Joshua Tree - The California Desert ~
September 17-18, 2005 ~
Hosts: Barb and Rob Harris
(editors of this site!)

On September 17-18, 2005, Lee Carroll and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys presented two days of science and channelling in Yucca Valley, the Mojave Desert in California. Joshua Tree (just north of Palm Springs) was the city. The two venues were "Mentalphysics" and "The Integratron" ... two very energetic places! One of the best features was the LUNCH! It was one of the best meals presented at a Kryon meeting, ever! Thank you Barb and Rob!
Joshua Trees: This spectacular plant has become the symbol of the Mojave Desert. Mormon pioneers named the species for the biblical figure Joshua, because the trees uplifted limbs reminded them of Joshua praying and pointing to the heavens. Today its large size and unusual characteristics make it an appealing and attractive component of the desert, and it is hard to watch an hour of television without seeing a Joshua tree on a commercial.
(above - left to right) Our host Barbara Harris, Lee Carroll, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
The Integratron is a 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, non-metallic structure originally designed by George Van Tassel as a rejuvenation and time machine. Van Tassel was a legendary figure, an aeronautical engineer and test pilot who worked for Lockheed, Douglas Aircraft and alongside Howard Hughes at Hughes Aviation . He said UFO channellings and ideas from scientists such as Nikola Tesla led to the unique architecture of the Integratron. He spent 18 years constructing the building.