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The Hawaiian Cruise ~ September 8-15, 2001 ~
Food! - Folks - Food!
The ship!
Is this too colorful for you?
The teaching staff for the event consisted of (left to right) Michael Makay, Barbra Dillenger, Jan Tober, and Lee Carroll.
(right) Recording artist Robert Coxon joins the photo along with our super travel-agent friends and newlyweds (yep.. we did an on board wedding service!), Mary Ellen and Len Delekta.
(below) Lee says, "This is much better than the tux I wore on the last cruise!"
The Eagle's Nest Lounge, (above) before we reorganized it. It's on top of the ship, right above the bridge. Great view!
(left) Yep, that's Wikiki Beach in back of Jan Tober. Wikiki is on the island of Oahu, where the cruise ship departed from.
(right) Jan Tober leads a channelled meditation. Can you find Robert Coxon? He's at the lounge piano! (Second photo below) Barbra Dillenger gives her first lecture using her profound knowledge of a complex and fascinating form of Tibetan numerology, including color, mental type, body type, and much more! We all got classified, and it was very telling!
Michael Makay (left) assists Barbra Dillenger in going over the various number/color-types for everyone in the room.

Notice the shorts? Hey! It's Hawaii! This was only one of the four Kryon meetings we held on the 7-day cruise.

The last evening featured a full concert by Robert Coxon (right). He played works in progress from his yet-to-be-released album, as well as songs from his other releases (including The Silent Path). The show was presented in the Ship's theatre (below). Right afterwards Kryon did a mini-channel.
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