Israel - Tel Aviv and Jerusalem ~ October 27-28-29, 2005 ~
Host: Ilan V. Cohen
Photos by Nimrod Genisher and Lee Carroll
On October 27 and 28, 2005, the Kryon team presented a two day seminar in Tel Aviv, the second largest city in the state of Israel. The next day, October 29, we went to Jerusalem to present a half-day question and answer session and World Peace Meditation. The channelling from these days, called "A message to the Jews" can be found on the Kryon website channelling section. [Click here] You can hear it too! [Click here]
(Left) Translator Levia Valero, Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon (Below) Levia.
(Left) Lee Carroll Addresses the crowd (Right) Peggy Phoenix Dubro and daughter Shana, go through an exercise for the attendees.
(Left) Robert Coxon Concert (Right) Peggy Phoenix Dubro does the meditation prior to the Kryon channelling.
(Left) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (Right) The Team says good-bye
(below) After the seminars, we all participated in traditional Jewish food prepared for the Jewish Sabbath or Shabbat. Shabbat is the most important ritual observance in Judaism.
It is the only ritual observance instituted in the Ten Commandments, and also the most important special day, even more important than Yom Kippur. This is clear from the fact that more aliyoth (opportunities for congregants to be called up to the Torah) are given on Shabbat than on any other day. Shabbat is primarily a day of rest and spiritual enrichment. The word "Shabbat" comes from the root Shin-Bet-Tav, meaning to cease, to end, or to rest.
(Above) Ilan Cohen (host) and the TV crew, producers, and interviewer for a new Metaphysical TV channel in Israel. This crew interviewed each Kryon team member.
(left to right) Shana and Ilan Cohen - The Shabbat dinner setting - Shoshana Shatz (Or-Am Publishing, publisher of all the Hebrew Kryon books) with Lee Carroll - Michael Schaefer (Head of Gematira Ltd. for UK & Deutschland countries) and Isabel Zaplana
(left to right) Peggy Phoenix Dubro with daughter Shana V. Cohen - Shmuel Sahul, Stephen Dubro - Robert Coxon, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and Dr. Todd Ovokaitye - Levia (our 2005 seminar translator) with husband Danny Valero.

... is a Hebrew language word meaning peace

(left to right) Rae Chandran (our host in Japan!) and Scott Childs, US EMF practitioner and musician - Steve Dubro, Shana Cohen, Peggy Phoenix Dubro.
Ilan V. Cohen - Our Israeli host.
Ilan is also the Illustrator of all the Kryon Hebrew book covers, and also the DNA Kryon series illustrations. Want to know more?
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In Memory...
Excerpt from Ilan Cohen's introductory remarks in Tel Aviv:

"Exactly 5 years ago today, on Oct 27, 2000 here in Israel, the first Kryon seminar with Lee Carroll was held. Many of you still remember the uplifting and unforgettable energy of that day. Today, all of us are excited and look forward to the new messages and information from the Kryon team and of Kryon. In that first Kryon seminar, in 2000, a woman stood on stage and opened the day. Throughout her life, as a wonderful mother, grandmother, Light worker and Spiritual teacher, her support, wisdom, and endless inspiration have helped hundreds of people. For many of you she is known as Yonina Jacobs - one of the pioneers in the New Age movement here in Israel. Yonina was also the first contact for Lee Carroll and Jan Tober that also led to the first Kryon seminar in Israel. Several months ago, Yonina moved to the other side of the veil. Today, on this very special day, her spirit and presence are with us. I would like to take this moment and thank Yonina for her devotion to the light work and to the empowerment of the human heart."

Ilan V. Cohen

Yonina Jacobs