Tokyo, Japan ~ May 21-22, 2005
Host - Rae Chandran and the Japan Kryon Team
Rae Chandran
(above) Downtown Tokyo, at a very nice theatre, where the Kryon team presented. Here is Lee Carroll (left) with translator Sunny Izumi. It was a two-day event, featuring the whole Kryon team.
(left to right) Presenters Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Jan Tober, and Peggy Phoenix Dubro
(left to right) Presenters Lee Carroll, Jan Tober and Lee Carroll, Robert Coxon in Concert (also below)
Thank you! Japan Kryon Team!
(left to right) Hosts Naomi Miyazaki and Rae Chandran, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto (Representative of Masaru Emoto), Jan Tober, Lee Carroll, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Robert Coxon.
at the Jan Tober table.
(right) Lee Carroll, seminar translator Sunny Izumi, and Dr. Todd
(above) Jan Tober and friends,
Linda Cooper
& Tera Lamb
(above) A tiny portion of Tokyo as seen from the 41st floor of a building. Tokyo is huge! It seems to go on forever, with its 12 million residents.