Bern, Switzerland ~ April 19, 20, 2008
Hosts - Elisabeth Conrad / Jürgen Lipp / Konrad Halbig

Co-Host for Switzerland
Consciousness and Healing Seminar with Lee Carroll, Eric Pearl, and Robert Coxon
Photos by Brigitta Hegglin Meister and Lee Carroll
We've been to Switzerland many times, and Bern three or more times. Here Lee Carroll is alone on stage with translator Silvia Autenrieth.
(left) Eric Pearl presents (right) Lee Carroll. This is almost like presenting "in the round" with some of the attendees actually looking at our backs! However, with almost every seat taken, there were no complaints about it... or at least not in English (smile).
(left) Eric Pearl with German translator Silvia Autenrieth. (right) These booths represent the translators in the other two languages that were going on simultaneously: French and Italian. Hey... is the Italian translator looking at a brochure? Okay... it was a break. This is the first time in over 10 years of presenting in Europe that we had Italian translation!
(directly above) Composer Robert Coxon is a Kryon team member. Wherever he goes, even the fourth time in a country, they love him! Robert AGAIN sold out of every CD he brought to Europe with him.
(directly above and below ) Lee Carroll alone at the lip of the stage, channelling Kryon. Some have asked if it feels "alone" there. How could it with all those people around? Lee says... "I'm never alone."
(left) This is the view from Lee's hotel window at 6am in the morning on Sunday. Beautiful Switzerland and those great Alps!