every one of us has a group, or is a group. What can we do in order to integrate this group more into our daily lives?

Answer: First, let's clarify that this "group" is you. You don't have a group. You are a group. But you're correct in questioning how to integrate it. The process is one of integrating the 4D you with the interdimensional you. It's worth the work, and it's the thrust of all our channelling for the last full year.

The short answer? Each day: (1) Celebrate your life no matter what. (2) Talk to your cells every day! Tell them out loud what your plans are for your health and aging process. (3) Never utter any words about yourself unless you want the army of cells called "your body" to act on them. If you say in frustration, "This always happens to me!" Then about a trillion or so cells will get the message. Can you see them? They all have a meeting and say, "The boss says that he wants these things to happen all the time, so let's get busy and make them happen again!" In other words, your powerful energy manifests reality based on what you say and think. (4) Listen to Spirit. Don't do all the talking! Believe it or not, God actually knows what you're going through and what you need. (5) Visualize taking the hand of your higher self, and not letting go throughout the day.

Question: Dear Kryon: My questions are: (1) Did you have a childhood? (2) Did you have a learning curve for the knowledge you have? (3) Did you go through a maturing process as we do on this dimension? Are you evolving and learning, also?

Answer: No, no, and no. Let me describe something impossible to describe. My attributes are identical to yours. When you're not on planet Earth, you're a part of what you call God. There was no beginning. There is no past or future; therefore, the essence of us is timeless and fresh at the same time. The lessons you learn now are a process for a purpose that's not "angel education." It's for your 4D universe in your 4D time line. The stripes of color you carry as an angelic being are like awards for service, and you have thousands of them. They're about honor and expression, not learning. We all have the same information, and we've always had it. It's complete, and it's about everything that is. We're filled with the wisdom of the whole, and all the experiences of the whole. If one entity has a new awareness, we all have it. Believe it or not, you are part of this! Don't you remember? (A Kryon joke) Of course you don't. The duality you've accepted for your task on Earth hides this from you completely.

You are family. You are God. You are eternal.

Question: Dear Kryon: I have contact with several good astrologers who aren't acquainted with your messages re: the movement of the grid and how that affects astrological readings. It seems that without some understanding of, and research into, the specific measurements for the grid shift, any astrological work would be significantly inaccurate. Do you know of a list of Lightworkers who do work in astrology who can give those of us interested in the science a chance to consult with them? Thanks for your help.

Answer: As we've discussed, details about the actual movement of the grid will be of no help. Instead, many astrologers who are seeing how the last ten years have altered their readings must do multiple overlays of possibility to justify or realign actual new reality to their readings. It's a reconciliation and realignment of the system. The hint that we've given is that the main change is in the house sizes. A full three degrees has been rearranged. That means that some houses have been slightly reduced in their size, and some have been enlarged. The final hint given to you sometime ago was that the main energy shift is Jupiter related.

Having astrologers get together is indeed the answer, and you have the perfect vehicle - it's the Internet, and you're looking at it right now. So let the meetings begin.

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Question: Dear Kryon: I've been giving intent and trying to change my reality in some areas of my life for a while now, and I'm not having any changes. I'm confident that I've been changing my reality correctly (based on reading your channellings), but I now feel totally stuck. My question to you is, does astrology have any effect on the timing of changing a person's reality?

For example, if I'm trying to change my reality to one of prosperity and abundance, or to find a soul mate or travel overseas, etc., if these things don't show up as a possibility in one's astrology chart for a couple of years, does this mean that by trying to change my reality, nothing is going to happen for two years because astrologically it can't happen until the right stars are in place? Is astrology a stronger force than one's intent and reality to change things? Do we have the power to override the astrology aspect of timing and change?

Answer: Our very first message to you in 1989 was that you can rewrite your own astrological attributes! Our last message to you (2003) was the same. This is the Kryon theme... masters can do this, and have done so many times on the planet. Astrological attributes are magnetic and gravitational imprints on the interdimensional portions of the DNA. They occur at birth and are part of the system of personality setups, beginning contracts, and potential interactions with other Humans. Although you will always have your birth sign, and the personality attributes, the reactions to the system can now be tempered and changed. Retrogrades won't affect you... typical well-known interactions between birth signs won't be as predictable anymore, and yes... your intent can completely and totally override these imprints. How? Because you're reprogramming the imprints!

Now, as to the real question: Why hasn't anything changed for you? It's because you bought your ticket of intent, but the train hasn't arrived yet. It's a real ticket, with real manifestation. When the train finally arrives, you might write again and ask how to slow it down! Such are the various pathways that Humans take. One day you're convinced that nothing will change. The next you're begging for things to settle down. In your case... just a little more time in the train station will be needed. It's not about astrology. It's about your path. What to do while you wait? How about celebrating the fact that you have the ticket? How about laughing out loud at the systems around you, and getting ready to move through them like you never have before. How about taking time to think about the love of God, and how it hugs you every morning, even if you don't know it? How about loving yourself... your particular challenge?

Question: Dear Kryon: I have a question that I feel is forever present on my mind. Often I have this kind of conversation in my head, especially when I'm dissatisfied with a particular life situation: My conversation is this. Voice one: "Do something to change it right now, and don't waste time." Then another voice steps in and cancels the first one. It says: "Be patient and wait until you get a synchronicity sign that tells you that time is right for the change." How are we supposed to exercise our free will in Earthly life? Do we listen to what our minds tell us, or listen to our hearts and souls? How do we know the difference, and how would I know that a particular thought is coming from my Higher-Self ?

On top of this, it seems as if there are so many contradictions in spiritual teachings. For example: Be patient and trust your Spirit, versus: Take action and be proactive now. Half of me wants to shake the world and be active; another half, to spend my life away from a mad rush in quiet meditation and observation of others. It's so difficult to be just an observer in this life dilemma, to stay above it. Usually I fluctuate between these two polarities - never really sure that I understood my life callings correctly.

Answer: Dear one: I think you've just defined "duality" better than any Human I've ever heard! The answer is the information we've begun to talk about and teach for more than a decade. It's to integrate the two so that (1) there is no disagreement or fight, since your new "Earthly experience" is now divine; and (2) be proactive in your search for synchronicity! How does this translate? It means this: Stop waiting for something to happen. Go out and push on doors to see if the synchronicity is "out there." Gone are the days when you have to decide to act or wait. Always act, but act in a divine way with a divine mind. Kryon Book 5, The Journey Home, is the blueprint. That's why I channelled it. Not everything is as it seems.

Question: Dear Kryon: I'm so moved by the Kryon books I've read. Thank you for all the information. I have a question about a magnetic therapy I've recently been introduced to called the QRS (Quantum Resonance System), which creates an active magnetic field using low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic energy to restore balance to cells. Is this one of the therapies that's safe to use? In one of your books you mention that such therapies were being developed in Germany, and this is one of them, I believe. I would be grateful for your guidance on the use of this therapy.

Answer: This facilitation is a forerunner of what we've called "designer magnetics." It's safe, since it's a pulse mode, and also since it's designed for balance. The pulse mode doesn't send a constant magnetic message to the cells, but rather gives the cells a chance to recover and be awakened by the next pulse. It's almost like an alarm clock of magnetic resonance, giving the cellular structure a "choice." Part of the secret of its viability is the frequency and timed symmetry of the pulse.

It also gives credibility to the basic premise that the body will heal itself, and wishes to operate perfectly, but often needs to be balanced for this to happen. So a system of balance is often one that leads to healing, but the healing will come from the Human.

And, yes... the roots of this were German inspired. Each culture has something to offer. The German culture has established itself as the "machine" culture, and has a history of some of the best healing devices on the planet.

Question: Dear Kryon: I'm from Norway. My question: What about organ transplants? What happens to the chakras? I've listened to many channellings (some valuable, others not), and no one except one has pointed out what kind of mess there will be when humans play "God" like this. What will happen on your side of the veil when humans leave part of an organ behind when they die? There are campaigns going on in my country that require people to give away their organs in case of an accident.

Answer: Dear one, get out of the drama of this entire subject. God/Spirit is not in a vacuum when it comes to these things. Did you ever wonder, in this new energy, if God actually created this so that Humans could help Humans? It is perhaps normal for you to think that these things will somehow affect your chakras, karma, etc. Here is the truth: Through your God-given new technologies, you have permission to save another's life in this fashion. You have permission to use intent to void out the problems of rejection and even to rearrange your own cells! This is not a taboo in a sacred journey. It is an extraordinary gift of life! It's part of a new energy science, and it is honored.

God knows exactly what's taking place, and through your new cellular communication, your body does, too. Don't take these things to a place they don't belong, thinking that somehow God will somehow be displeased, or that the body won't know what's happening. Leaving the organ on Earth when you die is an awesome lineage. What a gift to the planet! How many Humans can say that when they die, part of their body remained to give life? The science was actually given to you so that you could have life-saving technology at this time in your history. It's a gift that can and should be used with spiritual integrity and love.

Let's say that someone needs a kidney or they'll die. The one giving the kidney speaks to the organ and blesses the synchronicity that it will supply extended life to another Human. That Human may go on to affect others, and may help the planet. Therefore, the donated organ is not an accident of nature, or a freak of creation, or a mistake of bad science. The very cells of the kidney know of the contract between the Humans involved. Did you think of that? It was in the potentials of both lives all along, cooperating with new science and new energies. The kidney is blessed and is given sacredness, bringing life and contract fulfillment to both Humans.

As for a requirement to donate? Each Human should have free choice over all things. The giving of an organ should be a sacred event, celebrated with intent - not a requirement.

Question: Dear Kryon: Please could you tell me if I'm being oversensitive about my dislike of horror films, etc., or can they really affect us?

Answer: No, you're not being overly sensitive. What goes into the consciousness is always personally processed. Most of the time your frightening stories are seen as fantasy and often even enjoyed for their adventure. Most Humans can separate the reality from fantasy. Sometimes, however, these two get mixed.

How do you know which is which? Use your intuition and "feel" if a film presentation or book has the characteristics of being enjoyed for its adventure, or is an actual attempt at altering a mind through fear. The intent of the creator of the film is often where the truth lies. Entertainment or shock? Fun or fear? When you put some time into the examination, the truth will pop into your mind with clarity. Each individual Human is different, and the age of development of the early Human mind is very, very sensitive.

So use discernment, and it will guide you. Each case is different, so honor each one with the same diligence, and answers will be given.

Question: Dear Kryon: Although I haven't read a lot of metaphysical material, the bits I have, which talk about many Human/Earth issues, don't raise or mention the subject of drug usage in our society. What is the role of drugs, and why do they play such a big role in our society? How can I explain both to students and users how they fit into the bigger scheme of things (or not)?

Answer: Like everything else on the planet that's life altering, the drug use in any society plays an energy part that's appropriate. Some call it the tempter. In any good screenplay, there's often the choice of giving away one's power to Earthly desires, or to the integrity of what is seen as correct and good. This is a classic story.

What we're saying is that your tests would never be good ones if these things didn't exist. So, indeed, it plays an appropriate and correct part of Earth's cycle of choices. The choice of light and dark is often muddied with desire. Such is the way of things, and of the complexity of choice.

The good news is that for every choice that would create a life of addiction and sorrow, there is power available to solve it. There is no temptation given to man that does not also have a solution of equal power on the same divine selection tray. The Human who lifts himself out of the darkness is the one who will shine a light that's brighter than the others. Then you begin to understand why the test is the way it is.

Blessed are the Humans who co-create healing for the substances that enslave them and spoil their health. For this will often be the lighthouse that leads many others to the safe harbor of solution and reconciliation in the harmony of life.

Question: Dear Kryon: What can you tell us about Rods? They are semi-opaque, long, snakelike creatures with undulating wings on the side. They were discovered in slow-motion videotapes and have been found everywhere on the planet. Are these interdimensional creatures we share the planet with? What is their purpose here and now?

Answer: Yes! They are the "shadows" we have spoken about that are the hints of interdimensional life in all things. Their purpose? To respond to Human consciousness! That is the way miracles are processed by all matter. This life is here to balance the planet, and to serve the Human test here.

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Question: Dear Kryon: My question has to do with changing the past with love. The other day I got "lost" trying to find a particular restaurant for my son, and I ended up driving 20 miles or so down a main boulevard in my hometown. As I drove, I remembered many events that had occurred in my life, as I'd grown up in this neighborhood. Not all the memories were pleasant - most had to do with childhood "less than" feelings, painful sexual expressions, or those lost and lonely feelings. As these memories surfaced, I remembered that the NOW is all that really exists and that I could probably send strong messages of love and support to the little or younger Brian that was currently experiencing these events. I told my little Brian that he was not alone and that I was with him in love and that everything would be okay.

Is this true? Can we send love to the "past" or "future," even to ourselves? Can I help heal the past by sending this love from the NOW? If we can send this love energy, then does it have the potential?

Answer: My answer will be very short. Yes. Your description is exactly what we teach. This is exactly how the past is rewritten. Blessing to you for this wonderful explanation.

Question: Dear Kryon: Can you please tell me what Kryon says about suicide?
What if the person truly believed they were finished with this physical life and truly wanted to move out of it, with a sense of joy at the prospect of leaving this Earth plane and going back home? Do they end up in hell?

Answer: We have spoken about this many times. The answer is no. That beautiful soul who agreed to give the potential of this energy to the family is greeted on the other side of the veil, just as the one who went all the way to a natural death. Read the parable of the prodigal son in your scripture. It is about this exact thing.

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Question: Dear Kryon: (1). How do we free an Alzheimer's patient of his suffering?( 2). What role does death play in the new energy?

Answer: (1) Love him. The Human brain may be confused and mentally ill, but it will always respond to love. That is the universal law. If he's not alone, he will be comforted. Even without a memory of his past, to have you next to him in love, holding his hand, speaks volumes. He may not even know who it is that holds his hand, but he will know he's not alone, and he'll know at some level that there's comfort available.

See the next question.

Question: Dear Kryon: I've been wondering about this for a while now. Do we decide how and when we're going to die before we come into the world? Is that why some people live a long and healthy life, while others die from an illness or accident at an early age? Does it have anything to do with our past lives?

Answer: (2) Human death is not seen on this side of the veil as anything but a transition of energy and a freshening of expression. This is difficult for you to understand, for to you, death is pain, suffering, and grief. Can you even begin to understand why this is the setup? We see it as part of the "play of Earth." In any play, even the Human with the knife in his chest gets up after the curtain comes down and has a party with the cast. The cast members all know that the adventure in the play is not real. But in the play of Earth, your reality says that life is everything there is. Therefore, it's played "for keeps." It has to be this way, to make the challenge and the test... fair.

Yes, you all have a beginning setup contract where your shift (death) is planned. Sometimes it's to facilitate another person (such as the profound energy created through the death of a child or suicide). So it can be part of an agreement with great energy around it, or a simple potential to leave when it's time. Each case is different, and yes, it is often tempered with a balance from past-life experience. It's also entirely temporary and waiting to be rewritten!

All this is changing greatly. With the new energy brings a change in the system of life and death on Earth. Indigo Children are coming into the planet without past-life karmic attributes. They're "clean" of this karma, and also have a very different setup. They still have a potential life line, and they carry information about past-life experience and the wisdom of what they learned, but they're also aware that they can create a change in that beginning contract. This is the biggest difference between the old- and new-energy Human. The old-energy Human somehow feels that the contract is absolute, that nothing can change it. He actually tries to follow this beginning temporary setup to its destination! This is information that has to be unlearned for most of you. The child? He knows better. He can do anything! Did you notice his attitude? He comes in ready to create and manifest. He's frustrated that you don't see the potentials, or that you wallow in some linear system, or that you try to follow an old setup. Did you notice? This is all part of the new Human-life scenario.

Whereas the plan of old created life and death as a cycle in a karmic engine of lesson - creating energy to help the earth - that is now void. The new system is one that encourages a contract rewrite, including death time, age, and even life lesson. It's a startling change, and brings new meaning to death in the new energy.

Also, there's this fact: We told you in 1989 that a great number of Humans might have to pass quickly in these times for the new energy to manifest. You're seeing it now. With war and disease, the numbers are quickly being fulfilled. What does this mean? It means that many actually had the agreement to pass at this time if the earth had accomplished a vibratory rate shift. It did, and the process began.

What is the reason for this? Although you might fee that it's too sorrowful to think about, we give you the truth: The new Indigo color of Human Being will do far better on the planet than one with a very old energy. Therefore, many are leaving early to immediately come back as Humans with the Indigo color. This will facilitate peace on Earth faster than anything else.

Question: Dear Kryon: I believe that there's been mention of changing our physical bodies through intent. However, I was wondering about the effect of surgical enhancements on a person - specifically, implants of the silicon variety. :) I'm wondering how they affect or perhaps interfere with energy and the next steps of our evolution.

Answer: So, you wish to speak of sexual attractiveness and self-worth? Let's do so. This is not a taboo subject with Spirit. It's all part of what makes you do what you do. Think of it as yet another tool of life choice, given in an age of technology that would support it, and a culture where it's not unusual.

There's no spiritual judgment around enhancing your looks to accomplish better self-worth. There's also no taboo around it. There might be biological consequences, however (see below). The spiritual attribute is this, however: What does it bring to you that otherwise wouldn't have happened? Did you create a choice that would steer you into a place you didn't prepare for? If so, do you have good solutions? Did it help with your self-worth? The answers to these things are varied and complex, but they're all honored, since they're all part of what you're creating for yourself in free choice.

To Spirit, there's no difference between this and selecting a new color of clothing or changing your hairstyle. It's not seen as a violation of your body for unholy purposes (as some would have you believe). We've spoken of how sex is one of the most respected energies on the planet, and how Humans have a choice to honor or abuse it. But if honored, it creates sacredness in itself, with love and joy at its center. The enhancement you've described is totally a cultural perception, and isn't seen by Spirit as anything more than your becoming more beautiful to a society that wishes to participate in this ritual of appearance.

Since it affects your biology, however, here's some advice: Anything placed into cavities of your body that are foreign to your system will have a tendency to create an energy of imbalance. Therefore, make the alteration sacred. Bless the substance, and tell it how much better you'll feel when it's added. Speak to it daily, and give the body permission to feel that it belongs there. Make it part of the whole.

Question: Dear Kryon: The question I'd like to ask is, what information do I most need to know?

Answer: The thing you need to know right now is how to create an energy around you that keeps you balanced and joyful, no matter what's happening in your life or the world. Can you see things in a sacred light? Can you send light to the places that need it the most, allowing for free choice? Or do you wallow in the drama of the politics? The biggest thing that you're learning right now is how to become interdimensional in these things. Learn to see appropriateness... the overview... and to then get to work and send the light to the most needed places on Earth - the Middle East, Africa, and the places of leadership and government. Send them light with spiritual integrity, not bias. Illuminate their areas, giving them a better choice to see things they never saw before. Be as the lighthouse that stands on the rock and helps to steer the ships into a safe harbor. Don't take sides. Don't judge the belief system of the ships. Just hold the light and anchor. Let Spirit do the rest.