Hamburg Germany ~ April 12, 13, 2008
Hosts - Jurgen Lipp / Konrad Halbig
Wrage Seminar Service - Hamburg

Translator -
Silvia Autenrieth
Photos -
Leander Hansen, Lee Carroll,
& Agnieska

What's better than Kryon? Six Kryons! That's right... those above are all Kryon channels from Europe, South Africa, and South America. This was the first International Kryon Conference held in Hamburg Germany. Lee invited each of the above pictured Kryon channels to join him on stage for a 2-day event. In order of appearance (left to right) they are: Lee Carroll (USA) - Algelo Picco Barilari (South America) - Patrizia (Alexandra) Pfister (Germany) - David Brown (South Africa) - Barbara Bessen (Germany) - Sabine Sangitar (Germany).
The esoteric/metaphysical community in Germany honored us all with a very fine attendance. It was held in the Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH) in the large Venue room, next to where the annual Angel Conference is held each year. Over 1300 attended.
(left) Tom Schulz (Hamburg) was our multi-lingual narrator for the entire two day event.
(right) A better view of the crowd
Robert Coxon (Canada) supplied the music for the event and was a very popular part of the program.
(Top left) Barbara Bessen (Top middle) Tom Shultz (Top right) Lee Carroll and Silvia Autenrieth
(Bottom left) Sabine Sangitar and Heiko (Bottom right) David Brown
(left) Barbara Bessen (right) Patrizia (Alexandra) Pfister
(left) Lee during his lecture portion (right) Good-night Hamburg!