Oberndorf, Austria ~ October 14, 15, 2006
Hosts - Jürgen Lipp / Konrad Halbig -
Photos by Roman Pendelin
and Lee Carroll
Oberndorf: Isn't much bigger than a village. It's located right outside of Salzburg and like so much of Austria, it's known for something musical. The song "Silent Night" was first performed at St. Nicola church by the school master Franz Gruber and the young priest Joseph Mohr in 1818, from where it spread out to the world. Above is our crowd, who attended this two-day event.
Powerful Women! This year we featured three powerful women speakers. Jan Tober, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, and Pepper Lewis. Each had segments on both days.
Dr. Todd: Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, AIDS researcher and regular member of the Kryon team, presented both days. (right)
Dancing! Dr. Todd "takes off" during the finale on stage, and responds to Robert Coxon's hip-hop tune. Did the Austrians like it? OH YES!!! (notice Lee heading for the door? He doesn't dance) (below)
Friends: Top is Steve Dubro and Peggy. Bottom is (L to R) Friend Terra Lamb, Jan Tober, Pepper Lewis. Bottom is Bea Wragee, Kryon helper and healing practitioner.
The Austria Kryon Team: Here are all the presenters except for Robert Coxon (who is still on stage playing!). Second from the right is Silvia Autenrieth, translator for the German language events in Europe.
Family: With Robert Coxon (head of table), our German family: (L to R) Christine and Jürgen Lipp (Kryon Seminar specialists), Konrad Halbig and Karin Schnellbach (Kryon publishers).
In this church, the Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night!" was heard for the first time on Christmas Eve in 1818