UPDATE: 2nd Quarter 2004

QUESTION (1) Dear Kryon: I'm fascinated by the Dead Sea Scrolls. Are they current at this time?

ANSWER No, but current enough so that you can reconstruct history to see what happened. Sometimes people use the term Dead Sea Scrolls to indicate all the scrolls, but there were actually more. Written by those who were also there at Christ's life and death were writings by other disciples. These were found within a few years of the ones found in Qumran, and are just as important. Look for the ones found in Egypt. They'll reveal much more diversity than you think, and bring you to the conclusion that perhaps there's far more to this story that you think you know so well.*

QUESTION (2) Dear Kryon: My question is this: Where can I find access to these scrolls? I've long thought that the "known" story of Jesus is convoluted and different from the truth. Are these scrolls accessible to average people?

ANSWER Not yet, nor would it help much if they were, since so much of what they contain must be realized within the context of the culture in which they were written. Look to the unbiased scholars who have access to them for a far better understanding of what took place. And yes... the truth is different from your current teachings.

(From Lee): You've touched on a subject that was presented by Kryon in Book One, published in 1989. There are books that might help you learn more, written by the only female biblical historian allowed access to the scrolls. Her name is Barbara Thiering, and she's written many books about Jesus that are filled with "Aha!" revelations that you always suspected... but which are presented from the standpoint of a historian, not a New Age believer. Go to www.Amazon.com and type in Barbara's name under "Author," and you'll find her books.

QUESTION (3) Dear Kryon: Are there currently any women channelling Kryon? If not, is there a particular reason why not?

ANSWER First, let me answer the question literally. After that I'll give you an answer within the consciousness and the intent of which it was asked. I am Kryon, a piece of what you call God, but so are you. My service is different from yours, yet we have a link between us. Any Human can channel my energy at any time. It will come in with what you call the Higher-Self and complement the whole of your divinity. It's available anytime and without any permission. You are family, and I've said this for more than 15 years. So that means that tens of thousands of women are channelling Kryon every day!

As for the intent of your question, you're really asking if there are any "recognized" female Kryon channels of the kind that my partner represents. The answer is yes. Some are part of the original nine I spoke of but aren't popular yet, and some are not part of the nine, but are teaching openly. If you wish to know who is "real" and who isn't, that's easy. Look for the same energy I've given you through my partner. It's unmistakable. Also look for the consistency of the message with respect to what has already been given. There's no gender preference when it comes to the love of God.

QUESTION (4) Dear Kryon: I've read quite a bit on the "hollow earth theory" and it's a matter of record, based on what Admiral Byrd found on one of his explorations many years ago. In a recent book, Mt. Shasta and surrounding areas were named as exits and openings for a civilization that calls that region home. I checked on the Web, and there's a person who's telling of the existence of these people, who are supposed to be survivors of Lemuria, and what their relationship to us is. One of the things that was brought out was that they're waiting for the 12:12, the same time that's referred to by Kryon. Does Kryon have any info on this possibility?

ANSWER This information is answered completely within some of the newest channellings. I've instructed my partner to place the second channelling from Mt. Shasta, which was given June 2004, into publication (on the Website) within two months of this question-and-answer series. In that channelling, we describe these Lemurians and what their society used to be like, and what happened that allowed them to move dimensionally into your future.

There is no hollow earth containing Human creatures as you know them. There are, however, interdimensional beings who have been waiting to come to the surface if the planet ever got to the place where they could. These are the Lemurians. The time would be now, and they are actually here. They're not waiting for 2012, which is the "book end" of the Venus Transit (see the first Mt. Shasta channelling on the Website, from June 2004).

There's a great deal to understand here, and some of it will seem esoteric and beyond the scope of the what would normally be seen as the "practical Kryon message." However, it's no different from your belief in guides and angels, and falls within much the same category... those who have been waiting to help you.

(From Lee): There are now satellites that continuously "see" the topography of the earth over and over. They've been in place for years. Many are dedicated to the mapping of the planet, gravitational anomalies, geophysical attributes, and so on. Environmentalists are especially interested in the poles due to the gradual warming of the planet. If there were an exit and opening that has been described, which is in 4D, you'd have to understand that it would have been seen by now, over and over. And if you're one of those who believe that it has been seen but is being kept secret, then you're not yet awakened to what real Human nature is like. No more secrets like this can be kept when the world is connected in the way it is via the Internet. There's always someone who will "spill the beans." It's really easy to believe in conspiracies. The truth will be much stranger, and harder to accept.

QUESTION (5) Dear Kryon: I'd like to ask about architecture. I'm a young college student, and I fear that I will possibly contribute to the destruction of the earth through my work. I wish to make buildings that work with the Universe. How can I design and build adequate homes for the Human species? Nature seems to get it right every time in an effortless manner.

ANSWER Dear one, bless you for your question! Do not fear what is before you. It will fall to those like you to develop the intuitional design that will be the future of architecture. You are needed to stay where you are and trust your inner knowing as you do your work. The biggest thing you might do to help build for the future is to start understanding the movement of energy in all structures. Design with an "eye" on the whole picture, not just the one you can see.

QUESTION (6) Dear Kryon: Will there come a time when our job, as pieces of God here on planet Earth, will be complete and we'll leave it to the biological beings?

ANSWER You are biological beings, but you have a divine complement. This is different from biological beings in the Universe who do not, as we've told you many times. It means that you're a hybrid, part biology and part angelic. The angelic part hides within duality, and this is the ever-present test of energy on the planet.

The answer to your question is this: There will come a time when you're complete... yes. But when that happens, the earth will be finished in purpose. It will then return to a state of purity, and life will begin again. Don't worry. This is very far away, and in all appropriateness, will be something you will all celebrate. This is not fortune telling. It's the plan you've designed around this beautiful planet.

QUESTION (7) Dear Kryon: If we're allowed free will, and the work we do requires that we be safely "beyond the veil" from you and our home, why is it that you're allowed to speak to us and to tell us parts of the truth? Not that I'm complaining! I love to hear from you! Blessed are you for the work you do, for the tremendous comfort and hope that's contained in your message, and for the love you bring us.

ANSWER You might notice that I never give answers that reveal secrets you must reveal for yourselves. I'm a guide, and I do no more than what has been allowed from the beginning... give information that points you to find the next answer. This is no different from any angelic entity that you've studied. We all have the same rule book for humanity. The only thing that has changed is that my messages were able to be brought into a more prominent place within the acceleration of the energy on the planet. This was your doing, and you might say that the 11:11 in 1987 was the turning point. This opened a door that allowed even further "pointers" to more advanced learning. It's like I'm helping to write a new chapter in your divinity, pressing you forward to find out more about areas that were always there, but that are now more important than ever. Remember what I told you sometime ago? "When the light is turned on, it often reveals things that you may then see and act upon. This doesn't mean that they didn't exist before the light was turned on."

QUESTION (8) In a recent channelling, you mentioned the Book of Mary and said that it had been hidden away but is now out in the open. When will information such as this (and other writings that have been hidden away), be widely available to the public?

ANSWER This book is from Mary, a disciple of Christ, and is not a secret. It has been in existence since 1947.* It's only now, however, that the information is beginning to play into a larger scenario that you may see and examine as truth. This is also the subject of your mainstream writings (The Da Vinci Code is an example) and is right on time.

Know this: that the reason for these revelations is twofold: (1) There's more to the story than you've been told, and (2) the divine feminine is an important part of it. The information isn't meant to cancel any religion on the planet, or to disrupt anyone's belief. Think of it in this way: What if God was bigger than you were told? If you're happy with only part of a grand story, wouldn't you want the rest? Consider it an enhancement of truth, not a destroyer of it.

Blessed are the Humans who seek the whole truth, like children opening new gifts, for it will only enhance their lives, not upset them. To the priests, ministers, and shamans, we say this: Prepare for a more complete story... one that will make it easier for you to minister to those who seek the love of God.

QUESTION (9) Dear Kryon: My question is, after we know our Higher-Self, what's next?

ANSWER Then you are complete, dear Human... just like when you know everything there is to know. Prepare yourself. It might take a while. [Smile]

QUESTION (10) Dear Kryon: I have a pet goat that has exhibited some remarkable qualities as of late. I've been noticing his behavior since I first bought him, and out of curiosity, took him to have his aura read. You can imagine my astonishment when his aura turned out to be a deep indigo hue! How is it possible for this Indigo Goat, if you will, to exist?

ANSWER Be aware of what's happening so that you don't sequester the "Indigo experience" into a box. The indigo color is being seen because of a large change in consciousness on the planet. So it's an energy gift to Earth - not to children. The new children of Earth are taking this Earth gift and changing it to new thought. The crystalline energy that we spoke of last year is also part of this.

Therefore, you'll see this new energy everywhere, since it belongs to the planet. It's not that you have an "Indigo Goat," but rather, an animal that's simply participating in its way in the new Earth energy. Also remember this: that the entire animal kingdom exists for the support of humanity, so you can't be that surprised by an indigo color around an animal. Want to see something really spectacular? For those who see energy, watch the plants.

QUESTION (11) Dear Kryon: Recently I've encountered a number people who tell me that their children, young people between the ages of 18 and 27, have suddenly developed schizophrenia, or other imbalances such as manic/depression, bipolar disorder, paranoia, and severe depression. What's going on? Can you address this phenomenon?

ANSWER It's not your imagination. It's increasing. So are other kinds of mental imbalances in children. As the energy of the planet changes, those coming in to it will be presented with a far larger puzzle of development than you were. This will result in more aberrations of "normal" than ever before. It's going to demand that you rework your health care for these young ones. Be aware: It's only imbalance, not a disease.

QUESTION (12) Dear Kryon: I'm a mental-health nurse working in the British National Health Service with people who have a huge range of problems. Can you help me understand the psychotic experience that's often labeled as schizophrenia, and more important, how I can best help the people I work with (having gained a greater understanding of the human experience from your words) within the constraints of the system I have to work in.

QUESTION (13) Dear Kryon: I'd like to ask about multiple personalities. I understand the psychological aspect (as much as anyone can) of this condition, but I'm wondering about the spiritual aspects of it. Is the "fragmentation" something that extends to spiritual or soul levels, or is it only something that exists in consciousness?

ANSWER The actual answer is that those who are the most unbalanced in this area are the ones having a profound reaction to what normally hides in most Humans. You're all "multiple," but only the life you have now is seen as "real" or "the one on top of the pile." In multiple personalities, these dear ones often "see and feel" the past-life residue in their DNA as real. The only rule in their reality is that these "real" multiples must appear in a serial time line... one at a time. Each one is actually real, and each one can be "owned" by them since they actually had full lifetimes lived for each. This is why it's easy for them to have a history of each one. It's not made up!

So you're not seeing fantasy, but simply an added enhancement that allows them to act out many of "who they used to be." It's something you don't have. We call this the many "expressions" of each Human. These affected ones don't always see these other personalities in the past, either. They often relate to the date on your calendar, but they also relate to the reality of the others, all living together, today.

The best thing you can do is to help them to understand "who's on top." You are then helping to reconstruct the "wall" between expressions, and also helping them to get into a place that's more normal, representing what you experience. This multiple situation is seen in their minds as a rotating stack of appropriate lives who all share the same body! It is so, for these residues are sharing one DNA in one body. But by making them decide "who's on the top of the stack," you'll get them used to returning to "home base" each time they switch. Once they get used to returning to the one on top, then they can begin concentrating on keeping it there if they want to.

So in your work, try to get them to acknowledge who's "the boss" (the one on top). Once they get this concept, they'll begin to understand that "the boss" is the top personality. They'll return to "the boss" no matter what. It will also become a safety valve for them so they don't get worse, and so that they'll become comfortable with the home base of their existence (the boss). Many of them can be helped to live a very normal and productive life without any drugs. This will occur through their realization of the fact that they're not crazy, but only "enhanced." They have the opportunity to control the enhancement through new knowledge. This eventually begins to let them choose if they ever want to leave "home base." This is healing through empowerment... something we've taught for a very long time.

Know this: They'll always be enhanced no matter what you do. It's only through their understanding of their power to change themselves that they'll be healed. Think of it as a Human with something you don't have, which causes confusion. It's not something missing, but something added. Therefore, they need added information to cope.

QUESTION (14) Dear Kryon: In the past year or so, I've been experiencing different and strange happenings in my body. I find that whenever I'm reading spiritual material, I'll see sparks, and I've also felt sensations in my ears. Could you please explain some of the physical conditions humans may feel during these fascinating times.

ANSWER You're not alone. Although the symptoms are different from Human to Human, please be aware that by having spiritual events take place, you're activating DNA! This will manifest itself in many ways, but almost all of them will appear to be unusual. Welcome to the beginning of ascension!

QUESTION (15) Dear Kryon: I've had a "phlegmy" condition in my throat for over a year, and I feel as if I've searched everywhere for a cure. It seems to have a mind of its own - sometimes barking uncontrollably or at inappropriate times. Have you heard of such a thing? Is it emotional, spiritual, or other?

ANSWER Dear one, this is spiritual and emotional (they often go together). Look for cause and effect. You think it's happening randomly, but it's not. There's always something connected with speaking your truth. I think you know what I'm talking about. This will go away when you take care of the situation.

QUESTION (16) Dear Kryon: For a couple of years now, I've been having dull feelings in the right and left sides of my head. Lately, I have this cold spot on my right temple. It feels as if someone is holding an ice cube to my temple. Also, I hear a pitched noise in my right ear. I feel these are the adjustments we are to expect. Am I right about this? Could you explain this to me?

ANSWER There are two things going on here. The head issue is blood flow. You'd be wise to seek more medical information on this. The second, regarding the ears, is very typical for many Lightworkers, and we've given this information before: (http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/archives/Q-A%20archives/2002-Q&A/Q&A-11-1.html#5)

It is a symptom of spiritual growth.

There are many noninvasive ways of examining blood flow within your head. Do not fear this situation. It was given to you so that you'd look. Then you'll act. It will let you live a long time. Bless you for your work on this planet.

QUESTION (17) Dear Kryon: Do fairies really exist?

ANSWER If you take a poll about what a "fairy" is, you'll get as many answers as there are those taking the poll. But the basic answer is yes. These are directly related to workers of the earth. The "devas" of the gardens were seen as fairies, and so were other Earth-related helpers. They are also part of sea lore. So in the context of "Tinkerbelle," the answer is no. [Smile] In the context of interdimensional creatures that are the helpers of Gaia, yes.

QUESTION (18) Dear Kryon: In the most recent question-and-answer session, premature births were discussed. Part of the answer about why they're occurring more frequently is due mostly to the new consciousness of the children being born today. They're impatient in life and also in birth. Coming in at full term isn't needed for many of them, since they wish to get on with it!

However, most babies who are born prematurely have a multitude of health problems, including respiratory, cognitive, and developmental delays. Many babies born before 28 weeks need respirators initially because their lungs aren't mature enough. My own son died after being born at 25 weeks because of his lungs. Children who don't die initially usually have multiple disabilities as adults. The question is: If there's a new consciousness of the children coming in today, why aren't their bodies ready at 24 or 25 weeks - or any week they're ready to be here?

ANSWER This is far simpler than you think. You're making an assumption that these new children know what they're doing biologically. Their impatience is spiritual, and it doesn't give them the ability to shorten the term. So what we're saying is that you're seeing a learning curve. The ones that don't make it will come in again, and understand that full term is important. The ones that have difficulties will also know the next time around. You're actually seeing a new kind of interdimensional spiritual growth trying to marry itself to 4D biology. It's not always what you think it should be.

QUESTION (19) Dear Kryon: How does one stay in the present? Intent?

ANSWER Yes, that's always the key. Truly, intent is the spiritual part of you that always knows what's going on. If you tend to "float," then you don't spend much time in the present. Intent to stay in the present helps your body have a goal. Also take a look at your diet. Sometimes what you eat will help ground you more appropriately. Then there's always exercise! It works... very grounding.

QUESTION (20) Dear Kryon: Many times I've requested to go to my next step but haven't noticed anything happening. I think of sending light to certain places and wonder if anything's happening. How can I increase my awareness?

ANSWER Let me ask you a question. When you take a vitamin, is there some kind of body reaction that tells you it's working? When you eat, does your body give you a sign that you did good? In both cases, the answer is no. It's intuitive that you're doing something that's appropriate and correct, since your reality is based on it.

The actual spiritual reality is that what you're doing is making a difference. Don't decide what you think it should feel like. Don't even get close to deciding how you think it should be measured. What you're doing is helping the planet and yourself in ways that can't be known by you in the 4D sense that you wish.

Instead, own the fact that it's working, just like you own the fact that nutrition happens when you eat, or that vitamins increase your health. It's more than faith. You have to make it your reality. So let your awareness be increased from the knowledge that what you're doing is indeed making a difference. Believe it.

QUESTION (21) Hi, Kryon, where can I find a map of the new grid system?

ANSWER The same place you found the map to the old one. If you're speaking of the new magnetics, then it rests with your geophysicists. The changes are very well mapped. If you're speaking of the spiritual map, it exists in your DNA... much harder to get to. [Smile]

QUESTION (22) Dear Kryon: Being the "master of magnetics," could you provide new information about the effects of electromagnetic fields applied to inert gases and how these effects are connected to The Cosmic Lattice?

ANSWER Remember, there's a big difference between actually magnetizing a gas, and having a gas react to a magnetic field. Inert gases such as helium and krypton, among others, are valuable in magnetic devices since they can be "pushed around." This is really not a direct link to The Cosmic Lattice.

The real link to The Cosmic Lattice lies in a yet-to-be-built (on this planet) device that must create magnetic fields in very specific relationships to each other, then fine-tuned. This almost demands that you use a gas that can actually be magnetized (hold a charge like a magnet - a residual magnetizing field). At the moment, this is cesium gas. For hints about this, we again ask you to look at entanglement, and also don't make any judgments about what temperature this gas has to be or not. When done correctly, these fine-tuned multiple magnetic fields will create an interdimensional attribute that will force The Cosmic Lattice to be involved. Think... propulsion without gravitational influence.

QUESTION (23) Dear Kryon: You've often spoken about the thymus and the change from fight to harmony. Will a fully awakened thymus inhibit procreation?

ANSWER This entire "thymus" subject is going to happen very slowly, and most of it will be within the new generations who are coming into the planet. This slow-growth "thymus activation" will also be accompanied by appropriate maturity regarding procreation.

All that said, the answer is yes! But this is the result of maturity and spiritual evolution, not chemistry. There's something hiding here that I cannot further comment on, since it's not time. But let me ask you this: Did you ever wonder what might be the answer to the ever-increasing world population?

QUESTION (24) Dear Kryon: My question is this: When the people around you are hurting you and you're aware of why they're doing it, is it appropriate to stay in that situation since it might be part of the contract with them?

ANSWER No! Contracts are only starting potentials. They get the ball rolling for you to decide if you wish to change them. We've said it before: When one tennis player stops showing up for the game, it doesn't take long for the other to realize it. Karma and beginning contracts are exactly like this. When you remove yourself from situations like these, you make a profound statement to the Universe:

(1) I recognize what's happening.
(2) I wish to change it, and I can.
(3) The ones whom I affect with this change will eventually have the opportunity to do the same.
(4) I will never be the same.

QUESTION (25) Dear Kryon: My sister asked for a neutral implant several years ago. She was in a car accident in April 2004 when the person who hit her ran a red light. The night following her accident, out of desperation, I requested that whatever contracts she'd made regarding the events of the previous day be broken. She'd expressed the desire, before the accident, to break all contracts. I didn't know at the time of my request that her doctors didn't expect her to live beyond 48 hours after the accident. She's now home and making great progress in her recuperation. My question is, can contracts be broken on behalf of another person if it's known that it was their intention to do so? And, did I commit an energetic or universal faux pas in making my request?

ANSWER Dear one, God is not in a vacuum when it comes to these things. At some level, your sister fully asked for these things. You only helped facilitate her own intent. Not only has the beginning contract been eliminated in her life, but the traffic "accident" was all part of this. This is a rebirth for her! Can she feel it? At some time in the future, let her celebrate this rebirth and all that comes with it. There's far more going on here than you know. As for your part? Blessed is the Human who cares so much for another that they join for a moment in the other's sacred quest. You did well. This is what family does.

QUESTION (26) Dear Kryon: I've read your books and attended several of your live channellings. Some years ago, I requested the neutral implant. I've worked assiduously to live in the now, to free myself of previous contracts, and use this time to the fullest in helping the world reach its greatest potential. What confuses me is that on April 19th of this year I was involved in a serious car wreck that has left me battling to regain my ability to walk, the use of my right arm, and the life I had before the accident. If I neutralized all previous contracts and neutralized my karma, why the car wreck?

ANSWER Dear one, we honor your life and also the timing of everything around you. At this moment, you should, too. For with time you'll regain all that you're working for. Meanwhile, ponder this: The implant is defined as "your implantation of permission to shift." You did. The "accident" was all part of a major life change and happened on schedule. Your implant request changed your future... for there you sit, alive! I don't wish to be overly dramatic, but you changed everything right before the accident, including your lifeline, your contract, and your purpose on Earth. The accident had nothing to do with your karma. Surviving it did.

Many of you aren't understanding your power to shift what you've been given. So many are looking at things in such a shallow way. Receiving the implant doesn't necessarily mean that traffic accidents won't happen to you; instead, it gives you permission to shift an old reality around the event.

In the case above, this dear one still doesn't understand that the very accident that would have taken her life under a different reality is now set to allow her a totally different reality. Her healing will occur, and she'll be a different person on the planet, ready to move on to the kinds of things that will change her future, and those around her. She may even come to a point where she can celebrate the accident. That's the wisdom of master-hood.

QUESTION (27) Dear Kryon: Some years ago when I was walking outside one morning, I heard someone calling me by my name, but I couldn't see anybody. This has happened a couple of times. I asked a few spiritual friends about this. They said that this was only a test to see if I was ready for spiritual enlightenment. I wonder if this is true.

ANSWER Finally, an answer! What took you so long? We've been trying to see if you could accept that you're not alone. Perhaps the next time we call, you won't have to go ask a friend and write a question for us to honor you! [Kryon wink and smile]

Not all voices that are heard are spiritual. Some are a result of imbalances within your biology. In your case, you were indeed clearly hearing us trying to get your attention. The difference will always be apparent. For in a spiritual setting, it will be accompanied by good feelings, love, and appropriate honor. You might ask, "Well, what do you want?" The answer? "For you to know that you're never alone, and to take that knowledge and begin to relax with the fact that you're also a piece of God." It's all about self-worth.

Congratulations, dear one. You are awake!

QUESTION (28) Dear Kryon: Our approach to space and time has changed since Galileo and Newton. What needs to change in Einstein's space-time approach to be in conformity with the new reality? You said it exists as a negative time (mass). Could this time (mass) be a positive time (mass) from another reality? Is it the non-synchronicity of this time (mass) we interpret as negative time (mass)? Negative time (mass) doesn't really exist.

ANSWER I'll answer the last part of the questions first.

Don't confuse "mass-less objects" with something called negative mass. It's simply mass that has had one of its attributes altered so that gravity reacts differently to it. Also, don't confuse interdimensional matter (dark matter) with something that's polarized. Dark matter is interdimensional matter, out of your sight since it's not in your 4D. So, no, the polarities of mass aren't opposite reflections of your reality (which is really the question you're asking). Also, anti-matter isn't what you think, and doesn't play into these discussions at all.

Next, your new approach to time and mass has to go beyond Einstein's teachings. He gave you a new dimension to look at (time) and showed you how it could be variable; therefore, out of the "box" of what you believed. The next phase has to be centered around your new work, which you call "Super String Theory." It must be tuned up to include a base-12 math system, which is interdimensional math. It must also include a far more serious understanding of the integer that you call zero. Lurking in this new elegant math are secrets that will be as profound and expanding as the ones Einstein brought to you in the 1940s.

Understand that there's not another reality lurking interdimensionally that would have you walking around in a reversed polarity situation. This has actually been postulated by physics but is now being examined through the use of very large magnetic, small-particle acceleration devices, and is showing revelations about reality itself. So be aware that there's only one playing field that has you in it, working a spiritual puzzle. Concentrate on the reality in front of you.

QUESTION (29) Dear Kryon: How do we know what the new chakra colors are and when to start using them in our meditations?

ANSWER There are many new ones, and all of them are interdimensional. They're colors that are multiples of frequencies that you can and can't see, making some of them iridescent or appear to "shimmer" in your mind's eye. They're "seeable" for many of you who are working on a higher vibration. They're difficult to describe due to their multiplicity.

So here's our advice. Don't concern yourself with this goal. If you begin to sense them either on yourself or others, then celebrate the event and begin to use them in your meditations, even though you might not know what they represent. Your intent to use them is all the activation needed!

More specific information about these new chakra colors and actions will be coming soon, so at least you can observe what others have to say who've seen and worked with them for the last year or so.

QUESTION (30) Dear Kryon: Can you explain the difference between the terms soul mate and twin flame?

ANSWER These represent different energies, but similar attributes. Both indicate a partnership. A soul mate is a partner for life. It does not have to be a romantic one. It can be mother and daughter, or two unrelated people who team up for whatever reason. And yes, it can also be romantic. Therefore, it is a partnership energy.

The energy of a twin flame is one that's your mirror-image energy. A twin flame is one who finds the "other half" of what it is seeking in purpose. Twin-flame energy isn't necessarily a partnership issue like a soul mate is. It's more about coming together to fulfill a wholeness that's missing in potential or purpose.

A soul mate might be a partnership that's good for life, but it may not result in anything else. A twin flame has purpose behind it, driving toward a goal. Let me give you real-world examples. Your past leader Ronald Regan has a soul mate called Nancy. But the discovers of the DNA structure, Watson and Crick, were twin flames.

Sometimes twin flames are also together in love, but even if they are, that's convenient for the bigger picture... something to be accomplished together. Soul mates exist together for joy and life extension. Twin flames exist together to accomplish something that neither could do alone. They also can be both! When that happens, it's really obvious.

(From Lee: Please see Kryon Book Six, page 333, for a similar discussion. Also, Kryon gives references to St. Germain's work regarding twin-flame energy.)

QUESTION (31) Dear Kryon: Talk to me about walk-ins. I believe I am one, and if so, do I go home?

ANSWER A true walk-in is a difficult thing to understand, for you have to begin to understand something else we've taught about the fact that you are not singular. You have many parts and pieces to your spiritual body, and sometimes they even involve a meld with another energy. One this side of the veil you're "singular." So this doesn't make sense. On the "home" side of the veil, you're multiple, which is your natural state. This involves many more dimensions than you can see or are ready to understand at the moment.

For reasons that you can't comprehend, sometimes a part of you comes into the Earth plane and grows up. Then later, usually through some kind of traumatic experience, the other part joins you. Some have "seen" this as two different entities, where one kind of warms up the place for the other, then leaves. [Smile]

There are really two different kinds of walk-in experiences. One is just like I mentioned, where two actual entities are involved by agreement, and one comes in to start, then the other steps in and takes over when it's time. Then the original takes a back seat, melds, and becomes a part of the whole of the experience for life. This is what we've told you in the past about walk-ins. Now there's something even more to know, since you're now at a point where advanced information is possible.

The second kind of walk-in experience is where there's an "enhancement" of the first Human consciousness to such a degree that it appears that another Human arrived! Actually, it's just the other part. The reasoning is about timing, and also about life purpose. Many times a walk-in is one who suddenly has a purpose after the experience. That's accurate, but the purpose is due to the fact that now all the parts are together, and are aware of what to do. Sometimes it's so dramatic that even the walk-in individual sees the past as another person! Sometimes they even change their names. The logistics and "rules" behind walk-ins are not list-able, since they're infinitely variable. Sometimes the other part never arrives if the timing isn't right. Sometimes it arrives so strong that it's scary!

As to the question, "Do I go home?"... you might be misunderstanding something. A true walk-in, after the experience, is home! The whole reason for a walk-in experience is a time enhancement. There's no entity who "held a place" for another. Instead, it's a Human entity who may now be "multiple," who now gets to have the rest of the story. Any walk-in has great purpose for the earth and is needed in its entirety (a full complement of parts, including the one that started the process at birth).

QUESTION (32) Dear Kryon: In past channellings, you indicated that Earth is hidden by only having one sun in our solar system, and that there was something interesting about Jupiter. Was or will Jupiter be a second sun in this solar system? If it was, did its moons at one time sustain life? Or, is Jupiter an active sun in another dimension? Can you elaborate?

ANSWER Your gas giant Jupiter was never a second sun. However, its size and gravitational influence is important to your current sun, which gives you the "Jupiter patterning" through the solar wind. (Please see the Mt. Shasta channelling of June 19 for a better explanation of this.)You lost your sun appropriately, very early, and it's gone out of your solar system. So the importance of Jupiter is that it's a major player in your Earth energy. There are attributes of your solar system that "shout" that you once had two suns. Perhaps time will eventually show this to your scientists.

As for the sustenance of life on the moons of Jupiter, the answer is that there's currently life on certain moons of Jupiter, and it's basic life of the kind that your biologists can catalog or define as life as you know it on Earth.

QUESTION (33) Dear Kryon: Somewhere I read that at age 49/50 we enter a new phase in life, a sort of ripening process, as I understand it. All sorts of doors then open to us. Then it occurred to me that Lee Carroll, Steve Rother, and Ronna Herman (whose information "feels" right to me) are also age 50+. It got me to wondering if perhaps this age thing was perhaps real, also meaning that I haven't "missed the boat," as I sometimes worry. That would be wonderful news for me! That would mean great and exciting things are still on their way! Please tell me your views as to the age 49/50 as a milestone (or not) in our spiritual development at this time.

ANSWER (From Lee): I hope you don't mind my answering this, since I've asked this exact question of Kryon. I'm now 60+, but my awakening came at age 45. I asked Kryon early on why this was. My question to Kryon was this: "Wouldn't it have made more sense to have me younger so that I could have more energy? Why now, when I'm obviously past the halfway point of a normal life span?"

Kryon gave me an answer that's similar to the one you postulate. He said that after 50, there's something that happens. Chemistry changes, wisdom often increases, and so on. In my case, then, Kryon asked me a question: "Why don't you slow down your biological clock so you don't age as fast? And while you're at it, why don't you co-create more energy than you've ever had?"

Okay, so the gauntlet was thrown down (metaphorically) from Kryon, who told me that age was important for several reasons - among them was the challenge to let people see me work with it in a way that was obvious to them. So... I feel that if you're not yet 50, look to the positive side: that first, God willing, you will be 50 someday! When that time comes, expect some spiritual changes if you're in that place that gives permission for them.

By the way, if you're an Indigo reading this... forget everything I said. Your situation is different, very different.

QUESTION (34) Hi, Kryon. Pertaining to the channelling in Israel: "As go the Jews, so goes the world." "Jews are different from everyone else." "Jews have a different karmic link." Don't all of us have a part in what happens in the world? Aren't we all equal and special, be that from the African tribesman to the Buddhist monk to the Presbyterian minister to the Catholic priest to the starving child in Africa or India? The Dalai Lama was just here in Toronto. Here's a man who's neither Christian, Jewish, Catholic nor Muslim. Yes, he's Buddhist, but the feeling of togetherness and compassion that he exudes is universal. Doesn't a person like that have an impact on how things go?

ANSWER It's been explained many times. The Jews hold a place in the Akashic Record of the earth that is a "core" energy. Yes, all are special in their own way; however, the Jews are specialists on this planet in a way that should be obvious if you look at all of Human history. It has nothing to do with compassion or universal love. Think of it as universal accounting.

No other group has the attributes of a "race" without being one (according to anthropologists). No other group has seen civilization try to eliminate them repeatedly over the centuries, no matter if they were slaves or in modern times sitting in their own country. They're a group that has a core energy to civilization itself. "As go the Jews, so goes the world" is a correct statement, and believe me, you shouldn't envy this position, for it carries with it such seeds of responsibility that the load is heavier for them.

QUESTION (35) Dear Kryon: I have a question about healing and the way that the healing practices/processes all seem to be tied up with so much red tape as to be almost impossible to enter into without so many years of "training/instruction" or expensive tuition/courses, etc. I'm a "natural" healer, like all humans, but I'm working closely with my own intuition as to how to operate: I don't lay on hands, but work with my hands just above the body, feeling changes in the energy. I imagine I'm emitting or sending beams of light into the aura.

My question is, how do we natural healers (who don't wish to be boxed into a certain mode of operation or to join this or that association) offer our services without fear of falling foul of some code or without suffering the pitfalls of the lack of insurance coverage? I feel very strongly about this. To me, healing is love, and nobody should be penalized for offering love in a hands-on/hands-off fashion, but the powers that be seem relentless in their efforts to control and place restrictions upon what must surely be a most ancient and natural expression of love.

ANSWER Dear one, all that you said is accurate. Many are coming into the planet with "remembrances" that are profound as to how to intuitively reach for the correct healing for Human biological DNA. You're one of those, and you know it. Not only are you frustrated with the system, but also with Lightworkers themselves, who don't see your "qualifications." You didn't say that, but it's so.

The answer is that you must actually work outside of the system, but honor the system, probably most of your life. It's a tightrope that will result in the most healings. Remember that the rule-makers are not as altruistic as you are. Their rules are often for financial gain as much as anything else. You can't expect this to change much in your generation, for you're one of the forerunners. In fact, expect their whole system to fail before it gets any better. It's almost beyond repair.

Meanwhile, go forth in joy and use what you have in profound ways. Don't challenge the system, for it's very young and doesn't understand who you are. Instead, learn to "wink" at it and flow with it. If it allows you to be a masseuse, yet you really are healing people, then laugh and "be" a masseuse in their eyes! If it allows you to use acupuncture [which honors insurance in certain states], then become one! Then also use the energy work that you know about along with the acupuncture. There are many ways to flow into the system yet still achieve profound healing in other areas.

Learn to flow with the society you live in. Pay the association fees and join the schools. But when you're one-on-one with a patient, use the Lemurian tools you were given and perform the miracles you're capable of.

Then... everyone wins. This isn't deceit, but rather a form of wisdom that takes in the system in ways that it wants, while also allowing the most healing for the most Humans. Think about the goal. It's about love.

QUESTION (36) Dear Kryon: I'm on a program where my picture is placed on a computer and based on holographics, I'm sent over 3,600 frequencies, including my own personal mantra and sacred geometry. Is this new-energy technology, and does it serve me?

ANSWER Yes, it serves you. However, this is just the elementary beginning of something else you'll be shown if you're open to it. Make no assumptions about the system you're seeing or why it works. Be aware that others are doing the same thing without a computer. Then move past what you think is the goal.

QUESTION (37) Dear Kryon: Why are your messages so long, like a book? Why aren't they more objective and concise? Why should we take so long a trip to learn and evolve when humanity needs information so desperately? Your long messages seem to discourage those who need enthusiasm in their search for evolution. Why don't you simplify your messages? Don't you think that in this way, your light and energy would touch more people? Isn't that your goal?

ANSWER Humanity will never achieve "drive-through" master-hood. You might even consider reading the book if you have time.

QUESTION (38) Hi, Kryon: I have a question regarding the karmic clearance. As you put it, in this New Age, karmic-attribute clearance is possible just through our pure intent. However, a different Website under the name of Lord Maitreya gives a different view of it. Quoting the master's recent message, it goes: "There is no easy way to free yourself from the wheel of karma. It takes hard work, discipline, determination, and a battle between the Self and the Higher Self. However, for those of you who can achieve the end result, [which] is no more return to the earth plane, the struggle is absolutely worth it." Please tell me in these times what should we believe? I was so much at peace, but after reading this, it appears that I'm confused again!

ANSWER The Maitreya information you're quoting is accurate, but Maitreya didn't say you had to suffer all your life or get beaten up by your past karma to get through it. Hard work was indicated, and we agree. There's no conflict here. The Kryon message never said that you could say some magic words and have your karma voided. The message was that you now have the gifts to void it without actually going through it, just as the masters did, whereas in the old energy, the only way to void it was to live through it. Now you're able to void it with pure intent, which starts a journey. Then comes learning and patience. Eventually you'll be free, and yes... it is absolutely worth it.

Our message is about a personal process that's new for humanity. You can begin this journey of self-evaluation and the voiding of karma with pure intent and achieve it. We've always told you about the battle between the lower and higher self. If you really want to review our message of karma-voiding and ascension, find and read the book of parables called The Journey Home, where we outlined the story of a man who did it, and what he went through. Hard work, a battle between the lower and higher self, and a loving outcome... that was worth it.

QUESTION (39) Hello, Kryon: I bought a book by Kryon, and after reading it, I have doubts about what he said. He said he's a loving entity, but why doesn't he help anyone? So many people on planet Earth are suffering, and nobody's lending a hand. Many people die of illnesses and starvation, and we throw our food into the garbage every day; nobody cares about other people. I don't think there's any single "loving" soul in the whole Universe. Maybe there is, but he's powerless, or else he would have made the world a better place. If Kryon is "loving," will he help me? I need $6,000 for a surgical operation. Will the loving Kryon help me? No, because he's powerless. He doesn't even have a cent, and maybe he's not loving at all. Please don't use the word love loosely.

ANSWER There's an old-world consciousness that says that God is everything and Humans are nothing. In that story, God is supposed to help the poor Humans out of their misery if they beg loud enough or climb enough stairs in the hot sun.

This is a fairy tale. Humans are enabled to help themselves, and now in a new energy, it's about time they learned it. This is the message of Kryon. For the last 15 years we've told you how to begin this journey. It's not about begging, and hoping God will help. It's about understanding that you're a part of God; therefore, you can create the miracles. With this realization comes power! This is power that heals, co-creates funds for operations, and eventually touches thousands of people around you. It's the answer to all the ills of the planet and can create peace on Earth and change the consciousness of those who create war... all without begging or hoping that somehow God will do "something for you" as you sit there helpless and frustrated.

This answer is the truth, and I honored you by never using the "L" word. But there is a place where your name is known, and there are many who are waiting to help you help yourself. They are angels who want nothing more than for you to have healing and joy in your life. Perhaps you might consider using the "L" word on yourself? [Kryon wink] You do have the ability to receive what God has to offer, regardless of your life situation or condition or your frustrations.

You are dearly liked. [Smile]

QUESTION (40) Dear Kryon: Many of your teachings talk about how if we visualize a new world, and visualize peace, then that's what we'll create. However, from the teachings of others, I've also learned that sending our light in meditation to countries in turmoil may often have no positive effect. Because by sending all that light, you also attract darkness. Moreover, if there are millions of New Agers sending their light with different notions and ideas of peace and what the future should hold, then isn't this creating more chaos? I'm confused regarding this. Is visualizing and hoping for a new world, a world with global peace, different from sending our light? What is appropriate? Should we simply just work on ourselves and find inner peace, and that itself will affect the collective consciousness of humanity?

ANSWER (From Lee): This has been answered completely in many channellings and also in this Q&A series many times, yet we still get questions like those above. This person is correct! We're not supposed to send our ideas of peace, or our agendas or biases of what we feel should or should not be done. Instead, there's a beautiful scenario of exactly how to do this, which Kryon has presented many times. When you read it, it makes spiritual sense and honors those in every situation. It can also change the planet! Please see this explanation at: [http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/archives/Q-A%20archives/2003-Q&A/Q&A-4thquarter.html#23] Also, see page 56 of Kryon Book Ten: A New Dispensation.

QUESTION (41) Dear Kryon: Would you please be so kind as to answer this question? I've always understood the concept of sending, projecting, and visualizing light. However, I'm having great difficulty actually seeing or visualizing this light. I have more of a "feeling" with this, and it ends up being a draining experience afterwards, both physically and emotionally. Can you tell me how to change this? Thank you so much.

ANSWER Dear one, you don't have to "see" anything. The beauty is before you without it being visualized. Do you love your family? Perhaps your child? What does that "look" like? The answer is that there's no visualization of love. It projects from a place that's divine within you and you feel it. So "feel" the light within you, which is the love for humanity and the planet, and project that. There's no greater light than that which is this love. When done in this way, there's no drain. As you send your light, the jar will overflow... ready to be dispensed again.

QUESTION (42) Dear Kryon: Will we as humans be able to use a sensory-based language to impart feelings to each other without words (soul speak). I can say "I love you," but I wish to give a feeling to you. I'm not referring to what we can give in prayer or meditation; I mean as something physical. Rather than a five- page essay of the feeling we're trying to give someone understanding about, can we give them the "feeling" of the "feeling" we're trying so hard to verbally explain? My point is, if I could impart an essence to you right now, there would be no need for all of these words; you would know by feeling what I'm asking.

ANSWER Look at the answer above this one. When you and your love partner look in each other's eyes, there's no essay. There's an energy transmission that's present, and it's different for many kinds of love. It's the same one that's between you and your parents, your offspring, your animals, and yes, also your divine family. But it's a transmission without words, and it's absolutely real and understood.

So forget the words and just "be." Love is that way. It can be felt without anything being said, and Humans all have the ability to "feel" it being given from any distance. Don't analyze it any more than you would when someone says they love you. Just realize that it is so, and celebrate the power of this gift of light discernment. It doesn't need to be researched or developed. It has been one of the basic truths of humanity from the beginning. This, of all things, is proof of your divinity.

QUESTION (43) Dear Kryon: Can you talk about the energy of Canada?

ANSWER There are truly two answers here: (1) The energy of the land, and (2) the energy of the citizens of that great land.

Canada has some of the most pristine land on Earth. It also has the attribute of having very few battles upon it, and therefore very little "land karma." This is an expression we use to describe the layers of energy one might have to go through to communicate with the energy of Gaia effectively. Therefore, we'll tell you again that this is a place where Humans would find it easier to meditate, heal, or learn to vibrate higher. If you doubt that, just go there and "feel" it. It also supports channelling better than most other parts of Earth.

There's a karmic group of Canadians who will protect this land to the end. The main karmic attribute of this group is one who lost their lands before and this time will not! They're more environmentally aware than almost any other country on Earth, and indeed, most of their electric power is produced by water! (Other countries should take note.)

They're also working through another issue of separatism. We've said it before: When Canadians truly unite as Canadians, no matter what their language differences, their monetary system will suddenly "heal itself" and develop the strength it once had, as compared to all of Earth's currencies. It's all related.

QUESTION (44) Dear Kryon: Way back in 1987 I was sitting in my office discussing the "God principle" with my colleague. I remember saying that in my opinion, God was energy, that which animates us. Suddenly, I astounded my friend (and myself) by stating that "we are God." Shortly afterwards, my life fell apart in every department. As I slowly recovered, I began to realize that the same was happening to some other people, although not many. I found Kryon and thought that maybe I was a Lightworker. I have to say it's a lonely path, because I dare not impart my knowledge, even to my family. I can accept that as a group we may be helping in a universal way, but what's the point of my being aware of this when others aren't? Surely if we're just holding the light, all of us, and making a difference, I don't need to know. Could it be that there will come a time when I can talk about these things without the usual "eye-rolling"?

ANSWER Dear one, you are a Lightworker, and 1987 was "the year" for your awakening. The year 1992 is when you celebrated it! Yes, it's a difficult task. As we've said, it's you who are doing the "heavy lifting" for the planet at the moment.

As far as the "eye-rolling," let me review some things. What happened some years ago when the unusual and odd idea of the existence of germs took place? The medical community laughed out loud! Such profound truth, yet they all laughed. How could something invisible create disease? What happened when Galileo postulated that direct observations showed that the earth went around the sun? He was arrested and kept under house arrest all his life. It was blasphemy! Such profound and simple truth, yet there were those around him who weren't ready to hear it.

Your work isn't evangelistic, and you never have to tell anyone how you feel. If you want the answer as to how to exist within your "Lightworker suit," I'll tell you:

- Love yourself to the degree that you're no longer in drama about anything.
- Become so peaceful with your life and your situations that you can co-create anything you need in appropriateness.
- Send light to dark places, for you are powerful. Let your light shine so that others may see in areas where they didn't before. Take quiet "alone time" for this.
- Never be concerned that you may not be helping anyone, for you are.
- Never tell anyone what you believe unless they ask.
- Never give anyone a Kryon book unless they ask.

The result? Get ready to have lots of visitors who just "want to be around you." Be prepared for a family to love you more than ever... even if you're a bit odd. [Smile] Get ready to help the planet around you seemingly without a single soul knowing what you're really doing. But also know that there's a legion of angels at your side who love you dearly and will always be there when you need them. Can you talk about it? Yes. Someday when someone comes to you and asks how it is that you're peaceful, joyful, and wise, then you can say, "Because I found God in myself."

QUESTION (45) Dear Kryon: Could you please explain why some animals appear to react in fear or keep their distance from me? I'd always believed that as we release our issues and move into balance, animals would find us less threatening (like St. Francis), and I wonder what they're sensing. I've tried to rationalize this reaction, but it still makes me feel bad and question my energy. Other than the animals, the difference in my life seems to confirm that I'm on the right path.

ANSWER Thank you, dear one, for this question! This attribute of vibrating higher actually goes both ways with animals. It really depends on how you're vibrating at the moment. Sometimes your light shines so brightly that everyone notices: the animals, the security people in the airport, etc., etc. [Kryon humor] Truly, you can set meters off and blow out lightbulbs in some cases. In those states, animals only see you as powerful and unusual among Humans.

When you "pull in" from power mode, you present yourself as neutral to an animal, and therefore are very safe. An animal will then see you as allied with nature, and no threat at all. What you have to learn is what mode you're in, and how to control these things. Try using the "rainbow filter" that's described in this teaching by partner Jan Tober:

(Page 339 - Kryon Book Nine - The New Beginning)

QUESTION (46) Kryon, I'm confused about the 11:11 and the Harmonic Convergence. They are two different events, but you seem to keep referring to them as one. Which is correct?

ANSWER (From Lee): You're right! The date of the Harmonic Convergence is August 1987. The 11:11 event was initiated by Solara (a channel) on January 11, 1992. However, Kryon has linked the 11:11 and the Harmonic Convergence, and has always spoken of them happening at the same "time" in an energetic way. Think of the 1992 event as a celebration of the 1987 event. That's how Kryon has spoken of it.

QUESTION (47) Why do babies cry in their mother's wombs, and does it have any meaning?

ANSWER Not any more meaning than why they often cry when they're born. It's just an infant's way of expressing displeasure with their surroundings... both in and out of their wombs.

QUESTION (48) My question is: Why are we, as a Western society, preoccupied with our external/physical appearance? Why can the way we look either raise or lower our self-worth and self-esteem? Why can I look at nature/animals that come in all sizes and appearances and find it/them to be perfect and beautiful? Why are we all getting fatter, and yet as a society we condemn ourselves for it? Is it a Western society setup? And if it is, Kryon, I want to be the Lighthouse that can show another way. I want to be the role model who can say to young women that they're perfect just the way they are - and they are! For me to do this, I need to work out why it's such a setup that I've been caught up with for the past 30 years.

ANSWER The true answer is not to describe the Human psyche for you, but to truly address the real issue. It is what it is, and this comes with both a setup and with some intellect. The over-concentration about looks is all about procreation and the fear of not continuing the race. Animals do it in the wild, but in different ways. So it's a holdover.

Know this: As a human vibrates higher, self-worth begins to occur naturally. In that process, it's also natural to start understanding the whole scenario you describe. So without anyone's help, a very nice balance takes place - all by itself. So the best advice for you is to vibrate higher and send light to others. Let your frustration with what's around you, which is lower energy, be replaced by the joy that you don't have to be included. Then start to balance your opinion of what's around you. For it will do you well to relax with what it is you cannot change, and get excited about what it is you can.

Blessed are the Human Beings who understand this, for they will no longer be in a place of stress due to what the world looks like around them. Instead, they'll paint a beautiful portrait of what they can be within the world on a daily basis.

QUESTION (49) Dear Kryon: Representing only 3 percent of the population, how do we account for Jews appearing in disproportionately large number in the professions such as medicine, law, and accounting, and excelling in the areas of classical music?

My own sense is that some souls who come into Jewish families are dedicated to high levels of individual contribution to the culture. They bring in an essence of harmony and peace, and find expression for this essence in the professions, honoring the gift of a natural intelligence.

ANSWER This has been answered before, but I will again say these things to you. When you have a pure karmic group, then they incarnate over and over into the same group until it's time to leave that group. When they leave, they don't come back. This is the "purity" of the karma. It carries with it both challenge and reward. The challenge is that it's "seen" by others on Earth as a group that carries the core, and if the group is eliminated, then the conqueror will carry the core. You might think this is ridiculous until you look at their history.

The good news is that any group like this (and it's the only one) has individuals who really "know how things work" on the planet. They keep coming back in the same situations, and it shows. This is why they're so good at what they do, and are the earth's shopkeepers, artists, and musicians. Again, you can look around you and see this all over the planet. It's not a coincidence, and I've given you the spiritual reasons long ago. You may have your own ideas, but truth is stranger than anything you can conceive, for it goes right back to the core of the Akashic Record, and what happens to entities who incarnate so often within the same family structures.

QUESTION (50) Dear Kryon: Where is the proof that Kryon or God or Spirit exists?

ANSWER According to your own Human statistics, over 85 percent of the Earth population belongs to organized religion or is actively involved in a spiritual search. Do you think this is all a trick, or might it be intuitive? The number 85 percent in any of your polls would be considered an overwhelming majority! Would it be so if there was nothing to search for? You've had thousands of years to evolve and figure it out, yet the search continues. It's real, but elusive. It continues to be "out there" somewhere, and humanity is born with the desire to find it. This alone should provide you with proof that you're indeed searching for something that exists.

God will never be a provable thing, any more than you can prove you love someone. Some things are left for the Human to "feel" and experience on a higher level. When Humans finally realize that they may have found it, they still won't have proof. Instead, they will have a solution.

Now... if I don't exist, why would you ever ask me a question?

QUESTION (51) Dear Kryon: There's a lot of channelled material in the world, a lot of entities like, or similar to, you, and I'd like to know if there are any cross-references between them. (Well, this isn't about competition, so I may tell you that I also enjoy reading Abraham-Hicks.) Besides having a very different approach, sometimes the teachings don't seem to totally conform to each other. Is this only due to my limited point of view? Or maybe, should I not expect a definite, ultimate "truth" from any of you nonphysical guys?

ANSWER (From Lee): The ultimate truth is that you're a divine creature in the Universe and are here for a purpose. You're known and loved by God. You're here at a very special time.

Now... you'll find that information with Abraham, with Steve Rother and "The Group," with Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael, within the channelling of Tobias, and also within the work of Doreen Virtue. It's present in the channelling of Fred Sterling (Kirael), and also within the science exposed by Gregg Braden. The work of Pepper Lewis channelling the energy of Gaia speaks of it, as well as the books of Telos, the Lemurian connection by Louise Jones. It goes on and on, and is even found within Conversations with God.

Each pure messenger speaks the truth, but Humans are very different and wish to have it delivered in slightly different ways. This is simply Human nature. One specific flavor of this message wouldn't work for all humanity any more than your food does. So the food of spirit is still food and sustains you, but the flavors are different from cook to cook. Even the ideas of which flavor is best is debated among Humans... but the food is still good.

Meanwhile, don't get caught up in the differences. Instead, get caught up in the beauty of who you are, and what this is all about. Begin to search for the divine inside, then let God sing the appropriate tune and the appropriate lyrics that speak to a unique entity in the Universe, which is who you are.

QUESTION (52) Dear Kryon: Following your answer about the morality of a love affair between married human beings... this, like all other messages of self-empowerment, brings into question the narrow line between self-responsibility (being part of God), and the order of society and nations. Morality codes have done (and do) their damage. No doubt about it. Yet they also hold benefits. It seems as if the last 400 centuries have been plagued by ever-growing wars as a consequence of human beings deciding more and more by themselves what their chosen ethic codes will be.

This is, of course, part of the process of finding balance. What does this imply within societies? Are more and more cases like children who come to school and kill their schoolmates just one of the expressions of this kind of relativistic ethics in its making (and balancing process)?

ANSWER This is a fine question, but most won't understand it, or the answer. So let me just say that society will evolve spiritually. This will create a moral base that's much more balanced in realistic Human endeavor, rather than one that was created to control the masses. Right now, it's often difficult to tell if your "moral compass" is one that was given to you by men, or one that was given to you by God. In the future, society will begin to depend upon one that comes from inside rather than from a book of the ages.

It's already happening, and you can see it clearly, even within your own societies over the last 200 years. Remember when your women couldn't vote? That was a religious issue. Did you know that? Go study it. Many died trying to keep women from voting, and felt it was their "moral duty" under God to keep men in charge. Whose rules do you think they were following?

When your world achieved your first heart transplant, many were outraged about the spiritual implications of what was being done, believing that the spiritual soul of one person would be damaged due to receiving the heart of another. They opposed it, and felt the opposition was from God.

Nowadays, you smile in wonderment as you look at how your culture was back then. You ask, "What were we thinking?" Believe me, you'll do the same in another 25 years! What's happening today, belongs to today. It doesn't represent your internal divinity. It is still being evolved by means of those who ask to vibrate higher, and who then receive the wisdom of God. The wisdom of Solomon is yours, and resides inside. All Solomon had was a clear understanding of his divinity. Now it's your turn.

QUESTION (53) Dear Kryon: Does traditional Chinese medicine such as Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong still have an effect on the new energy, or should we not take it into account anymore as part of the old energy?

This is energy work at its best, and now should be enhanced. It's part of what we told you would be some very powerful ancient techniques that have been sequestered to only certain cultures, which now needs to be part of them all. Look for new techniques within the established ones in both of these disciplines.

QUESTION (54) Dear Kryon: What happens to animals (such as dogs and cats) when they die? Do they live after they pass? Do they reincarnate, also? Do they evolve?

ANSWER You're asking specifically about pets. These are animals whose purpose is to help humanity. They're workers in that respect, and reincarnate in that same group. These are entities that are not necessarily scheduled to "evolve" into Humans any more than Kryon is set to "evolve" into another form. Some of us are divine universal workers, and we're all very different-looking to you in your reality, but very much understood and seen as appropriate on this side of the veil. We've said this before: We all have separate tasks, but we're not compartmentalized. The "soup" of divinity has many flavors, but it's still "the soup." So consider the animal-issue part of the flavor of God.

For those Humans who have lost animals (since they don't last very long), here's some advice: When you lose a beloved friend, an animal who has unconditionally given their existence to help you all its life, naturally you're sad and mournful. Here's the good news: They reincarnate! Not only that, they do it in the areas where they passed over for the very purpose of letting you find them again!

The rules of finding the same "soul" energy again:

- Don't wait any longer than 90 days.
- Don't make up your mind that the animal will be of the same breed or size. In fact, don't even pre-decide that they'll be the same kind of animal! It's common for cats and dogs to swap, just to keep the balance correct.
- Look into their eyes... nothing else. They'll show themselves to you.
- Name them anything you wish. They're not attached to anything but your energy.
- If you don't find them again, there's no negative thing attached to this. It's only an opportunity. They'll go on to love humanity just as much, and help others as they helped you.

Not all animals you find have been here before. Many are coming in for the first time, having volunteered their part to make you feel more loved and peaceful, so that you can be a stronger Lighthouse.

The purpose of the animals on the planet is to support humanity while it develops peace on Earth. They're also divine. But then, you knew that, didn't you?

QUESTION (55) Dear Kryon: We face such a quandary regarding the hope of stem cell research. So many wish to use the embryonic ones, since they are the most potent for development. You said we could find others outside of the chemistry of birth, but what if we can't wait? Where are the ones that are the most profound, but do not upset the moral compass of those who respect life and don't want it experimented with?

ANSWER Let's answer this in two parts: (1) There are stem cells throughout the body that will work for everything you wish to do. However, you are right: It's going to take awhile for you to locate and "active" them so they behave like the ones you observe from the birth chemistry. There is something you will discover which will bring these other cells to their original state. But you don't have it yet (actually you do, but it is not being revealed yet until more research is done to see if it is really what science is seeing. This will take another 5 years).

(2) There are those now working with stem cells from the result of birth. Those parts of the Human which are involved in birth have very, very active stem cells. These would be in the placenta and also the umbilical cord. This information is not new, and there are laboratories who are doing this research now. Again, you often don't hear about it until later, since science is often quiet… waiting until they are certain.

So, celebrate the good news: the fact that you can have your profound research and not disturb what many feel is sacred ground regarding Human embryonic issues.


*(From Lee): The Book of Mary, one of the so-called Lost Gospels, was discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1947. You can read more about these lost gospels in Time magazine. [http://www.time.com/time/covers/1101031222/].

It's interesting that this information is now coming to light, and through the mainstream press, not the New Age.