Newport Beach - The Kryon Home-room ~ December 3, 2006
Hosts - Awakenings Bookstore - Brandon & Jessica Camacho
FOOD! Everyone gets to eat together in this Christmas seminar... the only one where we do this. Good food. Thank you Radisson!
Hosts - Awakenings Bookstore - Brandon & Jessica Camacho
This is our 12th time under the sponsorship of Awakenings Bookstore!
Special musical guest, composer and recording artist Mike Garson []
Jessica and Brandon
When you host these things, you eat when you can!
Special friends Sallee Sunshine and Karen La Chance
Former Chicago Kryon hosts, Jill Weiss and Jeff Michaels, who now live in Southern California, where the temperature on December 3 was 73 and the sun was out and beautiful (smile).
Preview of 2007 programs from Lee Carroll.
The Sacred Names of DNA!