Israel - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem ~ October 27-28-29, 2005 ~
Host: Ilan Cohen
Photos by Nimrod Genisher and Lee Carroll
On October 27 and 28, 2005, the Kryon team presented a two day seminar in Tel Aviv, the second largest city in the state of Israel. The next day, October 29, we went to Jerusalem to present a half-day question and answer session and World Peace Meditation. The channelling from these days, called "A message to the Jews" can be found on the Kryon website channelling section. [Click here] You can hear it too! [Click here]
Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon, lead the World Peace Meditation, along with Hebrew and Arabic translators. (top) Attendees arriving early.
Lee Carroll answers tough questions from the Jewish audience while Levia (translator) and Ilan (host) sort out the questions
What do you do in Israel after a long day on stage?

Go to a Moroccan restaurant, of course!

Here the team and helpers enjoy one of the best meals of the trip.