São Paulo, Brazil ~ Feb 23, 24, 2008
Hosts - Gustavo Amorium & Lucimara Moreira da Silva

Photos by Paula Ynemine & Teo Sayanes
Translator - Gustavo Amorim

(above clock-wise) Gustavo and Lucimara introduce the first Kryon seminar in Brazil. Lee Carroll - channels Kryon during the first few minutes of the program. Peggy Phoenix Dubro presents her EMF work.
(above) Tommy Thomsen introduces Martina Bochnik and Tachyon Energy. Dr. Todd Ovokaitys - brings his DNA research and Pineal Toning to the Brazillians for the first time.
(above) Pepper Lewis works with those in the audience during the channelling of GAIA
(above) Robert Coxon during his concert, where he composed a Brazillian piece of music, accompanied by special brazillian percussionists brought in just for the event.