Hamburg, Germany ~ October 11, 12, 2003 ~
Hosts: Jürgen Lipp and Konrad Halbig

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With special Guest Gregg Braden
This year we were honored with the presence of author/lecturer Gregg Braden, who presented brand new profound information regarding "The God Code," which was the result of his latest DNA research. This is now a book with the same name. It is published by Hay House. click here

Gregg's website is:
Lee Carroll poses for a moment during the set-up in the auditorium of the University of Hamburg.
Here is about a 3/4 view of the crowd of almost 1,000 who attended this two-day event.
(above) Gregg Braden relaxes for a moment on the setup day. (right) Day One, Gregg presents for 2 hours before a very attentive international audience.
(left) Gregg presents on Day Two. The shadow of the woman at the right-hand bottom of the screen is translator, Silvia Autenrieth (also pictured below with Gregg.)

She is on-stage for 100% of the time all weekend (whew!)
(right) Jan Tober's turn:

On Day two, Jan presents a lecture on the Crystalline Grid (which is Das Kristalline Gitter) in German.

(below) Jan Tober and film maker, Kally Khalilian
(above - left) Co-host Jürgen Lipp. Jürgen is the owner of Wrage Bookstore and Seminar Service in Hamburg. (middle) Co-host and publisher of 4 Kryon books in German (and the Kryon cards), Konrad Halbig (KOHA Verlag) with wife Karen (Konrad is pretending to be asleep) and (far right) Steve and Petra Ostergaard, publishers of another 8 of the Kryon books in German (Ostergaard Verlag), and webmasters of the German-Language Kryon website.
(left to right) Peggy and Steve Dubro / Musicians Steve O'connor and Robert Coxon / Jari Salminen, Heidi Hatko, and Harri Pietilainen (from Rosedale Books, publisher of Kryon in the Finnish language), / Heide Groz, and Michael Schaefer. Michael is distributor of Gematria products in portions of Europe.
(left and above)

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
addresses the crowd with his latest developments in DNA rejuvenation research.
(above) In a meeting on Monday October 13, Lee puts in a surprise appearance in the Gematria workshop. He is here with translator Silvia Autenrieth with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys looking on.
(above) Bathed in an intense red spotlight, Robert Coxon gives one of his best concerts of the year! The audience loved the new music he previewed, that will be featured in Robert's new 2004 album release, Prelude to Infinity.
(above) Peggy Phoenix Dubro gives a separate workshop in Hamburg on Monday October 13th.
(above and right) New this year! Jan Tober and USA guitarist/composer Steve, O'connor, along with musicians from Hamburg, perform a jazz concert on Saturday night to premier Jan's new jazz album.
(above) Lee Carroll and Peggy Phoenix Dubro at the "Heart of the Phoenix" meeting on Monday.
(above) The entire Kryon team, Special guest Gregg Braden, and the hosts and publishers of the Kryon books, all on stage to say Good-bye for 2003