UPDATE: 3rd Quarter 2004

(1) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What is the function of the current pope? What role did he play in the end of communism, and why is he still alive? To me, he seems to be part of the old energy: a reactionary and a chauvinist.

ANSWER: Dear one, this pope is the last of a lineage of old-energy spiritual leaders. Although he indeed carries this old mantle, which includes an apparent chauvinistic attitude of his age and culture, he is also a bridge to what is to come, which began to really show itself after the end of communism. First, he is the only pope to come to an understanding of the fact that what he represents [his church] is changing drastically. This brought him to a place where he not only apologized to the peoples of earth for the Spanish Inquisition, but also asked for forgiveness for what took place regarding the Vatican and its position during the Holocaust. No pope has ever done these things. It opens the door to the fact that the church is fallible, and that is a large step for any pope. He's also aware that he's the last one of his kind, and he's holding on to this as long as he can.

He won't be with you much longer, but things are not ready just yet for the new one who is coming. The timing will be within the next four years (or sooner if things move quickly), and it will be obvious why. The new pope will eventually represent a large change in the Catholic Church, and will create much upheaval within the ranks. The church must come to grips with a real changing consciousness on the planet, and prune itself of old energy practices, as well as an image that, increasingly, is not anything the new generation is interested in.

Honor this man. He has walked a tightrope of tradition versus new thinking. He's told you that there is no such thing as heaven or hell, yet he did it in a way that would not go against hundreds of years of church doctrine that says the opposite. He asked forgiveness of Galileo's family 300 years after the fact, yet did it in a way that didn't make the other popes appear to be wrong. This truly is a man who "knew" he was the last of the old popes, and he's tried to bring the church's energy to a place where it would be more prepared for what was coming. He didn't tackle the hardest problems, which are now on his doorstep. He knows better. It will be taken care of by the next pope, a younger one whom history may call "the evil pope." Not "evil" in the sense of being ungodly, but evil in the sense that he will go against the grain of tradition and history. He will make waves, just like the prophet they worship did. Jesus the Jew was known by the Essenes as the "wicked priest." It was because he went against all Jewish tradition, and empowered those around him.

Think about it.

(2) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What do you think about Tachyon Energy? Does the Tachyonisation process play a role in future science, medicine, and meditation?

ANSWER: Yes, all of the above and more. Tachyon Energy cannot be placed in a box and separated from other interdimensional energies, yet it is specific. Call it the "lurking, benign, energy of the Universe." It's always there and can be focused (placed in objects), but "feels" like a friend who will help when you need him.

When you feel the energy of a crystal, or perhaps some gemstones, they all have powerful specific energy that's helpful for specific purposes. Tachyon is one of the only energies in this "energy soup" that tunes itself to you to allow for balance. The whole function of Tachyon is to enhance your life and allow other energies to do their work. So it's a very quiet energy and will "steer" itself to your energy and "know" how to help you, no matter what's going on.

Those who have found ways of placing Tachyon into glass and other materials give you an opportunity to carry this around with you in a more specialized way. This will eventually lead to the inclusion of things scientific and medical, for when you realize that Tachyon's purpose is to "set the stage," you begin to see how it would be needed in all things.

Remember, you are all in a quantum state. Your reality doesn't see it that way, since you feel that you are singular. But you are instead, "connected." This allows for energies like Tachyon to exist and "know" who you are.


(3) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: In the history of humanity, at least of the Western world, there are few greater writers than Shakespeare. His name reverberates as some kind of divinely enlightened or "godlike" being. Yet the name and person "Shakespeare," according to many intelligent readers and famous geniuses, appears clearly to be a cover-up for the writer Christopher Marlowe.

To say that he was just some "anonymous master" really would not answer this. And the more I become aware, the more this "conspiracy of silence" appears politically motivated, ridiculous as it may sound. Surely you may give us the simple answer - or are you waiting for us to fight the dirty "intellectual" battles until the truth is eventually revealed?

ANSWER: So, what is your question, really? Who was Shakespeare? The answer is not a secret, but will be debated hotly by intellectuals forever. But being debated between intellectuals does not prohibit me from giving answers.

First, yes, it was Christopher Marlowe. He assumed the name of Shakespeare after his death was faked. Second, Christopher Marlowe was a master who came to earth with a specialty of his own that should be obvious to you. His talent wasn't to heal or lead the masses, or even to die as a martyr. In fact, he was actually quite the warrior, but this gave him experience with his specialty, which was the story of Human drama. Just like some other masters had their specialties in art or music, Marlowe did what he came to do, and you're still reading and studying his work, aren't you? Regardless of the name, this is the mark of a true master... to give the earth something grand that lasts for eternity.

Now... an "anonymous master"? No. He was Shakespeare!... very famous indeed [Smile] Naturally there will be those who don't believe this. It doesn't matter. Simply enjoy the works, and smile at the circumstances around it all. Remember, this was Marlowe's choice. He doesn't feel slighted in the least. He became Shakespeare by choice.


(4) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Can you please explain to me the deeper significance of a kiss?

ANSWER: It's basically mammalian instinct, and even your pets understand it. For a Human, however, it's from the mouth... where all sustenance is focused (food), and where communication comes from (speech). It's also a sensual center (taste). So it makes much more sense that the mouth has evolved as the focus of your emotion or friendship symbol of exchange.

Besides, it just wouldn't be the same, would it, if you touched elbows? [Smile]


(5) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've read about the importance of the word intent, but I'm still confused as to its meaning. You say that true intent is all that is needed, but my grandmother used to say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions," and my daughter always "intended" to clean her room but never did. Surely the intent must be carried through by positive action or it's meaningless.

ANSWER: Dear One, you left out the other part we've taught for years. It's called "pure intent," and that's a description we've defined again and again. It's an interdimensional purity that's spiritual. There's no such thing as pure intent to clean your room. It's a spiritual attribute that was defined as the intent that Abraham had when he held the knife that was about to go into his son's chest. It was driven with a purity that cannot be shaken, and which is driven by the core level of the Human soul.

It can't be altered or denied. It is "pure" when it is absolutely correct for your path, and this is known only at this core level. Consider it the angelic intent if you wish, for it's involved with you, your life lesson, and why you came here. It's powerful, and drives everything in front of it when it's finalized and put into play.


(6) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I live in Goa in India. I've been reading the Kryon books/Internet channellings for the past five years and they're absolutely amazing. My question is: In an early book, you mention "not to make war with the Dragon." You've never touched on the topic again. Are you referring to America?

ANSWER: No. It was China, and that potential passed after the year 2001.


(7) QUESTION: Dear and beloved Kryon: What should we know about "Brit-Mila" (Jewish circumcision)?

ANSWER: All circumcision was based on commonsense health issues of the day, which manifested itself in religious-based teaching. That basically is what made people keep doing it. This eighth-day-from-birth ritual is no more religious today than trimming your fingernails (except that Brit-Mila is only done once, and it hurts a bit more).

It's time to start seeing these things for what they are. Common sense is not static. It's dynamic, and related to the culture of the time. Yesterday's common sense about health changed greatly with the discovery of germs. It changed again with practices of cleanliness due to the discovery of germs, and so on. Therefore, we would say that it really doesn't make a lot of difference in today's health practices. It's done almost totally for cultural historic and traditional purposes and holds no energy around it other than the obvious intent of the tradition.

This is also true for a great deal of the admonishments of the Old Testament regarding food and cleanliness, and even the rules of the neighborhood (such as taking your neighbor's life if he steals your goat, or selling your daughter in slavery if you really need the money... all found in scripture). The times are gone where these things matter anymore, yet they're still treated with reverence and even practiced religiously in some places. They're now only relics of tradition, and that's all. If you feel that you should honor a tradition, then do it. If not, then don't. It's not a spiritual or health issue any longer.

Be the boss of your own body and your own traditions. Follow what your spiritual intuition tells you is appropriate for your own spiritual path and health.


(8) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What's really happening during the experience known as "déjà vu"?

ANSWER: You're tapping in to the "now" in a very interesting way. This forum is not the place to give you extensive esoteric answers to the puzzles outside of your perception. Even the answers I give are often seen as too long [Reference to Kryon's long answers].

A metaphor: See your reality as a life that has many tracks or potentials that you call "the future." Everything you've done and all those potentials together make up the "whole" of the now experience. In your mind, place this "now experience" in a very large balloon-shaped space, where they're pasted to the inside of the balloon's interior. Now, place yourself in the middle of this balloon and look around. You're now standing in a place where everything you did is there, along with the potentials of everything you might do. There's no predestination, but plenty of avenues of potential. But since you're looking at everything (esoterically), you're "feeling" it, too, and you actually have some kind of interdimensional foreknowledge of what might happen depending on the road you take.

Now, return to 4D. Even though you're sitting there reading these words in normal reality, there's still part of you that's always in that balloon, but you're not aware of it. So when some of these potentials finally happen, there's part of you that says, "I've been there and done that! Wow! Déjà vu!" All that has really happened is that you're just recognizing the potentials you built for yourself, and felt early, which are now manifested into your linear reality.


(9) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've read your books (only the ones that are translated in Dutch), and I have a French friend who also reads them. She tells me that it's not healthy to live near electric wires. She says that the cactus (which normally lives in the desert or tropical countries) helps eliminate the negativity of this electricity. Is that so, and is there any particular plant that can help eliminate the negative effects of electricity?

ANSWER: Indeed, we've admonished you to at least make a measurement (easily done) to see if you live in a magnetic field caused by the proximity to high-voltage lines that are often strung in the air near where you live. Not all these wires are bad. Some carry only communications, and some are lower voltages. The ones that are the most dangerous to you are those that are very large and that carry the power from city to city.

It's also true that certain kinds of plants carry energy that can help shield or void magnetics. This is actually a part of what you call "radionics," which we will leave for another discussion. This is not well known to the people reading this, however, and your friend is correct. Some cacti have water in them, which changes the situation slightly. However, if you're near a very large magnetic source, we still recommend moving instead of growing a lot of cactus. Even though the cactus "knows" what you're trying to do and might help reduce the risk, unfortunately, today's technology presents a far stronger field than can be voided by this plant.

Also know that there is now scientific validation to support the danger of the effects of long-term magnetic-field exposure on both plants and animals. It's not balancing for you to remain in a magnetic field. You should instead be exposed only to the one you were born in... the one that surrounds you and the earth, and which science is now beginning to understand is needed for your heath and well-being... the earth's magnetic field. To have another one around you is to stop the flow of the balance that you need and deserve.


(10) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: There has been much predicted regarding a shifting of the earth poles, which would cause much destruction and loss of life. My sister read me a passage from a book by Ruth Montgomery published in 1999 pertaining to this. It was very frightening. Does this really have to happen? It seems that the projected date is around 2012. Can you provide information on this subject?

ANSWER: Once again we will tell you plainly: These predictions were seen dimly and became prophecy about a pole shift. Instead, there will be a magnetic shift. It's already under way, and your science has commented on it.

To have the poles shift (the earth flip) would basically kill all of you. Do you really think that's what you planned for yourselves? The 2012 date is often used in prophecy, since it represents another "measuring point" for the planet, similar to what you had in 1987. It's a 25-year cycle (as we've told you before). It's not the end of time or the end of the earth. It's the end of an old time.


(11) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Revenge has been holding me down for about ten years. I feel that if I could let go of it, I could make my ascent. How can I let go of this darkness called revenge?

ANSWER: Dear One, bless you for this question. First, you are totally correct. When you get rid of this attribute in your life, everything will change! It is indeed holding you back.

The hard part is to get rid of it. We've been teaching about mastery, DNA activation, pure intent, and meditation with the Higher-Self for 15 years. All of this is meaningful to creating a "balanced self." However, in your case we also recommend that you try outside sources of facilitation to help balance yourself so that you can move forward faster.

Revenge and hatred are some of the most difficult emotions to get rid of, since they also form a habit of energy that you actually depend on for strength of resolve. Therefore, it becomes a "drama drug" that feeds you at a level you don't perceive but you know exists. Like any other addiction, others can help you start the process of getting rid of it better than you can do for yourself.

Look into balancing techniques (EMF is a very good start). Not all techniques work the same for each path, so I tell you that there are many out there that may suit you and many that won't. So, look into some of the energy-balancing work until you find the one that works the best, then dedicate yourself to achieving high levels of that particular study. If you do so, then you'll find a wonderful freedom that allows you to void these feelings. It can be done!


(12) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I'm not Jewish, but I've been studying the Kabbalah for years. When you talk about the DNA layers, they're notated with Hebrew names, most of them also found within the Kabbalah knowledge. Do the Kryon messages have any relation to the ancient and holy Kabbalah knowledge?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Could you tell me about Kabbalah and the Zohar? Does the Zohar hold the secrets of the universe? Is there something within the books that you haven't already told us? Also, I'd like to ask if the Hebrew letters are as powerful as claimed.

ANSWER: These questions are connected to a much larger picture. So rather than giving you an answer that you can fit in to the Kabbalah and Zohar box, let me expand the box.

These are all ancient teachings of basic metaphysical and spiritual truths. The "secrets" contained in them are no less or more than those contained in what we're now teaching. They relate to each other directly, and you'll find similarities everywhere between all of them. The reason? They're the truths of the Universe. This is, therefore, not Kryon or Kabbalah or Zohar (which means "splendor"). They are instead, truth.

Hebrew is used because it's the oldest language that you consider a "core" language on the planet, which is still understood and spoken today. There are many other languages older, not to mention Sumerian and Lemurian, but these are not spoken or studied, and their existence is even controversial. Therefore, Hebrew is the "core" language, and yes, it has powerful meanings and symbology.

The sons of Abraham spoke Hebrew (or at least their kind of Hebrew) before they became enemies, so there's a strong link to Hebrew also being the original "spiritual teaching language" that existed long before the cultures broke away, creating what you see today.

Now that you've discovered what you're calling the "God Code" [a concept written about by author Gregg Braden], you're also beginning to understand that even chemistry and the Hebrew characters are related, and this relationship will continue to grow in your discovery.

So it's all germane to the subject of universal truth, with Hebrew characters and names given as a grounding source for you to study for understanding. Take a good look. Isn't it about time you were able to see things coordinating together to show that indeed there might be a universal truth about God instead of the multiple-God truths that exist today? Go back to the source! That's where you'll discover the circle: What we teach today was also what was taught then, and also carried with all the masters who walked the planet. It's what men made of all this that makes it so diverse and confusing.


(13) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I see that society is consuming more and more coffee every day. Now it seems to be too hard to wake up in the morning without a cup or to fully function during the day. Some people say that it's good for our bodies, and that it contains a lot of antioxidants. Others say that it should be treated like any other drug that causes addiction. What can you tell us about the effects of coffee in our bodies (other than waking us up)?

ANSWER: The answer is simple: Anything you take into your body that is a stimulant is not natural and would not have occurred normally. Therefore, it disturbs the ability of a Human Being to regulate the body's chemistry in a natural way.

With all of that said, it's also important to reveal that logically you might also say the same thing about a chocolate bar or piece of candy! The real secret is to eat or drink these things that you enjoy so much in a way that honors your body. Consume occasionally rather than consistently. If you feel that they're interfering with your health, then they probably are! Your body has a wonderful communication link with your conscious mind, if you'll just listen to it. Also, don't be shy about using energy methods [the pendulum method] to ask your body the important questions: Shall I eat this or not? There are even Radionic-based biofeedback machines that can help you with this in your new science.

Anything in moderation will probably be fine. Your body's system is designed to be robust in its ability to "snap back" from occasional stimulation due to foods that contain overabundances of sugar, caffeine, salt, and chemistry that would change your ph. balance. But when you "live on" these substances, your body never has the chance to balance itself.

You're in charge. Use your intuition, and "ask" your body what it needs or will tolerate. Then enjoy yourself within these guidelines, for many of these foods were created for your pleasure.


(14a) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: There's something that has been bothering me for quite a while now: the issue of "coming back" after being in lesson. It seems that many people who are here "in lesson," as you say, go to the other side of the veil (like all of us) following their transition, where they see things from a godlike perspective. Then they often choose to come back to go through another lesson. These Earth experiences, as you know, involve quite a great deal of suffering.

To me, this sounds extremely frustrating. From my perspective on this side of the veil, I would never choose to come back again. The fact that on the other side I would view things differently, "from a larger perspective," and choose to come back in spite of this adds to the frustration. It makes this cycle seem like a never-ending circle of suffering over which I have no true voluntary control (at least here). All it does is create a circle of endless suffering (albeit with some joy and peace throughout the experience). Is this the way it works, or do I have it wrong?

ANSWER:From your perspective, you have it right. Indeed, you would never choose to come back in hardship. But you don't have the mind of God while you're here, and that's the big difference. Also, because of your limited perception of the way this really works, you wonder if you're even in charge, or if you can do anything about it! You are in charge, and what you do today greatly affects your life the next time around... very much.

The only way I can really answer this is with a metaphor. Remember, all is not what it seems, and you're in a situation that's like a pot with a lid on it. After you get out of the pot, you get to see both the meal being prepared, the food around you, and the kitchen. You also realize that you're part of the team of chefs! All of that is hiding while you're in the dark in the pot, feeling only the heat.

Here is the metaphor... a story to imagine: You're a great thespian. You've been in so many plays that you're very good at it. Each day you return to the stage to play a part in front of an audience, and therefore actually change the energy of the theater. You absolutely love it, and you're getting better all the time. The theater reacts, too, and the audiences are often mesmerized by your wonderful abilities.

After one of the last curtain calls, you go to the manager of the theater and ask to meet with the cast and crew, since you have an announcement. When they're all there together, you say, "I've done this play over and over. I know all the lines and I can even play and speak the other parts. Please, please, put in a more meaty part... one I can use my real talents for. Make me the bad guy, or the one who gets killed. I can do wonderful death scenes! I want something that challenges my talent!"

The next time the curtain comes up, you indeed have the part you ask for: You're a Lightworker on Earth, challenged with dragging the bottom of the tank of Earth energy in order to expose hatred, move through death, challenge disease, and create drama in order to awaken others.

Do you see? You can't believe it while you're here, but your life is your own design, and it's also short by design, but it changes the planet and energy in the "theater" while you're here. And no matter what happened within this play, you can hardly wait to "take the stage" again.

This is why you're so loved. You're part of a grand plan that you cannot see, but which you're in charge of. What is inconceivable to you while you're here is your passion when you're not. This is the truth, but it may not sit well with you while you stew in the pot.


(14b) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: How long does an entity with this kind of mission have to go through these in-and-out lesson "cycles"?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Is it possible to break this cycle somehow, and not have to return to lesson?

ANSWER: Do you see how completely this hides from you? Why would you wish to break a cycle of success? Why would you ask to be released from something as grand as what you came here for? All you see is the suffering and the cycle of apparent despair. You feel that you're a victim, never understanding that this is the role you're playing in the grand play of Earth... and that you're in your sweet spot. You don't see the whole picture. Some of you even see it as punishment!

Blessed is the Human who knows he is loved and that what he's doing is making a difference for the planet, no matter what is before him. This is the one who says, "Bring it on," for all is well with my soul. I am the engineer of my own existence.


(14c) QUESTION: Upon coming back into lesson again, do we continue from the level of spiritual consciousness and evolution where we left off in our last incarnation, or do we come back, having to start from scratch?

ANSWER: One of the greatest questions of the day! Each of you has a metaphoric "spiritual jar." This jar fills up as you learn the truths of life and of the universe around you. As you activate your DNA or change your spiritual awareness, this jar fills up.

When you return to the planet, the jar is still filled to whatever degree it was when you left. This explains why some of you "just know" things when it's time to make the choices of life. You didn't have to start over. It was simply "there."

There are many Lightworkers walking around your society with jars that are filled with wonderful knowledge and practical spiritual experience. Some are never going to open those jars, for it's a life of complete free choice. Also... something we've said before... some of the most unlikely of you may decide to open that Lightworker closet and take out the jar. When you do, mastery is upon you! Seemingly without any training at all, you know so much!

Masters walk among you... perhaps you are one? You'll never know until your pure intent begins to open those jars.


(15) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have a question concerning the nature of the term "old soul." You stated in one of the conferences that all time is now. That past, present, and future are all occurring at this moment. I happen to agree with that idea, but if that is the case, how could there be such a thing as an old soul, given that all of our lives, including this one, are occurring at the same moment?

Wouldn't that make us all old and new souls regardless of this lifetime, and therefore strip us of any need to place ourselves in a soul category? If one person is an "old" soul, and another a "new" soul, doesn't that just imply separation and a soul caste system, instead of equality and unity? If you have any insight into this question, I'd appreciate it.

ANSWER: You already know the answer, and it's semantics. On the other side of the veil, where all is seen as interdimensional, there's no linear time. Therefore, you're simply an eternal soul. On your side of the veil, you're an old soul, since linearity is the way your life works.

As you read this, do you understand that you absolutely must see each work next to each other in a row to get the message? How limiting! Why not just take this paper and eat it so you have the whole message at the same time? The answer is obvious. You're restricted in your perception, and it must come in a slow, limited, linear fashion and be done with your eyes and brain. This is why we must use linear terms to help you understand how this works in your reality. Further, are you aware that there's no word in your language to indicate an object that has no beginning or end? If there were, we would have used it. So we say ancient or old to indicate wisdom and experience.

Those of you who wish to debate these kinds of things would be better to suppress the intellectual urge to discuss "chicken and egg" scenarios and instead go right for the gold: Become interdimensional so that the true answers make sense to you without ever asking about them on a piece of 2D paper.

[Also see Question 8 of this series.]


(16) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: This question is about (Human) beauty - I mean the striking beauty of some people, like the most adored actress or actor with whom others often instantly fall in "love," I put love in quotes because that doesn't seem like complete love to me. Why do certain people have these "teasing" qualities, while others do not? Why are most of us drawn to physically attractive people, although that is just a small fraction of what can make a person a good mate? Are we blind? Are we missing something?

ANSWER: No, dear one. You're missing nothing. You're simply responding to basic Human chemistry and biological attributes that you were built for. Your entertainment industry worldwide is based on it, and it's not something you should try to figure out or "undo." It's part of the setup and creates appropriate challenges. The real issue, however, lies in the examination of those who have elected to come in "beautiful."

The one with this kind of beauty has an added layer of difficulty in their life's challenge. They will bring upon themselves increased awareness to others of who and where they are. They can't help but create a fuss, create drama, and have to learn some skills others may never have to learn. Most fail, if you've noticed. It requires a firm sense of responsibility about what they believe, an intuition about what others want from them, and the ability to have "eyes in the back of their head" awareness for their own safety. It also creates a situation where they must create their own balance, and not get it from anything outside of themselves. Perhaps you've seen what happens to a famous person when throughout their life they're surrounded with people who will only say yes to them for everything? They end up in a reality different from yours, or anyone else on Earth... and they don't even know it.

You've heard that it's a curse to be beautiful? There is some truth to the energy of that statement.


(17) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Is everyone who is alive at this time as an incarnated spiritual being here to raise the vibration of the planet, or are some of us simply Human Beings?

ANSWER: There's no such thing as "simply Human Beings." All are here to be part of the test of Earth. Most will never see anything before them but the 4D experience that seems so common and ordinary for many Humans. This is the free choice we speak of, and it truly serves the purpose of a test without "God bias." Many others, of the kind who are reading this, will determine for themselves that there's a bigger picture at hand. These are the ones whom we address with the kinds of teachings you're seeing on these pages.

There's no judgment about the decisions you make. You're all here with the potential to play a part in a new consciousness for the planet. All are players, but some will become the masters of the day.


(18) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: When I wasn't here, did I ever see the Kryon? What do you do when you're not assisting creation as powered by the process currently going on Earth?

ANSWER: (a) Have you seen me before? Yes. You know me well, and you see me every time you come and go from the planet. You run the gauntlet of love and hugs from the energies of Gaia, and those such as myself who are part of your support family. This is why I may seem so familiar to many of you.

(b) What will I do when I'm not helping you? That will never occur, for the kind of things we do together are an ongoing building process of the consciousness of multiverses yet to exist, yet existing as we speak. Think of it as a circle of love that never ends... a party that we all love to be a part of.


(19a) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: You say that we are biological, with a divine complement while we're here, and that other worlds do not have this combination. Then, I guess my question to you is what are we really? If there are worlds where only biology exists, and there's such a thing as divinity, but the two do not always go hand in hand in the way they do here, why is that, and what are we when we're not here?

Where is our home? You say that we'll be known by our colors as ones who participated in this experience, but where will that be? And by whom will we be recognized? I've read in the Pearl of Great Price that God told Moses, "For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I wonder if this means that our work here is to bring to pass the realization that we are eternal and immortal and that we are God. And I wonder why there are worlds where there is no divinity present, only biology, and if this means that somewhere, life forms are more primitive than Humans? Why would there ever be a world where Humans would not live intuitively and be a part of their Creator? I ask a lot of questions, I know, and have done for many years!

(19b) QUESTION: I'm still not clear on your explanation that Humans are a part of God but that there are other things/beings in the Universe that are not. I feel that God creates everything; therefore, everything is a part of God.

ANSWER: ANSWER: First, review the reason why we're here and what it means for the Universe [Kryon Q&A reference 1] [Kryon Q&A reference 2]. For this has been answered many times and will not be repeated here. You're living intuitively, and you are part of your Creator. When you finally drop the idea that God is somewhere else in the sky, but instead understand that you are here as a viable piece of God doing your own bidding, then you don't have to struggle with the "whys" that you have.

Indeed, you have no problem on earth with the fact that there is biology without spiritual purpose. You're a biological being with divinity in your DNA. You're supported by other biology that supports you and simply exists as a balance of Gaia. Are you stressed that bees and rodents don't have your same attributes? They're here as part of the "system of the planet," and they're "of God." They are life, and they're important in the system. But they're not divine pieces of God that reincarnate for the purpose of helping the Universe. They're simply a support system for you.

The Universe itself is no different. There are planets with intelligent beings who exist as a balance within the system of the Universe, but who are not part of a divine experience like you are. They have no divine blueprint and they do not reincarnate. But they are life, and they are respected... but they are not like you are. Earth is the only planet that has beings like you. You represent the only place that has choice over your own vibration as a planet, and can change your own time frame if you wish. You're the only beings who can achieve spiritual mastery if you choose. You're the only beings who have the ability to think thoughts that can change matter, or eliminate disease within your cells through your own internal DNA processes. You represent the only planet of free choice, yet the choices you make are going to affect other planets! You're the only one with a humanity that's born believing in the afterlife, and whose very genes carry the code that searches for God. Consider that all the planets together represent a vehicle, but you're the steering wheel. Would you complain that all the others weren't also the steering wheel? No. Every part has its purpose within the scope of the system.

The others are so far from you that most will never know about you. You're hidden well, since you only have one sun (most have dual suns, since this promotes the development of life early in a system). Your alternate sun was lost a long time ago. The ones who are able to visit you do so at great risk, since they know your very thoughts, and fear can fry them! The joke is that you're afraid of them and don't know your own power. They take some of you away and try to find out "why you tick," but after more than 100 years, they're giving up. You're so different interdimensionally, yet they can't see that part. But they're impressed with your power... the very power we continually tell you about, but which you deny even within the scope of your questions.

God told Moses, "For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Who is God? It's you. Therefore, your task is to discover mastery within yourself to the degree that you meld with your divinity. That's why we call it ascension.

Where is home? It's not what you think. You think this is work and that someday you get a reprieve? You don't understand. You stand in line to come here! When you're not here, you're not in a "place" at all, but in a "condition." This is interdimensional and difficult to explain to anyone who's reading this. Where does love go when it's not being used? To the "love closet"? There's no mansion in the sky, or 72 virgins, or a "place" of peace. You are peace! You are love! You're a piece of God who walks in lesson on the planet Earth, who desired to be here and who's working on the greatest challenges of the Universe.

The colors are "experience badges" that you carry. Within an interdimensional state, all entities can see everything you are, where you've been, the Universes you've started, the group you represent... it's all like a book and instantly "seeable." This is what we mean by the fact that all will know you by your colors. And when you're not working on the planet Earth, you're busy guiding those who are. This isn't the first time you've done this, for this is a specialized group who does this over and over for Universes in the past and ones yet to be created (linear reference).

Be still and know that you are God. Then all these questions will shrink away, and new ones will occur to you:

(1)  What can I do to discover my divinity inside?
(2)  How can I create peace on Earth using my divine attributes?
(3)  How can I live longer so that I can remain in my current state and do more for the planet at this critical time?
(4)  What should I know that will enhance my divinity and spread light to the dark places that need it so much?
(5)  How can I have peace in my intellectual mind over the fact that I am linear, but can receive nonlinear answers to my questions?


(20) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: This year is an election year for the President of the U.S. There's such division in our country over this topic. Is there anything you can tell us that will help us to remember our oneness?

ANSWER: Yes. Get above the politics and concentrate on the unity of the real issues. Peace on Earth is going to be achieved first through bringing light to the Israel/Palestine issue. Send light daily to this place. Second, when this begins to take place, expect the major diseases on the planet to also suddenly start to have cures. What you don't understand is that this is related. It has to do with the "disease consciousness" of the planet, and how nature responds to overall Human consciousness on Earth.

Believe me, when these things begin to be solved, your political polarization will diminish back to the place that you're more comfortable with. I know you don't believe it, but the clearer and more peaceful you are with the overview of things, the more light you can create to help exactly what you're trying to do with your political endeavors.


(21) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I'm so very new to all the Kryon writings, and appreciate the wonderful news you pass on. My question: I understand that we are angels within a Human form. Could it be possible that we're the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible?

ANSWER: Dear One: There are many who won't like this answer, for they wish to have the heaven and hell mythology manifest itself as excuses for their own actions.

There's no such thing as a fallen angel. Not everything that was translated in the history book of your scriptures is literal. Much like our metaphors are used to help in our teaching, so it is that you'll find the same there.

When you see the term, understood what it originally meant: It's a reference to your own divinity on Earth. You are all "descendant angels" in that you agreed to put apart your grandness and spend linear time here. It's not a term of negativity or a description of an angel who fell from grace. There simply is no such thing. There is no devil and there is no Hell. As we've said before, all the darkest things imaginable come right out of the Human mind through free choice. Even your own pope has now acknowledged that: (paraphrased) "Hell is a state of mind, one which you are responsible for and create yourself. As you remove yourself from God, you create your own darkness." [Internet reference]

When you are part of the divinity of what you call God, you're a finite part of an interdimensional soup. The ingredients of that soup never rebel or disagree with the whole, since they're part of the structure of the whole. They're also biased in favor of the soup, which is a way of saying that they're biased in love.


(22) QUESTION: Dear Lee Carroll: You've said in the archive index that "Kryon"is the name of an Earth support group that is about physics.

Is this your organization or some other? If another, whose? This is very important to me.

ANSWER: This was Kryon's answer when asked: "Who are you?" He says that all divine entities have a specialty. Yours is that you come to planets like Earth and live reincarnated lives to help a greater purpose of the Universe. Kryon has never been Human and never will be. His specialty is to help with the physics support around you.

As you change the consciousness of the planet, Kryon came forward with his physics group and moved the magnetic grid to align with your new consciousness attributes. This grid movement has even been validated by CNN [CNN reference].

So it has nothing to do with me. It's Kryon's answer to a Kryon question.


(23) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: When you talk of "oneness," is there anything outside that? When I sit and think about what it means to encompass everything, a part of me wants to think that even oneness needs perspective on "itself." In 4D duality, if something exists, so does its opposite. Is there a level of existence where the totality of God is itself subject to duality, where God interacts with other "gods" in a dualistic exchange?

ANSWER: Duality and all the linearity of it is a logic paradigm for you while you're Human. It doesn't exist in the interdimensional "oneness" we speak of. When you're not Human, your intellect doesn't ponder anti-God or a mirror to express itself. The balance of God is perfect and complete, without a foil.


(24) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've been following your teachings for quite some time now and thank you for all the information that you've given us. I'm very curious about something. Lately, I've been hearing about people here on Earth who have "no soul." Is that possible? I'm of the understanding that we're all pieces of God - the hybrids you constantly speak of. If there are folks on the planet right now who read differently than Humans, then who are they, and what are they doing here? I believe that everything and everyone is an energy of God or from God, so how can this be?

ANSWER: All Humans on Earth are part of the divine plan and have souls.

Beware of false information being given that is very dramatic and fearful. For with this "non-soul" attribute also come warnings of alien takeovers and fearful events. Some have even accused Kryon of being part of a takeover plan, so in their minds I would be part of this very plan and therefore tricking you with this answer. So again I say, discern for yourself. Look for fear-based information or agendas as a mark of information that is not pure. Through my partner, for 15 years, I've supplied you with only love-based information that shouts of your own empowerment.

Every Human on Earth is here for a reason in a divine plan, with free choice. You're all part of the family of God.


(25) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: English is the language of choice for much of the world. Was this meant to be? Will there one day be a universal "world" language?

ANSWER:There are no spiritual expectations with the way your language has evolved. English is used universally in certain areas at this time in your history since (a) the last few wars on the planet were won by English speakers, and (b) the main free enterprise push comes from America [products]. It's that simple.

There will never be a universal world language. Cultural balance will always be part of the test before you. So these differences of these other rich languages on Earth are respected and needed.


(26a). QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you have spoken of a 7th Dimensional Musician that will bring healing energy to the planet through music. I connected with this - I have long felt music's healing energy; I am a musician myself. Pray tell if you will - just a little more on this subject, please.

(26b) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I know that musical sounds evoke healing, and that this modality of treatment is part of the new energy. Which treatment, research, and/or teaching resources are credible?

ANSWER: Truly, dear ones, you can always use music as a healing source. It's always credible for this. Do you not see where it affects every Human no matter what the culture? Play music for children and watch them smile.

Music is part of the divine setup, and the residual of it is emulated even by other mammals (like whales). But only Humans can organize and structure it in meaningful ways that stir the soul and actually speak to the DNA. Part of this is vibrational physics, and part is at the soul level. But when you combine certain melodies and certain harmonies, they can actually balance a Human Being and create the potential of profound healing anywhere for anyone.

The reference to the interdimensional musician is a metaphor for your DNA, which "sings" a song of balance. Someday your science will shock you with information that DNA sings (varies and oscillates within itself).


(27) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've read and heard information for and against immunizing against various diseases, particularly those that affect children. Can you help me understand immunization? There are many options for immunization now. Are all necessary for children?

ANSWER: This is good science and was brought to you early so that you and your children could extend your lives. The original "mixture" for immunization that was created for the few basic diseases is still good for you and your children. However, there is now a tendency to increase the immunization to include over 17 different targets (or more). There's a problem with this, and it has already shown itself, but is not yet understood.

Ask for the original mixture if you can get it. It's the safest and most viable.


(28) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What exists beyond our Universe?

ANSWER: In order to answer your question, I must expand it. Your question is linear, and the Universe is not. You assume that (a) your Universe is singular, and (b) therefore, there is something in a singular way "beyond" it.

Your Universe is part of a multiverse of created events that exist simultaneously in various time frames. They overlap in very interesting ways, and every so often they collide, bringing a "big bang" type of event that will actually create another 4D Universe. So the question is answered first in this way: What is beyond your Universe is what coexists with it, interdimensionally, in the same space.

It's a far more complex thing than you think, since there's a lot more of it than you can see in 4D. Still, you ask a good 4D question about what is actually beyond the limits of your known 4D Universe. The second answer is something you won't comprehend: What's beyond it? It's an infinite space seeming like nothingness, ready for even more Universes. Yours folds and folds, so it's really not quite as large as you think, but the space around it goes on forever... no limitation... no ending... just like your own divinity. Your Human brain detests things that don't have containment and won't fit in a box. This doesn't have containment in your perspective, but there's always something present in all of it, even if it appears to go on "forever."


(29) QUESTION: Is Kryon trying to explain "and God created man in His own image" from the Bible, thus elevating Humans to "godlike" entities and/or separating Humans from all other life? Perhaps I'm splitting hairs, but this is troubling to me. From my earliest childhood, I've envisioned all of life as part of God.

ANSWER: Don't be troubled. Again, God can create something and have it be a creation of God without also having it be part of the divinity of God. Humans were created in the "image of God." That image is in their DNA, and it says that they're eternal beings and part of God itself as the Creator. Yes, they're separated from the rest of "life."

A Human and an onion are both part of God's creation. But one is angelic and can change matter with their thoughts, and one is food as sustenance for the Human-angel. Both are part of God's creation, but one is actually part of the Creator itself. Onions don't reincarnate, but they are still "of God" in that they were part of the creation of balance.


(30) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am a practitioner of Middendorf Breathwork, the Experience of Breath. Do you have any information about this work? I've had experiences while working with the breath in this way when I've felt an interdimensional reality, and I'm wondering about this. Do you have information for me about how to develop this breathwork further? Is it about connecting with our interdimensional reality, or should I be focusing the work in another direction?

ANSWER: Dear One, let me comment instead on breathwork in general, for there are many viable training schedules in addition to the one you have mentioned. The answer is yes.

Breathing may seem to be ordinary in its function, but it's really a healing and meditation technique that's profound when you focus on it. As you already know, if you train yourself to do it within a certain system that is then combined with intent and consciousness, not only will it take you through very stressful times, but also bring you to an elevated place where a connection to the divine part of yourself becomes easier.

So continue in your work and spread the word! For many, breathing is automatic and very normal. But then again, so is eating and drinking... yet eating and drinking are processes that have fostered tremendous information and systems for focus, balance, sustenance, well-being, and even vibrational increase. So it is with breathing, also.


(31) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I requested and believe that the neutral implant was accomplished a few years back. Now I'm being repeatedly told by a past-life regressionist that I have a positive past karmic credit due to me. I assumed past karma to be negative and didn't think of a past late reward. How does this claim of positive karmic credit/reward factor into the issue of one having cleared all past karma with the implant?

ANSWER: Dear One, your past-life regression worker is seeing it right, but let's just change the label. It's not positive karma, for the whole system of karma (an old paradigm in this new energy) is gone. You've cleared that system, and instead, what is due you is actually the result of the implant-permission you gave. I know this will seem like a circle, but try to understand.

You are in the "now," so all your potentials are "seen" as having taken place [see Question 8 within this section]. So at some level your helper is seeing what you have done, and what is "due you" because of it. What is being observed is your potential to blossom into a peaceful Human without the burdens you've been carrying in an old energy. Congratulations for having verified what you just did for yourself!


(32) QUESTION: My question is what is a Lightworker? Am I one?

ANSWER: We define Lightworker as any Human Being who has examined his own consciousness and has decided that there's a divine part, and that it can be used to help both themselves and the earth. There's no doctrine connected to this attribute or any organization around it.

Are you one? Let me ask you: Why would you ever write a question to a disembodied entity called Kryon, who very few believe exists, and who also claims to be an interdimensional worker from the Great Central Sun?

That's the kind of thing Lightworkers would do. [Smile].


(33) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've reread your channel about spiritual winter [URL goes here], and you've mentioned again that Earth is the only planet of free choice... one that can change its own dimensionality. If Humans can grasp the concept of freedom, then I know it is divine information and helps God, too. As Humans, however, we wish all peoples of the Earth to have freedom. Why is this freedom to change potential not extended to other planets?

ANSWER: In some ways it is. You see, what you do here will affect all other planets, plus planets yet to be created. They may not have your divine complement, but what you do will change their awareness. You are, therefore, the catalyst for something so big that you cannot conceive of it. It's a test that has been in the planning for eons, and will eventually change the potentials of other planets that have life. But you're the only ones who have the charge to do this... part angelic... part Human, you exist for this. [Also see #19 in this section.]

Other planets are free to change their reality as a result of what they decide. But only you are free to become masters while on the earth, changing your actual vibration level, and through that, changing the fabric of time for all the others. Don't look for proof of this, for you'll never find it. It's part of the challenge, but when you're not on Earth, it's the main subject of your energy quest.


(34a) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Would you please explain crop circles? What is their origin? What is their importance to humanity? How can we interpret the symbology? Is it connected with interdimensionality?

(34b) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a question regarding crop circles. We know that some of the crop circles are hoaxes, but many are not, especially the ones that are so mathematically complex that they defy common explanation. The question is, how are these crop circles created, and by whom?

ANSWER: I give you only this for now: (1) Definitely interdimensional. (2) From Humans, but from a different time. (3) The symbology is 12-based math. The messages are to help with peace on Earth. (4) Yes, many are hoaxes.


(35) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, are you a member of the Ascended Hosts, along with St. Germain, Kuthumi, Hilarion, Maitreya, Gabriel, and so many others that we know of down here on Earth? Are you an Ascended Master, dear Kryon?

ANSWER: No. I am a servant for humanity in its quest to create peace on Earth and increase the vibration of the planet. I honor the ascended masters, for theirs is also a specialty to help you as well. I work with all of them, especially that of St. Germain. My interdimensional counterpart is Metatron. We often work together regarding the physics of your planet. All of the others are back on Earth in some form of energy work at this time in your history. They have all returned and are working with you daily.


(36) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Many cultures and religions have a myth explaining the dark side of the Universe. You told us that there's no evil side, but instead, creations of the Human Being. So would these collective myths be part of our DNA (collective DNA) created by us, as divine beings, to facilitate the duality experience? How can we overcome or change this setup?

ANSWER: Think of it in this way: The setup can't change. It facilitates duality, which is needed for the test. The question should be: "How can we see past the duality and deal with it?" Consider it a staple of your challenge, and instead of trying to void it, contain and conquer it. In this mixture, include fear, for it's the brother of duality.

When you have a storm, you don't try to find out what caused it and eliminate the source, since the source is the system of atmosphere all around you and also sustains you. It's impossible to get rid of the source of storms without destroying the system. Instead, you build lighthouses and ships or buildings that can withstand the force. That's when you're safe, peaceful, and feel you've contained it... when your personal life is no longer affected. The storm rages on, and so will duality. But the lighthouse was built for storms, and feels very calm about the whole life experience.


(37) QUESTION: Dearest Kryon: What becomes of the love and healing energy created through prayer? Hundreds of people evoked prayer on behalf of a much beloved child in our community who was fighting cancer. This precious soul chose not to continue this lifetime. As heartbreaking as this is, I know that energy, once created, cannot be destroyed, and I wonder, if these prayers were not used for healing by our little one, where did they go? Into the earth, into the grids, or perhaps to other children in need of healing?

ANSWER: Yes! Your intuition is strong. Love is never wasted. It goes into helping those around the child especially, and also right into helping to heal relationships of those who are doing the praying. It also goes into Gaia itself, and helps to change the land around you. It tempers the apparent tragedy and heals the very fabric that surrounds it... which is everyone and everything.

The power of love is greater than any other emotion. Once created, it has a life of its own and continues and continues and continues. Did you ever consider that the child knew this? Perhaps the child came and went quickly upon this earth so that this love would be generated as an eternal beacon that would never die? Now that's a Lighthouse!


(38) QUESTION: Dearest Kryon: I've read the question and answer on people with diseases of the mind - for example, Alzheimers and dementia. But I have more questions. You say that people have chosen this path and that the lessons are for us. As I work with these people, I'm wondering if there is any stage where there could be a reversal of the condition, and if so, with what methods? The people in the hostel are so drugged up, and there's a mind-set with the authorities that no "alternate" therapies work - although they're using colored lights. (Sadly, the diversional therapist told me she doesn't know what color therapy is.)

From a spiritual point of view, what is the best way to work with these people - talk to them as though they were normal, or go along with their imaginings? I've been told that they need to be kept quiet, especially toward evening. However, I've found that with one woman who mostly paces saying very little, the more childlike I am (dancing and singing makes her happy), the more she talks. I could go on and on - could you please enlighten me further?

ANSWER: I will answer the second part first. Love those who are in this condition. Find out what makes them smile... and then make them smile. The best you can do in a facilitation of this condition is to somehow create joy. Even in their confusion they can laugh at situations and be creative. They'll also remember you better as the one who creates this emotion. Each is very different, but in general, try to find their "happy" button and push it as often as you can. They will remember that.

Right now you're perched upon some important discoveries that will be able to reverse these conditions to a large degree. But just as the paraplegic who regains their nerve connections must than relearn how to walk, suffering much pain, there will be this attribute with a regeneration of the mind. Even if new cells are created, they won't necessarily have the old memories, but they can be trained to be healthy and be ready for new memories.

So someday these will have the ability to halt the progress of the degeneration of cells that are being taken, and instead grow new pathways around them. Some will be able to "reconnect" to certain kinds of memories (like recognition) but will have to relearn what the association of recognition actually means. So history and events might have to be studied and relearned... sometimes even things like reading, also. The pain will be that the individual will regain mental health and will realize exactly what has happened.

Your stem-cell research is very important, and you're reaching a point where you'll be able to use birth cells that aren't embryonic, but every bit as potent for research... thereby sidestepping all moral issues. Look for this in the next few years.


(39) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've noticed how many children are developing severe allergies to foods (my daughter included). When I've researched this, it seems that most of the allergies are essentially to seeds, grains, legumes, eggs, and dairy. I've noticed that these foods all hold the potential for life, or in the case of dairy, are essentially used to sustain the first stages of life in an animal's baby. My feeling is that because we're not releasing the life force within these foods (that is, sprouting, etc.), they're becoming harmful to us. I would like your impressions of this.

ANSWER: For thousands of years, these foods have worked for humanity. In these cases you speak about, the main culprit continues to be the way in which these foods are collected and processed. You won't find these allergies in third-world countries, and you won't find them within the children who work on farms, where they eat the foods directly. There will eventually have to come a day when you relax some of your efficiency attributes and go back to the way food was meant to be collected and eaten. And yes... there are effects from how the dairy animals are treated, too. Going back to some basics will help, and so will eliminating some of the procedures that supposedly create a "safer food." These procedures have instead made them begin to look like foreign food to the Human body.


(40) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Having accepted that I'm greatly outnumbered by those who favor the metric system, I still wonder if we are to be stuck with it forever? Despite my country's adoption of metric, in my work, I still use inches, feet, and so on every day. The richness of the old system adds to our language and culture and seems irreplaceable to me.

ANSWER: There are really several issues here. The metric system is a good one for the general public, so your country is probably wise to "join the club." It's helpful to have everything on one system that's base-10. It's also less confusing for everyday math and the understanding of fluid quantities, and so on. It also has merit for some science. Just think, the American Mars machine would have made it if it hadn't been for the metric/nonmetric confusion. (1999 Mars climate orbiter metric-english measurement confusion).

Part of the reason you long for the richness of the old system is that it not only reminds you of what you grew up with, but it also shouts base-12! Take a look: Your rulers have 12 inches, and a yard is three feet. These reflect nature, which is all base-12. Crystallize a drop of water and it will have six points. Examine a snowflake and you will see base-6 and -12. Biologists know that DNA is groups of fours and threes, and western music has 12 half notes between octaves. Your compass has 360 degrees, and the oldest science on the planet features 12 houses, or groups of activity around the movement of the planets. Go back far enough and you'll discover that ancient civilizations (the Sumerians) used it, too. It's intuitive, but as we've said before, it's a lot harder to work with for those who count on their fingers and toes. [Smile]


(41) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: What is happening with so many people developing fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? Is there something going in the bodies of these people that no one understands?

ANSWER: Usually I don't pull the "spiritual card" on questions like these, but in your case it is the true and accurate answer. Humanity is changing the energy of the planet, and this is affecting what many are calling "normal." Your DNA is a product of an older energy. If you wish to see something unusual, take a look at the children. They're not having this problem to the degree the adults are. Think of it as a sign that you need to readjust your vibration to that of the new energy around you.

This is accomplished by what we've been telling you for 15 years. Become more attuned to your body and your internal spiritual-selves. Your DNA will activate and help bring you to a new balance with everything around you. There are so many who continue to fight the new Earth energy. These are the ones who are finding it harder and harder to make it through a day without a nap.

Relax, and celebrate everything around you. Be more patient with the things that formerly have brought you drama or disappointment. Work on your self-worth, and take time to love those around you in a more profound way. Become a Lighthouse for humanity with your new understanding of what makes a peaceful person. Drop the drama of the family and of situations that surround you, and instead move the rudder of your life's ship to let it point toward a goal that can create peace on Earth.

Begin to examine yourself in a spiritual way and you'll indeed match the energy of the earth, and that will bring you good energy, less stress, and a longer life.


(42) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I had been on a spiritual quest my entire life until I discovered the Kryon material. It has changed my life, and I've been a devoted "Kryonite" ever since. Five years ago my life turned upside down - in a moment, I lost both of my dear parents, my mother to heart disease, and my father to dementia. I also learned that my closest sister was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). It has been a most difficult time for me. I'm the eldest daughter of nine children and have always felt I must care for everyone. My belief system has helped me cope with the pain and despair that I often feel.

On May 14, 2003 (5-5-5) I too was diagnosed with CLL. What a blow! This past year my world has changed dramatically, and I no longer feel that I "belong" anywhere. I feel disconnected from family and friends. I meditate and talk to my cells, but it has been a long time since I've felt any joy in my life. What's wrong? I understand that being a Human "being" is not easy; however, I used to have an active professional and social life but now take little pleasure in my former pursuits. Why? I want to make a contribution, but how do I discover what that will be? Help!

ANSWER: Dear One, nothing is wrong with you, or the thousands of others who experience these kinds of things. Remember: Lighthouses are never built in safe places. You discovered the answer to your questions early on. Now implement them.

Change your DNA and this disease will retreat from you. Not only that, but a little-known effect that we haven't yet discussed can also occur... what you do with your DNA will be "seen" by the consciousness of the DNA within your children and can actually break the linkage within your lineage. All humanity is connected at a level that is consistent with what your physicists are noticing in their new quantum studies. So what you do affects more than just you. This is also the basis of almost everything we teach about what you can do for others through your own self-examination.

So now is the time to create an island of peace within the storm of life. This is something that has been given to you because you're strong and have the ability to do it. Break the mold that others would normally be pulled into. Instead of "Why me?" shout "Why not!" You're not exempt from the Human experience just because you're spiritual. Instead, you're one who can change this situation... part of the planet of free choice we've spoken of so often.

You're not alone, and we line up behind you and celebrate your victories, and hold you when you cry. It's a group effort... one that you have sensed from the beginning. Now strike this light of yours and show what you can do. The storm rages, but you are calm. Let the love of God be your sword, and the wisdom of your knowledge be the shield. Your light can change not only you, but all those around you.

Blessings to you and those like you, who are distressed at this time.

(43) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Scientists have recently found skeletons of a hobbit-like species of human that grew no larger than a three-year-old modern child. The tiny humans, who had skulls about the size of grapefruits, lived with pygmy elephants and Komodo dragons on a remote island in Indonesia 18,000 years ago. They have determined that these belong to a species of Humans completely new to science, now named Homo floresiensis, after the island on which it was found.

Didn't you say that there was only one kind of Human?

ANSWER: Dear one, I told you that there were many kinds of Humans many years ago, and that they all stopped developing except the kind you see now. This discovery is simply validation of what I have told you. Here is an example of a completely different kind of Human, and one that does not exist now. There were as many as 17 kinds at one time, but they all went into extinction except you.

There is nothing else like this in earth's evolution, [that a species has no variety] and that is what we were pointing to when we spoke of these things. Is it a coincidence? Don't you find it strange that you are the only mammal that has this situation (who is alive by the billions)? We have brought this to your attention many times so that you might start to look around at these seemingly odd attributes of Humanity when compared to "the way things are supposed to biologically work" on the planet.