Del Mar, California (San Diego) ~ August 22, 2004 ~
Hosts - Barbra Dillenger & Michael Makay - Metanoia
On August 22, the Kryon organization presented its second annual healing conference, or "Self-empowerment Seminar." This time with world-class Medical Intuitive Carol Ritberger
Carol Ritberger delighted us all!

Many had personal "readings" from the Q&A session, and we enjoyed profound information from this wonderful speaker and facilitator.

Carol's books may be obtained from the Hay House site at:

Carol and Bruce (left)
Jan Tober starts the meeting with a meditation. (left)

Special guest Todd Ovokaitys discusses his recent trip to South Africa for the World AIDS conference. (below)

(left) The room is ready at 7am on Sunday morning!
Many different products were featured, from healing to beauty, to books, clothes and calendars.

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