UPDATE: 4th Quarter 2004

(1) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've been reading all the channellings that say Humans are the only ones in the Universe who are eternal, who are from the family. To me the idea of death without an afterlife seems absolutely terrifying, and to think that all other intelligent life in the universe (ET's) can't exist after death is really painful. How do they take death?

ANSWER: Dear one: The Kryon never said that other life didn't have an afterlife. You have singular preconceptions that there is one Human, one soul, one afterlife, and one consciousness of 'you.' This is all because you're single dimensional. This thinking is all incorrect when you consider the attributes of multidimensional existence, which you actually have but can't see.

      All life participates to some degree in the whole, and is contained in the circle of the now. This simply means that all life contributes to the divine cycle and is eternal. In your case, your angelic compliment is so familiar with "home" that you can't conceive of one who isn't like you! The others do not have a "Higher-Self," but they are very much part of a come-and-go cycle. Therefore, your bias is correct and appropriate: to expect a return when you pass over, and to expect a cycle that is validated by your intuition. Humans know intuitively that there is something more after what seems like death - they all know. This is why most of the religions on the planet claim this is so - it's an attempt to put it together in a system that makes sense.

      The difference between you and other life is remarkable. You are closer to the veil than any other life, and you have mastery within your DNA. Learning to use it is the test. Your dog has a cycle, too, and he will return as well, in order to do something for the planet. The difference is that your dog never stops to consider it. You do.


(2) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in the last published channelling, you ended by asking all Lightworkers to shed light on various regions of the world, including the place I live: Portugal. I was shocked and grateful. For the past eight years, a group of us has followed Lee Carroll and the Kryon team's work and I thank you beyond words. Some of us managed to go to Spain, and it was quite an experience. We understood that the message then was directed at our Spanish family (March bombings), although - and I say this with some degree of selfishness - I was expecting a small word of advice regarding my country, which I feel is in a downward spiral. In our heads want we want to migrate, to leave and live somewhere where there is light, but our hearts tell us to stay. Kryon, what are we supposed to do? We need, or maybe I need, a word of advice. Thank you! Lisbon, Portugal.

(3) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in your last message, "The Challenge of Linearity," you said: "Lighthouse, peace on Earth is the goal. It's going to take a lot of masters living a long time in health to create it. They must shine their light to places like Africa, the Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Argentina, Portugal, Russia."

      Being Portuguese, I'd like to ask why you mentioned Portugal. I don't mean we don't need the light - of course we do. Everyone does. It's just that compared to the other countries mentioned, we seem to be a little better off at the moment as we have no wars and not so much suffering. Or am I mistaken? Will something be happening here in the near future?

ANSWER: Indeed the message in Spain was for Spain, as is often the case when we sit in the lands of other cultures on earth. We have yet to sit in Portugal with my partner.

      Portugal has great sleeping awareness. Everything you feel about your country at the moment must be frustrating. Your government vacillates and can't decide who's in charge. The great, rich European heritage you have seems to be part of another era. You long for stability and abundance.

      What's happening in your country isn't much different from what some of your South American family is going through. Argentina is in a similar situation, and there are others. Many of the planet's governmental leaders seem to be ignoring common sense, throwing away history, and proceeding with untried courses of action. Sound familiar? It's common to all, and the abundant North America is no exception.

      You're not alone! This is part of the "Winter of Spirituality" we've mentioned.* There hasn't been a peace plan on Earth that's been taken seriously, even though almost all the world powers know exactly what the issues are. There's a return to internalizing instead of seeing the big picture, and the heroes you seek in your own country are missing. (Did you notice?) It's all part of a rest before the awakening begins.

      The year 2008 will start a cycle that's a beginning of change. Much of it will be peaceful and welcomed in a time of drama and turmoil. Portugal and Spain both have an important part to play in this. Due to the recent restructuring of government in Spain (speaking of the revolution of 1936–39 and current stability), they're more ready to move forward. But Portugal is next, and doesn't need a civil war or 50 years to accomplish it. The new energy will move this forward.

      Don't abandon your area just yet. Let your light do its work and then see if you can feel it working. There's so much promise for your land! The people are ready - more each day - to revitalize this beautiful land. Gaia needs your cooperation and help to return your area to a stable land filled with promise, not disappointment. This can only happen, lighthouse, if you stay and shine your light.

      Remember, your light helps others, even your governmental leaders, to see better wherever they walk. This is what we teach for all the Lightworkers on Earth . . . even your family in Israel and Palestine, where the core issues lay unsolved. Think of what they feel daily about their futures.

      You're not alone in this.

*Please see www.kryon.com/k_chanelwinter04.html

(4) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in reincarnation you don't remember your past lives until after your last reincarnation - or at least this is my take on it. In other words, a person's not aware of past lives while he or she is living this life. But sometimes I have the sensation that I just woke from a coma and I have amnesia - it's like I have knowledge of life before the coma in my subconscious that I'm somewhat, but not fully, aware of. This is kind of confusing for me.

      To put it another way, I feel like I have the knowledge I need in this life, but there's a barrier blocking this knowledge from me. I believe that this is my last life because I'm aware of it, but I lack knowledge. I'm not sure how else to explain this. Please help clear my confusion. Your insight on the matter would help greatly.

ANSWER: There is no problem, and you are with millions of others experiencing something you put so well! So your "take" is correct.

      Consider this: A performer stands on the stage where a very powerful spotlight shines upon him. He must trust that there's an audience, but he can't see it, since the very light that lets others see him is blinding him to everything outside of the circle on the stage. Occasionally he hears the audience gasp or applaud or laugh. But it isn't real to him since he feels very alone in a bright light. Later, when the play is over, he is told how many were there, and how great it all was, but during the performance he felt alone.

      Your duality designs reality to be this way. It has to be this way. If each one of you could peek into your past lives, verify them easily, and know that they were true, then where would the test be? Your "coma," as you call it, is appropriate and right where it should be.

      The student sits at the desk. The answer to every question on the test before him is actually in his brain, and he knows it since he remembers studying it . . . somewhere, somehow. But he can't remember the school! As he puts his pencil to the paper to begin to answer the questions, he longs for the cheat sheet. Where did I study this? Why is this so hard to remember? Why should I feel that I know the answers? Is there more here than meets the perception of who I really am?

      As he ponders these things, his pencil starts to answer all the questions - accurately and with great insight and wisdom. He smiles. Now he understands. He doesn't have to know the details of the school to answer the test. All he has to do is allow himself to be the graduate that he is.


(5) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, many years ago I invented my own dimensional-analysis system that has been very valuable for me in my physics education. In this system, virtually all the quantities in physics are organized into a table of two parameters, one of which is dimension.

This system has seven positive dimensions, seven negative ones (the reciprocals), and the zero dimension. For example: Induction is a seven-dimensional quantity, velocity a zero-dimensional quantity, capacitance a minus five, mass and energy both three dimensions, action four dimensions, and so on.

      In addition to the personal value for me in my learning process, does this system have any relevance or value to the "eleven plus zero" dimensional-analysis system that you talk about? If so, do you have any suggestions?

      Second, the current state of the foundations of mathematics is still filled with contradictions. Is this due to mathematics still being founded on what amounts to only a two- or three-dimensional system? Since physics is currently more or less founded on mathematics, is it possible that this is somewhat backwards? Meaning that physics (and metaphysics) are the more fundamental concepts and mathematics is really a "language of precise perception" of these and should follow, rather than lead, the exploration of them?

      Third, would you be willing to add any information to the concept of "nutritional rate of atoms" as in the difference between atoms that make up Angelic bodies versus Human mental body atoms or Human physical body atoms?

ANSWER: Your perceptions are more correct than not, but not yet fully within the puzzle that's before you. You simply can't apply 4D quantitative logic to an multidimensional puzzle. Interdimensional thinking and logic aren't understood by Humanity yet. In addition, you still have a 4D mind and this keeps some of the puzzles from fitting together.

      Imagine this: You have a jigsaw puzzle before you, but somehow the edges of the pieces are all hidden from you. They're all blurry in your sight. Therefore you have full sight of the graphic on each piece, but no concept of how they "fit" together in the puzzle. Your brain tells you that they might go next to each other, but how?

      In addition, what if each piece had a graphic on the back that you had to guess at (could not see), but which fit in another place in the face of the puzzle? Even if you could somehow see the back, how could you take one piece of a jigsaw puzzle and then put it into two places? Understand? You don't have a concept of interdimensionality - no model, no overview.

      I'll give you a hint: Make the table where the puzzle sits, transparent. Then place a mirror under the table. The mirror is the interdimensional math integer zero. It allows you to "see" the potentials of both what is on the back of the pieces and also how they might fit in a puzzle that has no front or back.

      Can you imagine a reality without your kind of time? No. Can you think of a physics model that allows matter to flow through itself? No. Can you imagine a realty where everything is connected by a constant that hasn't been discovered, and which allows you to be part of everything? No.

      Math isn't a profound reality. It's a construct that fits a specific reality and helps to explain the way it works. It's beautiful and logical, but does not stand alone as a life-force. It only explains what's happening. And yes, it can explain divinity and interdimensional beings and the way God uses physics to create universes.

      The matter that makes up angelic beings isn't that much different than your own. You can't create a physics principle that separates an angel from you. Perhaps it's time to really get the message: You are the same as the angelic entities of the Universe! The thing that separates you from them isn't your atomic structure, it's the fact that you're operating in a 4D world, where more than half of your actual dimensional reality is hidden from you.

      You don't understand that you have control of the elements. You don't understand or believe that you can travel without your body and instantly be anywhere in the Universe. You don't believe you're the boss of your own cells. So limited are you in your understanding of this that you feel enslaved by the elements and bodies that you exist in - always hoping they'll treat you well.

      Imagine the greatest artist in the world, on another planet in another society. He grows up knowing he can draw and paint, yet there's no model for this anywhere he looks. Nobody paints or draws on this new planet. In fact, there are no materials for it either, and to his horror he finally notices that most of the entities don't even have hands and fingers! But he does. All his life he knows he can paint incredible works of art - astounding in their scope of richness and beauty. But those around him think he's crazy, and have outlawed such thinking for a mortal entity, having developed religions that say "Only God can paint" and "Only God has hands and fingers."

      You see? Inside, you know better. But outside you have yet to find the paints, or the surface to paint on, or in some cases you even doubt that you have hands! Such is the difference between you and the angels. Your divinity is intuitive and unlimited, but your reality lives in another place - a place where you're told that you can't be a master, with religions that keep you on your knees.


(6) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, could you provide new information about gravity that has less to do with matter and more to with time? What about Newton's gravity that has to with matter?

The double helix is made of two distinct sides of a ladder. What kind of connection could be seen with an EM wave? Superstring theory must be tuned up to include a base-12 math system, which is interdimensional math. I don't understand how to get the base-12 system.

I've got an approach that doesn't need base-12 system or I don't realize yet (from an interdimensional circle)?

      I'm also wondering if your could share a deeper understanding of the integer that you call zero. Is there an another interdimensional integer (the three you talk about to go base-10 toward base-12 system)? What about the Einstein secrets brought to you in the 1940s? Can you talk about it without the formulas? My intuition (or my channelling) told me to look for an association between Bergmann and Einstein.

(7) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I was wondering about the news that the dimension of everything is a total of 36. I was curious if they can be grouped into three types, 12 totaling of expansive energies, 12 totaling of compressive energies, and 12 neutral energies that bind the other 24.

I was thinking that gravity was a "compressive energy," which would make it different than electromagnetism (expansive energy), and the strong nuclear energy might be related to neutral energies, the weak nuclear energy would be an expansive energy. I understand that the 12D string theories comprise all the known forces, except for life energies.

ANSWER: Dear ones, indeed you wish all the answers in a forum that calls for just a few. In addition, I won't reveal what must be learned slowly, but the hints are all around you. I don't wish to dodge any questions, but your very presumptions are still within a box that you must think outside of.

      Newtonian physics does a good job of explaining the way things relate mathematically in 3D. Einsteinian physics does a good job of explaining the way things work using Newtonian physics, but bringing in another dimension (time), expanding it to 4D. Superstring theory physics starts to bring it up to 11D . . . and it's mind twisting and not fully understandable by even the best Human minds.

      What if dimensionality isn't quantitative? Your very term quantum physics is a misnomer. Your reality and the answers you look for in you logic have everything quantified. There are answers in 3D to everything - how many, how much, how long. What if (are you ready?) there were no quantitative answers to anything? You say two plus two equals four. The answer is really: "It depends." You might say that this would be stupid math, since nothing would ever have an answer! But it would. It would depend on the potentials of the zero, and whatever it was, it would create a real answer, but only for that moment. This is the secret to base-12 math. It's interdimensional.

      How could you plan ahead with such a math system, you might ask. The answer is this: Without time, it's meaningless to "plan ahead!" [Kryon smile] But consider using many kinds of math for many kinds of realities. There is a math that will suit you in your reality, and you're using it well to plan ahead (such as in sending spacecrafts to distant planets and moons). Then there is the way the Universe works, which is truly interdimensional, which you are only now discovering. Then there is the way divinity works, which is beyond even the thought of dimensions - into a realm that will be forever hidden from the Human thought process. But remember, at the cellular level, you know all the answers.

      Again (referring to a previous answer), you don't have to know about the school to bring about the knowledge you have intuitively within your cells.


(8) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, gravity and magnetism are interdimensional forces, but our problem is this: What's the difference between gravity and magnetism? This could give us a direction toward the unification.

(9) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what are the differences between space and time? You talked about our 4D space-time and you said that an interdimensional vision requires 12 dimensions. Our science finds an 11 dimensional space-time and your clue is about zero for the 12th dimension. So what is the connection between zero and space and time?

ANSWER: Gravity and magnetism are independent parts of a system that is indeed unified. The two of them work together with your 4D time and 4D distance in a formula we have even named - phasic displacement. So you ask about the difference between two of the main principles of the Universe and we tell you "it depends." (An answer you didn't want to hear.)

      What is the difference between the concept of three and of four? It's quantitative, isn't it? Then what is the difference between zero and zero, when both equal the potential of something that is unseen and in the "now"? The answer? "It depends." When you take out time as a constant and look at it as a variable, then everything "depends."

      You don't like a reality that has no constant, do you? But it's true. Think of it this way: The only constants are the formulas themselves. It's backwards, therefore, from your existing logic. There are no absolutes to plug into the formulas. Instead there are formulas that are absolute, waiting to generate the values.

      Here's a 4D answer that you still won't like: Both magnetism and gravity are forces that respond to something else in an interdimensional universal system that quantifies it for you within the realty you live in. That's why you can measure it and use it, and depend on it being constant. It's because the "rules" are stable within the puzzle of your 4D earth. But you can't see what's pulling the strings that makes it work and that defines what it is that creates this stability.

      Now, take a closer look at real magnetism and gravity at the center of every galaxy (as we have mentioned to you for years). The black hole will really define it for you, and it's way out of kilter for your concepts in 4D, even 12D. The interdimensional power of a black hole reaches way beyond what you think is the distance it should affect 4D matter. It even has an effect on your own gravity and magnetism on this planet. There are multiple black holes everywhere, from microscopic to immense. The one that is in the middle of your specific galaxy is helping to determine your time frame, and even your perception of how far things are from one another. If it changed, so would you.

      Example: You measure the distance to other objects in the Universe by light-years. However, if the speed of light were not a constant (and it isn't), and it changed and became much faster, would the distance therefore change, or would you simply say that the distance is now "fewer light-years away?" The answer is that the distance would also change. Why? Because everything is related to the master event at the center of your galaxy.

      You have to re-evaluate your idea of what is related to what. What if, by magic, you could change the speed of light to infinity, or zero . . . just pretend. Then what would the distance to the furthest star be? The answer? Zero light-years. It's next door. That's the true reality of interdimensionality.

      Also, remember what we told you years ago: There is a push-pull effect at the center of each galaxy, as you will eventually figure out. There is much more going on interdimensionally at the center of each galaxy than any astronomer of physicist has begun to project in their far-thinking imaginations.


(10) QUESTION: What's the difference you've talked about between speed and the rate of vibration (for example the electron)? On the one hand, Einstein's theory said that at the speed of light, time is becoming variable, but on the other hand, many times you said to us that to change the time frame we must vibrate higher. So in connection with the previous question, what's the point since one is talking of speed and one is talking of rate of vibration?

ANSWER: Dear one, why would you separate the two? Imagine you're an electron. Suddenly you're required to vibrate. The definition of vibration is "oscillation." Oscillation requires something (in this case, the electron) to move back and forth quickly.

      Suddenly you (as the electron) are asked to run to point A, then run back to point B, then run again to A and so on in order to oscillate and create a higher vibration. In addition, the Human Being (who you represent) is beginning to become enlightened, and requires you do it at a higher rate every day!

      While you (as the electron) are doing this, an "electron reporter" would like to interview you. While the reporter tries to keep up with you as you're running and turning and stopping and running and turning and stopping, he asks: "How fast are you going, Mr. Electon?" Do you then answer, sarcastically (pant-pant): "What do you mean? There's no speed here. I'm just vibrating!" Understand? Speed is absolutely part of a high vibration, and many of the things that Einstein told you about speed directly relate to a higher vibrating Human Being, including time.

      Now, as a finale to this discussion, let me throw a wrench into all of it. Imagine that in this scenario, the Human Being begins to vibrate at the rate of a divine master. I'll give you a hint at what's happening to this electron, who is doing all the work (pant pant). Physically, he's not being asked to run faster between two existing points. Instead, the distance between point A and B is getter bigger! He must maintain a time relationship between points A and B, but the distance is becoming greater due to the consciousness of the divinity within the Human Being. Therefore, he's running faster only to maintain the timing. To the Universe, the Human is therefore getting "larger," too. (Kryon smile)


(11) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, like many of my generation (born in the 1950s) who were brought up to be obedient out of fear rather than respect for the older generations, I decided that I didn't want my children to be afraid of me, so haven't imposed the same discipline on them. For two of my children this has worked quite well, but my middle child, who is 12, seems impossible to reason with. He can be rude, violent, and disruptive whenever things don't go his way. He's also very unhappy.

      When I look around at other children I realize that he's by no means the only one who's acting and feeling this way, and indeed a lot of children are a lot worse. Is my generation, in our attempt to stop the tradition of fear of our elders, actually doing more harm than good? Do children need the rigid rules and discipline that characterized our youth? Could you please give some advice on what we should be doing to help our children to find happiness in what will be very uncertain times ahead of them? How we should be raising them? Also, specifically, if you can give me any advice on how to help my middle child I would be very grateful.

ANSWER: Dear one, all children need discipline. It helps them in the future by teaching them to discipline themselves and have patience using the model you give them. But you're right: Fear isn't the answer. The best thing to do is the following:

      Sit your children down and discuss matters as equals. Don't talk down to them in any way. Use big words and let them know what's going on, adult to adult. This will get their attention. They don't want to hear that you're in control of their lives because you are an adult and they're not. Remember, despite their size and circumstances (not yet grown up), their minds don't understand that they're not thinking as they will once they've matured, and you can't drill it into them. But they will understand that you hold the reins of the household, the money, and their comfort or discomfort. That's self-evident, and part of the conflict they're having.

      In advance, decide what it is that our children really want, which you control. For instance, free time, phone time, or computer time. Then create a rewards system based on their compliance to your requests for reasonable behavior. Make it fair! Then stick to it. Don't administer consequences with anger, but with resolve. Let your kids know that they control their own reality - that is, what they want, they can have, but only if they decide with their own free choice to comply to the society of your household.

      Last, build in surprise rewards for compliance. Just when they think they've earned something, give them more because they followed the rules. This is the reverse of punishment, and carries with it a positive life experience and the opportunity for you to show your children that you love them.


(12) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've struggled for a long time over the decision of whether or not to have children. I worry greatly about overpopulation and the frailty of this planet. I do consider myself an environmentalist, which affects a lot of my decisions about how I choose to live my life. Yet I look forward to passing on all I have learned, and have yet to learn, in the hopes that my child might become a Lightworker, too. I am quite torn. Would you please shed some light on this situation? Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear one, your question is greatly honored, for it shows your willingness to place the whole life experience above that of your own wishes. However, you should know this: You're meant to have children, and there are some waiting to be your teachers (smile). The answer is therefore to have children in moderation. Plan for two. You won't be sorry, and the planet will welcome them and your intent to honor the issue of overpopulation.

(13) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, we've been told that all knowledge (even beyond what we consciously know this lifetime) is available to us in every moment to draw forth through intention. I've been trying to apply this in my counseling to be of maximum use to clients, but I haven't noticed anything remarkable to this point.

      I've recently felt a desire to return to reading professional information in my area and I'm wondering if this use of intellect could be blocking my drawing on wider multidimensional knowledge from within. Is it better just to go from what's within or is it okay to still be open to information from others on the planet but with discernment?

ANSWER: Dear one, in a certain way, your puzzle is already answered within your own question. First, you're getting an "answer from within," and then you're questioning it! The answer you have is correct, since the professional information you're being pushed to seek out might also be something remarkable, right from another's intuition, or studies developed through channels that might surprise you. In other words, don't decide in advance what's divine and what isn't.

      So go ahead and use your intuition and study the professional material. In your case, it's going to jump-start the intuitive things you have to add to it. Understand? There's no wall between divine and ordinary, or divine and professional. It's all divine, and your job it so glean the pearls from all of it.

(14) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, this morning on the news they were talking about a brand new galaxy. Scientists say this galaxy is similar to ours in it's early days of existence. Does our work here have anything to do with that galaxy coming into being? I just wondered because you say what we do affects our planet and the Universe as a whole, and even other universes we know nothing about, so why not a galaxy "in our neighborhood" so to speak?

ANSWER: In this particular case, the answer is no. The creation we speak of is an actual new universe, and isn't visible right now with your dimensional tools. It will represent many galaxies, just like your own universe does.


(15) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, why do we create? If all the pieces of God exist in a state of love and compassion and fellowship before creation, it would seem that such a state would be perfection. Why do we need to create at all? Why are we not content to be what we are, in the fullness of our reality?

ANSWER: Creation, to angelic beings - who you call God - is like breathing to a Human Being. There is joy on this side of the veil, and it's partially generated by more divine creation. Do you think God is simply a force that rolls around heaven all day celebrating itself? The answer is no. The definition of perfection is an energy where you're free to create perfection.

      You can't begin to rationalize the mind of God while you have the mind of a Human, any more than your pet dog can help you plan your next career move. This isn't a demeaning statement, but rather an example of how the duality and a single-digit dimensionality shapes your thoughts completely.


(16) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I asked for the implant in the year 2001 and since that time, my life has been a living hell. Tell me, have I changed? Will my life become more peaceful and bountiful? Or am I forever to be in despair and suffering? Thank you for all your teachings - they have made me aware of my guides and how to ask for help from them and even to hold their "hands." I just want more joy in my life and a lot less pain.

ANSWER: The "implant" is permission to be implanted with mastery. It's permission to receive the bridge that crosses the gap between being unaware of your divinity and being totally aware of everything, thus beginning the process of awakening. It's not a Kryon attribute, but a new gift of what you've created on the planet.

      If you feel that everything changed right after you gave intent for it, then it's working. However, no Human claims their divinity and has it punish them. It's not designed to create a "living hell." So you have to ask yourself: When you asked for it, were you hoping that somehow it would solve some issues on its own? Or did you give the kind of intent we speak of where you would "listen" to Spirit and all the awareness that you had awakened? Perhaps you are fighting the very attributes you asked for?

      The implant is a gift - a tool. If you open a box and out comes something you didn't expect that's challenging, do you sit on the box and hope for the best, or do you pick up the new tools you've been given and tackle the task of transmuting the difficulties into solutions for your life? You see, the implant may very well open a box that was always there, but you were sitting on. Now out come the challenges that were always there, but also with the new tools. It's time to use them.

(17) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I guess you're tired of questions about the neutral implant, however I realize that I'm still confused about it. If I ask for the neutral implant what happens to the karma that has to be resolved? A lesson has to be learned and in a way it seems like "unfair play" to just skip the karma and go on to whatever place and time there is.

      This may sound stupid, but somehow I fear that when I abandon my karma and ask for the neutral implant, my karma will be worse than it is now. I have a feeling that my karma is the single most important force that keeps my life interesting. On one hand, I want nothing more than to have my karma resolved and ask for the neutral implant, while on the other hand I feel that I have to do it on my own.

ANSWER: What hides completely from you is this: When you graduate from school as a Human Being, how much do you miss the toys, the primers, the nap time at noon, the milk and cookies, and the protection from responsibility - all which you had in kindergarten? If you had a choice to grow up, would you?

      You see, you aren't skipping anything. Right now you're simply wallowing in the same old system that is perpetuated each time you come and go from earth. It may feel like there's a system that has to be resolved, but this is what you have in that old system - a duality that makes you feel like that's all there is. The masters of the planet had nothing to resolve! They came in without the old system. This is part of the activation and mastery scenario. But you're still stuck with an intellectual problem of being in kindergarten, and using kindergarten rules and feelings to ask questions about how to keep you there - out of awareness, which is your greatest gift.


(18) QUESTION: Dear inspiritmagazine-team, I recently performed the DNA changing process mentioned on Jan Tober's homepage. How do I know whether it worked or not, because all I experienced were some sleepless nights?

ANSWER: Here's a spiritual postulate - an absolute: Any time you do a process when you involve pure intent, the process is accomplished. What's difficult it that you have no interdimensional guide lines to "see" what took place. You're used to feedback in 3D, and there is very little of this kind of proof in spiritual things. The sleepless nights should have been a good indicator that something was happening.

      Now do the rest. This activation is a balancing that enables you to move forward more easily. Are you waiting for something? Or are your guides now waiting for something? You have knocked on the door and are waiting for a return knock for proof. Instead, why don't you just open the door and walk through it?

(19) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, how do we know the difference between co-creating through thought and an intuitional thought? When something happens soon after I've had a thought about it, I get confused as to whether I created it unconsciously or just received an intuitive knowingness that it was about to occur. Would this be an aspect of The Third Language?

ANSWER: Why would you care? Don't you understand that true co-creation is an automatic posturing of energy around you that helps you to manifest appropriateness in your life? The masters didn't sit down and co-create. Everywhere they walked, the earth knew them and their thoughts worked to create their mastery. Nature itself knew them!

      So, yes, it's The Third Language, but it's also part of an intuitive process of thought which we teach as co-creation. Begin to understand that they are very, very related… if not the same thing.


(20) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, can you explain to me what a parallel life is? I think it's a person somewhere else on this earth that's just like you, but I'm not sure.

ANSWER: Each soul is unique, and there is no one exactly like you who is living your life. What you refer to can be many things. To some, it's the notion that somewhere you have a soul mate who's doing exactly what you're doing. This is actually very intuitive, for it leads you right to your Higher-Self, who fits this description exactly!

      Other times it's the idea that there are others who are doing what you're doing, perhaps in another universe. This is interdimensional intuition, but your brain, being singular and linear, doesn't understand what that really is. It's not another Human, living a parallel life. Rather, it's you, not aware that you're surrounded by a life-force with your name on it, which isn't singular, but is part of you right where you stand. Therefore, there's actually an energy living a parallel life with you, but it is the "rest of you."

      Did I tell you this would be easy? (Kryon smile)


(21) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, my question is directed to Lee Carroll. Before asking it I would like to say that I love the Kryon material, yet I'm an equally avid reader of The Crimson Circle, The Group, Kryon in South Africa, the Conversations With God material, and Kirael and Ronna Herman's Michael.

      My question is twofold: First, do you (Lee) read other channelled material (not from Kryon) to allow a broader perspective? If so, what other channelled material are you most drawn to or inspired by?

      Second, sometimes I think that my reading such a wide range of material may be a way of me remaining somewhat detached and a tad noncommittal to any of it - spreading myself too thin, perhaps. What's your perspective on this? Does Kryon have an opinion with respect to question?

ANSWER: (From Lee) First, I don't read any channelled material. Kryon gave me this instruction more than 16 years ago. It's to keep my translations of the Kryon work "clean" and without influence from the others. However, I want to!

      The reason is this: Kryon has told us that today's channelling is very different than in the past. There is a "connect the dots" attribute that will enhance your life if you read it all. Kryon doesn't give all the answers, and many may not even like my interpretations and translations of the information I receive. Therefore, there are many others who are giving you the very same message, but using different words and feelings.

 All the channellers you listed are doing this. Of your list, I have personally channelled side-by-side with three of them! In the case of Neal Donald Walsh, he just did an Indigo movie! (A strong relationship to what Kryon channelled, I would say.) We're all connected.

      Therefore, my advice is not to get stuck on any one of them, and to read all you can. Remember, we're all giving information from the same source. The love you might feel in the work of Kirael or Ronna Herman, for example, is the love of God. It's also the same source from Kryon. So see all of this with one face on it, giving many messages differently about the same thing. The common message? There's a shift on the planet that's enabling Humanity to come to a place that is far, far different than any time in the history of the Earth.

      It's a beautiful thing, and never feel that you're diluting any of our writings by reading the others. Instead, you're enhancing your own understanding of what all of us are trying to tell you.


(22) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, can you please clarify my healing attributes and those of my friend? She's a powerful healer, but doesn't understand energy. I understand much about energy but can't see or feel anything when I'm healing. I wish to start doing Reiki and massage, but I'm concerned about not knowing what I'm doing. My friend has fibromyalgia and other health problems that we haven't been able to heal. And should I discuss your answer with her, or is it her journey to find the answers? Can you also explain what happens when we do hands-on healing? How does it affect the cells and the different energy bodies?

ANSWER: You actually answered it yourself, within your own question: "She's a powerful healer, but doesn't understand energy." When you get in your car to go somewhere, do you understand the transmission? Or do you just use it to get where you're going, knowing that it works for you?

      Don't try to become so intellectual about energy that you get frustrated and give up! It's interdimensional power that you're given to use. So use it! Practice it all with the love of God in your hands, and never try to analyze mastery!

      Your healing is actually a balancing. Some, who may be exposed to the very same healing energy and power you give out, won't be healed. Others will. It's a principle we've spoken of for many years: Healers don't heal - they balance. Therefore, it's up to the individual on the table to heal themselves after you've cleared the way. But many aren't ready. Proceed with what works, and celebrate it no matter what.

(An additional resource for healers is a Kryon channelling called "Health and Healing - Choosing to Dance,") [http://www.kryon.com/k_chaneldance.html]

(23) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what's Kryon's position on British Traditional Wiccan (A form of Witchcraft/Paganism) and the Spiritual focus on a Goddess and Horned God as a duality of the Oneness?

ANSWER: It's difficult when you place yourself in a cultural box to then explain something that may go against your real-life experience. When you go to a cliff, you're careful where you step, due to your years of working with gravity. But the culture that has wings doesn't care. Would you then call them stupid or evil? Or would you look for their wings?

      Paganism isn't what you think. It's a word that means "outside of your religious beliefs." So is it devil worship, or is it just something that isn't Christian? Could it be that it means, instead, "understanding of nature"?

      The same is true with the term witch. Is a witch a woman (or man) who is married to the devil? Or is it a name given to a person who has powers to heal, above other Humans, and who is therefore seen as evil by those who were taught this way? Do you see what I mean? Almost all of this is folklore created by fearful Christians.

      The core of Wicca isn't what you think. What men and women have done with it is another story. It's the same for all the religions on Earth. So look at the core of it before you decide it's evil or filled with cults. Perhaps they're Lightworkers from another culture? Perhaps some might even have wings?

      The love of God isn't proprietary. It sees all of you as masters, no matter what name you decide to paste upon your understanding of the way things work. Can you see it the same way?


(24) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what words can I use to best present the concept of God and the All to my children (ages two and three) so that they have access to these ideas and I create an atmosphere of free choice in these matters?

ANSWER: Dear one, your children already know. So why not just claim the obvious? It is self-evident to Indigo Children (and most of the children these days are Indigos) that there's a powerful, loving force that allowed for their creation.

      Start with nature. It's a beautiful system where there is life, death, and creation all at once. Let that be the example. At the same time, they get to "feel" Gaia and also the incredible beauty of everything around them. All the while you're doing this, show them your love. If you need words, then use "Spirit" instead of God so they won't confuse what they see with what their culture tells them.

      They can't help but apply all of this to their lives, and their search for whatever "God" means to them. Their free choice will be enhanced by the love and beauty you show them.


(25) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, why are Humans embarrassed about nudity?

ANSWER: Not all are embarrassed. It's mostly cultural, and it has its roots in common sense. It's also folklore that Humans were embarrassed by their nakedness in the Garden of Eden. This story helps to enhance a religious system of control, creating shame and unworthiness to your nakedness.

      Humans put on clothes to keep warm! Animals grew fur and hair, since they didn't have the intellect or ability to make clothes. This answer is really very simple and has nothing to do with shame or any of the things you might have been taught.

      So it's your own culture and the religions of the planet that have created the feelings that you have now. Remember, many tribes in warm climates that were never exposed to your cultures were found to be naked, and they certainly weren't ashamed or embarrassed. They weren't savages, either, but simple people who had a very balanced way of life - one where they never got cold. They were not cursed by God, and they didn't have more sex crimes due to their nakedness. Think about it.


(26) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've read a number of reports that the tsunami has sped up the Earth's rotation - not by much, but by some measure. Will this help with people's vibration levels getting even higher?



(27) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I was intrigued by an article in the magazine that said that those who left as victims of the tsunami did so because they were helping the Earth. That statement puzzles me. Do you mean that the loss of those individuals actually had an effect on the planet that couldn't have been achieved otherwise, or do you mean they left to return again and begin a work they couldn't have done before? Or is it that in leaving, they give the people here a chance to grow in compassion and unification?

ANSWER: All three statements are true. It's difficult to give you information about this in a spiritual way, since you're designed to care about every Human life.

[See Kryon's channelling "Responsibilities of a an Enlightened Human"* for a more in-depth explanation of this.]

*Editor's note: If the channelling isn't there yet as you read this, it will be soon! Visit: [www.Kryon.com/channelling]


(28) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, on the news they've talked of the fact that very few animals have been found dead after the devastating tsunami along the Indian Ocean. Also, they've mentioned that elephants were seen helping victims by pulling them from the water with their trunks. Would you please explain the animals' connection with the earth that would allow them to sense the impending danger of the tsunami? And if the information about the elephants is correct, please explain their behavior in helping the endangered people. Thank you.

ANSWER: Again, you've explained it within your question. Without intellect as strong as yours, the animals are connected to the energy of the planet. They've also developed increased senses, especially that of hearing. Most of them, through intuition passed down - which you call instinct - knew what to do when they "heard" the sea coming. Remember, hearing is vibration in the air. The approaching swell, even though invisible and not available for your hearing, created a vibration within the earth. It approached at over 500 miles per hour, and disturbed the very crust of the earth as it passed over it with its incredible weight. This is what the animals heard, and tens of thousands of years of instinct automatically said, "Head for the hills."

      Elephants have a very developed sense of "belonging to life." They mourn for their own dead, mate for life, remember friends for years, and yes, even recognize Humans in trouble. They're also revered in many religions for this awareness.

      Humans don't have these increased and altered senses. They never did. Their evolutionary path was unique, apart from the animals of earth. The first great Human civilization (the Lemurians) had, instead, interdimensional perception, but even that was lost. Now you're on your own to use your intelligence and intellect to create your own safety. It's a trade off, as you can see, between the animals and you.

      Our advice for next time? You can spend your resources on technical warning systems if you wish, but think about this: Why not just bond with the animals? They'll let you know about anything coming - volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, and even about Humans in trouble.


(29) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Tesla speaks of a "time-lock" that occurs at conception. He says this time-lock can be moved without losing any of the knowledge or experience in a current life. We can move the time-lock forward by a period of time and thus rejuvenate our bodies. This is a physical regression of time. Apparently, one of the reasons for the disasters occurring in the early 40s with the navy's experiments with time travel and invisibility was a lack of understanding of time-lock. Will you please give us your perspective on this? Also, can thought alone, without technical backup, achieve a moving forward of time-lock? If so, what thought processes will achieve it?

ANSWER: Again we tell you that this is within the bulk of the Kryon teaching. It's both physical and spiritual information, which is common. You can't take God out of science!

Phasic displacement is what we've called it, and it's a formula that isn't yet understood that we've invited you to discover [Kryon Book 8, page 150].  It works in 4D, so it's something you can test with magnetics and gravity.

      Tesla was correct about many things, but he really didn't understand what he had found. There is a strong physics relationship between the density of mass, time frame of your reality, and location of the mass. This is what we called atomic phasic displacement.

      Now, part of what we teach is that you can slow down time. We never told you that you could turn the clock back. I know this is confusing, but both concepts are the very same physics. As you lessen the density of your cellular structure through enlightenment, you "lock in" a location of time where your cells react to the aging clock. It's very similar to what Tesla was working on in his science lab. They are very related, you know?

      So yes, you can do this yourselves, but also science will be able to eventually use the principle for instantly traveling from one place to another. It requires creating a quantum state of being, something that involves interdimensional understanding.


(30) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, if everything is God, what is the purpose of the physical dimension, where most of its inhabitants aren't divine?

ANSWER: (From the editors) This question is a very good one, so we wish to include it. However, it has been answered multiple times. On the Internet page that features an alphabetical index of question and answer subjects, please see: the Meaning of Life [http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/archives/Q-A%20archives/2003-Q%26A/Q%26A-1-1.html#6]


(31) QUESTION: Hello Kryon, do you receive the hugs I send you every night?

ANSWER: Every single night (Kryon smile). Do you receive mine?


(32) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, say a mother has a 5-year-old child who was born with health problems. Can she request healing on the child's behalf or does she just need to accept the health issues are part of the child's contract?

ANSWER: The child's health issues aren't an accident, and sometimes they exists to create challenge in the life of the family. It's a system, remember, of lessons and teaching, some of which are painful, but designed to make Humans do things that they wouldn't do otherwise. Many times children come to earth for this exact reason - to enhance the rest of the family through their own health issues.

      The best thing the mother can do is to take care of herself spiritually so that each day with her child, she is able to shine a light of balance on him. If this is done completely, eventually he'll see the love of God in her and heal himself with the same principles he sees around him.

(33) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, can we access and enjoy the art created on this planet (music, literature, films, and so forth) when we're on the other side of the veil?

ANSWER: Here's what none of you understand: The greatest art, poetry, stories and music you have on the planet was thrust through the veil by the artists who channelled them. So I ask you, where do you think these things really live? (Kryon smile.) On our side of the veil, you're all the great artists.


(34) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, a friend of mine who is very sensitive has felt a lot of fluctuations in energy coming into the USA lately (this hasn't affected other countries yet). This energy is causing some sleep problems in people and a need for hormone supplementation and certain minerals to keep the body/mind/emotions in balance. Is there energy being sent to us now from an alien source to distract us and keep us from evolving spiritually as we near our entry into the fifth dimension?

ANSWER: No. The only source of distraction is your own intellect that wishes to make you think you're distracted by an outside source. It's time to turn inward and see the duality within. Take responsibility for your own spiritual growth and see that the main obstruction to your enlightenment is a beast with your name on it that will fight to keep you in the dark, where it can roam without challenge.


(35) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've been told that great master's soul splits into pieces and each of these pieces incarnate as separate Humans. Can you tell me more about this?

ANSWER: Every soul on the planet is split into many parts, yet you see yourselves as singular, linear individuals. Therefore, what you were told is accurate metaphysically and interdimensionally. Know this: You are also many parts, some of whom are on the other side of the veil, and some of whom actually reside with other Humans on this planet as guides.

This is the most complex thing we have ever told you, and we have broached this very issue many times. So don't be surprised if you find the information has morphed its way into some kind of simple singular explanation. It isn't simple, and it's not understandable as long as you consider yourselves "one."

Editor's note: Please see "Group Energy" on the alphabetical Q&A Index. Also, here's a reference to what Kryon is speaking of: [http://kryon.com/inspiritmag/archives/Q-A%20archives/2004-Q%26A/Q%26A-1rstquarter04.html#48]


(36) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I've read that Lightworkers have extra protection during these times. Are we being protected at all times from other unseen forces that would like to knock us off course? I remember Jesus saying that he had legions of angels behind him and could be summoned by his calling. Am I correct to assume that since we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus, that these abilities are there for us also?

      (I believe that things are given to us according to our beliefs, and all that is required is the acceptance of these beliefs. Have I answered my own question?)

ANSWER: An enlightened Human is walking in the footsteps of all the masters, not just the Jewish ones.

      Your protection comes from an increased interdimensional awareness of what is around you, giving you wisdom of the ages, and also insight to be at the right place at the right time. The "legions of angels" have always been with you. But when you begin this journey of self-discovery, you tap in to the very reason they're here and you join their collective wisdom. The masters knew this, and this is the very reference you quote.

      This is the secret to co-creation, and to becoming a Lightworker. When you turn on the light in a dark area, then you get to "see" everything that was hidden. This is your protection, and it's done by you with new tools, not a force outside of yourself.

      The 3D Humans want God to do everything for them: create things, protect them from danger, feed them, and so forth. The real truth is that when you create mastery within yourself, you become that piece of God that you felt was your very protector. You, therefore, are your own protection!

      Blessed is the Human Being who understands this. Why do you long to be in the protective arms of God when you are God? When things are going poorly around you, turn on the light and see what's hiding! Then, by your own powers, you may make the decisions that will manifest a peaceful, protected life.


(37) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, about a year ago I had two incidents where I projected out of my body at night. They were the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had, and I've been trying to recreate them ever since. However, I read in a book by Eckhart Tolle and a channelling by Tobias or Kryon that we shouldn't try to project into the astral plane but try to bring everything to us. I couldn't find the channelling where I heard/read this. Could you please put some of the intense light/love of family on this subject? How can one bring this same feeling while in the awakened state? Any exercises would be helpful!

ANSWER: The answer is simple if you can understand the "now." If you're stuck in 3D, then you have a past, present, and future. But if you start to become interdimensional (which you all are by design anyway), you begin to understand that the past, present, and future are all happening at the same time.

      Even your science is now beginning to broach this with new interdimensional theories of what reality really is. Scientists are now saying that your old reality was limited to 4 dimensions, but that there really are 11! (It's called superstring theory.) Therefore, the answer to your question is based on this premise: Instead of projecting astrally, bring the astral to you! You can have the very same out-of-body feeling, but bring the "out" to your body! Create "now" where everything is right in front of you and you don't have to go anywhere.

      So don't travel, just expand! Bring the most divine principles you felt were "somewhere else" to you by expanding to where you think they are. This is what Eckhart Tolle teaches, and it's correct. Let the challenges in your life be solved by the one who designed them in the now - you!


(38) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I recently read that the "blueprint" of where the chakras appear on/in the body is changing as the new cosmic energies arrive, and that the new blueprint contains 12 chakras, not the conventional 7. Can you provide any information on this?

ANSWER: It's true. We've even told the classic acupuncturists that the body had "interdimensional meridians" above the basic 12. It's similar in auric work. The premise is that you're shifting, dimensionally. Therefore, your chakras will be enhanced. The ones that are in addition to the basic seven (the ones in 3D) are above you.

      Now, working with them as you did the basic seven will be more difficult (of course). So information will be given by those who have the mantel to do this. It has already begun.


(39) QUESTION: Dear Lee and Kryon, first I would like to thank you for all the inspirational work you've been doing over the last few years. It's touched me deeply and changed my life. I've started to read Book Ten, but I have a question that's been nagging at me for the last few days.

      You speak of Earth as a planet in lesson, a test which affects trillions of beings and the energy of the rest of the cosmos. If this is a truly unbiased test to see if we're drawn naturally back to the light (it's working :-) ), then it seems to me that the teachings we're receiving through you and other channels introduces a bias back into the "test area" that undermines the value of the test. Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid reader of your books and glean new understanding from them each time I read them due to my spiritual maturing. It's just a small question that keeps nagging at me.

ANSWER: I fully understand your question, and it's not off base. So in order to help you with your logic puzzle, I give you this: In a classroom, you have free choice. On the shelves of the classroom are books with the answers. You have free choice to either look at them or not. When you do look at them, you have a choice of which ones - the science answers, the religious answers, the philosophical answers, and many more.

      The test on earth is the same way, except that with a shifting energy, the books are being increased. You still have the choice to ignore them or choose ones that are older. So there's integrity in all this. No test would be given to you that didn't also have the answers available. The test, therefore, has always been to discover where the books are.


(40) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, when we experience the sudden loss of a loved one (Human or a pet) through accident or trauma, what are some helpful, concrete ways to alleviate the sense of shock one feels? (I also believe that it's harder to go through this as a Lightworker, as part of me knows that my loved one is in a place of peace and joy, yet there is still the veil that makes this feeling of separation seem so real and painful.) Is there a way we can still energetically connect with the lost one's presence?

      I know you've talked about grief before, but I'd like to know specifically some actions or things that would help move one through the initial sharpness of the pain, and the shock, while on this side of the veil.

ANSWER: Dear one, you're correct. You're built to grieve, and it's not only appropriate, but honored and understood. Although we stand next to you through all of this, it often just isn't enough.

      There's more than one thing you can do to get through this process more gracefully: Seek out a place where you can physically help someone. Go to a senior center and read to people, go on walks with them, or help them do their therapy. Meet at places where others are grieving and just listen to what they're going through. And this one might sound bizarre, but exercise! Your own body chemistry can help you balance when you do these things.

      The grieving will slowly subside, but you'll always have a place in your heart that hurts a bit. This is normal. Never try to eliminate that or feel it's inappropriate. The reason these things are so difficult is that you truly are connected at a level that's beyond the physical. Your duality sees the one who you lost as "gone for good." This is your reality, and there's nothing you can do to change it. However, I can tell you something that will come to pass for certain - 100 percent. You'll have a reunion with the ones you "lost" and it will be grand! I speak from experience, having watched it many times . . . even now as I speak. There's nothing in the Universe like it - when the love of God manifests itself between entities who are connected both in Human life and on the other side of the veil, but who haven't seen each other for a long, long time.


(41) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I wanted to just clear something up, and I'm not angry so don't confuse this with anger. You keep saying there's no such thing as a dark threat and it's all in our heads. Yes indeed, we do create negative wave patterns, and yes, they do respond to our fears, but that's just it - the dark energy is created by the fear of many people all over the planet and different parts of the universe. That energy isn't converted, so it has nowhere to go. It collects. Did you ever ponder that if enough negative energy collected, it could somehow obtain some form of singular consciousness or awareness?

      I'm really sorry if I'm sounding angry, it's just that I had to clear this up. The only way to destroy this negative collection is to go the core of the energy and send as much healing and light energy as possible. That is my mission after the great shift and first contact is past. If you tell people that there's no such thing as darkness as well as light, than that's just as bad as saying there's no Kryon. That's setting limitations on the mind. Again, sorry if I sound angry, but this has been in my head for long time.

      Your new ways of thinking and healing have helped me and have helped others and I thank you so much. Just tell the whole story about dark energy buildup and how we can convert it to light energy with pure intention. That's all! I must depart, see you after the completion of the great shift and first contact! Healing and love to everyone!

ANSWER: Dear one, let's be clear: Kryon never told you that there was no darkness. We told you that light and dark were of the same source, and therefore they were only shades of the same thing. We also told you that all of what you call "darkness" is Human generated. If enough Humans decide to keep you in the dark, then Earth will indeed be in the dark.

      So our teachings are exactly as you stated: There's darkness all over Earth, and it has been this way, due to old Human consciousness, for eons. Now there are new tools for Lightworkers to transmute it and let others see what has been hiding there so they can also shine their light and start the great shift.

      What we told you was that there's no dark entity who is after your soul, and no devil that's all-powerful who can take away your light. Instead, there are only Humans who do this, and your light is beginning to be far more powerful than any darkness they can create. This is new, and to some it's unbelievable. It's also grand news, since it releases the idea that you don't have a chance against some evil, powerful force. Instead, perhaps you'll come to understand that you are the most powerful thing on the planet - the one who created the problems, and also the one who has the solutions.

      Set no limitations. To you, there's dark and there's light. They both come from Humans just like you, and, as you said, you have the choice for either one. You've seen what Humanity has done with it all your life. So do you see how much in control you are of the planet? Hold your light, dear one! We're on the same team!


(42) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I apologize in advance for the length of this question, but I'm trying to sketch an entire book as briefly as I can. (I think I did quite well.)

      I know from your other channellings that there's no devil or evil one, but I've run across a book introducing a group of entities referred to as "The Others." They supposedly feed on low energies and are trying to prevent the vibration of Earth and its inhabitants from increasing, lest their demise from this planet.

      The author's creation story/allegory presents two original sparks: the first known as Lucifer and of a lower frequency; the second, God. Lucifer went on a creation binge and formed a bunch of low energy look-alike universes that were pretty much clones of each other. The "God Spark" watched and watched, finally creating our universe with ongoing life, free will, and emotional characteristics. The low-frequency but numerous "other" creation would like our attributes, presenting a very good rationale behind alien abductions and expressionless entities.

      These others have since been exploiting humanity in their quest for what we have. All manner of evil and calamity is attributed to this scenario because "The Others" need low frequencies to exist.

      Humanity is a blend of light and dark, caused by our naively jumping into this duality to serve the Light (God) and clean up the mess. The author is saying the light ones will actually leave for Planet II, a sixth- or seventh-dimensional facsimile of Earth between now and 2012 - very similar to the "rapture" scenario. The author speaks of all entities (including the Kryon) being prevented (until very recently) from telling we Humans about this ancient deal gone sour.

      Much of her writings make sense and agree with the Kyron's words, but I personally can't reconcile abandoning this third-dimensional planet to darkness, nor can I quite accept the personification of a dark side that really reflects the ancient belief in a devil, especially one that precedes God himself. Would you be kind enough to offer some Kryon insight into this particular channelling since it's obviously sincere and in some ways new?

ANSWER: Dear one, as in the preceding question and answer, I tell you that intellectually you try to put all of this in a box that will keep you from seeing your own responsibility for everything on the planet. The story may sound good, but only if you are in a certain culture, for it's based on beliefs that are unique to a religious system (if you noticed). In addition, it creates hierarchies and levels that help Humans to linearize and compartmentalize something that's ugly and puzzling, so that society feels better about it all, and can get a grip on how to proceed.

      The truth is far more simple: You are directly responsible for all of it - all the negativity, the slavery, the horror, the religious wars, and the test of Earth. There was nothing gone "sour." It's simply the energy of the planet - the denseness and the imbalance that produced a consciousness where you got to experience all your many lifetimes. This indeed is the test, isn't it? Where will Humans take it?

      You wish to assign a holy angelic war that created your problems, but there was none. It's Humans at their worst, and this is darkness defined. So your intuition is totally correct! You don't have to abandon your 3D planet to darkness. Instead, observe who created it, and know that they're also the ones who can solve it!

      The truth is always found in the intuition of the Human. Don't take Kryon's word for anything; test it within yourselves. For within your own DNA you have the full book of knowledge - everything that's ever happened, and the way things work. When you've examined that, go with your instincts and you'll always be correct. Use the angel inside to guide you in all things, for it's the only real source that's right for you.