UPDATE: 3rd Quarter 2005

(1) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: When I chant mantras I know they affect my body, but can they also affect the bodies of my horses, dogs and cats? I play different mantras 24-hours a day on our horse farm (chants like ‘Lumen De Lumine’, ‘Om Mane Padme Hung’ and ‘Om Nama Shivaya’). I was also wondering, can these chants help raise the vibration of the Planet as well? I sure hope so, because this is my humble intent; even though the main reason I use them is because they make me feel good.

ANSWER: All toning and sound vibration has energy. When you combine it with intent from Human consciousness, it is very powerful. Don’t spend too much time on the details of exactly what notes or what mantras you use, for these details are only there to keep you pleased that you are fulfilling a system. Humans love systems and respond well to them, but following a system isn’t necessary from the perspective of Spirit.

It’s true that almost everything around you, including your body, has specific tonal attributes. However all Life around you will respond even if you don’t say or sing its specific frequency. This is because the intent of your actions is seen as a “carrier” for all the tones. So, even if – through your lack of knowledge or vocal ability – you miss the note, the intent carries the correct note at an interdimensional level.

This is true with the mantras you mention. They are only powerful due to the intent that you place upon them and the words that you feel are meaningful to you. The animals respond to the same energy. They feel the intent and they like the vocal sounds you make. They wouldn’t care what language or what mantra. Do you see the power that your own Human consciousness has on nature and everything around you?

(2) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: You've said that there is power in voicing the Hebrew names of the DNA dimensions you are revealing. Can we activate the consciousness of this DNA within us by voicing a prayer or chant? Is this how the voicing should be used?

ANSWER: All the Hebrew characters and many of the names of God in Hebrew have energy connected with them. When spoken, they carry an energy that Gaia responds to. (By the way, voicing the Lemurian language would be even better if you knew it.)

But these things are not really needed for any Human to become enlightened, or for any Human to activate their DNA or move to another level. They simply are part of a massive tool box of energetic attributes that are on Earth to help you in your balance.

The only reason DNA would respond to any sound at all that you make, in any language, is because of the intent you place around it. No character or word in any language has a power of its own. The voicing of any word is powerful when combined with what you know about it, what it means in that language, and what it means to you. I know this is not what some wish to hear about these things, for there are many who establish energetic attributes to words and tones all by themselves. As though you might we walking along minding your own business, hear one of these, and be affected.

The real science behind toning ancient words reveals that true power comes when you combine the toning with a consciousness of action. So it’s really a meditation technique and not just saying a sound that is going to somehow magically help you.

So the answer is that these things indeed talk to the DNA when sounded out and spoken. But it must be accompanied with intent. All toning is this way, and you can receive benefit both in listening only, and in participating, as long as your intent is placed correctly.

The most powerful sounds being given today are derived from the ancient ones, even older than the Hebrew. These sounds were developed for your biology by those who could “see into the DNA,” and therefore knew what would best balance you.

So the answer to “how” is given yet again… with intent!

(3) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Are there helpful death rituals that one can do to help the after-death journey of those who have recently died? You mentioned that it takes three days for a soul to leave the Earth. What can loved ones do during these three days?

ANSWER: Release the idea that these souls are somehow in the dark, needing your prayers. They are not. When they leave you, they are on a well worn path of energetic transition. Believe me, they are busy with their own transition, and wouldn’t know what you were doing anyway! The three-day journey is not as much a distance journey as an energy journey. Interdimensionally, they are moving out of 4D and being reintroduced to their natural state. Much is going on for each, for it is a reintegration of their God-self.

The very best thing to do for a departed one is to help those left behind. Hold a celebration of their life! Hold a “remembrance meeting.” Consider the rituals – the ones for the Humans in sorrow and not for the departed. The departed are fine. It’s those left behind who need the energy of your ceremonies.

(4) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Is the "death" experience a quick "falling into" a 5th dimensional frequency? Also, if this is so, do those entities continue to ascend into higher frequencies or do they return to the Earth plane to become Indigo children and physically help others here?

ANSWER: All of that and none of that. How do you like that answer? You don’t, I know. Examine the question for a moment. See the box it is in? You are stuck in a limited Human perception and can’t see the big picture around you. Therefore you ask questions about an interdimensional journey as though it was within your own neighborhood.

You are attempting to define the consciousness of deceased entities using terms that are numbered and assuming that a timeline is involved. These are all within the scope of what happens as you perceive it, but this perception is very naïve and not equipped to describe the true process.

When you leave your pet in the morning, what do you think is their thought process around what’s happening? Do you think they ponder your day’s itinerary? No. Their perception is no larger than missing you! It really is that big of a difference as you ponder what must be happening.

First, each soul is unique. You can’t assign a generic “this is what happens” kind of process to all of them. Second, there are no “levels” they pass through as you see it. There is no hierarchy on the other side of the veil. This type of linear system is used only for the sake of helping Humanity to understand. Interdimensional things cannot be numbered, placed, sorted, or labeled. They simply don’t work that way.

You wish to sort different color and sized items into bags and boxes so your mind can easily consider them. But now try it with something invisible and without physical form, such as a gas! Can you sort a colorless, odorless, invisible gas into boxes? No, you can’t. And that, dear one, is just how difficult it is to truly answer a question such as yours… one that was asked intelligently and in love, but with a perception that is limited to your reality.

The “death experience” is a transition of energy to an interdimensional attribute. It has no place or time. Humans want to know what happens after death, and in trying to understand this, they describe the transition of energy within an Earth timeline. It doesn’t happen that way. If you knew the truth of it, it would be too confusing to ponder. Let me give you just a small glimpse of just how confusing: You think your past lives are all lived one after another, don’t you? Think again, for your perception is that time moves in a linear direction. On our side, it does not. Therefore, what if a “past life” was really simply “another life” and didn’t follow a time-line at all? Confused yet?

The “death experience” is shrouded in mystery for you, and should remain so. For too much information would not only be very confusing, but would lead to yet more religions on your planet… something you don’t need right now.

(5) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I play guitar and have a great desire to be a rock star. Although there is no guarantee of this happening, I wish to aim for this goal. Hopefully financial security will come as a part of this. In addition there is a potential for fame and adoration from others, which is also very appealing. After having read Kryon books 1 and 5 and now reading book 6, I find that I am being told this would be an incorrect route to take as it is filled with negatives such as Greed and Ego. Can one be a Light Warrior and also have the desire for fame? Is it right for me to follow my desire and passion to become a famous rock star? Can fame and fortune be in any enlightened person’s contract?

ANSWER: Fame in itself is an inappropriate goal, for it is an attribute that helps no one but the one who desires it, and it is a product of Human ego. However, perhaps this is not what is actually going on in your life.

You may indeed see into the potentials for your life and see fame. But it will be the result of your abilities, the passion you have with your music, and it won’t stand alone as a goal. For Spirit can use famous people. The pitfalls are great, but a balanced one can achieve and accept fame with grace and maturity, and go on to be an even a greater musician due to it.

Think of what a famous Lightworker rock star could do! The Universe would love that! So it isn’t a “no-no” as you might think. When done with integrity, ego control, and professionalism, fame can be a giant help to thousands of watchers. For the famous one can then live a life of light, showing others something they never thought could exist. How does the famous one treat others? How does the famous one deal with the media? How does this famous Lightworker handle money? You see? If you are indeed watched all the time by the public, just think of what you might show them when you live a balanced life with a balanced ego.

Here’s a fact: If such a thing could happen, the famous one becomes more famous! For Humanity loves good talent combined with a balanced ego. They would love you and wish to know more about how you did it. Then you get a chance to tell them.

(6) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I know that you have touched on the subject of guides many times, I understand our guides are as a soup and are all together. Why is it that guides are usually portrayed as American Indians when seen by mediums or drawn by psychic artists? Surely we can’t all have guides that are American Indians. Or is that how we would like to think – that we have an American Indian as a guide – so that is how they are seen? It seems like an ordinary non-exotic person is never portrayed as a guide.

ANSWER: You really answered your own question. It’s cultural and specific to your country. American Indians are seen as good guides for Humans; and Americans can relate well to the idea of a Native American guide. Therefore guides are drawn that way by many. This same thing – Human bias – happens in other areas as well, areas that you never think about. For instance, you draw angels with skin and wings. They don’t have either one; but in a Human culture, they have to. So that’s a Human bias. One of your most popular masters [Christ] was Jewish, and had strong Middle Eastern features. Yet he is drawn as a blue-eyed blonde in many of your paintings.

A European artist might draw your guide to look more like a biblical character, and an Asian artist might draw monks. Each one is culturally influenced. But indeed, all this is as it should be, for no Human can really draw a guide at all.

But you can appreciate and love the process, nevertheless.

(7) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I have read all the Kryon books and have been studying spirituality for years. Recently I came across "A Course in Miracles" while at the same time reading the book "The Disappearance of the Universe." Now I am in a quandary. It seems to me there are a lot of similarities to your material; but also there is much that is not in alignment with the Kryon material.

“A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) says the ego is responsible for our problems, this world is an illusion and therefore all in it is illusion. ACIM states that God did not create this universe but we did through our minds/ego by way of separation from God. The ego keeps the perpetuation of this universe going. My question is should I follow this and start a study of ACIM? Is this "when the student is ready a teacher will appear"? Or is this something to distract me on my path to enlightenment?

ANSWER: Why are you surprised that other sources sound like Kryon? I represent Source and therefore these things should be everywhere.

We have given you much to ponder and consider in our writings. When you encounter differences, we encourage you to study anything that appeals to you, then use your own discernment to decide what to do with it.

But at the same time we try to give you guidance within your discernment that you might not have thought of. When you are faced with other materials that are very different, make your decisions based on these things:

1. Does it magnify the Human Being or tear him down? Human weakness is all part of the test. So the question is: does the study show how the Human can get above the details and create a divine goal? If not, then what’s the purpose?

2. Beware of any study or process that wishes to limit your power, or the potential power of Humanity to create peace on Earth. If the study keeps you suppressed or teaches you that only “others who are stronger than you can do it,” then run the other way.

3. Does the study exemplify the emotional self and speak of the power of love? Beware of anything that is so intellectual that the emotional self is seen as a weakness, for this is not so. Just remember: God is LOVE. And JOY is a product of that love. Therefore, you are an emotional creature as well as an intellectual one; and the balance of the two is the key to an enlightened self.

4. Does the study require you to give away anything that makes you nervous? Remember: God will never ask you to go out of your own integrity.

Dear ones, there are many roads that lead to an enlightened Human. If, along the way, you differ in the details (what happened when, or how; or who did what, or when…) this doesn’t matter to God. What matters is that you eventually discover the magnificence of the Human potential and move into balance, live a longer life, and create light for this Earth of yours. The goal is a higher vibrating Earth, and a Humanity that does not have to suffer to be there. The goal is to achieve mastery so that your life clearly shows the love of Spirit in everything you do.

(8) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Our world involves excruciating pain and suffering, and even "lessons" that we choose in which we hurt each other. How is this justified? How does God/Source feel about this? Why is this allowed?

ANSWER: First, God is not in charge of your world, dear one. You are. The sooner you realize that, the better. Therefore, there is no “allowance” of anything. The energy of Earth is what you have created through free choice.

Now… all my work to this point has been in explanation of this. You live in a duality which is free to claim any energy it wants to, without interference from the outside. That’s why it’s called a test. This has been given you many times:

The reason for the suffering and hurtful behavior is because, up to this point, you have chosen a lower energy of existence. That is what is changing regarding the great shift. Your prophesied Armageddon future didn’t happen, and much of what was supposed to be next, is also not happening! You have changed the future and are moving upward to a higher energy and a lofty goal of peace on Earth. All our teaching have therefore said: Behold the changes! Don’t be afraid to hold light for this, and hold your ground.

We told you the weather would change, and it did. We warned you about big storms, magnetic variances, and earthquakes. All these have now happened. They were not punishments by God, but rather movements by Gaia due to your own vibratory changes.

Therefore, again we tell you to take responsibility for what you have created and move on now to balance it, eliminate what is obviously inappropriate, and roll up your sleeves! As we see it, your recent history is now showing that this is well underway. There is much good news here, but you won’t see it on your media.

Don’t despair. You are changing things greatly. Know that this might take generations to accomplish, but you are the forerunners and have already made a difference.

(9) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Does the walk-in theory have anything to do with multiple personality disorders?

ANSWER: No, it does not. Walk-ins are those who have a contract with others to share the space of what you would call a soul, in a balanced manner that does not show itself to anyone. One of them spends the time growing up, and the other comes in quickly when it’s time. This is a system which allows a very quick return of a soul, much quicker than the process of reincarnation. Conducting a walk-in is an extremely efficient way to return to Earth, eliminating the time usually necessary to grow up when a soul reincarnates. Normally walk-ins have a specific task or work to continue. This system is very beneficial to all of you.

(10) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I understand that the Pleiadians had something to do with our DNA and adding a star seed. I also connect them to the "giants" of biblical lore who mated with men/women. You say we needed them for our development, and I'm asking why. What type of ancestral source are they? Are they still working with us?

ANSWER: Yes on all accounts. The Pleiadians, a group from the Seven Sisters star system, were needed to alter your DNA, which was done fairly recently (100,000 years ago). You were at that point where you were beginning to develop many kinds of Humans, just as most of the mammals of Earth have done.

The first thing they did was to stop the development of all the branches of Humans but one… the kind you have now. The second thing they did was to alter the genetic code of the Humans who would be the core race. This alteration would create a genetic “imprint of God” in each of you, since they carried that too.

Their system is NOT “In lesson” as your Earth is, and they live life much differently than you do. Your Earth existence is about free choice, and where you will take the energy of Gaia. You have a mission here in this part of the galaxy, and it’s very different from theirs. They knew what to do for you, since they are of divine origin and this is part of their existence and purpose. This is difficult to explain to you, since you see everything with a Human perception. The Pleiadians are not like you, for you live in a condition of old and new energy, on a very young stage. They have actually gone through their own tests, and are now serving the Universe in other ways… including the seeding of other “Earths” to come.

However, they are very much like you in many ways. When you finally meet them, and you will, don’t be surprised if they look very much like you. And yes… they are still interested in what happens here on your planet; but they are not interested in intervening with your path. They approach you with a truly loving spirit.

(11) QUESTION: Dear Kryon. You mentioned that ET’s visit us to learn from and try to duplicate that piece of divinity they do not have. You said that just as I am certain that I am part of the divine, many of these ET’s are just as certain that they are not a part of the divine. If our experience involves the duality of being divine and not knowing it, what is theirs? What is it like to know for a fact you are not part of the divine? What is their life like? Do they know joy and love? Do they have intuition?

ANSWER: Don’t Humanize them! It’s time to change your perspective. If you were blind and came upon a race of those with sight, you would not know what you were missing. You would only know that the others had a power to sense what was in the dark. You would not be able to relate to the concept of sight.

So your assumption that they know they are without divinity is incorrect. All they see is your power, and they will do anything to have it. They have no idea where it comes from, or that it has anything to do with divinity. They don’t have any concept of divinity and if you could explain it to them, they still wouldn’t understand it.

Many races in the Universe are simply biological for the balance of all. And many of these have no souls (as you call them), no divine plan, and no place in the choice of “dark and light” balance. Humans have all of these things. Some of you will say this is not fair, or may not understand how intelligence and intellect can exist without God. It can. It does, and when it sees you, it is awestruck with what you can do (things that you don’t even see in yourselves!) Some of these beings have technology which is higher than yours, since they are much older.

Do they have joy? Yes. So does your dog, right? But it is not the “joy of God.” Do they have intuition? No. But they have intelligence and logic, much like insects do. They are NOT like you. And they are dangerous if you simply let them into your life. But they won’t have a chance to hurt you if you stand up to them with your mental force.

Dear ones, it’s time to alter your limited perception of the universe. Does everything have to be like you? Allow for a tremendous variety of life. Look at what Earth has. Is all the life on Earth the same? Do you place upon the rodent, the same attributes as the Human? What about the lion or the fish? NO. Each has a different purpose on the Planet, and you even eat some for your life’s sustenance! See the Universe in the same way. It teems with life, and there is variety beyond your imagination. Not all Humanoids have intellect, intuition, or love. They are placed very far away from you so that you don’t have to interact with them; so that you can instead concentrate on the “business before you.” 

(12) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I read a book some thirty years ago that when the body dies, the silver cord is severed. If the body is cremated before the silver cord is severed, the spiritual body suffers pain. What is the truth in the current energy? Do we still need some days to allow the silver cord to sever?

ANSWER: Dear one, the “silver cord” is a metaphor of the interdimensional connection of Human and Higher-Self. In the new energy it is now PART of the Human, and the connection is no longer what it used to be.

Think of it like this. In the older energy, in order to take your power you might have needed an extension cord to connect you to the power socket of God. Now, in the new energy, you ARE the power source. Therefore the entire silver cord metaphor has graduated into something far grander that is filled with promise.

And, by the way, there never was a “severing process.” When you pass on you have a reunification process. The body is just a carcass… nothing more. Your essence is reconnected to the Cosmic Lattice of God, and is again whole. Believe me, you don’t miss the Human body, and don’t ever even think about it. It passes from your being just as the birth sac – your home for nine months – passes from your consciousness after you are born. It’s no more important than that.

(13) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I would like to know about Hitler, the truth of the Holocaust, Agartha and Shamballah. Do they have any connection with Atlantis and Lemuria?

ANSWER: Dear one, Hitler existed to fulfill prophesy about the Jews, and to push them into a place where eventually they would have their own land. The Holocaust was every bit as horrible as history says it was, and is an example of the evil that is within every single Human Being on the planet. We have told you that "the devil and the angels in heaven all reside within each of you." You got to see it clearly with the Holocaust.

Agartha (Hollow Earth): This is an interdimensional attribute of the planet and is NOT 4D. You will not find Humans inside the Earth. But multitudes of life are there and they are interdimensional. This even includes the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta, and many more. There is always a tendency for Humanity to "4D-ize" everything you feel intuitively. Much of what is here is real, but in a multidimensional state.

Shamballah: Your perspective might differ, but let us say that this is the name of the core healing energy of the Universe. Many are discovering it and calling it many things. All this is appropriate, for its name is not important. What is important is that you are now using it!

(14) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: When I read the article in “In the Spirit” Magazine by G. Kumar, I wonder if such a thing can happen. A New World Order where all control is in the hands of "benevolent guides" and there is no such thing as currency or boundaries etc. I don't think any one on Earth is capable of being given that much power and remaining free of corruption. We do not see this in government today; no matter what level you examine, from local governments in small communities to the United Nations. Also, it saddens me to think of no countries or cultures, everyone just sort of the same.

ANSWER: What if…. Just what if… this is a description of an Earth in 10,000 years? Can you move off the perspective of “what you see today makes certain things impossible tomorrow?” This description of Earth is an Earth which has passed beyond its initial purpose and has moved into something that other planets actually now have, many of which have civilizations far, far older than yours. It speaks of melded cultures and great wisdom. If you really take a look at your history, you are seeing much the same effect on Earth. Where was the English language 1,000 years ago? Now it’s a “world standard.” 200 years ago, each culture had its own music, now the entire Earth participates in all music. You see this same principle working, but it’s far too slow for you to acknowledge it.

(15) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I think Joseph Smith [founder of the Mormon faith] was shown something by Spirit, but may not have understood what he was seeing. He speaks of three levels of heaven. Is that the truth; or was he looking at different dimensions and just didn't realize what he was seeing? He says people cannot go from one level to the other; and I do not believe this is so. Also, is there any truth to his idea that a ceremony must take place for families to be together after we leave this Earth? If it is true that we are all part of a greater whole when not here, then what was the truth of what he saw?

ANSWER: Joseph Smith had angelic help, and what he saw was all metaphoric. This is the way Spirit shows Humans the interdimensional aspects of attributes on the other side of the veil. No Human can understand what they see, since their perception is simply not able to cope with something that is outside of their experience.

So Joseph did his best to put it together, and yes, he says interdimensional things which he then attempted to put into 4D (your dimension). He also needed to add to scripture, in his opinion, to bring it up to date. It’s not much different than the writing you see now! (Kryon smile).

We showed Joseph the many souls waiting to be born… a wonderful picture of what you call reincarnation. He only perceived one side of it, however, and never saw it as a circle, something that takes a perception that is way beyond 4D. So you might say that back in an older energy, he tried his best to create a four dimensional construct from his vision.

Like many prophets, he was killed in his own land before he could adjust his concepts, study them more, or receive even more messages that might have made them more succinct.  And… like most prophets, a following developed anyway, based on half information which they considered whole. This following has now grown into a religion and millions participate in it. This is no different than Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. All are only part of the truth, but celebrated as the whole truth by fundamentalists who won’t look any further than the information from the past.

(16) QUESTION: Are you the “Paul” part of the Christ entity that Seth said would return in this century?

ANSWER: No. That energy is what is being poured into you as you give pure intent.

(17) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, what can you tell us about the process of being born, from the perspective of the other side of the veil? What steps does a soul have to take to incarnate once again?

ANSWER: It’s a process so grand that you cannot conceive of it. Remember, being a Human is not your natural state! So when you are “Home,” the journey of being born into Earth is like “going to work” in the morning. Sometimes it seems that your days are very short, but you go willingly, and lovingly, in all appropriateness.

Even those who have the potential of an early death, or of a tragic death, go willingly and with joy. Death is not seen as anything more than a transition… opening one door and closing another. Humanity is a grand experiment, and you can hardly wait to get “back into the play.”

Now, I told you that you wouldn’t understand it. It’s beyond the scope of your perception. Take away time, distance, and linearity, and you have what you call heaven. When you come to Earth, everything changes within what you “think” is real.

(18) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you talk about being in our contracts, and finding the "sweet spot" in our lives. I have been searching for my sweet spot for a long time, and feel that I may have found it in music. I am not a musician, but love going to concerts and sharing the experience of "linking" with the energy of the crowd and "playing" the music through the musicians. The energy that is channeled or created is the most wonderful, amazing and powerful energy that I have ever felt in my life. Does that mean that I'm in my sweet spot? It has occurred to me that this energy could be directed or focused on areas/people that need it. Is this appropriate?

ANSWER: Yes, dear one. YES! Music is vibration, and it speaks not only to your ears but to your heart. It can heal, change, and create physical material changes – even within the DNA – through the power of Human emotion. Keep on in your sweet spot, and learn to bring this to others.

(19) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I was at work today and several of my fellow employees were talking about parents who murder or do other horrible things to their children. I wasn't really listening to their conversation; but suddenly I had this thought in the back of my head: maybe these parents are doing these things to these babies because of the new energy. Or, in other words, the parents are of the old energy, while the babies are Indigo Children and of the new energy. When the two energies come together, it sometimes has bad results. This is just an idea I had, but it makes sense to me; and I would like to know your thoughts on it.

ANSWER: There is more truth to this than not. It is not a subject that we like to speak of, since there is so much sorrow connected with it for Humans around it. Suffice it to say that energy works in many ways, some seem inappropriate, but are needed just the same.

(20) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I read in a spiritual article that Fidel Castro's mission is to show how to do things without money, that this is the reason why he and the tropical revolution have been kept alive. Is that true? If not, then why didn’t Cuba change when Eastern Europe changed? Has Fidel Castro been working for the light or is he a part of the old energy?

ANSWER: This leader is of the old energy, but was needed for the time. The real reason was to bring the Soviet Union close to your shores in order to help with the year 2000 Armageddon scenario that didn’t happen. His earthly masters would have played a very important part in Cuba with the nuclear war you didn’t have.

That’s the whole reason, and now he exists as a relic of what didn’t happen. His society is poor, and the culture is not elevated or pleased with itself. This energy will change soon… sooner than you think. Then you will see a Cuba that has been “hiding” for a very long time, and also realize the unbalance and cultural richness that has been there all along.

(21) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: My question is regarding Sai Baba. I, myself, have gone to visit this man in India and I see masses of people crowding to him and worshipping him like a God. I have no doubt of his enlightened discourses and many of these teachings I agree with since he says that each person is God.

However, what I can't understand or relate to is the fact that he allows people to worship him in such a manner. Masses of people kneel before him and he raises his hands to offer penance to whomever he chooses. He allows pictures of his feet to be taken, which he knows will be displayed in people's homes for them to worship. His devotees believe in self-empowerment and the God-within but believe that Sai Baba is God incarnate - surely a contradiction! I have heard of people regurgitating powder in the name of Sai Baba and have heard many talk of honey dripping from his pictures. But what is the point of this? How is he teaching people to become their own God if he is showing them miracles that make them feel inferior before him?

Who is this man? Is he truly an Ascended Master as he claims to be? If so, then surely his way of teaching is of the old energy, where we look externally for someone more powerful than us. Thanks!

ANSWER: Sai Baba is a current Master (not Ascended) walking the Earth. He is real and yet most westerners do not even know about him. His DNA is activated to a point that he teeters on actually leaving the Planet. He can manifest “something from nothing” and has the gift of healing.

Do not judge what all this looks like, for in your culture (America) the “worship” attitude looks trite and out of place. However, consider the culture he is in (India), and the consciousness of the people around him. He does not wish to be worshipped and his message is not one where he demands it. No masters wish this. But the culture of India is far different than yours, and the people there are comfortable with this mode of learning.

Disengage yourself from your perception of what it looks like and be wise in the differences between the ways Humans must find God. For them, this is the way they choose to listen and learn. For you, it seems inappropriate. Know that the western world could learn a great deal from Sai Baba, but will wait until after he is gone to validate him. Then he will begin to be a symbol of enlightenment for many, like so many masters who have to pass on to have their real work known.

(22) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, did America actually go to the moon?

ANSWER: Yes, dear one, they did.

From Lee: This is a question we have seen before, and I wish to weigh in. There are many web sites and conspiracy groups that are convinced that we did NOT go to the moon, and that it was a hoax. Some of the “proof” is actually very laughable, with seeming NASA photos that show how the hoax was done. These photos are not from NASA at all, but are made to look like NASA photos in order to perpetuate the drama. Despite all those who are convinced that the moon landing didn’t happen, so much that they would make up stuff to prove it, there are some very obvious things that show that a hoax of this kind simply could not have occurred, especially after all this time.

Some have said that the lousy TV picture was planned, and that it shows we needed to hide what we were doing and make the quality poor. Anyone who says this was not alive to watch it! They are locked into what TV is now, and have no concept of what was going on then. Our TV back then was good, but only if you had 50,000 watts of power on a hill! The LEM (Lunar Exploration Module) was broadcasting on only about 5 watts (or less) and represented one of the first attempts at remote TV from space... 240,000 miles away! Also remember that Neil Armstrong landed the LEM with a computer that has a fraction of the power and technology present in today’s Ipod! It was so bad that he disengaged it to land (use the force, Luke!) In other words, our technology back then was very, very low. We had big rockets and brave astronauts, but no computers to speak of, and very little automation for this task. Today’s generation can’t really imagine an Earth without all the gadgets. But the truth is, in 1969 we just didn’t have them yet.

Things to think about.

1. First… the big one. Remember what was happening back then? The Soviet Union was also trying to beat us to the moon. They had probes, even some capsules that crashed on the moon, (perhaps manned?) They were possessed with this lunar race! They had radar, satellites, and their best optic technology pointed at the moon when we were about to land. They also had a monstrous CIA-type group that spies and trys its best to uncover western deception. If it had been a hoax, they would have shouted, jumped up and down, and had the greatest publicity coup of all time! They would have been the first to know, and would have immediately told the Earth of the USA deception. In other words, you simply couldn’t have kept it from the Soviets. Even if they suspected it, it would have been front page news. They will still do that today! They are very proud of their technology.

2. Thousands were involved in the moon landing project, yet not one has come forward with credible “whistle blowing” information proving that it was not real. In an age where secrets can’t be kept for even a few hours, this is very telling about the fact that we actually did it. We would have had many come forward by now.

3. Thousands of amateur Astronomers all over the Earth were viewing the LEM capsule as it disengaged from the orbiting “Mother ship” and landed. They also saw it later rise from the moon’s surface and rejoin the orbiter. For this to be a hoax, they would all have to have been “in on it.” This stretches the imagination of conspiracy.

4. In the same vein, many countries participated in tracking this event and saw it all happen. They also would have had to be “in on it” and not talking after 40 years.

(23) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I am an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem. I have been following your channellings for several years now, having read many of the Kryon books, online channellings, and Q&A archives via the website. I have a deep drive to uncover basic truths of reality, physical as well as spiritual. This is one of the reasons I have also studied Jewish philosophy and Kabalah.

I can say that what attracted me to your teaching at first continues to attract me today; and that is the feeling I get of it being Truth, both in a physical (scientific) sense, but even more so in a spiritual and ethical sense.

That having been said, I have some points of significant disagreement, at least ostensibly, and I would very much like to be enlightened about them. Not that they would negate the “99% plus” that I agree with; but still they are bothersome and some have ramifications in whether I should take action or remain inactive.

A frequent theme mentioned in your channellings as well as in the Q&A is the irrelevancy of existing prophecies. In one Q&A you ask (rhetorically) if ANY existing prophecy describes what we are seeing today (implying that none does), and you go on to say that all existing prophecies are irrelevant now that the energy has shifted, etc.

My question is: what about the Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and Ezekiel who in very many chapters, alongside prophecies of doom to Evil forces (Edom, Gog, etc.), also prophesize about "Wolves grazing with Lambs", "Knowledge of God covering all as water covers the ocean", "Death tears being a thing of the past", "Swords converted to plowshares," etc. (All of this is loosely translated from my memory of the Hebrew).

Another issue arises in the context of “Question 1” (I emailed this question to Lee a few years ago, but the answer I received wasn't very satisfactory. Perhaps you can satisfy me this time...). The question is:  “What is the role of the Jews in the enlightenment of the the World?” Although in your teachings you refer many times to the fact that the Jews are special and intrinsically different, up till now (to the best of my knowledge) you haven't given them any special role as a group or as collection of individuals. On the other hand, prophecies of Isaiah and Ezekiel, as well as compilations based on them such as RAMHAL's, give a major role to the Jews as a whole and to their leader (the Messiah, King David, Scion of Yishay) or leaders (the Seven Shepherds) as the factor of divinely inspired leadership, continuing enlightenment, priests and etc.

ANSWER: From LEE: Thank you for this fine question. First, Kryon has said that all past prophesy regarding the specific path of Humanity is moot. This would be in the form of the quatrains of Nostradamus and the specific timeline of the New Testament Book of Revelations. There is no prophesy existing that told of our 9-11 event, or the demise of certain dictators, etc. This is the kind of prophesy that is contained in Nostradamus and Revelation. There is an overall prophesy, however, of the goal of Earth. This overall prophesy exists in both Jewish and Christian scripture, and also in many of the eastern philosophies. So there is a difference between a “timeline prophesy” and the kind of prophesy that consists of “wise words of what is possible on the Earth.” You might even say that the Sermon on the Mount (The Beatitudes) also falls into the same kind of encouraging energy that is found in Isaiah and Ezekiel. It's all from God, and the messages are the same.

The answer as to why the Jews are here? What role do they play? This was answered in the three channellings given in Jerusalem on October 27, 28 and 29, 2005. At this writing, they may not all be on the website, but the plan is for them ALL to be posted there. The answer? The Jews are now commissioned with the task of bringing about the impossible: Peace in their land. Now you can understand why Kryon has said, "As go the Jews, go Earth." The challenge in front of them is to create a new paradigm of coexistence within a very complex situation. When this can be agreed upon, the core reason for hating the West will be disengaged. Hate is easily perpetuated when it is fueled, but it stagnates when the reasons are removed. You might say that the entire fate of the Earth is in the hands of the Jews.

Now… perhaps the Old Testament description of why the Jews are here begins to make more sense? They are not alone! But they must muster the strength and the wisdom to get out of the role they have played for centuries, and begin to put on their "hero" hats. Kryon even gave them a political prophesy. But I'm betting you were there to hear it, huh?

Blessings to all of you in Israel!