UPDATE: 2nd Quarter 2005

(1) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you gave an explanation of menopause that I don’t understand. The verbiage is vague and I’d like to get a more specific answer to my concerns. First of all, I don’t want the age-related changes that come with menopause. I don’t want to be low on estrogen or progesterone, and I want to remain sexually attractive until I’m ancient and die. I don’t want to become a dried up old prune with lines on my upper lip, hair growing under my chin, and a roll of resistant fat around my waist! Of course, I don’t want to become pregnant either, but I do want my physical beauty to stay intact.

My sexual drive seems to have diminished greatly, which is no fun at all. You say that menopause is to protect women so they don’t get pregnant when they’re chemistry can’t deal with it. But why do women have to live with the emasculation of their bodies in this so-called protective process? I’ve been talking to my cells, telling them to return to the pristine condition of this body when it was ten years old, as you suggested. But it’s not happening because I’m still getting hot flashes. Please tell me how long it takes to get the cells to listen and act. Is there something else I can do? Thanks so much—I feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to read your words.

ANSWER: Menopause will always be there for the reasons I’ve described. It’ll remain a system that honors a time when a woman is finished with her child-bearing years. So don’t curse menopause. Instead, think of the answer to this question: “Why does menopause occur, and what triggers it?”

The answer is the body clock. So if you wish to avoid the hair under your chin, then delay the clock! Concentrate on this, and the rest will take care of itself. You may think you’re talking to your cells about this, but in your case you’re actually trying to defeat menopause. Put the fear and disappointment of aging away, and concentrate daily on becoming younger and living longer.

Are you doing the things that a younger person would? Do you try to be with a younger crowd? The answer to both of these is probably not. Instead, you’re instead trying to straddle the line of the reality of your chronological age, and endeavoring to delay the things you don’t want that come with it. Instead of this, bring the whole body along with your visualization of the slowing of the body clock. If you slow the clock, then you actually place yourself out of sync with the old paradigm of what the calendar says about how “old” you are. You can change hormones, your immune system, and even your appearance by working with the body clock.

Start showing your body that your reality is different than it was, and help it to “create” what age you really are.


(2) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m willing to talk to my cells, but I don’t know what to tell them! Is it enough to say “detox and rejuvenate!” or do we have to be more specific (and maybe polite, like “Please, cartilage, grow,” or even talk about amino acids, vitamins, and so forth? Is intent enough or are words and style relevant?

How long would be considered enough talk for one purpose? I’ve had a horribly itchy allergic dermatitis for ten years. Should I talk to my skin, to my immune system, or something else?

ANSWER: First, do you not yet understand that the portions of DNA you’re addressing are interdimensional? We’ve been teaching this now for many years. This type of system isn’t linear, doesn’t understand your language, and won’t even begin to respond to your logical processes.

Speaking with your cells is an energetic process—energy is what is needed, not verbiage. Rewording your talk does nothing but make your voice tired. You need to visualize, not verbalize. Spend time addressing your cells with the visualization of what you wish. See yourself with no itching. See yourself with young DNA. Remember, the body went through that, and it has a cellular memory of your young DNA.

So start by setting a time to do this communication daily, for just a few minutes, and create strong visions of what the goal is for your body process. See young skin, young health, and a young attitude. Your body will get the idea and begin to conform to “the boss.”

This is what the masters do, and it works. However, you’ll have to learn to get out of your 3D paradigm of wishing to hold verbal conversations. “Talking to your cells” is done with visualization energies.


(3) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, will we be seeing more revealed on biblical forgeries that pertain not only to artifacts but to scriptural writings as well?

(4) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I can’t thank you enough for your insight on so many subjects of concern to us all. I hope you can shed some light on this question: Why has the Bible been allowed to survive for so many years with all its fallacies?

Being brought up in a Christian church, I lived in fear of God, Satan, and not being able to live a life without sin. Through your teachings and others I have come to believe differently and now feel free after such a betrayal.

ANSWER: First of all, let us remind you of how Humans are honored with free choice. There is no “giant hand of God” that’s going to come down and correct misinformation. Whatever develops within the Human culture is done so through whatever Human consciousness is there at that time.

What we have told you is that your current awakening will create awareness of false information, and that even the church leaders will see it. Some will try to keep things the same, fearing that it will all collapse if they don’t, and others will begin the correction process. All this will add up to chaos. You’re already beginning to see it.

Basically, all religious systems will begin to fail—all of them. Ancient texts will be found (or revealed) that clearly show the writings you have lived by aren’t accurate, and have been manipulated over the years by men in power. The result will be that some will leave the system and look for better answers and some will attempt to change the church to better conform to what has been discovered. In both cases, it will change the status quo of the balance of religion on the planet.

The new energy on this planet is already doing exactly this. How is old organized religion doing these days? The answer is that it’s slipping in popularity. Are any popular books challenging the premises of years of spiritual teaching? Seen any division in Christianity or Judaism or Islam? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Look around and you’ll see Humanity beginning to try to validate what they believed in the past, and if it’s found wanting, they’re going to find something better for themselves . . . sometimes with information coming only from within instead of from the outside.

Humanity will be intuitively looking for a belief system that doesn’t tear down the Human seed of existence, or place God in a box for everyone to conform to. They’ll be looking for something that acknowledges that every Human is part of the harmony of life, and therefore is eternal; something that begins to “connect the dots” and reveal what every master who walked the earth has said: That you’re empowered to change yourselves and the earth since you’re partly divine yourselves. They’ll be looking for something that “rings true” with what they’re feeling, where they don’t have to suffer to please a higher power.

What they’ll seek isn’t a doctrine and it doesn’t always depend on having a prophet. It’s a way of life that honors the “prophet within” and lets all that has gone before snap into place within a wisdom pattern that allows a realization that God is much, much bigger than previously thought.


(5) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, is it ever appropriate for a Human to resort to violence?

ANSWER: Yes, when you’re attacked with life-threatening force, it’s appropriate to respond with violence if necessary. In addition, it’s acceptable to meet violence with violence when protecting your children or family.

There are times when you must meet force with force, for this is the only thing that force understands. Let me give you an example: If you’re awakened in the middle of the night and you find an assailant standing over your child’s bed, about to destroy the life of your child, I guarantee that you’ll use force to stop it. This is instinct, and it doesn’t mean that you’re violating spiritual guidelines. The term “turn the other cheek” refers to a situation where you’ll give ultimate patience within an exchange where anger might have otherwise been a Human reaction. It has never meant “stand and be harmed.”

(6) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I still doubt that I’m a Lightworker. How can I get a definitive answer to this question?

(7) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’ve had this question for a while: If a Human isn’t a Lightworker, then what is he or she? A Lightworker who is not yet aware of being a Lightworker, or something else? Are there other roles besides Lightworkers, and if so, what are they?

ANSWER: Again, don’t let the esoteric compartmentalization of terminology define your lives! If you don’t find the definition you wish, will you then stop your spiritual quest?

The definition of a Lightworker is a Human who realizes that there’s more to life than has been seen in 3D reality, and therefore is trying to increase his or her awareness by spiritual means. There are as many Lightworker “types” as there are Humans. Some are in the discovery stage and some are in the active stage of having identified themselves, and have moved to a place where they’re able to increase their vibration, and therefore affect the very dirt of the planet.

So if you’re one who asks if you’re a Lightworker, then of course you are! Why would your eyes even be on this page if you weren’t a seeker of light?

And yes, in some ways, all Humans are Lightworkers waiting to turn on their lights. This is a profound realization and is what we teach. There are the seeds of truth in all of you, and through free choice some will begin the search and some will not. There is no judgment in either case, but there is tremendous change to the Human who begins to awaken and ask the question, “Is there more?”


(8) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m one of a growing population of people who have been given the diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivity/environmental illness. This disorder is primarily an immune system dysfunction, and affects every organ system of the body. Some of us aren’t only severely “allergic” to common, everyday substances in our environment, but like myself, are highly sensitive to smells, light, touch, sound, and taste as well. Some of us are also sensitive to the emotions of others, and develop symptoms of toxicity in the presence of hostile people.

So here are my questions: Why is the number of people who have this syndrome increasing, what’s the spiritual basis behind this disorder, and how do we desensitize ourselves to the physical and emotional environment around us?

ANSWER: First the chemical: This is a result of increased toxicity on the planet. The more the planet unbalances itself, the more those who came in depending on balance will be affected. So the increase is due to pollution of the planet—something I think you already knew.

This often goes hand-in-hand with those who can sense emotions, since the ones who are fine-tuned chemically are also fine-tuned energetically. This isn’t really about spiritual things. It’s about energy. If you’re a sensitive, then it’ll be a sensitivity to everything, not just within 3D. Even those who don’t think of themselves as spiritual at all are still right in the middle of this problem—including the sensitivity to other peoples’ emotions.

We teach that you can temper this, and it falls into the category of taking control of your cellular structure through visualization and meditation. Your own science now confirms that your thoughts can change your immune system, and that’s exactly where to start. You really do have control of these things! Begin by daily visualizations of an immune system that’s more tolerant of the imbalance of the environment. Don’t see yourself as sensitive and vulnerable, but rather as able to balance everything as it comes along and to be comfortable with these things instead of frustrated with them.


(9) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m a nurse who works with older people who have dementia. One of my jobs is to figure out what medicine will help them be more comfortable in their bodies and keep them safe and calm enough for others to care for them.

These medicines are toxic and have side effects. I do have intent that the recipient of the medicine I prescribe will receive what benefits their highest good, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be enough. The staff who care for these people often get hurt and the person with the illness seems to suffer also. Please help me understand how I might help them in a better way.

ANSWER: Your intent is honored, but you can’t do this for another person. In other words, your intent for the substance not to hurt them isn’t enough. It has to be their intent, but unfortunately they’re not able to work this problem due to their mental circumstances. It seems unfair, but the bigger picture is that for spiritual reasons, their soul is working out a lifetime of challenge and it is appropriate on levels beyond your understanding.

There are substances that can help them that won’t have the side effects. There are also energy systems that can help, too—all of which you’re not able to give them in your institution. And that’s another frustration for you. But you’re there to help hold the energy of all of this and to infuse light into an otherwise untenable situation. Believe me, you’re valuable where you are, and those who seem not to understand where they are can still sense your caring and balancing energy. This helps them.

Some day you may be able to give them some of the powerful herbs that the ancients did for this very thing and also help them with energy balancing. The substances were those used by the American Indians, and might very well be outlawed in your culture due to their mistaken nature.


(10) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, are we dinosaurs, and/or what happened to the dinosaurs?

ANSWER: No, you are Human, and no relation to the dinosaur except that you both represent biology on the planet. The dinosaur is a product of earth evolution. Your Human DNA is a combination of Human evolution and a mixture from another star system (Pleadian). The dinosaurs left you when their food went away due to geological and astronomical circumstances—very appropriate for the growth of the planet.


(11) QUESTION: I’ve recently started to read some of the Kryon material and I find it one of the more comforting channellings I’ve read. Thank you very much.

Here are my questions: With respect to diet, I’ve recently done quite a lot of (private) research on it. First Ayurvedic-based vegetarianism, then macrobiotic-based veganism, then vegan raw foodism, then more paleo-based raw foodism (that is, raw foodism that includes flesh products that are raw), and so on.

I’ve never managed to actually follow any diet in the long term, it was more about shedding light and adding perspective to what I eat. But from all these, I ended up more confused, because it seems our digestive system is like that of a cat, our teeth are similar to those of omnivores, yet it also appears that our stomach was not designed to digest grains and raw vegetables.

In addition, I sympathize with the long-held view of the moral consequences of eating meat, and I adopt the position of personally not eating anything I wouldn’t be able (psychologically speaking) to kill myself. Therefore I occasionally eat fish. I don’t know if that’s the right view.

My question is, can you shed more light on diet, especially the truths in eating everything raw? And is vegetarianism a good way to go, as after so many years of research, its seems some nutrients, or at least their bio-availability, is much more easily obtained through eating flesh products? Or should I eat what my biological ancestors in the near past have eaten (I’m Jewish with German or Polish—Jewish and non-Jewish ancestors)?

(12) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I first must comment on how impressed I am with the intelligence and thought that everyone has put into their questions. And the answers are satisfying as well. My question has to deal with health. What is the best diet for optimum health? Should we go back to the Old Testament and keep kosher guidelines? Or is being vegan the way to go? Does eating unhealthy and carrying excessive weight interfere with the activation of DNA components and moving forward spiritually? Is there a specific diet we all should be following? Is there a specific exercise we should be doing?

ANSWER:Everything you’ve all said is intelligent, correct to some degree, and honored. The Human body has many elements of the other animals that your biology evolved from, and shows that basic core evolution is real. You are a combination of much of earth’s past. That means your diversity is at the top of the ladder—very high.

The real issue here is that many try to make diet issues generic for all Humanity. However, you are all very different, not only chemically, but energetically. Therefore the studies of diet based on blood types, birth months, and even energy fields are valid. The truth is this: Find the diet that suits these unique things about you and use them. Don’t make the mistake of believing that what you discover for you is for everyone. This also goes for eating meat. If all Humans decided not to eat meat, the Human race would suffer greatly since there isn’t enough developed farmland to feed all of you.

There is appropriateness in everything you mentioned, including the raw elements, and even the kosher ones (originally developed intuitively so that you’d stay away from diseased food). But it isn’t for everyone. The solution will eventually be to provide a test that will help you know what is best for each Human diet-wise, and then hold no judgment of others who have a different solution. These tests are actually here, but they haven’t been combined yet. It’s another feature of your constant linearity and compartmentalization that within your science you have sequestered pieces and parts of the solution and given them all important names, as though each one was the final solution or a final system. The truth is that they must be combined.

Therefore, find the diet that works for the individual Human, and don’t place a generic label on studies you find that work for you. They’ll work for those like you, but not for all. Start with the blood types, then move to other unique features that make you all very different. Oh . . . and don’t forget your karmic group (Kryon smile).


(13) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m very concerned about the obesity epidemic, particularly in the U.S. Around me I see people getting bigger and more unhealthy, all for the sake of convenience and saving time. You mentioned at one point a famine, and I suspect the famine won’t be from a lack of food, but from an abundance of food that has no nutritional value.

I wonder how we can honor the Earth by eating nothing that comes straight from it? Of course this involves caring for the lands and oceans as part of a bigger issue and making that connection, too. Is this what it will finally take for people to switch to a healthier way of living?

Its amazing how detached people are from the food they eat. We don’t even honor our digestive processes, the way we combine foods. Whatever happened to nutrition? Atkins is no solution; there is no balance in it. Gastric bypass is all about quantity reduction, not quality increase. When will people make the direct connection between what/how they eat and their health? Is a change in diet and lifestyle part of the upcoming shift?

ANSWER: The shift has little to do with it. It’s a culture-specific problem and has to do with consciousness of health. Go study the cultures on your planet that have very few overweight Humans. Start with the Japanese. They have some of the same western work ethics and live in very sophisticated industrial-based environments. Yet they aren’t overweight. It’s about the core food groups and the combination of them.


(14) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you say the degree of enlightenment we’ve reached when we die is the degree of enlightenment we start with in the next incarnation. Now, with the neutral implant and the elimination of karmic residuals, does it mean I’ll be starting without karma when I eventually reincarnate?

ANSWER: Indeed it does! But let’s get more specific. The kinds of karmic attributes you voided with the implant (permission for implementation of enlightenment) is the kind of heavy karma that you carried around from past lives. It isn’t the kind of karma of your immediate lifetime of energy. It’s the past energy, not the present. Therefore it’s a freeing of very old energies that represented you in very different times. As described many times, this needed to be a tool for you to move forward in a new energy with very different goals.

This is something you’ve created for yourselves, and not something granted by God (Spirit). God is here to help you to understand what you’ve created, and to use it to develop a peaceful and balanced planet.


(15) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, please help us understand the increase of allergies. What can we do to heal this phenomenon?

ANSWER: Reduce the steps in your food chain, which are adding chemistry to fresh food.


(16) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I was student of the I AM activity, but was unhappy because of all the restrictions you have to live by and rules you have to follow in order to be involved. My question is this: Is it truth that the Ascended Master appeared to the Ballards and dictated all those messages? Because according to old students, Mrs. Ballard invented everything. St. Germain promised good health, money, youth, and the ascension, but as of this time no one I AM student has accomplished that.

ANSWER: This isn’t a specific answer to your particular spiritual following, but a generic answer to all who are asking similar questions. First, be aware that God doesn’t place restrictions on your life. Your lifestyle is one you select that will best help you find your divinity. Many Human teachers in the past have dictated that you follow rules, but those are rules of the teacher, not the source. Often it’s what the teacher feels will help you with less distraction, but these remain Human rules. In addition, sometimes you’ll find yourself sequestered with others of like mind, living in communes and trying to force a lifestyle that’s supposedly one that will create ascension in your life.

The truth is that the masters who walked the earth told you that your body is your temple, and that all else is what you decide to invent around it to make it work. Your temple is complete and is able to generate light for others, no matter where you go. The masters didn’t sequester themselves, but walked among the people and loved them for who they were, warts and all. The rules were to be patient with others around you, and to be an example for them.

We encourage you to stop and look around you. Ask this: What is it you can best do to provide divine clarity for yourself, and at the same time be a Lighthouse for others on this planet? If you’re sequestered with others in a nonconforming lifestyle, exactly who are your helping? Yourself? If so, then at what point can you get out of the group to be in the world, where you’re needed? The answer to that, if you ask the teachers, is usually, “You can’t leave.” When you hear that, then you know that the lifestyle is about the teacher, not God.

All the messages have been for you to hold the light for the earth. Show your joy and your well-being to others. Be a balanced Human Being in the center of unbalance, and walk among those who are needy so they can be exposed to your love. All the masters did this.

So if you find yourself dressed in odd clothing, singing strange chants, eating funny food, and living with a group of others doing the same thing, at some point you must ask yourself if you’re following some Human’s rules, or those of Spirit. Who is being helped?


(17) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, we’ve been studying astrology for some time and we know that the solar system helps to create and support an impression of an individual selfhood for us. The planets and their movements affect our character, moods, and ideas. We’d like to know what exactly this mechanism does and how this system works in terms of science. Most important, we’d like to know how we could use this ancient science most effectively in the new energy. It seems to be a contract, “karma.” What happens when one enlightens and cancels his contract? Do the planets then stop affecting us?

ANSWER: Although this has been explained in recent channellings, we’ll summarize the way astrology works: The sun is the fulcrum of the solar system and the center of energy for life for you. There is a physical mechanism for the sending of information from the sun to the other planets and it’s called the solar wind. This energy stream carries with it whatever pattern of interdimensional energy the sun has at that moment, and delivers it to whatever is in reach of the sun's magnetic field [the Helios]. It’s always there, but it has cycles of intensity. Although science sees the solar wind as a energy player in the solar system, they have yet to see the interdimensional patterns it carries to the planets as this wind blasts out from the sun.

These patterns reflect the posturing of the sun as the other planets exhibit their tugs and pulls on it via gravity and magnetics (both are interdimensional energies). Therefore these sun patterns change continuously as the planets provide new gravitational and magnetic situations to the sun.

When the solar wind, carrying this sun pattern, hits the Earth, it deposits the pattern upon the magnetic grid. The magnetic grid is dynamic (changes all the time), and is responsive to being constantly repatterned. The grid lines of the planet alter the pattern slightly due to fact that your grids aren’t consistent and have greater and lesser areas of influence in different Earth locations.

Human DNA is sensitive to magnetics, since it is a magnetic engine itself. At birth, when the child is separated from the parent, there is a signal sent to the brain of the infant that says, “Your system is now active and on its own, apart from your mother.” During that first breath of independent and unique life, the child’s DNA receives the pattern from the magnetics of the Earth’s grid, and takes on what you have come to call “astrological attributes.”

Different places on the planet will carry the basic pattern, plus or minus what Earth’s magnetic field has contributed due to geographic location. This explains why world-class astrology must take into consideration the location of birth. Astocartography is also based on this principle.

Astrology is the oldest science on the planet, and can be proven to be accurate. In addition, “generic” astrology is also a significant influence in Humanism, from the cycles of the female’s system, to the profound changes in Human behavior when the moon in full. You can’t separate yourself from it, and those who don’t believe in it might as well not believe in breathing, because it’s that much of an influence on your life.

The new energy on the planet invites you to change your DNA. This is the teaching of Kryon. When you change your DNA, you’re working with the very core of the pattern you had at birth, and so you’re able to then work on some of the attributes of your astrological blueprint, and actually change it—even neutralize it. We told you all about that in 1989. Masters did this, and you’re now coming into a time where your abilities are those of the masters. Look into your life and eliminate the things that are challenges and keep the attributes that support you. This is the true balanced Human Being.

You can change your sensitivity to attributes within your own individual astrology type, but the generic influences of the planets’ and moon’s movements will always affect you to some degree, since you’re not an island apart from others. These would be things such as retrogrades and the moon’s influence (as indicated). You might say, “I’m no longer affected by retrogrades” and sit and smile all you want. Meanwhile, you still shouldn’t sign contracts during that time, since all those around you are still affected. Think about it.


(18) QUESTION: I’m a black woman who enjoys your teachings tremendously. It seems that there aren’t a lot of black people involved in these discussions. Is this true, and is there a reason for this? Is it cultural? Or am I wrong in this assumption?

ANSWER: Dear one, yes. If you’re speaking about black Americans, you’re right. It’s cultural. There are two basic reasons you won’t find many blacks in metaphysics in your culture: The first one is that in your land, your race is a minority with a history of oppression. This has created a very strong spiritual support base. Almost from birth, most of you have been exposed to very high church and spiritual support and a feeling of belonging and sticking together. There are few groups that have this kind of support and prayer base. So spiritually, you don’t look around much for answers other than what you have already learned about the love of God. This works for you and is honored.

The second reason is perhaps politically incorrect in your culture to speak of, but Kryon is not of your culture. Many of you are in survival mode due to sustained second-class citizenship you experience from birth. This causes despair, poverty, and a shift to crime among many due to despondency over life and a need to survive in a system that does not honor you. When a Human is consumed with survival in a difficult environment, they don’t have time or a desire for introspection or a search to better themselves spiritually. All their time is spent spinning within the challenges they have, many of which they assume to be their plight, many of which they have created themselves.

The sadness here is that if they did look within, they would find the tools to co-create a life outside of survival, and start processes that honors their endeavors and their lives. Blessed are those with life challenges, as so many of the minorities have, but who have decided to increase their spiritual knowledge as a solution, instead of trying to force-manipulate the reality of the cultural situation.


(19) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in some of the channel readings I’ve had, I’ve been referred to as a completed soul. But I’m a bit confused as to what that means.

ANSWER: This is a reference to the fact that you’re not here to accomplish a karmic solution based on an incomplete karmic challenge. Instead, you’re here to focus on helping the challenge of the planet, which is to create peace within yourself, others, and on earth. Many of you are in this condition, and these are the ones we address first when we speak of Lightworkers.


(20) QUESTION: Hello, I’m a site user from Iran. I want to ask Kryon about Holy Scriptures and specially the Holy Koran. Does everything we need to know exist in it?

ANSWER: No, but neither does any other scripture that exists on earth. Your Koran is a beautiful spiritual book, and many of the readers know this. I stirs within you faith and a feeling of the love of God that suits your culture. Anyone who truly examines it will see the purpose and goal of the Prophet, which was given to him by God. It was to unite those of his area and give them the same God as those of the Jews. This uniting spirit is the core of your holy book. The same angel who visited the Prophet is the one who visited Abraham many times.

In all the spiritual doctrines of earth, what is missing is that Humans are self-empowered to be part of God, not separated from God. Many of these historical doctrines are not complete, and have been altered. Be circumspect in all these historic spiritual books, for there is more than what is given to you. So use your intuition as you read them, and fill in the blanks with the tools you have from your own divinity.

Look around. Does it appear that there is unification, or is there separation? Divine for yourselves what belongs to God and what belongs to men. Spirit’s instructions are always about unity, and the core of the Koran was about that very thing.


(21) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, was the undersea earthquake near Sumatra a result of scalar wave testing?

ANSWER: No. It was a result of the change on your planet of Human consciousness. We told you about this in 1989. Your weather changes are caused by the same thing. Now do you begin to understand how powerful you are in changing your reality?


(22) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I was wondering if scalar waves are really “flat magnetic waves.” I don’t think that’s correct, it seems to be that the scalar waves are not “longitudinal” at all.

ANSWER: Scalar waves are interdimensional artifacts of magnetic waves relating to gravity. They’re not understood by anyone on the planet. They can also be very dangerous due to their ability to synchronize vibrationally with physical attributes around them.

They can also be used for profound things, such as healing and communication and the transmission of electricity and other energy modalities through many substances. Such is the way of science—that core physics can be used as a weapon or a healing mode. This requires free choice and wisdom to decide which it will be.


(23) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, could you comment on the situation of Southeast Asia in general and Malaysia and Singapore in particular? I’d like to know more about the magnetic field near the equator, could you advise?

ANSWER: It might not seem “fair” to anyone in these areas, but the equatorial attributes of the magnetic grid carry some of the same ones that are at the pole. In many of these places the force of the grid magnetics are very low. This is because you’re sitting in the neutral area between positive and negative. It often creates a difficult place to live and makes a constant stable consciousness very hard to achieve. This creates unstable government as well as a greater feeling of anxiety for the people living there. If you doubt this, take a look at where so much of the earth’s poverty is, and the unstable places to live. They’ll be at or near the equator.

In 1989 the question was asked of Kryon, “Where on earth is the best place to live?” Our answer was, “Move to places that are cool.” Perhaps now you understand why.


(24) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, as a scientist I’m interested in your comments regarding the interactions of magnetics, sound waves, and matter. Lately, my intuition has told me that this same effect may be used to produce chemicals without high degrees of risk and where reactants are converted to products in 100-percent yield. I also suspect that chemicals may be made by connecting one atom (or a group of atoms) at a time—once we know the specific conditions to “tell” the chemicals what we want them to do. I’d like to know if I’m on the right track and if you can add anything to this.

ANSWER: Your assumptions are very accurate, but look past the 3D attributes you mentioned. What you’ve described is already being done. You can create custom molecules of your own design, atom by atom, that are perfect. Indeed you’re doing it by “telling” the chemicals what you want them to do. This is high science and has very substantial physics behind it. However, it is interdimensional physics, not 3D physics.

The key here is designing a tool of chemical molecule creation that “talks” to atomic structure in a language it not only understands, but will obey because it’s the way atomic structure wants to work. So in reality, you’ll be mimicking the very bonding that’s natural in matter, and not tricking matter into aberrant behavior. When it’s natural behavior, it’s 100 percent and there are no anomalies to deal with.

From Lee: A physicist in Scotland has integrated the software for this very achievement into the laser processes patented by he and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys in Carlsbad, California. This Southern California research firm is called Gematria. The existence of the machine isn’t a secret, in that Dr. Todd presents it during his lectures.


(25) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I work in law enforcement and we have an x-ray truck called a VACIS. To control it’s speed, there’s a large magnet on the transmission, and it requires two people to be inside the truck all day. I feel somewhat out of balance when I spend any amount of time in it. I’ve since removed myself from working in it, but occasionally I have to fill in. My questions are: What kind of effect is this technology having on my physical body, and what can I do to protect myself from any damaging effects? Would a Q-Link pendant be enough?

ANSWER: Dear one, this is a very dangerous place to be. The product you mentioned isn’t sufficient to void this kind of strong magnetic field. It’s designed more for common environmental magnetic challenges. If you have to spend time in this vehicle, make it short and as infrequent as you can.

Also be aware that unless you spend most of your time there, your body can recover and adjust very well. So don’t despair that your job might require you do it occasionally. Just as in an MRI machine, your body has an incredible memory for balance, and will come back to its natural state of magnetic balance when you remove yourself from the field. It’s only those who remain in these fields day after day who are truly in a state of danger. When a body is continually deprived of its balancing tools, it goes into dis-ease, which is a prime ingredient for early death.


(26) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I just read an article on the Website of Drunvalo Melchizedek about the melting of the North and South Poles. He postulates that we’ll be part of a new ice age, especially here in Europe, and that it will take place soon—perhaps even within the next two years. It would mean that life would be almost impossible anymore here in Germany and the northern part of Europe.

I’m not the kind of Human who gets panics easily, but I want to know what Kryon says about this. To me it doesn’t make sense that after we’ve solved so many problems and are on such a good way that something like this should happen.

ANSWER: This has also been channelled before. We told you that your current global warming would bring about a mini-ice age, but we also told you that it wouldn’t be something that would be untenable for Humans, and would happen slowly enough for you to adapt.

It doesn’t suit your magnificent plan for your planet to create a situation where entire populations are uprooted and displaced. Things aren’t always as they seem, and so we again proclaim that you won’t have this kind of emergency in the next few years. Spirit is in a partnership with you, and we need you, with free will, to focus on peace on earth, not just survival on earth.


(27) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, there’s a teaching that states that sacred geometry is an electrical-based energy, and therefore not compatible with Mother Earth. It can only be used in the early stages of ascension. After that, its use creates illness in the body. What’s your comment on this?

ANSWER: Sacred geometry is one of the most powerful ancient energy technologies on the planet. Its use can easily make you uncomfortable, and perhaps even sick. However, we’ve told you before that the Human vibrates higher as the ascension attributes are achieved. This often keeps pace with anything you do to enhance your learning and spiritual growth, including advanced sacred geometry. So it’s up to the individual to understand it and use it appropriately.

This is provided by the wisdom you achieve as your ascension steps are reached and you’re ready for advanced things. If you’re in school and don’t learn the lessons of one grade, the next grade won’t serve you. It’s also this way with spiritual growth. To assign a generic rule to energy is to ignore the vast variety of individual paths and the unique spiritual growth of each Human Being.

Gaia is an energy that resounds with electrical and magnetic appropriateness. It’s an energy that supports Humanity and can be called upon to compliment your spiritual growth. It changes itself in response to Human consciousness and is your partner. Therefore it’s in synchronization with sacred teachings. Sacred geometry, used correctly, will be celebrated by Mother Earth. Used inappropriately, it will be rejected.


(28) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, it was quite a thrill to get your information that Shakespeare was really “Kit” Marlowe—it answered, to my complete satisfaction, a question that many of us literary types have had for generations. But recently, from another channelling source, I read that Francis Bacon was Shakespeare! I don’t want to make this an either/or proposition, because that would mean that one or the other statement was untrue, which would invalidate the rest of that entity’s remarks as well. Is it at all possible, therefore, that somehow both statements are true? They seem to be in direct conflict.

ANSWER: When history finally provides proof, then you’ll know the answer and can make up your own mind about what you perceive as the “conflict.” As for who it was? I was there.


(29) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, is there a supplement or nutrient I can take to restore the color to my hair? I’ve been getting more and more white/gray ever since the age of 15. Hair coloring is expensive and I’m afraid of what the chemicals may be doing to me after all these years of use. (I’m now 49.) Can healing/activating my DNA return me to a brunette? Or can I command to be blonde? What would be the specific words to use to return my hair to the color of my youth?

ANSWER: There is chemistry that’s gentle and can be used to color (not dye) your hair. Use your intuition and “hold” the bottle using kinesiological techniques to see if your body “agrees” before you obtain and use it. Do it sparingly, and no more than weekly for a natural look. This will allow the hair to always regain its chemical balance between applications. Always hold a mini-ceremony around this to let the cells in your hair know what you’re doing, and honor the process of looking younger. For your body will cooperate by accepting parts of the chemistry and voiding the other as waste, instead of doing harm.

As in all things biological, your body is your partner. If is knows what your intent is, it’ll help you by cooperating. If you leave body consciousness out of the process, it will simply “react” instead of cooperate.

The other way is to work on slowing your body clock, as we’ve told you before. You can stave off the attributes of age, keeping many of the attributes of youth. Perhaps a combination of the two would suit you. Each Human is different in this respect.


(30) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I don’t understand something: If we were our complete spirit beings when we purposely wrote our contracts for Human life, then as Humans, why should we be trying to cancel those contracts to create a new path? Shouldn’t we honor what we as all knowing spirits agreed to and wanted to participate in?

ANSWER: As discussed many times before, your contracts are beginning plans only, changeable as you grow. They don’t represent a “set-in-cement” plan for your life. If they did, where’s your free choice to change? How could you respond to spiritual growth if you had no choice to change?

Contracts are a beginning posturing of your goals that often represent older karmic payoffs or incomplete energy solutions [working out past-life attributes]. As we’ve told you before, this is exactly what you have the power to change with your mastery this time around.

So what “knowing spirits agreed and wanted to participate in” is your coming out of your predisposed contract and rewriting it! The goal of the Human Being on Earth is to void the karmic past, which represents the old energy of Earth, and to activate of interdimensional DNA to begin the process of mastery. This is celebrated by all the Universe and refreshes the contract of life itself. The masters on Earth did this, and so can you.


(31) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m not a mathematician and not a physicist (at least not in this conscious experience). I have questions about magnetics and the number zero. Is there a relationship/importance with respect to zero and a null magnetic field? I suspect there is and this also relates to connecting with the Cosmic Lattice, as well as rejuvenation of our cells and perhaps even interdimensionality. For me it seems that the number zero is the most important, since it’s the mid (and null?) point of our linear counting. The symbol for the number seems significant also—the never-ending/infinite circle with no polarization.

ANSWER: Yes, zero is the most important number. See our past discussions of zero and base-twelve math. Zero is not a “number,” but an energy representing the potential of “now.” It has within it the potential solution to any problem it’s involved in. When you use base-twelve math and include the zero, it represents an entire potential mathematical process, not a placeholder. This isn’t understood yet, but when you finally see it work, there’ll be a giant revelation, opening up solutions to many difficult mathematical issues, including the very easy solutions to prime numbers.


(31b) QUESTION: (additional) If two or even three magnets were set up in order to create a null magnetic field and a human were to stand (or sit) in this null magnetic field, wouldn’t this help our cells remember a non-polarized consciousness?

ANSWER: No. This isn’t the same as a null in the Cosmic Lattice or a zone of void consciousness. A neutral magnetic polarity is similar to what you’ll find at the poles and to some degree at the equator. It’s not a healthy place to be.


(32) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I was wondering about an effect called magnetic reconnection. Current science believes that the lines of force just reconnect to polarities of magnetic fields after being separated and attracted . To me this seems incorrect. My idea is that when magnetic reconnection occurs, this creates a polarized circle loop. Then this field collapses upon itself going interdimensional. The end energies of the polarized lines of magnetic fields then reconnect, but after a portion of energy “disappears,” energy particles going near light speed are also observed. I don’t believe that these particles are pushed as much as they’re pulled along as an after-effect of the collapsed fields.

ANSWER: Your theory is very close to the actuality of the physics. Magnetics is really an engine of force. It indeed is a circle, and this provides the ongoing energy you see within a magnetic field. The invisible lines of force that seem to disconnect and reconnect are in a quantum state. This state requires that the energy goes far faster than the speed of light, and reconnect instantly no matter the distance. When it goes interdimensional, it’s in an entangled state, and is actually only disconnected to the perception of the 3D viewer. Gravity has some of these same attributes, for it is an “engine” also.

Keep up with your thinking, for it’s on the right track. Interdimensionality is a very, very difficult concept to plot out with your logic, so think out of the paradigm of straight lines or patterned influences of force. That’s only what you see magnetics do in 3D.


(33) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, if a person has reached the fifth dimension, will they shed their bodies, transform them, or will they completely disappear? Has anyone who is physical at this time in history reached the fifth dimension, or is this a goal of the future?

ANSWER: There is actually no “fifth dimension.” When you get beyond 4D, you eliminate linearity, and counting is a linearity. Therefore, say “going into multidimensionality.” This is a far better term. It’s not just a “next step,” either. It’s the step that differentiates you from one who is in duality, and one who is not. Thus, moving into multidimensionality is “ascension.”

We have defined ascension many times. It’s not “disappearing” off the earth as Elijah did. Instead, it’s staying on the planet at a higher vibration, claiming master-hood in stages, and helping the planet create peace. Many have attained this status, and they walk among you balanced and in joy.


(34) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you’ve spoken of how the current U.S. president is a stirrer of energies, a placeholder for change. How can I balance this with the fact that our government’s historic and current policies advocate freedom while simultaneously exploiting people and the earth’s resources? We all play our part, in that we’re individually so dependent on external means of energy, and yet it’s hard for me to accept one truth (our president’s role) while a more profound justice goes by the wayside.

ANSWER: This isn’t a spiritual question, but rather a display of frustration from one who loves the earth. Patience dear one. For this situation isn’t going to last forever.


(35) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you’re so very technically advanced in the sciences that many times I feel lost. At those times I sigh with relief, remembering that you’ve stated that we don’t need to know how the car works to drive it! I just know that there are wonderful things happening. My question: Will Mount Shasta ever erupt, and is Mount St. Helens taking the brunt of the “earth changes”?

ANSWER: Mount Shasta is being held in a spiritual vortal (combination of portal and vortex) at the moment. As long as this is sustained, it won’t erupt. Mount St. Helens, however, is indeed potentially going to erupt again, but not with the same result as before, since it now has a pathway to release its pressure. It’s not taking the brunt of the earth changes, but rather only the portion that’s appropriate geologically for its position in the ring of fire. All is in appropriateness, and is balanced. Keep the watch, dear Lighthouse.


(36) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’ve read with great interest many of your writings. And I’ve found, at times, that they touch my heart to the point that I shed tears. Would you relate the correlation between light and sound? I understand that visible light is just one small part of an ever-expanding spectrum, so could sound be said to be the avenue of expansion beyond light to many other dimensions? Could “Lightworkers” also be “sound workers” in alternate realities?

ANSWER: This may be difficult for you, since you wish to separate vibrational attributes. So here’s something we’ve never said before: We never perceive light in our discussions without it having a sound and a color connected with it! So in our purview they’re always together.

Generic light in 3D is white (a combination of all the colors), and has the sound of an open fifth in your western music scale. The actual musical notes can be many, but they’re always five whole steps away from each other musically. Interdimensionally, this creates an energy all by itself that harmonizes within quantum state and “sings” to the core force of the Universe. We don’t expect you to understand this, but let’s say that this light has a whole spectrum of “action” around it that actually explains the very power of prayer.

Beyond this, there are infinite combinations of vibrations both in 3D and beyond that also create other energies, including that of peace, healing, instruction sets to the body, balancing influences to Gaia, and more.

So are Lightworkers “sound workers”? Yes, by default they all are.


(37) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’ve read your messages and have detected the Spirit of Truth in them. I’ve detected the same Spirit of Truth in The Urantia Book. However, I’m having a problem with the concept of reincarnation because it appears to conflict between these two sources. The Urantia Book states that human souls don’t reincarnate. How can I reconcile this with the information you’ve given regarding reincarnation? Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.

ANSWER: It’s semantics. Don’t use your logic to try to comprehend the working of Spirit. The Human soul is Human, just as this phrase suggests. Reincarnation involves a unique angelic core that comes and goes from earth. Each time, it picks up a Human soul. So you might say that a Human soul is unique to each Human, every time.

Don’t spin in confusion over these concepts. Instead, go inside and see that you’ve been on the planet many times, and accept that there’s a system that’s honored and respected—one that you agreed to and are participating within. Feel the peace and love of God that’s provided for such a grand thing so that you can continue to help the planet. Do you have to label it and place it in your own structural box to belive it? If so, that box will remain very empty.


(38) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I know you’ve said that nothing much will change until 2008 in the Middle East, but I was wondering if the elections in Palestine and Iraq might have affected the potentialities? What about what’s happening in Syria? Could things be happening more rapidly than first supposed? Bless you!

ANSWER: These things you have mentioned are all part of the potential we gave you. They’re right on target and were anticipated within the scheme of the energy you’ve started, and the dates we gave. There is one more male leader who will be replaced soon, and it also will be part of this scenario we’ve given you.


(39) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’ve just read a passage in Kryon Book Ten that describes the shape of the Universe. If the Universe is shaped as a torrid (doughnut), and it’s pasted on the inside and outside of the toroidal tube, what exists in the center of the doughnut and outside of the shape itself? Would it be a Universe in another dimension that’s not visible to us in our 4D?

ANSWER: It’s your dimensionality and the bias of it that requires you to somehow feel that “space” must be filled with something. Our description of the toroidal tube was the best thing we had in your 3D perception that might explain an interdimensional shape. You might as well ask “What exists within the space between the nucleus of the atom and the electron haze?” “What exists in the center of the doughnut” is the same question.

The answer is that although you may perceive emptiness within a 3D shape, there really is no such thing. It’s filled with a quantum state of being that’s part of an “entangled” energy. There really is no empty space anywhere. It’s filled with the energy that is the glue of the Universe.


(40) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, somewhere I found Kryon addressing the existence of the Illuminati, but I can’t seem to find it again. As I remember, they do exist but are currently losing their power, or falling apart somehow. Can you reiterate or even elaborate?

ANSWER: From Lee: Please see http://www.kryon.com/k_chaneldallas03.html, and read the section called “Conspiracy.”

(41) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I’m sure you’ll get lots of questions regarding the new pope. He seems “old energy” to me. He’s not the cardinal that my guidance pointed to as the new pope. Please comment!

ANSWER: From Lee: Read http://www.kryon.com/k_chanelDC05.html on this Website. This is a channelling done in Washington, D.C., before the new pope was elected. Kryon described one of two scenarios we would have through free choice, in terms of who the new pope would be. The one we got is exactly one of the choices Kryon described: a short-term, interim pope who is a placeholder. Timing is everything.


(42) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you said that we have no “junk” genes (which is understandable), but what about the appendix? What is its purpose? Except to get us on an operation table and possibly killed by incompetent doctors (Human joke:-) . . .

ANSWER: It’s interesting how Humanity decides things about nature and biology. Because they don’t understand it, therefore it’s junk! As time goes on, however, the junk becomes gold . . . simply through knowledge. The truth is that your appendix is very needed, and you might be dead without it. What you don’t realize is that it’s required mostly during childhood. So by the time you even know how to say the word, it has done its job. Its job is in controlling bacteria entering the intestines when you’re young.

From Lee: In petrified form, it also makes a nice doorstop [Lee joke].


(43) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I read in another Web page that Kryon has given 48 steps for Humans to learn. Of course on that site, you must pay a lot of money for every step. It reminds me of some other sites who use the same technique. They have 101 things you have to learn and you must pay for every one. And of course in both cases you can’t tell other people the steps you’ve learned, because as you can see, it wouldn’t be a business anymore.

I want to know if Kryon really has 48 steps for the Human. If so, why do we need to pay to learn them?

ANSWER: Dear one, within the 16 years I’ve been giving messages through my partner [Lee], I’ve never given a 48-step sequence. In addition, I’ve given the opposite message many times—that there are no generic steps to enlightenment. You can see this everywhere within these published messages, which are free within this venue [the Internet].

The way to ascension and enlightenment reduce everything to one step—where you open the door with pure intent and start your own complex process. It’s an inward journey that’s unique to each Human, and one that’s often filled with learning in a seemingly step-by-step process that’s also unique to each Human. You’re linear and learn in a straight line, and that’s why so many ask to know what that line looks like. But the process is as specialized as the Human it belongs to. This is why we can’t issue generic steps of enlightenment. They’re inspired and tempered by the past lives and current actions of each Human in his or her own path, right now.

The only price for this knowledge are the Humans’ time and pure intent to obtain and understand it, and then to place importance on their life to the degree that they’re able to start the process. Beware of those who sequester core information for a price or tell you that it’s just too divine for you to handle, or that you need a membership to find God. For this is not the way of Spirit.

The exchange of energy in your economic environment is appropriate within a barter arrangement [something for something]. You might receive a product that was made in love, or some kind of training in a specific facilitation technique, or perhaps you receive specific linear instructions on how to help others and yourself through a specific challenge. These are all appropriate within your culture, for they represent energy for energy, and also provide a system of balance within your economy (where everyone wins by receiving something they need). But core spiritual information belongs to every Human on the planet and is free. Blessed is the Human who understands that this information is within them and has been all the time. The only thing they need to open this book of life, and the knowledge of the masters, is their own intent to say, “Dear God, I’m ready. Tell me what I need to know.”

That is when the angels flood in to wash your feet.