Tokyo, Japan ~ March 24-25, 2007
Co-Host - Rae Chandran
Co-Host - Natural Spirit (Publishers)
Rae Chandran
Embassadors of
Wrenn Yasui
Natural Spirit
Photos by Patricia Carroll
and Susan Buranghee
(above) Downtown Tokyo, at a very nice theatre, where the Kryon team presented in 2005. Here is Lee Carroll (left) with conference translator Sayaka Kai. It was a two-day event featuring the Kryon team: Lee Carroll, Robert Coxon, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Tommy Thomsen, and Martina Bochnik. Fukiko Kai was also a presenter, representing the Hado Institute, and a message from Dr. Masaru Emoto.
(above left) Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the first presenter of both days. (Middle) Robert Coxon gives a meditation, and (right) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.
(above left) Dr. Masaru Emoto of the Hado Institute, delivers a long-distance video message to Lee Carroll and the Kryon team. (middle) Robert Coxon gives a "Personal Power Music" reading to Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto during his time on Sunday. (right) Translator Sayaka Kai, conference translator.
(left) The Finali - Dennis Hawkins introduces those who participated in the conference. (below) Lee Carroll in channel with Kryon the second day.
(above left) Robert Coxon warms up before the people come in on Saturday morning. (above right) Some of the attendees wait for the program to begin.
(above) Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon sign books and CD's. The line ran all the way downstairs!
Thank you hosts Rae Chandran and Natural Spirt (the Kryon book publishers for Japan). Also thanks for the support from the Hado Institute and the many who represented them. And thank you Kryon team members! This was a wonderful event!