Indianapolis - Indiana ~ April 4, 2004
Hosts - Terri and Jim Coddington / Mind, Body, Soul
Photos by Lee Carroll
This (obvious) composite shot of three photos, shows a bright and smiling group of attendees in Indianapolis. We hadn't been there in 3 years!
This was the room that featured the first Kryon seminar in the mid-west, 10 years ago.
7AM setups!
Here is Robert Coxon working to see if his equipment all works. Shipping each time from Montréal sometimes give him some surprises.
(above) Our Host, Terri Coddington, who ran the table with the books
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, freshly back from South Africa, gives the audience a discussion on his DNA rejuvenating work.
(above) Friends: Author Nigel Taylor and his wife Regina
(above) Hosts: Terri and Jim Coddington.
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