Argentina - Buenos Aires and Bariloche ~ May 20 - 21 - 24 ~
Hosts: Gebriel and Adriana Demaio ~
Program: - Lee Carroll, Robert Coxon - Translator Leslie Pascoe
Seminar Photos by Patti Carroll
On May 20, 21, 2006, Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon presented a two-day large seminar, and one-day small seminar in Argentina. The two-day event in Buenos Aires was attended by almost 1700 people, and had attendees represented from almost all of the countries in South America. It was the first Kryon meeting to feature a two-language live translation. Spanish was given from the stage, and Portuguese (for the Brazilians) was transmitted from a booth to headsets. The second meeting was given in the south of Argentina (Patagonia area) in Bariloche for an intimate group of people (110). South America is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and most north Americans don't really even know about it! Glaciers, the Andes mountains, pristine lakes and a climate that is the opposite of North America (like Australia -their winter is our summer).
This is the main ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel, one of the nicest in Buenos Aires. Was it videoed? Yes! That means another Spanish DVD (first one was in Mexico) will be produced. When it is, you can find it here.
(above) The hosts of Argentina: Gebriel and Adriana Demaio. (right) The Hotel ball room right before the crowd arrived.
(above) Robert Coxon Meditation (Mid) Tommy Thomsen & Martina Bochnik - (right) Lee Carroll channelling Kryon
(above) Robert Coxon surprised the audience with a TANGO composition, featuring live professional Tango Dancers!
(above) Robert Coxon addresses the crowd (Mid) Lee Carroll second day - (right) TV Interview preparation
(left) Buenos Aires' Puente De La Mujer (Bridge Of The Woman) pedestrian bridge. (Mid) Casa Rosada (The pink house) where Eva (Evita) and Juan Perón would greet the crowds in the plaza (right) Two guards watching over the remains of General José de San Martín, hero of Argentina and much of South America, in the Buenos Aires Cathedral. Who is that woman between the guards? (hint... her last name is Carroll)
Bariloche! Amazing beauty in South America