Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (C)
Anders Holte (L)
Marc Drost (R)
Mauai, Hawaii
December 19-21 - 2012
Host - GemNJoy, Inc.
Photos by Monica Muranyi - Connie Okelberry
Patti Carroll - Lee Carroll
On December 19th, almost 900 attendees gathered at the Sheraton Maui Resort on the island of Hawaii. From all around the world they arrived, and each one had gone through hours of rehearsals to qualify to be there. The purpose: To sing the sacred Lemurian tones that were done 26,000 years ago right where they were now, and to celebrate a re-awakening of the Planet to a new energy. CLICK HERE FOR HI RES PHOTO ABOVE

Pictured above is HALF the choir (CHOIR B), since only 450 could fit into the ballroom while seated. So each time you see a photo of the group below, chances are it's only half of them. The photo directly below is about 600 of them... only the ones who could stay and participate in one grand finale... standing. It was a most excellent adventure, with lots of good energy! Thanks to all who made this a resounding success!
Two more days of rehearsal - below
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