Sao Paulo, Brazil ~ October 23-24, 2010
Gustavo Amorium & Lucimara de Silva
Co-Host: Jorge Bianchi - Photos: Monica Muranyi
Translation: Gustavo Amorium
Here we are in Sao Paulo in a DISCO dance hall... but a metaphysical one! The sound was never better! (ask Robert Coxon). Peggy Phoenix Dubro again joined us, and the 2-day event was a great success.
After Sao Paulo, Lee went to Rio for an all day "Journey Home" meeting. He did touring, and if you want to see some great photos of RIO, just click the button to the left.

Commonly called "The Marvelous City" or "A Cidade Maravilhosa" in Portuguese, Rio De Janeiro has few equals when it comes to natural beauty and enticing energy. Rio is the second largest metropolitan area in South America.

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