Córdoba, Argentina ~ Feb 20, 2008
Hosts - Gabriel & Adriana Demaio

Photos by Lee Carroll
Translator - Leslie Pascoe

Córdaba is about the middle of Argentina, and Capilla del Monte is about 2 hours north. It is recognized as a New Age mecca, with many of the world's flying saucer sightings being right there! The Kryon team presented a one day meeting for the obviously very enthusiastic crowd above. (The only saucers were at lunch that day)
The team stayed at La Guardia, a fine cottage hotel in the area... one of the few who were granted air conditioning rights! (below)

Los Terrones, about 30 minutes north of Capilla del Monte, is a grouping of red sandstone natural formations with shapes sculpted by the natural eroding weather. It is an impressive site, a national protected park, that draws crowds every day. Also impressive are the views from this area.