Hawaii - The Big Island ~ Aug 2-9 - 2008
Hosts - Mary Ellen & Len Delekta
Photos by Lee Carroll & Robert Coxon
If you have ever been to the Kilauea crater on the big island, I'll bet it didn't look like this! This is a fresh eruption that has been pouring out of this cauldron only recently. It's not slow, either. It changes moment to moment, and it's breathtaking to watch. This is the Lemurian energy at its best, and most of us felt it profoundly.
Added to this was a powerful ceremony of thanks led by our Hawaiian friends Kalei'iliahi and Nahokualaka'i Kamakawiwoole (known as the Twin Flames). web site here

(right) Much fun on the bus! This one even had a washroom in the back (first class, huh?).

(below) The first stop on the way to the volcano was PUNALULU Black Sand Beach, for fun and a rest. After that, we experienced the ceremony at Kilauea's edge, then the Thurston Lava Tube, then lunch at the Volcano House, and then on to the Jagger Volcano Observatory for more views of the eruption.

The ceremony was awesome, and the energy of Lemuria and what it meant to be back there was not lost on anyone. This was a real highlight of this Land Cruise. Click the MESSAGE button below to see the channelled message from Kalei'iliahi.

This is from the Internet, a few days before we got there. Impressive, to say the least! (and a great photo!)