The Indigenous of Earth have foretold that the KUNDALINI of the planet (highest realization of potential wisdom) is moving South. From the "Journey of the feathered serpent" to the "Prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor," literally hundreds of indigenous from all over the earth are currently meeting yearly to celebrate the new wisdom portal... which is now centering itself in South America. How old is this prophesy? Listen to John Perkins, cofounder of The Pachamama Alliance.

FROM LEE CARROLL: In Oct/Nov 2012 we created a KUNDALINI TOUR to celebrate the beginning of this centering... a move to balance the masculine and feminine of the planet. The Attendees and I (and KRYON) visited some of the most sacred places in South and Central America by bus, boat and plane. Twenty Eight channellings were given over a four week period, moving through four countries (33 days!). Thousands followed us on-line, listening as we published the audios of the channellings within days of each visit. It was simply the best experience ever, and many were profoundly affected.

Lee Carroll

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